shot @ f4


The Main Hall At Wray Castle.

Only open to the public these past 4 years, Wray Castle came to the National Trust as a bare shell devoid of possessions and most features. This is the main hall - one of the most remarkable features still left. 

Nikon D300 17-55 f2.8G  Shot at (top) 24mm f4.5 1/50th sec (bottom) 17mm f4 1/30th sec


When you look at them at this angle (instead of side-on) it shows how they are really stripped down for speed, rather than the muscular bulk you see in lions, tigers & leopards - which prey on much larger animals.

Exmoor Zoo, Devon, England.   April 2015.

Nikon D300 35-105 f4.5 - 5.6D   Shot at 85mm f4.5 1/640th sec

Tension (2).

The cheetahs in this enclosure have been relentlessly pacing along the perimeter for 15 minutes. The one above has had the same fixed stare during all the circuits it’s made - it knows it’s near feeding time - and time drags so slowly!

Nikon D300  25-105 f3.5 - 4.5D   Shot at 105mm f4.5 1/640th sec.

Monumental Fireplace.

It takes up nearly all of this little alcove (off the main hall) and must weigh tons!. Looking as though it has been here for centuries - with it’s Delft ties & carved stone pillar capitals - in fact this whole house was only built during 1898-1900 by H.M. Baillie-Scott - one of the foremost Arts & Crafts Architects of the era.

Blackwell - The Arts & Crafts House. Bowness-on-Windermere.

England   July 2015

Nikon D300 17-55 f2.8G   Shot at 17mm f4.5 1/20th sec


Lucky Survivors?

Two orphaned Grey Squirrel Kittens (only 7-12 weeks old) have taken over our open air, winter log store, as a refuge. For April, its still pretty cold at night.  We put out food (oats, nuts, fresh water, etc.,) but we are careful not to get them too acclimatised to human contact - even with our help, they look dreadful every morning in the cold.  Worse still, our garden seems to be the crossing point for about 5 cat territories - these little guys really will be ‘lucky survivors’ if they make it!

Cheshire, England   April 2015

Nikon D300  35-105 f3.5 - 4.5D   Shot at 105mm f4.5 1/200th sec. 


Electric Cheetah?

Exmoor Zoo, Devon, England.   April 2015.

This feeble piece of wire (one strand and only at cheetah head height) was ‘mocked up’ with insulators to look as though it carried electricity  - maybe to reassure the visitors who sat behind Perspex (Plexiglas) windows dotted around the perimeter fence, that this would contain the cheetahs in their enclosures. However, it lost a little of its credibility when the cheetahs rubbed their noses against it!

Nikon D300 VR 70-300 f4.5 - 5.6G   Shot at 70mm f4.5 1/640th sec (both shots) (This is shot through Perspex which is softening the image considerably)