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After Party - Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary:- You go out for a few drinks after Wrestlemania with Seth, Renee, and Dean. After a drunk guy gets far too flirty in the bar, Seth takes you back to the hotel, and reminds you who you belong to. 

Warnings:-Smut, Swearing, Daddy Kink

Word Count:-1,399


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What are the inaccuracies in Hamilton? Sorry I don't know much history .

1. It is unclear when Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr met- they bought in the Battle of Brooklyn together, were Aide de Comps in Valley Forge together. But there is no evidence to support that they both met in 1776. 

2. Alexander Hamilton never punched the bursar. 

3. It was actually Hercules Mulligan who gave Alexander Hamilton the idea to support the American cause but that was while he started going to Kings College in 1773. The American continental army wasn’t even established until 1775 and Alexander Hamilton was at College of New Jersey in 1773. 

4. It wasn’t even called Princeton university in 1776, it was called College of New Jersey. College of New Jersey was renamed Princeton University in 1896. 

5. Funny how Aaron Burr says, “Talk less” because he actually talked nonstop. 

6. Alexander Hamilton didn’t meet John Laurens till 1777. 

7. Alexander Hamilton didn’t meet Gilbert de Lafayette till 1777- Lafayette wasn’t even in America 1776. 

8. Sam Adams beer wasn’t founded till 1984. 

9. Hercules Mulligan was not an abolitionist in 1776- he owned a slave named Cato. 

10. Peggy’s name is Margarita. But, at the time Peggy was short for Margarita! Just like Patsy was short for Martha. 

11. At the time Alexander Hamilton met Elizabeth Schuyler, Aaron Burr was not with him. 

12. Alexander Hamilton wasn’t as into Elizabeth Schuyler as it seems in Helpless. He even wrote a letter to John Laurens saying he was meh about the marriage. 

13. At the time of meeting Alexander Hamilton, Angelica Schuyler was actually already married- to John Barker Church. 

14. It is not proven that Angelica Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton were romantically involved. Although, in their letters to one another they have romantic language which has brought out speculation into whether or not they had an affair. 

15. “My Father has no sons” is untrue, Philip Schuyler had 5(+?) sons in 1780. 

16. In 1780, after Alexander’s marriage- during the Story of Tonight- John Laurens was at the same place as Alexander Hamilton and neither was Hercules Mulligan. 

17. Even though Stay Alive comes after Helpless- Helpless takes place in 1780 and the Battle of Monmouth (sang about in Stay Alive), takes place in 1778. 

18. Aaron Burr did not second for Charles Lee. Major Edwards did. 

19. Washington never send Hamilton home. 

20. Philip Hamilton was born in 1782. 

21. Theodosia Burr was born in 1783. 

22. Alexander Hamilton gave no such invitation to Aaron Burr to author the Federalist Papers with him. 

23. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton’s first year in the cabinet together was actually more peaceful than displayed. Thomas Jefferson even invited Alexander Hamilton to dinner on many occasions. 

24. Thomas Jefferson wasn’t “getting high with the French” he didn’t even go to France until after the war in 1784. 

25. If Philip is nine in “Take a Break” then the year must be 1791. “I have a sister but I want a little brother” is incorrect- Philip did have a sisters at the time but at the time he also had two younger brothers. 

26. Angelica wasn’t visiting America in 1791. While living in Europe, the only visit she made to America was in 1789 for Washington’s inauguration. 

27. Alexander Hamilton met Maria Reynolds while he was in Philadelphia.

28. Aaron Burr was on the Republican side from the beginning. He never changed parties. 

29. Alexander Hamilton never considered Aaron Burr a friend. 

30. It was actually James Monroe and Frederick Muhlenburg who confronted Alexander Hamilton about his affair with Maria Reynolds. 

31. It took Philip Hamilton fourteen hours to die. 

32. Alexander counseled Philip before the duel to raise his gun towards the sky. The reason Eacker wasn’t put on trial for murdering someone in the duel who had raised their gun towards their sky as a surrender- it was when Eacker shot Philip that the hand Philip had on his gun caused him to fire out of shock of being shot. 

33. Jefferson wasn’t trying to get Hamilton on his side for the election and Federalists weren’t relying on Hamilton for their vote. 

34. Burr was not Alexander’s first friend. 

35. “I was too young and blind to see”- no Aaron Burr at the time of the duel was 47. 

36. I mean’t to say this before but when Burr says “Can we agree that duels are dumb and immature?” and Hamilton agrees- it’s funny because Hamilton does almost get into a lot of duels in his life. The one he actually does get into kills him though. 

37. Philip Hamilton is killed in a duel in 1801 yet, the election of 1800 happens after Philip is killed. 

38. In Take a Break, Peggy is not in the song. Funny because Take a Break happens in 1791- Peggy Schuyler dies in 1801- at the time of Take a Break, Peggy was well and alive and living in Upstate New York. 

39. Alexander Hamilton actually fired his gun above Aaron Burr and it hit a tree above his head.

(This is all I can think of.)

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mom.. is Erwin the only one with a white horse? he's like a fucking prince

Disney Prince confirmed.

There was a wide shot in Episode 33 that showed a large number of horses. All of them were chestnuts and bays. 

Erwin being the only character seen riding a white horse fits the White Stallion trope which states that if a large group of characters routinely ride on horseback, only one of them will be on a white horse. That person is typically the leader, the “Knight in Shining Armor”, or royalty. So basically, Erwin :)

+sherlolly because...a matter of days

I couldn’t resist. I should have been in bed three hours ago but when Sherlolly feels flood your soul - what is sleep?! Here’s my contribution to the 14th of February, 2017. Happy Sherlolly Valentine’s, darlings. x


Today  ( also on and AO3 )

The quiet of midnight never ceased to provide the perfect calm after a bad work day. Today had been particularly hectic for Molly; a colleague had come down with measles and their whole morgue roster had to be reshuffled, causing everyone’s daily workload to nearly triple.

“Ah, my neck,” she whispered to herself as she gratefully turned the keys to the door of her flat. 

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This Day in 1D History - September 17


  • the boys do book signings in Liverpool and Manchester (and someone makes the mistake of giving Harry a play sword lmao)
  • <333333
  • G-A-Y performance, feat. C-A-K-E


  • Harry and Ed Sheeran try out their new moves in XO Man’s “Quag” music video 
  • ‘Harry Styles is part of #teamgrimmy. Are you?!’ (HELL YEAH)
  • Louis swims with some new friends at the Miami Seaquarium! 
  • Harry cleans up nice for London Fashion Week’s Burberry show :))


  • Harry, Nick, and pals enjoy the LFW Fashion East show <3 
  • Harry & Co. celebrate Pixie Geldof’s birthday!


  • Louis is chosen by Stephen Hawking to SAVE THE WORLD NBD


  • Niall celebrates his birthday in LA with Louis, Eoghan, and others :))
  • Louis shares a sweet lad and dad shot <33

50 Film Shots That Will Make You Believe in the Magic of Classic Bollywood

Gooo watch this <333

PLL - Unanswered Questions!

1) Why did Sara appear to be stalking Emily in 6B?

2) Who is “AD”/”Amoji”?

3) What is “AD’s” connection to Charlotte?

4) How did “AD” end up in possession of Charlotte’s belongings?

5) How did “AD” know which hotel Hanna and Jordan were staying in 6x16, considering Jordan claimed he found the hotel randomly?

6) Why would “AD” send Alison a message about Archer, which implied that Archer knew why Charlotte left the house the night she was killed?

7) Why did Charlotte call Wren and tell him about what Melissa did to Bethany “that night”?

8) How did Charlotte find out about what Melissa did to Bethany “that night”?

9) What was Sara looking to find in the old Radley Sanitarium?

10) Who did Aria see leaving the police station after she was brought in for questioning by Tanner in 6x18?

11) Who was anonymously threatening Melissa about her taped confession to Spencer?

12) How did the person blackmailing Melissa know about the tape of her confession to Spencer, considering Spencer claimed that she destroyed the tape?

13) Who left Mary’s Radley file in the old Radley Sanitarium?

14) Who was Spencer texting in 7x01 when she asked the person how they knew Hanna was alive?

15) How was Charlotte able to regularly visit the Amish farm with Archer, considering she was in Welby?

16) How did Alison not know about Archer taking Charlotte to the Amish farm?

17) How did Alison know that Charlotte was at the church?

18) Where was Alison when Charlotte was on the phone to Mona?

19) How did “AD” know about Emily being late for her test in 7x05?

20) Considering she has been proved to be lying on separate occasions, what have been Mary’s true motives?

21) How long had Charlotte been searching for her birth mother?

22) How did Charlotte find out she was adopted?

23) Why did Charlotte lie about being Jessica’s and Ken’s daughter?

24) Why was Sara killed?

25) How did Jessica get the picture of Red Coat at “Alison’s grave”?

26) Why did Noel steal Mary’s file from Toby’s place?

27) How long had Noel been helping Charlotte when she was “Big A”?

28) Why was Mary at the blind school in 7x10?

29) Did Jenna work for Charlotte when Charlotte was “Big A”?

30) Why were Noel and Archer in contact with each other? 

31) Who used Archer’s identity to travel to France?

32) Why was Spencer shot in 7x10?

33) How long has Sydney been working for “AD”?

34) Where did Mary go after she killed Jessica?

35) When did Mary find out about Charlotte being alive?

36) Who is the father of Alison’s baby?

37) How did Mona know about the recording of Peter and Mary discussing Jessica’s death?

38) Who attacked Emily outside the Two Crows?

39) Why did the person in the SUV want the piece of metal Emily found?

Add to this list!

Wink, Blink, and Nod

With a hat-tip to @terrie01, I think we’ve finally got some words to use for the frustration many of us feel about so-called “queer representation” these days.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad to start seeing the back of the dead queer trope. But I’m not exactly jumping for joy at the replacement trio.

The Queer Wink: One step up from queerbaiting, this trope gives off a subtle, coded statement that yes, you’re right, there’s queer here, and it’s not just conspiracy theorists saying that. I mean, nothing like actual daily life queer, but at least there’s confirmation of the baiting for those who look hard enough. Look, a rainbow in the background! That’s good, right? Right? >.>

The Queer Blink: It’s the first! The first what? The first openly pan demi-woman on this particular network! Where? There! For just a second there, in the shot at 33:09. That one line in the fourth book about an ex. The third panel of page twelve. Totally obvious, great representation! The creators and publicists will now spend all their time talking about this in every interview, because they’re that awesome and we should all know it. >.<

The Queer Nod: At the very end, after fans have sweated blood and tears to keep going, there’s a scene. It’s a brief scene. There are no words. But there, in that moment, at least one major character is revealed to be almost-certainly-queer, if we assume things that cisstraight people assume about queerness but keep our queer goggles on at the same time. The creators wanted to do more, of course, but the network/producers/publishers wouldn’t let them. So they did it at the end, when there could not longer be consequences for their activism! Aren’t you glad you waited 5 seasons for this one moment of holding hands/half-hug/kid-safe and fully ignorable expression of same-gender affection? ;_;

So yeah, I guess the last couple years have been better than the dreck we deal with most of the time, but I saw better in the 90s, yo. I’m not about to go around thanking anyone for a wink, blink, or nod. I get that purse-string control is a beast, I do. But don’t hop into an interview and tell me you’re doing something for me if your “representation” falls into one of these categories. They are just pipe dreams. I’m a human being, and I expect to see no less than other human beings like me and mine in our media. If you can’t or won’t do it, I’ll go to the people who will.

And y’all wonder why fandom is so huge. Seriously?


Martin John Bryant, born May 7, 1967 is known as Australia’s worst mass murderer. He is the perpetrator of the Port Arthur massacre, which took place in Tasmania, Australia. He was charged with the murder of 35 people after pleading guilty. He currently resides in Risdon Prison. He is currently serving 35 life sentences and 1035 years without parole.

As a kid, Martin had always broken his toys and his mother, Carleen Bryant described him as an “annoying” or “different” child compared to those of his age. Teachers described him as unemotional. During school hours, he was a victim of bullying and was disruptive to other children’s learning. 

During high school, he was transferred to the special education unit. Whilst in high school, he was noted as possibly having an “intellectual disability”. After an IQ test, he was revealed to have an IQ of 66, the equivalent to that of an eleven-year-old. After being arrested, he was further tested and was shown to have an IQ of 64 verbally, and cognitive functioning and non-verbal reasoning IQ of 68.

On April 28, 1996, Martin had shot dead the owners he had held a grudge against of the guesthouse known as Seascape. Once killing them, he decided he’d go to the Port Arthur historical site. Once he got there, he got a meal. After eating it and returning the tray, he set down a duffel bag containing a Colt AR-15 with a 30-round magazine. That’s when he fired the gun rapidly and shot dead 12 people in the span of approximately 15-30 seconds. Once at the gift shop, Martin fired the AR-15 again at multiple people, killing 10 more, putting the total body count up to 22 people.

During the chaos, some people had escaped into the car park. After Martin had finished shooting up the cafe, he made his way out into the car park, where he fired at scared escapees, and made his way to the coaches, where he shot at more people. Now, he’d killed a total of 26. 

Martin got back into his car and made his way to the toll booth. After shooting at more afraid civilians, he had shot dead 33 in total. 

At a service station, he shot dead his 34th victim, Zoe Hall after hijacking a car and locking Zoe’s boyfriend in the boot. Martin had gone back to the Seascape house, and handcuffed Glenn Pears, Zoe’s boyfriend, to a railing in the house. During the police stand-off, Martin had killed Glenn, his final victim. He was eventually captured after attempting to set himself on fire and running out of the house.

After being arrested, Bryant was evaluated and was diagnosed with Asperger’s, with symptoms of conduct disorder and ADHD.

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could you possibly reblog/post the 911 transcript ✨

Sure! There are four transcripts of note here, and as you didn’t specify which one you’re looking for I’m just going to gift you with all four. ;) One is of the segment of the call that was released to the general public and that corresponds with the timestamped transcript which can also be found on pages 15,912-15,916 of the 11k. The second and third transcripts are more interesting by far, because they include parts of the call that were never released to the general public.

The fourth transcript is from an extended audio clip and is basically a collection of key phrases heard during the shooting:

I’m going to post the remaining three transcripts under a cut, because they’re superlong and I don’t want to clog up anyone’s dash with it..

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