shot 33

#33- Creative sexual position- John x Jo

Requested by @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash​ for my kink list (master list here).

Word Count: 1450ish

A/N: This was a fun one to write, I’ve never written them before! Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Jo has never been able to resist an older man. There’s just something about a little bit of gray at a man’s temples, the way they hold their liquor like they barely feel it, the way they stare at her like they already know all the right ways to touch her. She rarely goes through with it, knowing that sleeping with any hunter who passes through the Roadhouse is probably not the best idea, but it doesn’t stop her from looking or flirting.

But when it comes to John Winchester, she always makes an exception.

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Look, Ben didn't care, and I don’t, either.


#33 prompt requested by anonymous

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Flickering lights caused shivers down your spine as you walked quietly through the hospital hallway; each sound causing your heart to pound in your chest. You had no idea where Scott and Derek went, which didn’t help. You cringed as your shoes squeaked against the floor; each step making you feel like Stiles was right behind you.

You looked over your shoulder, feeling a presence behind you. When you turned your body, the only thing you saw was the quick glimpse of a moving shadow.

You quickly began moving down the hallway as you breaths began to quicken, each second feeling like he was close. You took in a deep breath as you stopped suddenly, feeling as if something were close by. You reached into your pocket, searching frantically for you phone. But nothing was there.

“Well, well, well… what do we have here?” you heard the sound of Stiles, only a few metres behind you. Your eyes widened as you felt like your heart was going to burst out of your chest. You slowly turned around, eyes immediately locking with his.

“Stiles… I know you’re in there” your voice shook as he began to laugh, his hand resting on his chest as he continued staring into your eyes.

You began slowly walking backwards and the edge of his lips formed into an evil grin. He tilted in head, cracking his neck with a laugh. You took in a deep breath as you began quickly walking backwards, never breaking eye contact with him as he followed you down the hall.

“Please don’t do this” you pleaded as your back hit the wall at the end of the hall. He looked down for a moment, his mouth yet again forming into a smile.

“I’m afraid I have to” he let out a laugh as his eyes looked up at you; pulling his hand from behind his back to reveal a sword. As you were about to move, his arm pressed up against your neck as his head was inches away.

“Stiles stop!” you yelled as you felt the tip of the blade pressing against your stomach; the sword digging in as you took in a breath. You heart began to race as you saw Scott and Lydia appear at the opposite end of the hall.

You didn’t dare to say a word as you stared into Stiles eyes, praying that somehow he’d be able to fight back. As Scott began slowly walking forward he made sure not to make a sound. Stiles head tilted as he noticed your eyes darting around.

He turned his head over his shoulder, locking eyes with Scott. Scott didn’t hesitate as he began running forward, still too far away to do anything. You opened your mouth to yell but were unable to as you felt a sudden pain burst through your body; the blade ripping through your skin as his pressed through your stomach.

You immediately hunched forward as the Nogitsune’s body faded into nothing.

Your knees collapsed to the ground, your hands gripping the blade sticking out of you. Lydia’s scream rang in your ears and Scott sprinted towards you.

Your eyes began to fill heavy as your body collapsed to the floor. Your vision turning black.

[chants and bangs fists on table]

kara and grant for the spinoff show

kara and grant for the spinoff show

kara and grant for the spinoff show

kara and grant for the spinoff show


SouthrnFresh 5 x Street Driven Tour was pretty nice, but I got there late around 3ish because I had to work. I still managed to network with some people, might actually shoot the car that won best 2 door (Porsche Cayman that had work done by SuperStar customs).

idk, i only took these two photos on my Nikon D5100. I just don’t feel like shooting digital anymore. I took around 33 shots on 35mm Kodak Ektar, 36 shots on 35mm Fuji Provia 100F slide film, and 12 shots on 120mm Ektar. expect them to be uploaded around late august after they get developed. 

Standstill (A Wayhaught Fic)

Summary:  Nicole Haught will do just about anything for Waverly Earp, even if that means just standing still. [ An attempt to bridge what I felt was a gap between the attack on the Homestead in 1x11 and the tension between Waverly and Nicole at the start of 1x12.] 

Also available on AO3.

Nicole stood still, a cold bolt of dread shooting through her chest when the call came in:

10-33. Shots fired at the Earp Homestead. 10-66.

The codes reverberated around Nicole’s head. 10-33. Immediate Assistance Needed. 10-66. Notify Medical Examiner.

“Waverly,” Nicole breathed out in a low rush as instinct took over and she abandoned her paperwork about old Iris Studebaker’s allegedly stolen froggie lawn ornaments (which Iris had more than likely misplaced after a wild night of B-I-N-G-O at Shorty’s). She tossed on her white Stetson, pulled on her dark blue tactical jacket, and was halfway to her squad car when she heard Nedley call out to her.

“No need to run off half-cocked, Haught.” Nedley took his sweet time rounding the cruiser and pulling open the front passenger door with a huff. “Dolls already radioed in.”

“The deputy marshal’s there?” Nicole ducked her head and settled into the driver’s side.

Nedley slid into his seat with a nod and a tired grunt.

“Five assailants, five casualties,” he said and Nicole swore her heart stopped beating.

“And the Earps?” She asked, hoping her voice sounded calm and professional and not at all like her throat was squeezing shut.

“Accounted for.” Nedley gave her a knowing look. “All of them.”

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