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1- Hero’s Come Back!! (performed by nobodyknows+) From episodes 1 to 30. (full song length: 4:35)

2 - Distance (performed by LONG SHOT PARTY) From episodes 31 to 53. (full song length: 3:07)

3 - Blue Bird (ブルーバード, Burū Bādo) (performed by “Ikimono-Gakari” (いきものがかり, "Ikimono-Gakari")) From episodes 54 to 77. (full song length: 3:36)

4 - Closer (performed by “Joe Inoue” (井上ジョー, "Inoue Joe") From episode 78 to 102. (full song length: 3:28)

5 - Glow of a Firefly (ホタルノヒカリ, Hotaru no Hikari) (performed by “Ikimono-Gakari” (いきものがかり,“Ikimono-Gakari”)) From episode 103 to 128. (full song length: 4:01)

6 - Sign (performed by FLOW) From episode 129 to 153. (full song length: 3:58)

7 - The World that was Transparent (透明だった世界, Tōmei datta Sekai) (performed by “Hata Motohiro” (秦基博,“Motohiro Hata”) From episode 154 to 179. (full song length: 3:56)

8 - Diver (ダイバー, Daibā) (performed by NICO Touches the Walls) From episode 180 to 205. (full song length: 4:10)

9 - Lovers (ラヴァーズ, Ravāzu) (performed by 7!! Seven Oops) From episodes 206 to 230. (full song length: 3:49)

10 - Newsong (performed by tacica) From episode 231 to 256. (full song length: 3:31)

11 - Assault Rock (突撃ロック, Totsugeki Rokku) (performed by THE CRO-MAGNONS) From episodes 257 to 281. (full song length: 2:26)

12 - Moshimo (もしも) (performed by Daisuke) From episodes 282 to 306. (full song length: 3:57)

13 - Not Even Giving In To the Sudden Rain (ニワカ雨ニモ負ケズ, Niwaka Ame ni mo Makezu) (performed by NICO Touches the Walls) From episode 307 to 332. (full song length: 4:22)

14 - Size of the Moon (月の大きさ, Tsuki no Ōkisa) (performed by Nogizaka46) From episode 333 to 356. (full song length: 3:56)

15 - Crimson Lotus (紅蓮, Guren) (performed by DOES) From episode 357 to 379. (full song length: 4:04)

16 - Silhouette (シルエット, Shiruetto) (performed by KANA-BOON) From episode 380 to 405. (full song length: 4:01)

17 - Wind (風, Kaze) (performed by Yamazaru) From episode 406 to 431. (full song length: 4:09)

18 - LINE (performed by Sukima Switch) From episode 432 to 458. (full song length: 4:43)

19 - Blood Circulator (ブラッドサーキュレーター, Buraddo Sākyurētā) (performed by Asian Kung-Fu Generation) From episode 459 onwards. (full song length: 3:43)

Cuddles and Shit. (John Laurens X Reader)

Prompt: 21, 31, 82, 97, 114, 189, and 241 with Laurens? I know it’s a lot so you don’t have to do all of them if you don’t want to but they all made me think of him being really drunk lol

21.“I might have had a few shots.”
31.“Kiss me.”
82.“Your hair is so soft…”
97.“Wow, you’re hot.”
114.“Be my wife.”
189.“I’m flirting with you.”
241.“Promise me you’ll stay.”

Word Count: 2,039

A/N: I love you guys for being so patient with me about this. I’m gonna try to get back to my fic a day or every other day schedule now, I just hit a really bad funk.

Message from Ham:
Laurens is not in driving condition but he’s alone at the bar by your house.

You sighed as you read the text. You had no doubt he was alone at the bar because Alexander had abandoned him their in favor of taking Eliza home. And you were tired, that was the whole reason you’d passed on going out despite Laurens blowing up your phone with sad emojis. But if something happened to the idiot you’d never forgive yourself. So you did your best to clean yourself up, smudging some Concealer under your eyes to hide the exhausted flakes of mascara from the day, grabbing your purse and keys and heading out to the bar.

It wasn’t hard to spot Laurens when you got there. It was even easier to hear him, though. You could hear him from outside. None of your other friends were insight, despite the fact you were sure that he had said Lafayette and Herc would be there too. That you were breaking up the gang by not coming. You guessed it was possible they’d found a girl to take home already. Maybe it was a lucky night.

“Y/N!!” He yelled when he caught sight of you. “You said you weren’t coming out!” He pouted, pushing through the last few people to get to you, grabbing you in a hug before you could duck away. He managed to wrap an arm around your head instead of your body, pulling you flush against his chest. “Woah. Your hair is so soft.” And then you were being pet as you fought to get free. Any other time he was welcome to run his fingers through your hair. Right now you were a girl on a mission to get his drunk ass home in one piece.

“Laurens, how drunk are you?” You laughed, pushing him off you with an arm that was pinned between your bodies.

“I mighta had a few shots.” He giggled, letting you go after another few moments. “No more than 6 though. Maybe like 14.” Well past the point of remembering this in the morning. “You finally came to drink we meeeee” John moved to hug you again, but you ducked out of the way this time, trying not to laugh at him.

“Nope, taking you home. Before you drink enough you end up hungover all weekend.” Rolling your eyes, you leaned against the bar that John had been sitting at.

“You take such good care of me Y/N. Don’t deserve you. Be my wife. Lemme take care of you.” John smiled, trying to kneel,instead losing his balance and falling back before you reached out to steady him.

“I can see you put a lot of thought into this proposal, Laurens.” You grinned, taking the arm you had caught and tugging it around your shoulders so John could balance more on you ask you started leading him out of the bar.

“M’serious. You know how good we’d be? M’romantic. Would cuddle you and shit. Yeah. Whaddya say? Marry me?” He turned his head, pressing a kiss to the side of yours.

Shaking your head, you decided to give in, entertaining him. “Sure John. Let me get you home safe and I’ll marry you.”

“Deal.” He smiled at you, and you had to push back the thought that it would be nice if he didn’t have to get this drunk to flirt with you. The two of you came to your car. You don’t think you’ve ever had to fight a grown man to put on his seatbelt.

His apartment wasn’t too far from the bar either, but you had no desire to be carrying John Laurens all the way to his place. It only took you about five minutes to get there, and about fifteen to get him actually through his front door.

“You need to drink some water,John. Maybe you won’t hate yourself so much in the morning if you’re a little hydrated.” You sat him down on the couch, moving over to his kitchen. You knew this apartment like it was your own.

Laurens smiled as he watched you. “You’re so hot. You know that? Wow you’re hot. And you’re already in wifey mode. John Laurens won the lottery everyone. “ He half shouted, gesturing around the room as if he was announcing it to a room full of friends.

“Come on, drink up.” You stood over him, handing him the glass. He looked up at you with a goofy smile on his face and if you weren’t so focused on taking care of him right now you’d melt.

“I have a condition”

“Who said this was a debate?” You raised an eyebrow. “Plus, didn’t I already agree to marry you?” You smiled,laughing a little.

“Yeah but you gotta seal the deal. Kiss me, Y/N. Then you can boss me around all night.” He nodded, crossing his arms like a child.

“I’ll kiss you when you’re sober. You’ve got bad breath right now anyways.” He pouted at that, and you made the best gesture with your head that you’d could to the water. “Now drink.”

With a grumble, he took the water from your hand, downing it in a few seconds.

“If you throw up I’m going to kill Alexander.” You noted, offering your hand. “Time for you to go to bed. You’re gonna need all the sleep you can get.”

He took it, pulling you down instead of using it as an anchor to stand up. You fell into him in with a laugh, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. “John Laurens, If you don’t get up and go to be right now I’m calling this engagement off.”

“Good. I haven’t even asked your father. I should practice that.” You rolled your eyes, tilting to the side so you fell on the couch he didn’t occupy.

“You owe me tomorrow. You’re buying Chipotle.” You managed to stand up, pulling his arm again. He was stronger than you, but still managed to act like you we’re pulling him up all by the strength of your own arms.

It was another twenty minutes of drunken protests. Somewhere along the way he’d gone down to one shoe and no shirt. You managed to translate half his words into english. But John had moved to the bathroom in his bedroom, and you were counting it as an improvement. Refilling the glass, you set it along with some advice on his nightstand.

“John, look how comfortable your bed looks. Couldn’t you just crash here and now?” You could. Given a soft enough pile of newspapers you would probably collapse there too.

“I can go all night, Y/N.” He insisted, trying to fight the yawn that came after it. “Will you sleep with me?”

“Excuse me!’ You took a moment to just react before actually thinking about what he meant.

“C’mon. I said I’d cuddle you and shit. Lemme be a good husband.” He pouted. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to relax for a few while you waited for him to fall asleep so you didn’t have to worry about him running back to the bar. You waited for him to crawl in before looping the bed and sliding in the other side. “You’ll be here when I wake up, right?”

“John, I have my own place. I left lights on.”

He shook his head. “ Promise me you’ll stay.” He began to sit up and John Laurens on his feet was a danger to anyone’s mental sanity right now.

“I’ll stay. Promise.” You put your hands up in mock surrender. You could survive one sleepover at your friend’s place. When he was asleep you’d just move to the couch.

.That was the plan at least. Until you found yourself wide awake as the unwilling little spoon, John pinning you in place. Eventually you gave up, and closed your eyes. It had been a long night.

“Y/N?” John’s voice was quiet, but the confusion it was clear. “What are you doing here?” How had he woken up before you?

“You took that asprin, right?” You questioned him, more concerned about the hangover that seemed missing.

“Yeah, I did. Thanks for that, this one is killer. That was a hell of a night, huh? “ Laurens grumbled, letting you go and sitting upright.

“I’ll mean,you did ask me to marry you.” You shook your head, trying to wake yourself up “I was planning on staying on the couch til somebody caught me in a death grip under their arm.”

John blushed, laughing at himself. “I’m actually impressed you put up with me all night. Thanks for getting me home, Y/N. Got any plans today?”

“I reserve the right to slap you if you suggest going out and drinking. But no. No plans.” You sat up, shrugging at him

“What about food and some bad movies? I think I’ve got enough of a hangover to cover until Monday. “ John flashed you a sleepy smile, and this time you did let yourself melt a little.

“You’re buying. You know how many times you tried to convince me to kiss you? You owe me a burrito now.”

“Oh, c’mon. You know you wanted to. “ Laurens winked at you, and you couldn’t even hold your composure to throw it back at him, laughing at that.

“The hell are you doing,Laurens?” You asked through the laughter.

“I’m flirting with you. Can’t a guy flirt with his fiancé right after they wake up together?” He threw back at you with a smirk. You, in turn, grabbed a pillow to throw at him.

Maybe it wasn’t the most exciting day, but you got a burrito for lunch and spent the afternoon curled up with John, enjoying the closeness. He didn’t seem to regret any of his actions,though he made sure to apologize a few hundred times if he made you uncomfortable. But you hadn’t minded. Even sleeping with his arms around you, you hadn’t minded.

The dynamic of you two had just shifted, and you were sure you could both feel it. Something you hadn’t let yourself consider unless Laurens was so drunk any action was off the table. But here you were, both sober and still determined to maintain some sort of contact. But nobody was talking about it.

His arm was around you, and you fingers were tracing the veins in his hand, when you looked over at him to see he hadn’t been watching the movie at all.

“This is weird, right?” You ask, quietly. Your heartbeat picks up as you meet his eyes.

John nods. “But it’s a good weird? I kinda wanna kiss you right now.” He noted, and you smiled at that.

“I did tell you I’d kiss you when you were sober.” You shrugged, teasing him a little.

“Then you owe me, Y/N.” He shifted so he could close the distance if you gave the green light.

“Oh,just kiss me already. “ You laughed, closing your eyes as you felt his lips crash to yours. This felt right. You weren’t worried about what you’d have to figure out later. But kissing him felt so right. You let your hand come up and fingers weave through his hair.

When you broke apart you both had smiles plastered on your faces. “Wow.” You spoke, smiling up at him. “Your hair is so soft.” You smirked, and he rolled his eyes, shutting you up with another kiss.

50 Writing Prompts List

Message me one of these numbers with a character/ship and I’ll write a one-shot for it. Feel free to add on to the ones with ellipses (…) if you want, or I can fill them in as I write the one-shot. <3

1. “Look what I got!”
2. “I think this is about the right time to tell you…”
3. “You’re insane, but I like insane.”
4. “Left or right?”
5. “You seem upset. What’s going on?”
6. “Please just talk to me.”
7. “Nice shirt, but it would look better on…”
8. “You need help?”
9. “Why are you so freaking badass?”
10. “Why are you so freaking hot?”
11. “I get that a lot.”
12. “Come here.”
13. “I just need you to hold me.”
14. “Your hair is so soft.”
15. “How about we get a…”
16. “I need you.”
17. “Get the hell out.”
18. “I need a…”
19. “Kiss me now, and kiss me hard.”
20. “I don’t need this crap in my life.”
21. “I don’t need you.”
22. “Stop being so…”
23. “How about you come with me?”
24. “You should sing all the time.”
25. “Come help me with this.”
26. “You make me feel…”
27. “You’re gonna get fat if you keep eating all that.”
28. “Don’t tell me what to do.”
29. “My life is my life, don’t judge me.”
30. “I can’t get this shirt on.”
31. “Help? Please?”
32. “What do you mean you broke your leg?”
33. “Do it yourself.”
34. “I need you more than…”
35. “I’m not your mom.”
36. “Shut up and kiss me.”
37. “Get your clothes on and let’s go.”
38. “Just get dressed.”
39. “I can tell when you’re…”
40. “I’m sick. I feel like I died then got run over.”
41. “It’s so cute!”
42. “That’s gross.”
43. “Stop it!”
44. “You’re a nerd.”
45. “Don’t touch me.”
46. “Leave me alone!”
47. “I swear I’ll kill you!”
48. “What kind of person does that?”
49. “Please, stay?”
50. “I miss…”


Day 9 of 24 Days of One Shots 🎄

#31 Dylan Sprayberry – On The Christmas Set of Teen Wolf

When Dylan told you that he wants to take you with him to his work, you were so excited and just couldn’t wait. You counted every minute and second. Then this morning, you both got ready and drove to the Studio. “Excited?” Dylan asks you as you get out of the car.

“I’m soooo excited.” You smile and hug him from the side. You walk into the studio of Teen Wolf and get greeted by everyone.

“There are Dylan and Tyler.” You boyfriend points to them as you walk over. You’re heart starts to race because Dylan O'Brien is your celebrity crush. It used to be Dylan S. but when you met and got together, he turned to your love and not crush anymore. Dylan O. got that space now.

“I’m Dylan.” Dylan O. introduces himself to you once you stand right across from him.

“(Y/N).” You smile and he gives you a hug. Then Tyler comes and hugs you as well.

“I’m Tyler.” He smiles at you.

“Sprayberry! Come it’s your turn!” Someone exclaims. It’s time for your boyfriend to leave and that’s what he does after kissing your cheek and whispering “I love you.” into your ear. He leaves to get in the mask first before he than starts filming. You stand next to Dylan O. while Tyler gets into the mask for his next scene. Dylan O. and you start to talk about Dylan S. and laugh while he’s filming.

When Dylan is done, he walks straight pass you, clearly annoyed by something. Dylan O. goes to get ready for his scene and you follow your boyfriend into his dressing room.

“What’s wrong?” You ask as you close the door behind you. He doesn’t answer you and just walks around the room, not doing anything really. “Dylan?” You roll your eyes at him and reach out for his arm but he pulls away. “Babe?!” You stand yourself right into his way and hold onto his arms. “What’s wrong?” You ask yet again and stand on your tiptoes to be on his eye hight.

“I don’t know! Ask Dylan!” He raises his voice as his face tenses up. His eyebrows are furrowed and eyes full of anger and jealously.

“That’s what I’m doing.” You smile, but he doesn’t move his face. “Are you jealous?” You ask even though it’s already obvious to you.

“I don’t know, (Y/N). Tell me! Am I?” He asks which just makes you laugh. When he doesn’t even flinch, you  take a deep breath and concentrate to not laugh.

“You don’t have to be jealous, babe. You’re the only Dylan that I love and to your informations, we talked about you. And you know what Dylan said before he left for his scene?” You ask and see that his face relaxes.

“What?” Dylan asks.

“He said… that you,” you kiss his cheek. “and I,” you kiss his other cheek. “Are perfect for each other and I agree.” You smile.

“You drive me mad.” He tells you, making you laugh before you wrap your arms around him. “I love you though.” He whispers and kisses your head.

So i’m reading all these theories about chapter 62 and the kitsune statues and ARE YOU GUYS REALLY TRYING TO TELL ME




One Shot - Harry Styles

Londres, 31 de janeiro de 2016

-Isso é de fato necessário? A mulher ouviu a voz rouca e arrastada, típica de quem acaba de acordar, soar atrás de si, enquanto fechava mais uma mala.

S/n apertou os olhos e suspirou.

-Harry… Sussurrou com a voz arrastada e se jogou na cama ao seu lado. – Você acredita que eu nunca vou estar longe demais?

O rapaz se virou e rodeou sua cintura com os braços, depositando seu rosto na curva do ombro de s/n.

-Eu me sinto tão… sem rumo, perdido sem você aqui.

A morena percorreu com as unhas todo o seu couro cabeludo, aspirando o cheiro cítrico do shampoo que Harry usava.

-Se você estiver perdido, apenas me procure. Vai me encontrar na região das estrelas de verão. Respondeu baixinho e sentiu o rapaz sorrir contra sua pele.

-Ei, s/a! Ele chamou sua atenção levantando a cabeça para poder encara-la. –Eu separei umas coisas e queria que você levasse, para não se esquecer de mim. Disse meio tímido e levantou-se indo até o closet.

A mulher fechou os olhos e enterrou o rosto no travesseiro do namorado, tentando guardar em sua memória seu perfume e todos os seus pequenos detalhes.

Sentiu a cama afundar e os braços de Harry rodearem sua cintura mais uma vez. Sentou-se e abriu a caixa azul que o rapaz lhe entregou, retirando lá de dentro um suéter cinza que lhe era bem familiar, algumas fotos de polaroide dos dois juntos na última viagem que fizeram e um frasco de seu perfume favorito. Eram poucas coisas, mas que tinham muito significado para ambos.

-Eu sei que são poucas coisas, mas eu sei que são o suficiente para você lembrar de mim. Ele disse sorrindo e levou a mão ao rosto da namorada, limpando uma lágrima que escorria com o polegar.

-Me desculpa por te deixar, Haz? Você sabe que se dependesse de mim…

-S/n. Ele a interrompeu ainda sorrindo e sentiu menina se jogar nos seus braços. –Você, durante esses dois anos, me apoiou quaisquer fossem as minhas decisões. Se lembra de quando eu decidi deixar o cabelo crescer, e mesmo achando que ia ficar igual a um leão você me deu dicas de cremes e condicionadores? Ou quando eu e os meninos decidimos que iríamos dar uma pausa? Você também estava ao meu lado.

A menina o encarou atenta e ele passou a acariciar seu cabelo castanho e longo.

-O que eu estou tentando dizer é que para mim, o fato de nós conseguirmos sentar aqui e dizer adeus, significa que já ganhamos. E a necessidade de desculpas entre nós

dois, meu amor, não há nenhuma. Pausou e lhe deu um beijo na testa, enquanto se arrumava na cama. - Eu não quero lhe dizer adeus, mas sei que o motivo que te leva de mim é nobre. Você quer ajudar as pessoas, quer usar sua profissão para levar ajuda humanitária, e foi exatamente isso que me encantou naquela estudante de medicina que sonhava em entrar para os Médicos sem Fronteiras e salvar vidas. Eu vou sentir saudades, vou sentir demais…, mas nós tivemos bons momentos, não tivemos? Despedidas são sempre amargas, mas não é o fim, eu verei seu rosto novamente.

-Eu amo você, Haz. Não se esqueça disso.

“Harry Styles

Londres, Reino Unido

18 de novembro de 2016

Querida s/n,

Estamos a tanto tempo sem nos falar que mal sei como começar esta carta. Sinto falta de conversar com você sobre coisas leves, ou fatos engraçados que ocorreram durante o meu dia. Por isso, não vou falar de coisas pesadas, ou lhe perguntar como as coisas vão por aí, porque sei que não vão nada bem.

Ontem, passei o dia inteiro em função da mudança. E ainda tive que sair para celebrar o aniversário de um amigo, mas sabe que quando levantamos o copo para fazer um brinde eu reparei que você não estava ali. Mal notei que eram 17 de novembro. Esse dia costumava nos trazer grande felicidade, se lembra? Íamos até a galeria de arte aonde nos conhecemos e depois no cinema aonde foi nosso primeiro encontro. Programa rotulado como clichê por todos os nossos amigos, mas não nos importávamos.

Hoje, pela manhã decidi que seguiria nosso roteiro mesmo estando sozinho, e fui até a galeria e o cinema. Acabei por assistir um filme mela-cueca que estava em cartaz. Lá pela metade do filme, depois de ignorar os olhares curiosos e tortos que foram direcionados a mim, eu percebi que não tinha ninguém ao meu lado para roubar minhas pipocas ou me repreender por estar tomando refrigerante. Me caiu a ficha também que você não iria jantar comigo naquela cantina italiana ao lado do cinema e nem riria da minha cara quando eu me sujasse de molho.

Mesmo depois de tantos meses eu ainda espero lhe encontrar esparramada no sofá, quando chego do estúdio sexta à noite. As vezes sinto que essa distância pode me matar a qualquer momento.

Por favor, mande-me uma mensagem, um telefonema, um telegrama, uma carta (meu novo endereço segue no envelope), um sinal de fumaça, que seja.

E eu sei que ficaremos bem, Querida. Só feche seus olhos e veja, estarei ao seu lado qualquer hora que estiver precisando de mim.

Eu amo você, S/n.

All the love, H ”

S/n mal notou que a folha grossa da carta estava molhada quando ela terminou de ler. Durante todos aqueles meses ela tinha evitado pensar em Harry, e parecia dar certo até ela chegar em casa e se deparar com as fotos penduradas, ou o suéter cinza jogado em cima da cama. Parecia que tudo a lembrava dele, mesmo em lugar tão remoto, aonde a olhos nus nada a faria lembrar. Mas a bondade das pessoas, o médico alto e de cabelo encaracolado que trabalhava com ela, uma pequena menininha de olhos grandes e verdes que estava internada, qualquer um que escrevesse cartas ou tivesse a voz mais rouca só a faziam pensar em uma única pessoa, Harry Styles. Era inevitável pensar nele, ou desejar estar em seus braços sendo reconfortada, após não conseguir salvar um paciente.

Apesar de todos esses aspectos ruins, ela se sentia mais realizada do que nunca. A cada criança que vencia uma desnutrição, a cada mãe que sobrevivia para ver seu filho nascer, e o amentava pela primeira vez, a cada sorriso e batalha vencida a sensação de estar sendo útil de alguma forma para humanidade, a sensação de estar fazendo a diferença na vida de alguém, amenizavam a saudade que ela sentia de sua antiga vida. A saudade que sentia dos pais, namorado e amigos, porque sabia que estava lhes deixando orgulhosos, e se orgulhando.

Era reconfortante pensar que em meio a todo aquele horror, em meio à guerra, haviam pessoas trabalhando em prol da humanidade. Ajudando, medicando, curando.

A guerra tinha se intensificado com a intervenção da Rússia e França, para lutar contra um grupo terrorista que tomava conta de boa parte do país. S/n seria transferida para uma unidade mais afastada e isso dificultaria ainda mais a comunicação.

“ S/n S/s

Síria, Ásia

16 de janeiro de 2017

Querido Harry,

Peço desculpas pela demora para enviar a carta, mas como você deve saber a guerra se intensificou e eu acabei sendo transferida para uma unidade mais afastada, tornando assim mais difícil para me comunicar.

Haz, o suéter cinza está começando a perder o seu cheiro… E eu ainda não tive coragem para abrir o frasco de perfume, confesso. Eu tenho sentido tanto a sua falta. Na realidade de umas semanas para cá tenho desconfiado de uma insanidade mental, já que tenho fantasiado você aqui comigo e conversado contigo mentalmente. E sabe o pior? Você sempre me responde e me dá conselhos. (Estou considerando aumentar as consultas semanais com a psicóloga assim que voltar para Londres).

Queria te dizer que pretendo voltar para casa, não posso ficar aqui para sempre. Apesar de todo esse horror e saudade, ajudar as pessoas tem me feito bem. Sabe tudo aquilo que sonhei? É ainda mais, Haz. Nunca pensei que o sorriso agradecido de um estranho pudesse significar tanto.

Sinto muito a sua falta, Styles. Mas você vai me encontrar, talvez em lugares em que nunca estivemos e por razões que não entendemos.

Eu amo você, Harry

All the love, s/n”

Londres, 28 de outubro de 2017

-Muitas felicidades, muitos anos de vida!

S/n ouviu o embalo da música tão familiar, cantada pelos amigos e família e sorriu retribuindo o abraço caloroso que recebeu de Harry.

-Eu mal posso acreditar que você está de volta, babe. O rapaz falou selando seus lábios e ela sorriu. Meu deus, parecia que não o beijava ou sentia seus carinhos a séculos.

-Cheguei bem a tempo de passar meu aniversário com vocês! Disse sorrindo e passando os braços por seu pescoço.

- Ei, foi tudo tão corrido hoje à tarde, desde te pegar no aeroporto e trazê-la para cá. Que nem deu tempo de entregar o seu presente. Haz comentou se soltando e a puxando pela mão até um quarto no final do corredor.

Pela decoração e a bagunça, provavelmente era dele. Entrou no closet e trouxe lá de dentro uma caixa azul, Igual à que ele havia entregado no dia em que ela partiu.

A menina sorriu e se sentou na cama para abrir, e retirou de lá um suéter exatamente igual ao que ela levou consigo e uma máquina polaroide.

-Eu estive pensando, o inverno está chegando e você está com meu suéter. Resolvi te dar um igual, para receber o meu de volta. Disse com um sorriso de canto, se sentado ao seu lado na cama. – E a polaroide? Bem, pensei que seria boa para registrar uma nova fase da nossa vida.

A menina riu fraco e passou a unha de leve na nuca do rapaz.

- Eu devolvo o suéter, Styles. Disse rolando os olhos teatralmente e o selou. – E eu vou amar começar uma nova fase da minha vida com você.

- Eu te disse que não era o nosso fim.

Por: Beatriz (ziallpassivos)

Quero agradecer muuuito a linda da Beatriz pelo one shot lindo e perfeito que ela me mandou e dizer que estou aberta para receber mais one shots não só dela, mas de todas vocês que quiserem mandar. Ok? 

Muito obrigada, Beatriz! E parabéns por essa obra! <3 



The full 911 call from Columbine teacher, Patti Nielson  on April 20th 1999. Nielson gathered children in the library and instructed them to hide under the tables.

Notable moments: (From Youtube comment below the video) 1:56 Dylan shooting into the lockers with his Tec-9 as Eric gets out a bomb and says “Yeah!!” 3:39 A bomb goes off 3:40 “Woohooooo” 4:20 Eric says “Get up!” Then fires a couple shots 4:31 Dylan screams “Everybody get up!” a few more shots 4:48 One of them screams either “Heeey” or “Yeaahhh!” 4:50 Dispatcher or someone in the communications center saying something like “page boyd” right before Dylan Klebold shoots Kyle Vasquez in the head. 5:14 the shootout starts with the cops. 


Thick fog covers Dubai skyline

You will be hard-pressed to find a cityscape as spectacular as Dubai, United Arab Emirates, under a blanket of thick fog.

Local entrepreneur Rustam Azmi, 31, shot photos of the city’s marina and downtown in extreme fog conditions earlier this month.

For the marina shots, Azmi took to the roof of the 73-story Cayan Tower. A few weeks later, he set up at the Executive and Index towers for photos of downtown. (Caters News)

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