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Forbidden Fruit - Jared Leto x Reader

Title: Forbidden Fruit

Pairing: Jared Leto x Reader

Word Count: 3,250

Warnings: Implied Smut, Minor Nudity, Cheating

Summary: When you agree to take part in one of your friends’ videos you are excited. And excitment that turns into nervousness when you realize the kind of scenes you have with your crush and best friend Jared Leto.

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“Just a minute and we’re done sweetheart.” the make up artist told you with a smile and you gave her a nervous one.

“Oh no, don’t rush. Take your time.” you shook just softly your head and she chuckled.

“If I didn’t know any better and if I didn’t have eyes of my own I would say you’re not really excited about this huh?” she teased you slightly and you gave her an awkward smile.

“I- I- No, it’s not that. I’m just a little… nervous. Not- not about the scenes- it’s just that- it’s something new for me and… yeah.” you breathed out nervously and she nodded her head with a soft smile.

“I know what you mean- up to some part I guess.” she chuckled “The first time I came to work here as a make up artist I was shaking like a leaf. But then I saw that as far as it had to do with the thing I love most then- I would be fine.” she shrugged.

“I guess this can apply only if you love acting and singing though.” she added with an awkward laugh.

“Well, I guess.” you mumbled “Mostly acting, actually but- I am not doing it entire for that.”

“Then what if not your love for acting?” she asked, eyes focused on her work though.

“My love for my best friend.” you breathed out and she smiled.

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Imagine falling in love with Jensen while working on the set of Supernatural.

Only You

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, mention of Danneel

Warnings: angst, fluff, language

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This is the SIXTH fic for my 6k celebration and one year fic-i-versary. The line requested was, “Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you should stick around and screw up their life.” It will be highlighted in the fic. This is written for @blacktithe7 I really don’t know where this came from. I hope you aren’t too disappointed.

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Imagine Jared surprising you by showing up at your place unexpectedly.

You let a frustrated sound as you struggled to find the right note. You exhaled deeply and stilled yourself, starting the song from the beginning. You had been practicing the song for months and even if their previous ones had been easy, The Kill seemed to be the hardest to learn on acoustic. And that particular note that you kept forgetting got on your nerves.

You bit your lip, pausing and thinking. The silence was really welcomed and when you best friend said she would be out for a few hours you jumped at the opportunity.

“I think the one you’re looking for is C5.” a voice was heard behind you and for a moment you would have thought Caroline had not left yet. But that was so not her voice. Your entire body stiffened and you turned around, eyes wide. Even as you looked at the person you couldn’t believe it was really him.

“J?” you breathed out, tears welling up in your eyes and an emotional smile formed on his lips.

“Hello sweetheart.” he breathed out as you clasped a hand over your mouth, the guitar falling from your hands on the bed “What?” he breathed out a chuckle “No welcome back hug for me?” he whispered with a cute smile and you almost sobbed as you ran towards him. You crashed in his arms as he hugged you as tightly as he could.

You laughed and sobbed at the same time, squeezing your eyes shut as you fisted the fabric of his shirt in your hands. In had been almost a year since you last saw him but it felt like an eternity. Maybe yes he was your best friend but that never stopped you from having feelings for the man. Who could blame you after all? He was perfect to you in every possible way.

“Gosh” you breathed out, brushing away the happy tears as you looked up at him “J, you gained weight.” you breathed out and he gave you a crooked smile “I was getting so worried about you.” you breathed out and he let out a shaky sigh.

“I know, princess.” he closed his eyes and kissed your forehead “I know.” his lips brushed your forehead as he spoke and you shuddered.

The last time you had seen him it was when he was filming Dallas Buyers Club and he had been so weak it worried you to no end. You were scared something was going to happen to him and you’d end up messaging him every day. He’d reassure you he was alright but you were never really convinced. There were times you had stayed up till late at night, thinking about him.

“I can’t believe you’re here.” you breathed out, burying your face in his chest again and smelling his characteristic scent.

“I can’t believe it either.” he whispered, his one hand holding your head as he kissed the top of it. His lips lingered there before in the end he buried his face in your hair; giving you a squeeze.

“Hey!” another cheerful voice was heard “Don’t keep her all to yourself Leto!” it was Tomo and the moment you opened your eyes you saw him get in.

You giggled and although none of you wanted to you shared a look with Jared but pulled away. You grinned as you walked towards your friend, arms wide open for you “Tom-Tom!” you chuckled as he spoon you around.

Shannon smiled as the two of you acted like little kids and his smile got softer when he glanced at his brother. Jared breathed out a chuckle but turned his head away as Shannon saw him brush hs tears away. Jared rubbed his red eyes and sniffled. He was not one to get emotional very easily but with you everything was different. You had broken every one of his rules and had made him think of things he never thought he needed or wanted.

“And you!” your voice caught Shannon’s attention and the man turned to look at you with a grin “Come and give me a hug right now mister!” they all chuckled as you jumped in Shannon’s arms. You were like a little sister to them yet there were moments that you took care of them like a caring mother. They all loved you so much…

…And Jared more than anyone else.


“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” you breathed out as Jared closed the door and came to sit on the bed next to you.

“The guys wanted it to be a surprise, since we are going to stay for long.” he said softly and you felt your breath at his words.

“How long?” you whispered and he smiled softly, the kind of smile that made you weak on the knees.

“Months. Lots of them. Maybe a year too.” he smiled, his hands resting on yours as you grinned widely at him.

“That’s great.” you whispered, acting like a shy teenage girl in front of their crush.

“Yeah” he breathed out and you both laughed softly. He looked down at your hands as he played with your fingers.

“I heard the song.” you said softly and he smiled, not taking his eyes off your hands.

“What did you think?” he whispered and you bit your lip for a moment.

“It was amazing.” you said in an equally low voice “You were amazing.”

He smiled softly “I had an amazing inspiration, that’s why.” he mumbled, brining your hands up as he kissed over your wrists and fingers; making you blush softly at the intensity in his blue eyes.

“Did you?” you asked in a tentative voice and he grinned softly.

“The most beautiful of all.” he breathed out, looking at you “I missed you so much.” he confessed and you felt your heart leap to your throat.

“I missed you too.” you breathed out and as he cupped your cheek you rested your forehead against his.

Yeah, well the boundaries of your friendship were always blurry for the both of you.

“Please don’t leave again.” you closed your eyes, your voice in a small whimper as he kissed your forehead tenderly. His lips moving to your cheek and lingering there once more.

“Never, I promise.” he whispered, his lips brushing past your just like the last time you had seen each other.

In a desperate moment of having to say goodbye to each other you had not cared about friendships or people being there. You had almost kissed him and he… he had almost kissed you too.

But now there was no almost “Never”…

…and he pressed his lips tenderly to yours.

King of the Nerds

King of the Nerds

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: fluffy, steamy, Jensen being fake moody (yea, it’s a warning), suggestive smutty stuff, language 

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic ELEVEN. The line requested was, “I’m just a regular boy who goofs around, pulls pranks, and makes jokes.” It was requested by @starswirlblitz  . It will be highlighted in the fic. Thank you so much for celebrating with me. I am combining it with two gifs submitted by @torn-and-frayed. Hope you like it! This one was fun to write. I don’t usually write Jensen like this, but we all know he can get a little moody sometimes. It’s hot as fuck.

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Jared Leto Fic: Daughter

Story: Imagine that you are Jared’s teenage daughter and are considering going into modeling. Him knowing how dangerous the entertainment world is, tries to talk you out of it and is extremely against it. 


You’re father looked at you like you had just told him you were being shipped over seas. He rubbed his forehead and laughed certain that you were joking. He looked up at you and when he saw your serious face he made a funny one to make you laugh.

When he saw your eyes, it hit him that it was for real. You knew it was going to be quite the scene convincing him of this. You sat in your home in L.A. staring at the pictures on your fathers desk. He sat down looking at them all, tracing them with his finger tips and taking deep breaths not knowing what to say. He traced the words on the parental consent form. He looks up at you with confused eyes.

“Why now honey I don’t understand?” his eyes lingered on you waiting for a response. You toyed with your hands in your lap unsure of what to say.

“I just…. think it’s the right time. Everyone is always saying I should do it. That I’m throwing away an opportunity if I don’t.” You stared at your hands thinking of all the people in your lives that have called you ungrateful and spoiled. The people who said that actors children have so many more chances than everyone else. To take the offers and be grateful.

Jared stood up and paced back and forth before stopping at the window to gaze out at the hills of hollywood. 

“I don’t care what other people say. I care about you. I care that you’re not doing this because you really want to.” he brushed his hair back out of his face and walked over to you. He saw you trying to avoid eye contact with him and got on his knees in front of you to see your face. He grabbed your hands and cradled them in his. “I don’t want you feeling pressured to do anything you’re not comfortable with honey.”

You looked at your father and saw the worry in his eyes. You thought about all the photoshoots he had done, the models he hung out with, the world he had made a career out of.

“Is it so impossible to believe that I can make decisions for myself? That I can take care of myself?” you said with slight anger in your voice. He noticed the change in attitude and gently caressed your hands to comfort you.

“You’re just a teenager, you don’t have to and shouldn’t have to take care of yourself. That’s what I’m here for.” He let out a sigh and broke eye contact with you. “I don’t want you doing this. You don’t know what that world is like honey.”

You stood up and pulled your hands out of his grasp and walked over to the window and curled up next to it. Taking in the same sight he did when he was stressed. 

“I know more about that world than you think I do dad. I grew up in it remember? You’re the one who decided to join it. I’ve always been apart of it I’m just…” you twirled a strand of hair in between your fingers. “I’m just embracing it now is all.” 

Since you were a little girl this is what he had been afraid of. He saw the daughters of other musicians and actors take the leap into modeling. He had always told himself he wasn’t going to let his little girl do that. He wanted more for you than the shallowness of hollywood, wanted to keep you from the perverted underworld of entertainment, away from the people he was sure only wanted to expose and use you.

“Don’t you think the pictures came out okay? Don’t you think I could do it?” your self confidence had always been a problem. You thought about people only wanting you for your name and not because you had talent. It frustrate you how nothing ever seem to be the right move. People would tell you to take advantage of your opportunity and then turn around and say you only got the gig because of your name. 

“Oh honey..” Jared stood up and went over to you. “Of course you can do it. You’re such a beautiful and strong girl I have no doubt you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.” 

“Then what’s the big deal? I mean I take some pictures and then I get paid. I could put that money towards college or put it away in savings and I could-” he cut you off.

“That’s just it honey, you don’t need the money! I have plenty of that to pay for college and give you whatever you need and-” you cut him off in return.

“It’s what I want to do. It really is. I mean I look at Willow and Lily all modeling for Chanel and making names for themselves separate from their parents, making their own identity. I want that, I really do.”

Jared was at a loss of what to say. He knew growing up as the daughter of Jared Leto wasn’t easy. Being in the spotlight, his fans always wanting to know about the daughter of echelon, everyone wanting a piece of her. He had always carried a sense of guilt for you having to grow up with his name just as much as he wanted to protect you from it. 

“Baby you have to understand I’m not saying no to keep you from doing something that makes you happy. But sometimes as a dad I have to put your safety before your happiness. I always wished I had a father that would do that for me.”

“So you are saying no? Dad come on… please don’t use that to guilt trip me. You never had a problem with the modeling world before. You go to the shows all the time and have the models as friends and…” you felt tears coming and didn’t want to continue. You wanted to remain firm on your stance and not look weak. “…. and whatever I don’t need your permission.” you felt yourself getting mad thinking about the 20 something models he hung out with. 

Jared felt like the attitude hit him right across the face. He immediately knew what you were implying. He was never one to tolerate an attiude and wasn’t about to start now.

 “Young lady, you do as I say not as I do.” he said firmly. 

After his words left his mouth he instantly regretted them as he noticed you crying. His chest started to ache and he felt like a piece of shit for being petty with you.

“Shhhh honey,” he saw you getting upset. “Please don’t cry.” he ran his fingers through your hair and thought about how the years had flown by. It felt like yesterday you were just his little girl who sat back stage watching him perform on stage and now you wanted to go out into that world yourself. “I’ve been in this industry for a long time. It was hard and I dealt with terrible people who just wanted to use me to gain something. I don’t want that for you.”

Now you were getting angry and wiped the tears away from your face. “You can’t go out and do something and live a certain way and see nothing wrong with it then tell me I can’t do the same. You’re being a hypocrite!”

“Do not take that tone with me young lady, what I do has nothing to do with what’s best for you.” You simmered down and looked back out the window. You never knew your father to raise his voice to anyone, but when he did it meant he was serious.

Everyone always joked about how alike the two of you were, said you got your determination from him, the strong will from him. You never were easy to be told what to do even when you were little. Your grandmother called it a ‘capricorn thing’. 

“Dad I’m going to be 18 in a few years. If you don’t let me and help me do this I won’t forgive you. I’ll just leave when im old enough and go out and do it anyway.”

“Baby don’t talk like that. I mean that’s exactly what I’m trying to say.” He sat down next to you and tried to pick out what you were looking at outside the window. “You’re young and your mind could change so easily. If in a few years you want to continue this then okay I’ll help you out and we’ll talk more.”

“I just want something more. I want to feel like I can make a name for myself. I want to me (y/n) instead of just ‘jared leto’s daughter’. You can’t understand that, you were always able to make a name for yourself outside someones shadow.”

Jared had to let out a chuckle under his breath at your stubbornness, he also had to kick himself because he knew you got it from him. He always admired how independent you were.

“Baby I need you to tell me that this is something, in your heart, that you know you want. That you’re not doing this to prove a point, to just rebel, or get back at me for something?” those words made you turn to him and give him a confused look.

“Get back at you?” you sort of knew what he was talking about but just needed to hear him say it.

“Any models that I may give attention to or date, they will never take your place. Your my daughter and you come first before anything and everyone. Please don’t force yourself to do something because you think you need to compete.”

Now it was your turn to chuckle. 

“Dad, I can assure you this is something I want to do. Please just trust me.”

Jared looked back over at the desk with the photos on it. He lingered on them and went into deep thought furrowing his brow. He closed his eyes and took another deep breath. He knew you better than anyone and knew there was no talking you out of something you wanted. Another way you were just like him.

“One condition.” he whispered and with that you started squealing and jumping up and down.

“You mean it! You’re going to say yes!?” you jumped and wrapped your arms around him. He pulled you into the hug and kissed the top of your head.

“I’m saying that before you do anything I have to know about it. I’m going to be with you on every shoot and going to meet every single person that wants to work with you. If I don’t think their intentions are good then that’s it. Do you understand?”

You nuzzled your head into his chest and said yes with absolute glee. 

“And before you sign anything I am reading it and if I don’t like something it’s going to change. If the photographer or companies or whatever won’t change it you’re not doing it.” He said in that stern dad voice that always made you giggle inside.

“I understand Dad, do you really mean you’ll let me do it?” you looked up at him with tears of joy this time and a huge smile.

Who was he kidding, he couldn’t deny you something he could tell would make you happy at the end of the day. He couldn’t resist smiling back at you. He loved being the person that made you happy. 

“I’m saying if everything is how you want it and if I think it’s safe, then yes. Yes you can do this.”

“Just one more question baby?”

“Yeah dad?” You looked up at him with excitment

“Ever consider modeling for Gucci? You know Alessandro loves you!” he laughed

You buried your face back in his chest and laughed and hugged him tighter. He rested his chin on the top of your head and took in the moment. He was going to be in for the ride of his life once the world saw you and he was ready to destroy anyone who would try and hurt you.

Imagine Dean coaching your daughter’s soccer team.

Characters: Mechanic!Dean x Teacher!Reader

Warnings: mild angst, super fluff, daddy! Dean (yes, it’s a warning because *swoon*)

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic TEN. The line requested was “The whistle makes me their god.” It was requested by @pinknerdpanda​ . It will be highlighted in the fic. Thank you so much for celebrating with me. I didn’t get to add in the smut that you requested because the story in my head just didn’t lend itself to it. Hope you aren’t too disappointed with the outcome. I personally had tears of joy in my eyes as I was editing it. I LOVE daddy! Dean. 

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Imagine: Being upset and Jared hears you crying

You are his daughter and start to feel the pressures of being the child of a celebrity, and you go to your room locking the door, trying to hide your tears. He hears you and rushed to your room banging on the door. If you don’t open he picks the lock to  make sure you’re safe. When you explain what’s wrong he just grabs you and snuggles you, letting you cry on his chest. He feels guilty about you having to deal with his lifestyle and assures you that he will protect you from all paparazzi and never let anyone harm you. You fall asleep in his arms, the place you feel most safe. 


El Cajon police kill 30-year-old black man Alfred Olango

Police in El Cajon, California, fatally shot 30-year-old black man Alfred Olango who some witnesses said was unarmed, had mental disabilities, and had his hands up in the air, NBC 7 San Diego reported on Tuesday evening, spurring protests even as authorities disputed the circumstances of the shooting.

Authorities say officers responded to reports of an “erratic subject” who refused to comply with orders at a public shopping center in the city. At least one officer subsequently opened fire. There were also reports that 911 was called because Olango was having a seizure.

As sizable protests formed at the scene, they were met with an equipped police presence.

Imagine: Falling asleep in the studio as Jared records

Being his daughter and growing up with his music, his voice is always calming to you. You always spend some time at night in the studio with him listening and relaxing. One night you and him reminisce about how he used to sing you to sleep when you were a little girl. Before he knows it, while he’s practicing a brand new song he wrote for you, and you slip into dream world. He continues to sing, knowing from the past that if he stops he’ll wake his princess up.

(special thanks to @ella-may-94 for the idea!)

The World is Vast (Thomas Brodie Sangster - Imagine)

AN: This is based off the video 30 Minutes Break by The Luka State and I strongly advise you watch it for a better understanding of this imagine. I wrote it as fluffy as I possibly could without turning it into a disgustingly cheesy and unrealistic mess.

The clacking of your heels on the ground was the only sound breaking the silence of the night. You dived your hands in the pockets of your jacket to keep you warm and hurried a bit to get home quickly. London. What a beautiful city, even at night. Apart from some groups of friends going out for the night and the sound of cabs, it was completely still. It might seemed a little creepy to be out there on your own when you’re a girl and you just arrived in a new city, but not to you. You found that oddly calming and reassuring. As if the world allowed you to have a break and appreciate silence and just think. You moved to London two weeks ago. You couldn’t even count how many times a stranger in a bar – sometimes even more than one in a night – asked you why you moved here. The truth is, there is no reason. You were just sick of where you used to live, you needed change. And something – though you haven’t found it yet – was drawing you here.

Finally, the slightly washed-out facade of your building appeared further down the street. Once again, you quickened your pace when you felt a drop of rain hit your forehead. It was a really humid night and you’d bet that your makeup was right about to leak everywhere on your face, making you look like you haven’t gone home for three days and your hair, messily put into a sort of deconstructed bun, was probably full of small rain drops. Yes, better hurry before the fashion police finds you. You let out a sigh of relief when you reached your apartment and began to climb the stairs. Eventually, you reached the third floor and opened your door. The unwelcoming darkness and the cold atmosphere in your small flat immediately made you wonder why you wanted to go back to this place in the first place, but then your eyes were caught by your reflection in the mirror. Nice. After turning on the heater, you got rid of your wet clothes and jumped into the shower, in great need of warming up, but you were greeted by ice-cold water. Someone used all the warm water.

“Fucking hell, it’s the second time this week!” You cursed as you hurriedly took you shower. When you were done you almost jumped in fresh clothes and rubbed your arms forcefully. You were still cold, though your blood was boiling in your veins. Suddenly, you jumped in surprise as you heard a loud thud coming from the apartment above, as if someone broke a glass of something. Out of your mind, you grabbed your shoes and your bag before going out, leaning over the balcony. Just when you were about grab a cigarette in your bag, you saw something fall from the balcony above you. Frowning, you leaned over the railing to take a look and you saw someone. A guy, most likely about your age, maybe a bit older. He was shirtless and every one of his breath drew small clouds of steam in the air, but when you looked at his face he seemed pissed, just like you. You stayed still for a couple of seconds, evaluating the situation before shrugging. You had nothing to lose.

Grabbing your stuff, you climbed the stairs leading to the fourth floor and walked towards the mysterious guy. It was only when you were a few steps away from him that you realized you had no idea what to say, but it turned out you didn’t need to.

“What are you doing here?” The boy asked, not even looking at her. His eyes looked straight in front of him, at nothing in particular. He then reached for the back pocket of his jeans and took out a cigarette. It reminded you of why you came out in the first place. You mimicked his gesture and grabbed a cigarette too, offering him your lighter when he was struggling to lit his own. Deciding that you wouldn’t be shy tonight, you chose attack as the best defense.

“I could ask you the same question, aren’t you freezing?” You questioned, sucking at your cigarette and inhaling the smoke. He seemed surprised by your change of behavior, since you looked slightly shy when you approached him. Eventually he looked at you and offered you a crooked smile. That’s when you saw that he was hurt. He had a cut near his left collarbone and his sides were covered in bruises.

“Nah, actually my blood is boiling,” he stated, a bit more friendly.

“Went into a fight?” You cocked your brow, making a little head move towards his abdomen.

“You should see the other guy,” he bragged a little, the smile on his face growing as he said that. “So, why’d you come here?” He asked again, but politely this time.

“Just moved in. Right under your flat,” you answered and tapped your cigarette to get rid of the ashes. “What ‘bout you?”

“My girlfriend doesn’t want me to smoke inside,” he said in a husky voice, making a clicking sound in the inside of his cheek when he said 'girlfriend’. Well, that explains the broken glass, they must have been arguing. Once again, his eyes drifted off into the pitch black night. That’s when you recalled you didn’t even know what time it was. Probably past midnight, though.

“That sucks, but at least you have a charming neighbor to make conversation, right?” You teased him, feeling yourself being filled with contentment when a smirk spread his face.

“I’m Thomas,” the boy faced you and offered you his hand to shake, his cigarette tucked between his thin lips.

“Y/N,” you answered, accepting his hand and smiling.

“So, does your boyfriend know you’re chattin’ up handsome strangers who were kicked out by their psychorigid girlfriend?” Thomas asked playfully, making you blush slightly, causing you to look away, faking to be captivated by a cat crossing the road.

“No, actually I just don’t like to smoke alone,” you shrugged, voluntarily skipping the boyfriend subject just to tease him. He seemed to notice your little game though and a mischievous smirk appeared once again on his face. It was only when he looked away that you allowed yourself to look at him. Although his bruises looked quite bad, they didn’t seem to bother him, nor did the cold October night. His wore a thin gold chain around his neck – looked like something he got from his girlfriend, boys don’t just buy jewelry on their own. He was pretty tall – but you weren’t really a reference since you were quite small – and his chest was toned. The lanky boy only wore blue jeans and sneakers yet he seemed like a fish to water here, leaned over a dangerously rusty looking railing, in the urban slums of London.

“Tell me about you,” he suddenly blurted out. “Why did you come here?”

A smile crept onto your face and you threw your cigarette away.


One Month Later…

You finished cleaning up your flat and slouched down onto your bed – which was also your sofa, because in one month and two weeks you still didn’t find the time or the money to buy one of each. What you found the time to do though, was to decorate a bit, just enough to turn this depressing place which smelled like cologne and cigarette – and obviously not because of you – into a cozy apartment which you hoped, didn’t look like an old alcoholic lived in there.

The other thing that changed since you moved in is that now, you had a friend. And you like to think that you found a good one. Thomas was a good guy, even though he tried to act like a badass, with his never-fading cuts and bruises, his cigarettes, leather jackets and his motorbike. Which actually, you liked a lot. The night you met, you started to talk about stuff, making small conversation before it turned into a long, deep, open-heart conversation about life. You didn’t have a car, but you had a motorbike too, when you told him that his face lit up and you two began talking enthusiastically about motorbikes for a solid half hour. Then, the conversation topic switched to music and then cinema, and so on, until the sun showed up. Dawn. You had talked with a stranger – not so foreign anymore – until dawn and you haven’t seen time pass.

After that, you made the unspoken promise to not let this chance of making a friend slip away. Whether it was you or him, you somehow always ended up having a talking session a few times a week, until it eventually became a routine.

The only thing you didn’t know about him after one month of conversation, was basically everything that revolved around his girlfriend. He didn’t talk much about her, he just mentioned her every now and then when it became late, or when he was late to your 'meetings’. “My girlfriend is probably wondering where I’ve been, I should go.” “Sorry I’m late, I was with my girlfriend.” Stuff like that.

But you didn’t mind, they obviously weren’t in the best terms. You kept hearing stuff getting broken and sometimes, a girl’s voice yelled for a couple of minutes before silence fell over the place again. You even thought – just for a second – that maybe Thomas could beat up his girlfriend. But then you shook the idea off. No way he would do that, he looked too sweet, and he wouldn’t just walk around with bruises all over himself if he had something like that to hide.

You checked your phone and hopped on your legs, getting rid of your sweatpants and quickly jumping in clean clothes to go to work. You had found a job as a waitress is a small Café – your only steady job. You were also giving reading lessons to children, you posed for the art department of the nearest University, you also took a few night jobs, when the bar around the corner needed an extra barmaid for special occasions – you did basically everything as long as it was well paid.

But your waitress job was the only one you kept. It was a half-time job though, you only worked the morning – yet it was by far the one you liked the most. The customers were usually nice and polite – not like the night club she works for a couple days before being thrown out for punching a client who had wandering hands – and you coworkers were friendly and they were obviously all young adults in need of a job and determinate to keep it. Plus, you get free coffee.

A bunch of coffees, teas, croissants and tips later, your shift was over and you grabbed your jacket and your bag before taking your motorbike and riding home. The ride home was only ten minutes long, but you liked to take a longer way, for the simple fun of riding and visiting new places of the city. You never went to the actual London, with Buckingham Palace, the London Bridge and Big Ben – even breathing in those places was too expensive for you.

Soon enough, you were on your way back to your tiny apartment, but just when you were about to take the street leading to your building, a car made you a fish tail, and if you hadn’t good reflexes, you would have ended up in the brick wall on your right. After getting your balance again, you continued until you reached your place and stopped, as well as the car and the bastard you almost got you into an accident.

“Hey!” You shouted, taking your helmet off and going off your engine. You called a second time, for the person didn’t seem to hear you. “Are you completely irresponsible?! You could’ve made me crash!” It was obviously a chick, she had long blond hair and she wore her handbag in her elbow. “Hey, are you listening?!” You shouted and she eventually stopped.

“What is your problem?” She cringed through her teeth as she turned around. She had a long face, and her eyebrows looked anything but natural, but she wasn’t too bad all together. Her light eyes were shooting lightnings.

My problem?” You squealed in disbelief. “You are my bloody problem, god damnit!” You were out of your mind by now, the bitch was acting stupid just to get on your nerves you knew it, but it still worked. Actually, if her goal was to make you mad, it worked wonders. “Where did you learn to drive? Or did you learn at all, because ti looks like you got your license in a cereal box!” You spitted.

“Excuse me? You’re the one who was driving so slowly in the middle of the road,” she huffed, refraining the urge to hair-flip you.

“I wasn’t in the middle of the road, and I was just respecting the speed limitation you brainless twat!” If it wasn’t so expensive, you would’ve thrown your helmet at her, but she wasn’t worth it. Steam was most likely coming out of your ears by now and both of you were shooting daggers at each other – if looks could kill…

“What’s happening there?” A voice interrupted you and both you and the girl turned your head towards the unfortunate person who was speaking.

“Thomas!” You and the reckless driver said at the same time. She frowned as she realized that you knew him and then turned to you, taking a few steps.

“How do you know that bitch?!” She asked angrily while pointing at me.

“How do you know that bitch?!” You repeated the question, but pointing at her and looking at Thomas who seemed about to pass out, he was as while as your sheets.

“I’m his fucking girlfriend, don’t you dare approach him!” She yelled at you, her face becoming redder by each passing second. Something about this whole situation made you want to laugh, but you considered it would be inappropriate.

“This is the brat who kicks you out at ungodly hours because she doesn’t want you to smoke inside?” You asked him, once again ignoring her which only caused her to get angrier.

“Don’t ignore me!” She shouted at you. “You better fuck off, got it?!”

“There’s no need to get excited girls!” Thomas tried to separate us. “No one’s hurt, okay? Y/N I’m sorry but you need to go now,” he looked at you, pleading you with his eyes. After a couple of seconds deciding whether or not you should break his girlfriend’s nose on the edge of the sidewalk, you finally took a step back.

“You, you shut up you idiot!” She then burst in anger, talking to Thomas. “So that’s where you’ve been when you left the flat? With that whore?”

“Don’t talk to him like that, it’s between you and me!” You grumbled between your closed teeth.

“Or what?!” She raised an eyebrow, daring you to answer. “You’re gonna send your boyfriend after me if I don’t shut up?” The condescension in her tone was the straw that broke the camel’s back. You close the space between the two of you and in that moment, even though she was taller than you, she looked the smallest.

“I don’t need no boyfriend to kick your ass, and if Thomas wasn’t my friend, it would already be done,” you stated threateningly. She swallowed hardly but backed off, letting you win this round.

When he was sure none of you were going to rip off the other’s head, Thomas took his girlfriend’s arm and led them to their apartment, while you stood here, in silence, swallowing back your pride.


Two hours.

That’s how long you’ve been sitting on your couch, turning the volume of the TV up and up, but failing to cover the loud shouts of Thomas’ girlfriend, the foot steps, the broken things probably being thrown all over the place. You felt the guilt knot your stomach, preventing you from eating anything, even just sitting there doing nothing was driving you crazy. It was your fault if they were quarreling. You fought the urge to run upstairs and see if everything’s fine, but you knew it wasn’t and you might just make things worse if you showed up at their place – for all you knew, his girlfriend didn’t know that you lived right under their apartment.

You didn’t even know her name, but now you knew something else.

Thomas didn’t beat up his girlfriend. She did.

It made perfect sense! The way he never really spoke about her, not even mentioning her name, how he deliberately obliterate the subject when you talked about his wounds. It took you so long to realize what was happening just beneath your eyes that you felt bad for not noticing before today!

For two hours now, you’ve been trying to decide what to do now that you knew the truth. Obviously it would be pointless to try and reason her, she was insane. You had to talk to Thomas. You will, as soon as you get the chance.

You grabbed you pillow and laid down on your bed, curling up and putting the pillow over your head, hoping to muffle the screams coming from above.


Your eyes shot open as a loud thud sounding like a door being shut forcefully woke you up. You didn’t realize you’ve fallen asleep and quickly checked your phone to see what time is it. When you saw that only an hour had passed you sighed of relief and quickly stood up, opening your door to see what was happening. All you managed to see was a blond head disappear in the stars and then, a car being started.

She left.

No even thinking twice, your run the stairs two steps at a time and to the door to Thomas’ apartment, which was ajar. You opened it, not knocking.

When you burst into the small room, Thomas jumped in surprise, almost looking scared. His eyes were flickering from you to the space behind you, and a few seconds later he seemed to calm down. He thought it was his girlfriend coming back. He was slouched on the couch, the small table in front of him covered in empty bottles of beer and cigarette butts – plus the one he had tucked between his lips. It was an understatement to say that he looked like a mess. He had a growing bruise on his right eye, a cut on his cheekbone and a few other wounds, all visible thanks to the fact that he was once again shirtless. Struggling to find the right words to say, you eventually noticed he was shivering so you closed the door and turned on the light.

“Where’s the first aid kit?” You asked, breaking the silence and causing Thomas to look up at you, his eyes looking a bit glassy and red.

“Bathroom. Left door of the rack,” he told you, barely making a full sentence. Within the following ten minutes, none of you spoke, you simply stitched him up, taking care of all the visible wounds, though you guessed it was only the visible part of the iceberg. When you were done, Thomas still sucked on his cigarette and looked anywhere but at you.

“Enough,” you stated, grabbing his cigarette from his shaking hand and lighting it down on the ashtray. This seemed to make him react and he titled his head towards you, his lips parted as if he was about to say something. But not a word crossed his mouth.

“You never got into a fight right?” You asked carefully, trying to find the good way to formulate it. He looked down and then shook his head.

“No,” he muttered in a low voice. The way he looked at you in that moment made you realize how much he must have suffered. All this time, he was being tough and keeping it a secret, and now you were here, facing him about a truth he was trying to forget, while he was completely exposed to your judgment. But you weren’t here to judge.

“How long?” The two of you used short sentences, as if too many words would break the moment.

Fumbling with his hands, Thomas’ gaze lingered over you before finally speaking.

“I don’t know,” he answered. “I can’t remember.”

And suddenly, before you even realized it, you cupped his cheek with you hand, bringing the other one around his shoulders and you pulled him into your lap. It was the first display of affection you had towards him, but it seemed to calm him down. You stayed like this, Thomas’ face buried in the crook of your neck as you held him tight, while he hugged you back.

“Pack your stuff and follow me,” you said when you parted a couple of minutes later.

“I can’t leave, she’ll come back-” he tried to protest but you shot him a severe glare.

“Thomas, I’m not letting you stay here. I get that you don’t want to go to the police, but you don’t have to deal with this any longer either. Come with me, you’ll be safe,” you wanted to get him away from this place as soon as possible. Everything here reminded you of her.

“I can’t-”

“Of course you can. This is your life,” you insisted. “Don’t let her do that to you.”

For a while, he didn’t say anything, but then he gulped down and stood up straight before heading to his room and gathering a few things, only what’s necessary. You helped him pack and then led him to your flat. He never went there, you always met outside.

“I’ll sleep on the couch, I won’t be a bother, promise,” he quickly said when you put his bag on the floor. You laughed.

“Actually, this is my bed.”


You didn’t comment on his puzzled expression when you began to change your couch into a bed and grabbed the blankets, folded next to the small table.

“I know it’s not much, but it’ll do it for now,” you decided, putting your hands on your hips as you made sure everything was there.

“You don’t have to do this you know? We’ve only known each other for a month…”

Before he could say one more word, you shot him a bright smile and offered him your hand to take.

“Can’t wait to change that,” you chuckled, managing to put a shy smile on his face. It didn’t feel like Thomas to be that shy, he was usually confident, even slightly cocky depending on the conversation topic, and sometimes flirtatious.

Thank god, it only took an hour for him to understand that you wouldn’t change your behavior after finding him in such a misery earlier today. The two of you were slouched in weird positions on your bed, watching TV and talking like nothing happened. Thomas grabbed your legs and put them across his own and he was now running his fingers along them, having you at his mercy for you were unbelievably ticklish – which he quickly noticed.

“Why did you do that?” He asked out of the blue. You turned you head to him, focusing on what he was saying rather than the TV and he gave you a serious look.

“Did what?”

“You came to make sure I was okay. You offered to let me stay here. You’re nice. You’re… you,” he shrugged, not sure how to phrase what he wanted to tell you. “You didn’t have to, and like I said… we barely know each other.”

“You can lie to yourself all you want but not to me. I know you. We’ve talked so much during the past month, I can hardly remember the last time I was that close to someone. And I have a soft spot for you, you’re an interesting person, and you’re passionate about what you like. You seemed to be a good person, and you most definitely didn’t deserve to be treated like-”

He cut you off by kissing you lightly, his lips barely touching yours. It was only a soft brush, to see if you were okay with this, and to be honest you didn’t mind at all. You kissed him back to his relief and you soon felt yourself getting lost his the embrace, as your hands made their way to his neck while his own were wrapped around your waist.

It’s only when he let go that you realized your need for air.

“Thank you Y/N,” he breathed out, his warm brown eyes still dived into yours.

“Not a problem,” you managed to say, blushing a bit.

“This is far from being over though.”

“What do you mean?” You frowned, understanding that he was not speaking about your kiss.

“She’ll be back in the morning and it won’t take long before she finds us. And if she doesn’t she’ll steam off on my motorbike – or yours.” Thomas groaned, running his fingers through his dirty blond hair. “I’m so sorry for dragging you into my problems.”

“C'mon!” You rolled your eyes. “You think I need you to get into trouble? I do that just fine on my own.”

It caused a smirk to appear on his face and his mood lightened.

“We can just leave,” you shrugged. A long silence followed as Thomas stared at you in shock.

“And go where?”

“Well, I don’t know. Any special place you’ve ever wanted to see?” You asked him.

“You’re not serious,” he smiled as if you had just tricked him.

“Deadly serious. I’ve been here for a month, I have no strings on me, leaving this place would be easy,” you tried to explain. After all, he was the only person you actually learned to know and care about in this city. If he came with you, nothing would prevent you from leaving.

“But where would we go?” He asked once again, obviously not familiar with this kind of spontaneity.

“We can just move to another part of the city if you want. Or travel north, maybe to Cambridge, or Leeds. Or we can jump in a boat and go to the States. I mean, why not?”

Somehow what you just said was completely logical and really simple, but he seemed to have difficulties to process it. As if the very idea of having a grasp on his life was unbelievable. You knew just well how scary it could be, and it took you a good twenty years to realize how silly it was to be born, to live and to die in the same place when the world was so vast.

“Okay.” Was all he said, his eyes suddenly shining with a fierce will to change things.

“Okay?” You repeated to make sure he wouldn’t change his mind.

“Let’s do it, let’s leave,” he smiled even wider, as though the very awareness of his freedom was intoxicating. “Let’s take our bikes and ride into the sunset or whatever.” You laughed at the image he choose.

“First, we have to sleep. You need rest, you look like death,” you teased him.

“Well thanks,” he groaned, already ticklish the living daylight out of you. Nothing better than a good laugh and a little hope to get rid of dark thoughts.

When you finally gave in and asked for mercy, Thomas ended your punishment and leaned down, stealing another light kiss from you, and smiling.

Imagine: Jared getting jealous when you go out on dates.

You’re his daughter and have been seeing the same boy for a while. Jared can tell that you like him and is not at all ready for his little girl to grow up. He get’s jealous that you would rather go out and spend time with your boyfriend than him. When you come home he begs you to sit in the studio with him and listen to all the stuff he wrote while you were out.

When you yawn from being exhausted after the excitement of the date he offers to make you your uncle Shannon’s new coffee. When you say you can’t keep your eyes open and you have to go to bed he gives you puppy dog eyes and asks you just to stay for the special song he wrote you. While he’s playing you rest your head on his shoulder and fall asleep. When it’s over he carries you princess style to your bedroom and tucks you in like he used to do when you were little.

Jared Leto Fic: Wrong Day

Synopsis: You’re his daughter and you come home after a horrible day. Today of all days he decides to do a video vyrt chat that you come home right in the middle of. He can see that you’re upset about something so he tries to cheer you up.


You wiped the tears streaming down your cheek away with the sleeve of your dad’s flannel, you held it up to your nose to smell his scent. Thankful that you wore something that could comfort you during the hard day. You threw your book bag around your shoulder and and jumped out of the car. You practically ran into the house just wanting to jump into your fathers arms and forget about all the stress of school and life. 

You searched his room, the kitchen, the living room but he was no where to be found. You closed your eyes and sighed, he must be working again, You thought to yourself. Suddenly you felt even worse. You admired how much effort he put into the band, but sometimes you felt like it came before you. Any other day would be fine but you really needed him now. You headed towards the studio room and saw the cameras rolling and him sitting there chatting with his fans. You knew it wasn’t there fault, but you couldn’t hep but hate them in that moment for taking him away from you.

Jared saw his daughter walk in and his face immediately lit up, he forgot he was even on camera he was so happy. 

“Hey baby!” he said with glee and the chat went wild. The people were sending in hundreds of messages a minute Jared couldn’t keep up. They were asking about the echelon princess, wanting her to make an appearance. The nickname usually flattered you but today it added fuel to the fire inside you.

You didn’t respond to your father, your sadness and stress from the day turned into anger and you were about to take it out on your dad. You dropped your book bag on the floor and plopped down on the couch opposite from his behind the camera. Jared could tell something was wrong.

“She says hi everyone.” he said to the chat to calm the fans down. Jared didn’t like letting the chat know that you were around but he slipped up from his excitement. He just thought it was better to keep a certain amount of space between you and them so you wouldn’t get bombarded.

It frustrated you how he continued to chat to the fans, you thought you were making it clear you were upset and needed him, but you didn’t want to act selfish and take him away from his work. You knew his mind had to work, it was just something inside him. Jared wanted to throw the laptop and flip off the camera, he wanted to take you in his arms and make you feel better. But he didn’t want to embarrass you and have an abrupt stop to the chat and give people something to gossip about. Even though it was killing him to see you upset, he knew it would be worse to invite people into thinking there was something wrong as soon as they knew you were there. 

Jared tried to make funny faces and crack jokes for his little girl, but nothing was getting you to crack a smile. He was reading the compliments people were giving you in the chat out loud and and blowing you kisses off screen. As much as you appreciated it, you couldn’t help the way you felt. Jared’s heart felt like it sank into his stomach watching you unhappy.

Finally it was just too much for you to sit there and it was too much for him to watch you. At the same time you both reacted from your gut. You shot up and headed upstairs and he quickly said thank you to everyone before following you. You rushed into his room and cuddled under the blankets on the bed you used to climb into when you were a little girl after a nightmare. Jared knew exactly where you headed and found you not long after. 

“Baby I’m sorry I didn’t end that sooner, I thought you’d prefer me just to finish instead of making a scene.” he said, defeat in his voice. He wasn’t sure if he did the right thing or not. He was always so worried about doing the wrong thing, especially by you.

“I just needed you right then and there.” You blurted out to him and as the words left your mouth you regretted them. You felt guilty for expecting him to do something. “I’m sorry I know I’m being selfish.”

“Oh no no baby, don’t say that.” He said sitting down on the bed. He ran his hand over the covers to the top pulling them down to reveal your head. “You’re not selfish for wanting your dad. I know I work a lot but..”

“Too much.” you corrected him, this time you didn’t feel guilty saying that. 

Jared took a moment and sighed before agreeing, “too much.” he said. He leaned down and kissed your head and began stroking your hair to make you feel better. “I’ll work on not working too much how about that?” you giggled at his words and the tension in his body soothed when he heard it. “And you tell me what’s wrong.”

No mater how mad you got at your father, no matter how much you guys disagreed, and no matter how frustrated your day made you eventually you always gave into him. You couldn’t stay mad at him for being clueless as to what you wanted him to do. He always tried and he always had honest intentions. Most importantly, he was the only one who understood and you needed him. 

You threw the covers off and sat up next to him. He wrapped his arms around you pulled you into him. Before you could rest your head on his chest he cupped your face in his hands and wipes your tears away with his thumbs before giving your nose a small kiss. 

“All right kid tell me what’s up. Dog ate your homework? Do I gotta beat up a boy? You a drug dealer?” he teased you already making you feel better before you got the problem out.

“Not exactly, sure you wanna hear me complain?” you teased back

“Of course baby, hey maybe I’ll get a song out of it.”

You both leaned back and snuggled into each other before you opened up your heart to him, something he cherished more than anything in the world.