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Basic Zodiac Killer Facts

Most notorious cold case


Taunted police from 1969-1974

First Attack

December 20, 1968

David Faraday (17) and Betty Lou Jensen (16)

Shot to death

Lake Herman Road, Outskirts of Vallejo, California

No motive was found

Second Attack

July 5, 1969

Darlene Ferrin (22) and Mike Mageau (19)

Shot Ferrin killing her and wounding Mageau

Same Vallejo location

Mageau gave a description but little progress was made


August 1, 1969

3 individual letters we sent:     

San Francisco Examiner

San Francisco Chronicle

Vallejo Times-Herald

Letters began: “Dear Editor: I am the killer of the 2 teenagers last Christmas at Lake Herman     

Letter threatened to kill more if weren’t printed on the first page of all three newspapers

Each contained a symbol consisting of a circle with a cross through it    

Contained one of a three part cipher that claimed to contain the killer’s identity

Another letter several days later  

Sent to San Francisco Examiner

Began: “This is the Zodiac speaking…”

Letter contained taunts toward the police for not  cracking his code or catching him   

Cracking Code

Donald Harden (High School Teacher)

Bettye Harden (Wife & Mother)       

Began: “I like killing people because it is so much fun”


September 27, 1969

Cecelia Shepard (22) and Bryan Hartnell (20)

Tied them up and stabbed

Both in critical condition when found but Shepard dies of wounds later

Lake Berryessa in Napa County

Killer dressed in hood and shirt displaying the circle-cross symbol

Killer left a message on car door

Fourth Kill

   October 11, 1969

Taxi Driver Paul Stine (29)

Shot to death

San Francisco Presidio Heights

Killing did not fit the killer’s pattern   

October 14, 1969, letter sent to San Francisco Chronicle

Stated he killed Paul Stine

Contained a bloody scrap of Stine’s shirt

End of letter stated his intentions to murder a school bus full of kids

Extra Facts

Descriptions made by witnesses at Paul murder gave police ability to create a sketch

1974 letters abruptly stopped

At least linked to 5 other murders

Major suspect was Richard Gaikowski but was never proven


Splash Mountain Night Shot 8_29_2017 by Dominick Tabon

The Killers This or That Asks (not your usual questions)

1. Brandon speaking french or spanish?
2. Archie or Dave’s cats?
3. Mark with short or long hair?
4. Regardless of who’s wearing them, Divorced Fathers and Sons All Stars or Je Suis Américaine sweater?
5. Enterlude or Questions with the Captain?
6. Intro of Sam’s Town or intro of Battle Born?
7. Some Girls or Coke shirt?
8. Brandon with eyeliner or with his nails done?
9. Dave with his hair straightened or Mark with curls?
10. Los Dientes del Perro or The Genius Sex Poets?
11. Drunk Dave or Hyperventilating Brandon (laughing so hard with a phone)?
12. Mr. Brightside or Miss Atomic Bomb?
13. Brandon lecturing about Vegas or about plants?
14. Brandon throwing his YSL jacket or his keyboard?
15. VINCE or blue with white stars shirt?
16. Gold or blue bowtie?
17. Ronnie with or without beard and mustache? 18. It sucks to be poor or dad cap?
19. Wembley song or Can’t Hell Falling in Love with You cover?
20. Their tour bus or their plane?
21. Brandon with Morrissey or Brandon with Bono?
22. If you caught one: Dave’s pick or Ronnie’s drumstick?
23. Pissed-Off Brandon or Smiling Mark?
24. Dave playing piano or Ronnie playing guitar? 25. Dave playing Jenga or Brandon legolanding?
26. Sam’s Town 10 or Royal Albert Hall?
27. Big Talk or Mark on solo?
28. Bad Moon Rising or Don’t Look Back in Anger cover?
29. Shot at the Night or Just Another Girl?
30. “I got soul but I’m not a soldier” or “Are we human or are we dancer?”

31 Days of Halloween Challenge

Originally posted by horrorandhalloween

So last year I had 7 Days of Halloween & for Christmas I had 25 Days of Holiday Tales. I love having holiday stories so I was debating what I wanted to do for Halloween this year. I thought that 31 Days of Halloween would be fun, but there was no way I’d be able to do that many alone, so I figured we should be it a team effort.

So this is how the challenge will work.

Every day in October will have a theme, it might be a movie, activity, etc. You’ll choose your theme & post on that date. I’ll be reblogging the fic from that day multiple times, it’ll go on a masterlist for the challenge, & we can have tons of Halloween fics.

Wanna join?

This is what you gotta do.

1) Pick a theme you want, BUT REMEMBER that the theme correlates to a due date. Fics cannot be late in order for this to work so if you don’t think you have the time for an early October due date, pick one that’s later in the month.

2) Send me an ask with your choice & send a backup just in case. If you have a theme that isn’t listen on here send me a message & I can take one off & add yours on.

3) Also let me know the pairing & as usual with me it’s no romantic pairings

    -Siblings (EX: Winchester!Sister, Cas x Sister!Reader, Jared x Sister!Reader)

    -Parents (EX: Winchester!Daughter, Jensen x Daughter!Reader)

    -Friends (EX: Kevin x Friend!Reader, Winchesters x Friend!Reader)

4) I’ll respond letting you know what you have & add it to this list.

5) For any reason if you think your fic is gonna be late PLEASE let me know so that I can write a fic to ensure that whatever date you have will be filled with a fic. I really want this to be 31 days of stories.

6) The story must be a standalone fic, AKA it can’t be part of a series.

7) On your due date post the fic & tag me in it. I will ‘note’ the fic, that’s your way of knowing that I’ve seen it, then it will be scheduled to be reblogged on my blog multiple times depending on what time you post it. The earlier in the day you post it, the more it will be reblogged.

8) It’s meant to be fun so don’t stress yourself out, if you can’t post on that day just let me know so I can plan accordingly.

9) Write your fics angsty, fluffy, whatever you want it to be.

10) If you have any questions, concerns, whatever, just send me a message or an ask.

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Richonne One Shots Chapter 29: School Daze 2, a Walking Dead FanFiction
Part 2! Carl and Dre play video games. Rick and Michonne get to know one another... A continuation of a reader prompt by courtgirl26

Originally posted by girl-ninja

“So your dad, what’s he like?”

Dre kept his voice light, his eyes on the screen in front of them. Carl was a formidable opponent at video games. They were stationed on the couch, a bowl of tortilla chips between them, button mashing away.

“He’s cool, for a dad, you know?” Carl shoved a handful of snacks into his mouth.

“But what’s he like?” Dre prodded. “Is he chill? Does he have a temper? Is he strict?”

Carl paused, thinking. “He’s pretty strict, but he’s chill too. Like, I didn’t get in trouble for punching that kid. But other stuff sets him off. Like if I’m moody or slam a door or something.”

Dre successfully managed to kill Carl’s character. Carl groaned while Dre smirked.

“So he’s a nice guy?” Dre continued, selecting another character from the menu.

“Yeah,” Carl shrugged. “I’m probably going to end up just like him. It probably won’t be so bad.” He reached for his sweet tea on the coffee table in front of them. “What’s your mom like?”

“She’s tough,” Dre answered almost without thinking. “My dad died but she just kept us going. Didn’t skip work, didn’t pull me out of school, didn’t spend all day crying. She just kept on going.”

“She didn’t cry?” Carl stopped to look at him, his blue eyes wrinkling as he processed this.

“She cried,” Dre would never forget the sound. “Just when she thought I couldn’t hear her.”

Carl nodded sagely. “My dad used to do that. It was like a year or two before he stopped.”

All at once the two boys couldn’t seem to look at each other.

“My mom likes your dad,” Dre said, restarting the game.

“My dad likes your mom,” Carl laughed.

“Maybe we’ll be brothers,” Dre had toyed with the idea all week.

Carl grinned. “That’d be cool.”

“Yeah it would,” Dre winced as Carl’s character kicked him off the platform.


Rick found himself transfixed by Michonne’s lips, watching the shapes they made as she spoke. He knew he was liable to look like an idiot, but he couldn’t stop himself.

“Sorry about that,” Michonne ended her call, grinning apologetically at him. “Work won’t quit sometimes.”

Rick nodded, familiar with the feeling, tearing himself away from his musings about her mouth. “Law and order don’t sleep,” he smiled.

“No they don’t,” she sighed lightly. She adjusted the coat around her dress, a clingy black number that did very little to ease Rick’s libido. “Do you work long hours?”

“I do,” after Lori had died, he’d thrown himself into it, desperate for the distraction. The only way to sleep had been to work himself into utter exhaustion.

Michonne glanced sideways at him, looking at him in that way he realized was uniquely her own, like she was seeing straight through him into his thoughts. “How long has it been?”

“Carl was 8,” Rick knew what she was asking. “He’s 12 now. So four years.”

“Dre was 6,” she answered his question without prompting. “I can’t believe he’s in middle school already.”

“Time flies,” his chest felt suddenly heavy, the way it always did when Lori came up.

“They say it heals,” Michonne smiled wryly, her eyes flickering to the floor.

Rick reached for her on instinct, laying his hand on the small of her back, directing her towards the restaurant he’d picked.

“I think it does,” his eyes centered in on her face again. He could spend hours staring at it if she’d let him. Wide round eyes rimmed in thick dark lashes, full lips, and an elegant nose, she didn’t paint her face in a lot of makeup and she didn’t need it. Her skin seemed to glow under the streetlights.

“Maybe it does,” she agreed, those eyes turning to his, her heart-shaped lips quirking up.

“Good food helps,” Rick paused at the restaurant doors, reluctantly moving his hand from her back to hold the door open for her. She swept past him, a thank you falling from her mouth. Rick was treated to the sight of her shrugging out of her coat.

“Good tastes,” she complimented, turning to him. Rick kept his eyes on her face and off her cleavage with difficulty.

“I hoped you liked it,” he reached for her again as the host led them to their table. “You seem like a hard lady to impress.”

“Maybe,” she smiled coyly at him, taking her seat. “You did a pretty good job of it in that office.” Rick flushed under her praise and the way she was looking at him.

“Just trying to keep up,” he deflected.

“So modest,” she continued her appraisal of him as the menus arrived. Her long hair shadowed her face as she studied the selection. Rick took a moment to calm himself down. He hadn’t felt nervous like this in years.

The arrival of wine and appetizers helped considerably, loosening his lips. Michonne was good company, talkative and intelligent. Dessert rolled out and Rick found an odd sense of disappointment creep in.

“Try this,” she brandished her fork at him, a healthy helping of chocolate cake on the end.

“You’re going to force feed me cake?” he joked, taking the opportunity to move his chair closer to hers.

“You’ll thank me for it,” she assured him, “It’s my favorite.”

Rick opened his mouth willingly, conscious of the way her eyes never left his. The cake was rich, and he let out a throaty sound of pleasure.

“You’re right,” he licked his lips, noticing the way Michonne’s gaze moved to them immediately.

“Told you so,” she moved to fork a piece into her own mouth. It never made it.

Rick leaned forward, driven by some uncontrollable urge. She met him halfway. At once, he was drunk on the taste of her, instantly addicted.

“I thought I was going to have to kiss you,” she teased, a grin splitting her face. “You know, since I had to ask you out.”

Rick flushed, “Come out with me tomorrow,” he asked without hesitation. “There’s a concert. I have tickets.” They’d been a gift from his partner, along with the instructions to take a woman with him. He’d debated going all week. Now he had found the reason.

“It would be my pleasure,” her smile baited him and he kissed her again, reaching for her hand this time.

“I promise you, the pleasure is all mine,” he dropped a kiss on her palm. She flushed, looking pleased.

“Think the boys can handle another night without us?” she asked.

“They’ll be fine.”


“Do you hear that?” Dre sat up from his place on the couch. Carl was asleep on the other side, the controller still on his chest.

“What?” Carl sat up blearily, blinking.

“I think they’re back,” a car was rolling up the driveway.

“It’s 1 in the morning,” Carl looked at his phone in shock, then Dre.

They held eye contact for a moment before bolting up in unison, rushing for the window. Rick’s truck came to a halt just through the window. The boys watched as Rick exited first, coming around to help Dre’s mom out of the other side.

“What do you think they were doing?” Dre asked, watching his mother beam at Carl’s dad.

“I don’t know. I don’t think I want to know,” Carl’s eyes flicked to Dre. Both boys looked at one another, horror written on their faces.

“That’s really gross,” Dre recoiled from the window.

“Maybe not. Maybe they just talked,” Carl attempted to recover the situation, glancing again out of the blinds. “Oh crap, they’re kissing out there.”

He rejoined Dre on the couch. “I think we are going to be brothers,” Dre said.

“Good thing we really like each other,” Carl restarted their video game as the front door opened.

“Were you boys good?” Michonne’s voice rang through the foyer just a moment before she appeared in the living room, Rick behind her.

“Yup. Were you?” Carl didn’t miss a beat. Dre couldn’t hold in his laugh.

“What are you talking about?” Rick attempted to recover.

“Mom’s lipstick looks good on you, Sheriff Grimes,” Dre couldn’t resist the urge to tease him, delighting in Carl’s guffaw and Rick’s blush.

“Bedtime, now,” his mom’s tone left no room for argument. Still snickering, both boys complied.

“See you soon,” Carl called to him, following his dad out of the house.

“See you soon,” Dre pretended not to see him mom making goo-goo eyes at Carl’s dad. “When’s your next date?” he asked his mother as she locked up, delighting in her smile.

“Tomorrow,” she turned to him, still grinning.

“Good,” Dre nodded before hugging her tightly. “I like him.”

“Me too,” she whispered, kissing him on the head.

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also 29 with originalshipping

“Oh, remember when you used to wear that all the time? Good times.”

The look on Red’s face was innocent enough, but Green was more than familiar with his tone of voice when they were teasing each other.

“Yeah, yeah. Give it here.”

He made a swipe for the little white pack, but Red was a fraction of a second too fast for him. In a moment it was in his boyfriend’s hands and he was turning it over with a smug little smile.

“Who in their right mind wears a fanny pack, anyway?”

“You’re just jealous that I can make it work and you can’t!” Green scoffed. He grabbed for it again, but Red held it just out of reach, a little giggle bubbling past his lips.

“Make it work? Please. It was probably making your pants sag. Hey, that’s why you always had one hand on your hip, wasn’t it? To keep your pants up!”

Green rolled his eyes.

“It’s called a belt, genius. I know my ass is skinny as a post, but belts still work.”

That had Red cracking up, and finally Green was able to steal the pack away.

“Besides, if you want to talk about fashion disasters, let’s talk about you and your jacket!”

“What’s wrong with my jacket?” Red protested.

“Oh where do I begin, Mister Freeze-My-Ass-Off-Wearing-Short-Sleeves-On-A-Damn-Mountain?”


Human Traffic (1/?)

From beginning to end,

This is a list of chapters for “i will make you queen of everything you see,” put into chronological order for anyone who is interested in reading it that way. I’ve finally fixed this. I’ve brought it completely up to date and made sure they’re all in the proper order—especially snap shots that place within the same year. All interludeschapters containing multiple years—will be in their own list.

snap shots.

// snap shot 54 // snap shot 02. // snap shot 27. // snap shot 05. // snap shot 03. // snap shot 04. // snap shot 64. // snap shot 01. // snap shot 19. // snap shot 63. // snap shot 33. // snap shot 48. // snap shot 37. // snap shot 62. // snap shot 52. // snap shot 65. // snap shot 07. // snap shot 09. // snap shot 22. // snap shot 58. // snap shot 75. // snap shot 06. // snap shot 12. // snap shot 41. // snap shot 46. // snap shot 08. // snap shot 32. // snap shot 23. // snap shot 55. //  snap shot 25. // snap shot 77. // snap shot 17. // snap shot 45. // snap shot 40. // snap shot 11. // snap shot 14. // snap shot 18. // snap shot 69. // snap shot 35. // snap shot 30. // snap shot 15. // snap shot 42. // snap shot 16. // snap shot 29. // snap shot 21. // snap shot 36. // snap shot 24. // snap shot 73. // snap shot 31. // snap shot 44. // snap shot 59. // snap shot 28. // snap shot 47. // snap shot 34. // snap shot 39. // snap shot 43. // snap shot 56. // snap shot 78. // snap shot 49. // snap shot 74. // snap shot 70. // snap shot 66. // snap shot 50. // snap shot 51. // snap shot 53. // snap shot 57. // snap shot 60. // snap shot 76. // snap shot 67. // snap shot 71. //


// snap shot 10. // snap shot 13. // snap shot 20. // snap shot 26. // snap shot 38. //  snap shot 61. // snap shot 68. // snap shot 72. //

updated to snap shot 78.

fan mixes. // “i will make you queen of everything you see,”. // “untuck your thumbs,” // “finally,” | a queen of everything playlist. //


Day 7 of 24 Days of One Shots 🎄

#29 Brooklyn Beckham – Christmas With The Beckham’s

You and Brooklyn have been a couple for over half a year now and you already know his family and you love them just like they love you. Last time you were over at there house, Victoria invited you to join them on Christmas. You asked your parents for permission and they said it’s okay as long as you get home for christmas dinner. Days before, Brooklyn told you all the plans that Victoria made for the lunch with you. You got super excited and just couldn’t wait.

When the day came and Brooklyn let you in, you see that the whole house is beautifully decorated and that Victoria has put a lot of effort in it. Brooklyn and you are wearing matching red christmas sweaters. He kisses before he leads you into the living room where Romeo and Cruz are playing with Harper. They all wear christmas sweaters, that just look perfect. It’s like you’re in a classic christmas movie.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Brooklyn younger brothers yell at the same time and run over to you. They hug you tightly as Victoria and David come into the room. You hug each of them and then pick up Harper and give her a cuddle.

“Are you hungry?” Victoria asks and you nod. “Perfect.” She smiles and walks off to the dining room. You all follow her and then take a seat at the table. The lunch that she has prepared not only smells good but also looks great.

“Lets hope it takes as good as it looks.” David teases his wife and then we start eating. Everything is perfect and goes smooth, as you eat, talk and laugh. Afterwards, you and Brooklyn go up to his room. Brooklyn doesn’t let go of your hand and even when you sit down on his bed, he doesn’t let go. He stands himself between your legs as you look up at him. He’s smirking and slowly bends down to kiss you.

“One day we’ll have to invite them to our house.” He mumbles before kissing you.

“You said that?” You laugh and as he smirks at you.

“I do, future Mrs. Beckham aka my future wife.” He smiles and kisses you once again.