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46 Facts About Aileen Wuornos

Considering Aileen died at the age of 46, here are 46 facts about her & the life she lived. 

1. Aileen was born in Rochester, Michigan, on February 29, 1956.

2. Her father, Leo Pittman, was incarcerated at the time of her birth. He hanged himself in prison in 1969. 

3. She had a brother, Keith, who died in 1976 & left her $10,000 from his life insurance. 

4. Diane Wuornos abandoned both of her children, Aileen & Keith, when they were just toddlers. She left them with their severely abusive grandparents, who soon adopted them. 

5. Aileen was sexually abused by her grandfather from a very young age; Lauri Wuornos would force her to strip naked before beating her. 

6. She did not discover that her grandparents were not her actual parents until the age of 12; the discovery made her distraught. 

7. Before she was even a teenager, Aileen started to participate in sexual acts at school in return for food, drugs, and cigarettes. 

8. She engaged in sexual activities with her brother during their childhood.

9. When Aileen was 14, she became pregnant as the result of rape by a friend of her grandfather’s. 

10. Aileen gave birth to a baby boy at a home for unwed mothers in March of 1971 (the baby was immediately placed for adoption). 

11. She dropped out of school shortly after childbirth. 

12. Not long after Aileen dropped out of school, her grandmother died of liver failure, leaving her & Keith alone with their abusive grandfather. 

13. At the age of 15, she was thrown out of the house by her grandfather, Lauri. 

14. To support herself after being thrown out, Aileen became a prostitute. 

15. For many years she lived in the woods near her old home, sheltering in makeshift forts. 

16. Aileen was arrested for the first time in March 1974 for DUI, disorderly conduct, & firing a .22 caliber pistol from a moving vehicle in Colorado. 

17. In the year of 1976, she hitchhiked down to Florida. 

18. Aileen married 69-year-old Lewis Fell in 1976; their marriage was later annulled after she hit Fell with his own cane. 

19. During & after the marriage with Fell, Aileen was arrested multiple times for assault due to altercations with locals at bars. 

20. On June 2, 1986, she was detained & questioned after a male companion accused her of pulling a gun on him in his vehicle, demanding $200. 

21. Before the murders, Aileen had been arrested a total of 7 times; she had also been detained twice for questioning, was once suspected of firearm theft, & had even received a restraining order from her own husband at the time, Lewis Fell. 

22. She met her future partner, Tyria Moore, at a gay club in Daytona in June of 1986. 

23. Eventually Aileen & Tyria moved in together, being financially supported by Aileen’s prostitution earnings. 

24. On the fourth of July in 1987, Aileen & Tyria were detained for questioning about an incident that involved assault & battery with a beer bottle. 

25. Aileen shot & killed 7 men in total. 

26. The body of one of her victims, Peter Siems, was never found.  

27. Aileen murdered all of her victims with a .22 caliber revolver. 

28. On January 9, 1991, Aileen was arrested for the murders. 

29. Tyria Moore drew a confession from Aileen during a phone call in exchange for immunity from prosecution. 

30. Aileen was arrested on an outstanding warrant at the Last Resort bar in Port Orange, Florida on January 9, 1991. 

40. For her crimes Aileen ultimately received 6 death sentences. 

41. She was executed in the Florida State Prison on October 9, 2002 by lethal injection. 

42. Aileen’s body was cremated; her ashes were given to a childhood friend named Dawn Botkins, who spread them beneath a tree in Michigan. 

43. Aileen declined a traditional last meal (anything she desired under $20) and instead requested a cup of coffee. 

44. Her last words were, “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the rock, and I’ll be back Independence Day, with Jesus June 6. Like the movie, big mothership and all, I’ll be back.” 

45. Aileen requested that the song “Carnival” by Natalie Merchant be played at her funeral.  

46. Up until her execution, Aileen proclaimed her love for Tyria Moore. 

Sexy Santa

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Sexy Santa
Day Three
25 Days of Christmas
Rated: Mature

Welp, it finally happened.

This was how you were going to die.

Suddenly every single horror movie you’d ever saw came back to haunt you. Were you supposed to investigate that loud sounds coming from your living room and possibly die, or were you supposed to stay in your bedroom without a weapon and wait for death to find you? Hmmm well if you took your chances with the living room you might be able to find a weapon of some sort, or at least make it to your front door.

You looked around your room, and sighed heavily. There was not a damn thing that was useful in here. Noted, you just moved in and a significant amount of your things were still in boxes. You were hoping that you at least had a box cutter with you. So much for that. 

You could hear the commotion in the living room; A combination of jingles, and grunting. Who the hell broke into your house? The world’s loudest thief? Weren’t the supposed to at least be stealthy? Grabbing a lamp off your end table you slowly made your way into the hallway.

Each step was almost louder than the other and you could feel your heart pumping out of your chest. You can do this! You tried to give yourself a pep talk. If you see him just swing on him. 

As you reached your living room you loaded up your swing seeing the burglar near your Christmas tree. Was he taking things out of his bag? He seemed to of noticed your presence and turned around to meet your stare, yelling as you screamed and dropped your lamp. “JAY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?”

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DISCLAIMER: for the love of god, don’t use alcohol with a high concentration if you’re doing this. Literally do. beer shots if you have to. I don’t wanna have any of you sent to the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

Well, folks. This is it. The end of Fairy Tail as we know it. The fandom will live on but the series is coming to a close. As a fandom we’ve endured some…wild shit together, be it plot based wild shit or fandom based wild shit, and now is a time to (mostly) put aside our differences and celebrate Fairy Tail as we know it. And what better way to celebrate with a good old drinking game? (A bingo version of this will be available shortly as well!)

1) Please be of legal drinking age in your country to play this with alcohol. You’re welcome to do this with juice or water if you’re underage or uncomfortable with drinking! Or, if you want to wait for the bingo game, that’s an option as well! (Honestly I would say if you’re not an experienced drinker then don’t use alcohol period).
3) If you take a shot of alcohol, your next two shots must be of water before you return to alcohol. This is to ensure that you don’t get alcohol poisoning, and that you stay appropriately hydrated.
4) Only one chug (a chug is defined for this game as a mouthful) for the chapter if you’re drinking high alcohol level drinks (or at all tbh) and no more than three shots per page.
5) Once you’ve chugged ANYTHING, no more alcohol period.
6) This game is designed to cater to everyone in the fandom: those happy with the ending, those unhappy with the ending, and those who don’t give a damn. There’s a wide variety of options here!
7) Honestly now that I think about it, maybe y'all shouldn’t use alcohol period, this list is extensive as fuck. Play at your own risk.

Without further ado, the drinking game @rhosinthorn and I designed!

1) Just to get us pleasantly buzzed: one shot for every one of the Big 4 to go officially canon, two shots if there’s a kiss.
3) If a crackship goes canon then make yourself a cocktail (if you do this, no more drinking).
4) Timeskip + small children for the big four = entire glass of straight vodka (or just a shot).
5) If Jerza is still dancing around each other, take a shot.
6) If a minor ship gets together that we predicted (i.e. ElfEver), half a shot.
7) ¼ a shot for every gloating/whining post in the tags.
8) 5 shots for every ‘don’t be mad at Mashima’ post (…this breaks the no more than three shots per page rule, so for one this one you are to ABSOLUTELY ONLY USE WATER)
9) Three shots for Team Natsu wrecking something. Or their progeny.
10) One shot for every edit of the exact same panel (Eien’s rec: don’t do this one with alcohol, trust me. Please use water.)
11) Chug it if the chapter is entirely full of parallels to other big moments in the series (here’s looking at you, ch 1)
12) One shot for every speech bubble a nakama speech takes up.
13) Two shots if there’s a time skip and Makarov shows up.
14) If the ghosts of Zeref and Mavis show up, chug. Chug hard.
14.b) If ghosts show up at all, chug.
15) One shot for every time someone does Laxus’s hand thing.
16) If Jellal is still technically a criminal, take a shot.
17) If Mest is shafted to the side, shot.
18) If Lucy is returning from a journey where she found Aquarius’s key, shot.
19) Keg stand if Lucy leaves a la Natsu (i.e., just take a shot).
20) Shot if Happy slips in a fat joke.
21) One shot for every item of clothing lost (Eien’s rec: …this is gonna happen a lot, I feel…water only.)
22) Three shots if Gruvia has kids that have a stripping problem.
23) If either of the Gajevy twins says gihihi take a shot.
24) If Lucy’s nickname is still bunny girl, take a shot.
25) If the bunny suit comes up take two shots.
26) If Gajeel still can’t sing, take a shot.
27) If ElfEver is still denying they’re attracted to each other, take a shot. Take another if they’re married.
28) If Miraxus goes canon, then chug. If Fraxus goes canon, then chug.



if you’re following clues, planning heists or pining from planets away, everybody needs a soundtrack. 

the incredible defective detective: a mix for juno steel. rough streets, hardboiled convictions and the smell of blood on the first four knuckles

a knight in stolen armor: a mix for peter nureyev. fake names, quick fingers and the kinds of secrets you guard with your heart

Dan Insta Jams

I thought I’d put together a masterpost of Dan jamming out to songs other than his own, or ones he was\is working on. Because that seems like the sort of thing I would do.

1. All I Need Is A Miracle by Mike & The Mechanics

2. Africa by Toto

3. Dinosaur by Kesha

4. Rock of Ages by Def Leppard

5. The Architect by Haken

6. M.A.S.K. intro theme

7. Instant Crush by Daft Punk

8. Love Bites by Def Leppard

9. Apocryphon by The Sword

10. The Veil of Isis by The Sword

11. Nights on Broadway by The Bee Gees

12. Out of the Black by Royal Blood

13. I Want To Know by Living Color

14. Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

15. Women by Def Leppard

16. Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche

17. Don’t Lose My Number by Phil Collins

18. Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne

19. Photograph by Def Leppard

20. Don’t You Want Me by Inhuman League (more accurately, the remix by Svantana)

21. Footloose by Kenny Loggins

22. New Lands by Justice

23. Bad Habit by The Offspring

24. Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money

25. Shot At the Night by The Killers



Making a debut at the 2017 SHOT Show, the KSG-25 is a longer 30″ barreled, higher capacity version of the original KSG-12. Although it loses it’s compact size, you have almost double the capacity. Kel-Tec states that it can hold 20+1 3″ shells, 24+1 2.75″ shells or 40+1 1.5″ shells. If you want to really max out the amount of shells, you can load 50+1 of the Aguila mini-shells. MSRP is supposedly around $1,400~. (GRH)

highfunctioningsassiopath  asked:

Memo to "you're ignoring the First Amendment" anon: the First Amendment protects US citizens from the GOVERNMENT censoring free speech by citizens. Even then, there are some exceptions. Hate speech can be censored by the governmemt because it poses an immediate threat to people of a certain group. The First Amendment does NOT limit a private citizen from acting to limit another citizen's speech. Fucking educate yourself on the law if you're going to use it as an excuse for your bigotry.

Thanks for reminding us about that!  Like we said previously, there’s an important distinction between advocating for the government to silence people (denial of free speech) and attempting to deny fascists’ access to public platforms like mass media, lecture halls, or public spaces.  Anti-fascists are not commonly found to be calling for state censorship, but they are found to call for institutions that control platforms to use those platforms responsibly and not hand them over to people that advocate for apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.  Having free speech rights does not entitle fascists to spew their bile without consequence or to expect others to provide them with a platform to disseminate their filth from.

These fucking “muh free speech” warriors didn’t give a shit when a neo-nazi leader & others physically assaulted a black woman exercising her free speech rights at a Trump rally this past spring.  Or when it happened again this past October.   Or when a fascist waked into a mosque in Québec City in January and shot 25 people as they were praying, killing six of them?  Or this week when a bookstore was forced to cancel a book launch by a trans comic artist because of the deluge of violent threats both they and the artist received.  The only time they care about “muh free speech” is when fuckwads like them get pushback for advocating for racist genocide.  


Shortlane Scavenger 9mm Luger 12 Gauge Shotgun Adapter Review,

Now that I have a 12 gauge break action double barrel shotgun, one thing I’ve always wanted to try are those bizarre chamber adapters. Ever wonder if there was a way to fire 9mm out of a 12 gauge shotgun? Well thanks to Shortlane there is. Chamber adapters are fairly simple tools, basically a metal cylinder with a hole bored in the center to accommodate the cartridge. The adapter is inserted into the chamber of the shotgun, and the cartridge inserted into the adapter. Note that they cannot be used in pump or semi auto shotguns, only break actions.

They type I am firing is the Shortlane Scavenger series in 9mm Luger. It’s the simplest model which is smoothbore and 3 inches long. They also make the “Bug Out” series which is rifled and 3 inches long, the “Zombie Series” which is rifled and 5 inches long, and finally the “Pathfinder” series which is rifled and 8 inches long. They come in common pistol calibers such as .22 long rifle, 9mm luger, .380 ACP, .40 SW,.45 ACP, .45 Long Colt,.357 magnum, and .38 special. Rifled models also feature rubber O rings to make the inserts fit more snugly in the chamber. Another company called MCA sports makes rifled inserts that are 10 inches and 18 inches long, with more exotic pistol calibers, and three rifle calibers; .30-40 krag, .30-30, and 7.62x39.

Now I’m under no delusion that I’m going to get great performance out of these. Basically using these chamber inserts is like firing a smoothbore snubby revolver with a loose barrel. The bullet will not spin, definitely something that will ruin accuracy. It’s fired from only a 3 inch barrel which will decrease velocity greatly, and the insert probably vibrates with each shot. Also, my shotgun is meant for wingshooting, meaning the front sight (bead) is made for aerial targets, and thus shoots high when firing at ground targets. 

So is the Shortland adapter in 9mm as crappy as I thought it would be? Well, I’m proud to say that I can easily achieve MOA accuracy, if MOA was measured at five feet. Yeah, these things suck. I was firing American Eagle brand 9mm Luger FMJ with 115 grain bullets. Note that these inserts are not made to safely fire +P ammunition.  After doing some “sighting in” I determined that I needed to hold low, right at the bottom the target, and to the right, down at the right had corner. I first shot open handed at 25 yards, firing 12 rounds. The instruction manual says to expect practical accuracy at 10 yards, but I decided to push it a bit. 

At this range where the bullet will hit is near unpredictable.   I can hold in the same place, but sometimes it will fly high, fly low, and when it does hit the target it’s not anywhere near the bullseye. After firing at 25 yards, I moved up half distance to around 12 yards. At 12 yards I got much better results without missing the target and getting something close to a predictable group. Notice how the bullet holes look mangled rather than being clean round bullet holes. That’s because without rifling the bullet isn’t spinning, and it quickly loses flight stability and begins tumbling.

Here are my results, the left target at 25 yards and right at 10 yards.

So yeah, these things really aren’t good for much of anything. If you have a 12 gauge shotgun, and some assorted ammo you want to make go bang, these inserts will do.  I guess if you only had a shotgun and only a box of 9mm, you could use it for hunting if you were starving and desperate. I wouldn’t hunt with it under normal circumstances, but if I was starving and had no other options, it would be a practical tool, though far from ideal. One advantage is that it does add more versatility to a shotgun. I could see people in the Great Depression appreciating these inserts, despite their limitations. Back in the days of my Great Grandfather, all the family could afford was a 12 gauge double barrel, which was used not only to feed the family with small game and birds, but also large game when loaded with slugs, and pressed into service scaring away Ku Klux Klan thugs whenever they decided it was “harass Italian Catholic Immigrant” day.

Finally I must state that the Scavenger series I used is the simplest and crudest model offered. They retail for $24.99 a piece. The longer rifled models are  more expensive but probably much more effective.  I’m going to purchase the 5 inch rifled model and test it to see how much better they perform. If I find they are practical I might get other calibers, and perhaps one of the 8 inch rifled models. While the scavenger might suck, I’ve seen youtube videos were shooters have gotten some pretty impressive accuracy out of the 5 and 8 inch rifled models. If they are practical, I might also considering getting 10 inch inserts from MCA sports in a rifle caliber cartridge, either .30-30 or 7.62x39 (which actually have similar ballistics).  We shall see.

Full body or bust shot colored (clean) sketch.

$25~35  for 1 character normally ( depends on details )

   + $10  for every additional character

   + $5~$15  for background

$20 for icon commission

Things I’ll do : Fanarts, your ocs (make sure to send the resume of OC to me)
Things I won’t do : NSFW, complex machinery, gore, comic/manga (I’ll do illust only)
Payment : Paypal only


If you are interested, please e-mail me at :

No need to e-mail me to ask if you can have a commission first.
Just send your Paypal Email, references and any description to me!


Status : OPEN!


* All payments go through Paypal and rates go by $USD.

* Payment is non-refundable after I’ve started working on your commission.

* I want you to be happy with your commission, but if you’re not satisfied with it, I will not re-draw it. You can request small changes though!

Thank you for checking out the post!

Christmas Miracle

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Christmas Miracle
Day Two
25 Days of Christmas

“I’m so sorry jagi…” Jaewon groaned on the other end of the phone.

“It’s ok” you laughed, while scurrying around the house looking for your earring. “I was pretty sure you’d be too busy anyway.”

“Don’t say it like that, that makes it seem like you’re expecting me to flake out on you.” At first he just thought he was running late, but there’d be no time for him to finish up his lessons and make it to the party in time. The last thing he wanted was for you to be waiting around for him all night. It was Christmas eve, you deserved to have some fun.

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Am I that easy to forget?

A/N: As I type this note I literally have no idea what I’m gonna write. Cool story right? Okay I think I got this. It’s an AU. Dean is in college, Sam is a senior in high school, reader is a sophomore. Part 1 because I gotta go to bed & don’t have time to finish it…..sorry. I also completely forgot to tag. I’ll do it tomorrow in a reblog. This is just a hot mess 😂

25 Days of Holiday Tales Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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Dean had mixed emotions about being back home in Lawrence. He hadn’t been home since he went back to school at the University of Pennsylvania in August. He had told his family it was because he wanted to save them the money for a plane ticket since he knew he’d have to go home for Christmas. In reality all he wanted to do was stay at school with his new girlfriend, Steph, and work ahead in some of his classes. He was a senior at U Penn and was finishing up the rigorous criminal justice program they had.

As the years went by he came home less and less; he even spent the last two summers in Pennsylvania, only coming home once for a family vacation. It surprised him how okay he was with being gone, but he called his parents three times a week and text you and Sam constantly, so he figured it was okay.

“Home sweet home.” John said as he put the impala into park in the driveway. Dean grabbed his bag from the trunk as John unlocked the front door to the house. “We’re home!” He shouted from the entryway.

Mary emerged from the kitchen first, the family dog Bear was bounding behind her, wiping her hands on the apron she was wearing. “Dean!” She said excitedly, “Oh baby boy how are you?” She asked as she pulled him into a hug.

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He was shot down on August 25, 1940. Wiggins, his wingman, saw him bail into the Channel. It was a Sunday. Molly remembered because she came back from church with Mary and Rosie, and there was John with Mycroft. She remembered the look on John’s face; the apprehension, the guilt, like he had some part in it; how she tried to retreat before he even got a word out. Because she knew. Two days later anti-aircraft gunners at St Margaret’s Bay spotted the Spitfire wreckage. No body was found. That gave Molly hope. That, and the vow Sherlock had made to return.

Christmas Strife

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Christmas Strife
Day Twenty-Three
25 Days of Christmas
Rated: Mature

You were supposed to be enjoying your Christmas vacation.

It wasn’t often that you got time away from work, to spend with your boyfriend. However being stuck on a fourteen hour flight with the one person you weren’t talking to was hell. The two of you made the mistake of getting into a bad argument last week. You don’t even remember what triggered it, but it was one of those pent up arguments that were a long time in the making. The ones that started off with a ‘I only asked you to do one thing’ that quickly spiraled in the ‘I can’t even talk to you right now’.

There was lots of shouting, door slamming and the night ended with Sunghwa leaving and crashing at Jay’s.

Normally you’d both cool off similarly. You needed your space, tensions would fall, and then you’d be back to normal. Something about this fight was off. It didn’t de-escalate like the others and you’d barely spoken a word to him. He’d even started sleeping in the guest room.

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