Tea Party

Summary: In which Bucky’s exhaustion isn’t enough to keep him from a tea party.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,156

Edited by: @avengerstories aka My Queen

A/N: Shoutout to @imaginingbucky for making me aware of this picture’s existence and everyone else at Avengers Trash Tower™ for being the loveliest ladies I know. 

“Hello beautiful,” Bucky greets, dropping his bag on the floor and wrapping his arms around your midsection.

You lean back and kiss his cheek before returning to the task at hand - making dinner. He growls the moment he loses your attention and leans against you, forcing you to support some of his weight. “What are you doing?”

"I’m tired,” he yawns.

You continue stirring the pot on the stove, lips curling upwards when Bucky rests his chin against your shoulder. “So go to bed.

He lazily bites the spot under your ear and you can feel his smirk against your neck when your eyes flutter shut. "I’m comfortable right here.”

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Mmmmm another cherryberry picture because… Why not? These two are adorable as shit. Who doesn’t like a lil sweet to their spice hm? Once again, I was experimenting with shading, trying to fins the right shading technique. I kinda like how this turned out tbh~ Hope you guys like it too!

I’m Not The Only One (Finn Balor)

Okay, the time has finally come! I finally finished!! I wrote some of this as I’ve been dealing with a broken heart myself so I would be lying if I said that I didn’t put a little bit of me (my heart) into some of this story.

I really hope you guys enjoy this!!

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader x Becky Lynch

Summary: You have been married to Finn for a while now. You find out that your husband has been seeing Becky Lynch behind your back. This is about how you and Becky handle your complicated relationship with Finn. (Based on the song by Sam Smith)

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You and me, we made a vow

For better or for worse

I can’t believe you let me down

But the proof’s in the way it hurts

You had been married to Finn Balor for the last 5 years. Finn is currently a WWE Superstar and lives on the road majority of the year. You’re an ER nurse so your job requires you to stay in one place. Finn’s been kind enough to bring you on the road with him when your job would permit it. You two enjoyed those times considering you only saw each other maybe 2 or 3 days a week in person.

Just last month, you had learned that Finn had been cheating on you. You were lying in bed while he was in the shower when you heard his phone jingle, signaling a text message: I miss you, babe. Can’t wait to see you again. And sent along with the text was a picture of the woman’s breasts.

The usual questions went through your mind: how could he do this to you? If he wasn’t happy, why didn’t he bother to say anything? Why did he feel the need to step out on you? You two had a very healthy and active sex life, is that not enough for him?

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PruCan Week

Day Two:

This is going to be similar to last year in that I am stringing the days together to make a longer love story that takes place over several years.  You have Em to thank for that.  And also for the tattoos.

So I suppose that these are dedicated to her.


“How was your exam today?”

Matthew looked wryly over his shoulder at him.

“Let’s just say that this hurts less.”

Gilbert snorted and focused on the tattoo unfolding under his hands.  

That single line from a year ago had become a brilliant array of stained glass pieces that crawled up his arm.  It was hard to see the pattern at first but the pieces started to come together into colourful birds on his upper arm before the stained glass exploded into feathers and more realistic birds as the tattoo looped around to his shoulder blade.

Gilbert was working on a dove at the moment.  

“That good, huh?”


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Just Ask Him Out!

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: “ Could you do a x reader with spider man where Peter asks the reader out exactly how the reader would want to be asked out. (You can make it how you would want to be asked if that’s easier to write)”

Warnings: None

A/N: So idk how I would want to be asked out (considering I’ve never been) so I kinda just wrote what I imagine Peter would do if he did, especially being in high school. I hope its okay :)

You sighed, letting the droning sound of your biology teacher’s voice fade into the background. Instead, you found all of your attention fixed on the cute boy sitting right in front of you. His name was Peter Parker- he had brown hair that was tousled and his shirt was rumpled, but god was he cute.

“Y/N…. Y/N!”

You jerked your head up at the sound of your name, swallowing nervously when you saw an annoyed teacher waiting impatiently at the front of the room, her arms crossed. Everyone in the room turned to stare at you. You stammered a couple words out, playing with the end of your pencil anxiously.

“Um, I-I don’t… I don’t know,” you whispered, sinking lower in your seat when your teacher gave you a disappointed look.

“Please pay attention,” she scolded. You felt your cheeks heat up from shame, muttering an apology. She turned to your crush, who answered whatever question she must’ve asked earlier. Your stomach flipped over when Peter turned to give you a small reassuring smile. One of his friends then poked him with a pencil, making him jump and almost fall out of his chair. You bit your lip, turning back to your notes bashfully.

As soon as the bell rang to signal the end of class, you gathered up your books and scampered out of the room. One of your friends came up to you at your locker, chirping out a hello.

“Hey, you ready for history?”

You shrugged, pulling your book out of your locker. “I guess.” You saw Peter laughing with his friends right down the hall, distracting you completely. He caught your gaze suddenly, his face turning red as he did.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N.” Your friend waved their hand in front of your face. “What’s up- oh.” They had turned around to see who you were looking at, giving you a knowing grin.

“Still have that crush on Peter?” they asked. You blushed, looking down at your books.

“Just ask him out already. The worst he can say is no.”

You sighed. “I don’t know. I’ve only talked to him a few times. We’ve only texted about homework, nothing else”

“Well, he’s walking over here now. It’s now or never.” Your friend patted your shoulder, walking towards the history room. You froze when you saw Peter walk up to your locker, free of his friends. He looked nervous- he was chewing his bottom lip, his hands fidgeting on his binders.

“Hey,” he said nervously. You stuttered out a greeting back, wincing when you almost slammed your hand in your locker door from nervousness.

“So, I was wondering… would you like to-”

You jumped when one of the passing kids slammed into Peter’s shoulder, spilling his books right onto your feet painfully.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” Peter kneeled down to pick up his books, you doing the same.

“It’s okay,” you said immediately, handing him his binder. Peter took it gratefully, running a hand through his hair.

“Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?”

“Yes!” You burst out, your eyes widening at the volume of your answer.

Peter smiled. “Cool, so… I’ll text you?”

“Sure, yeah,” you said quickly. Peter nodded. “Then I”ll see you later?”

“Yeah,” you repeated quietly, your heart slamming away in your chest. You blew out a slow breath. You were going out with Peter… you could hardly believe it. You turned to go to history class, your head feeling like it would float off your body.

You were going out with Peter.

#7- Romantic Evening (Dean x Donna)

Requested by @fashiondiva88 for my kink list.

Warning: sweet, fluffy smut

Word Count: 1900ish

A/N: This was sweeter than I intended, but that’s just the prompt, I guess. Hope y’all enjoy! Feedback appreciated!

It wasn’t Dean’s intention to invite Donna to a movie when he sat down in her office. He was there simply to wrap up loose ends and see if there was anything else she needed from him before he and Sam left town.

But the words had tumbled out of his mouth anyway.

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Just Pretend.

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Warnings: A cuss word maybe?

Requested: Yess! ) Prompts used: ‘Just pretend to be my date!’ ‘I could kiss you right now! ‘You look beauti-Nice.’ From {this} and {this} list.

A/n: This took way longer than expected, And i’m so sorry for that. I hope the wait was worth it!!

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You sat on top of the tallest building in queens, Dangling your legs off the edge. Your head leaned on Spider-Man’s shoulder, Or Peter. You never knew if it was cool to call him by his real name. You had been working together fighting crime in your hometown for more a month, And it had been amazing. You were the best fighting duo out there, And you worked perfectly together. After a night filled with action, It was a habit for you two to talk underneath the stars, And talk about random things. It was the best thing you could have wished for. You started to like him. As more than a friend. Which scared the hell out of you.

“Can i ask you something? A favor, Actually.” Peter nervously asks. He fiddled with his right glove.

“Yeah, Sure. Whatever you need.”

“I need you to pretend to be my date.” He said more than asked. You shot up, Almost falling off the tower from the speed of your movements. “What?!?”

“It’s not that big of a deal if you think about it.” He said, But it almost sounded like he was questioning himself.

“Yes it is! I haven’t even seen your face! And you haven’t seen mine! We’re basically strangers! Couldn’t you have gotten a friend?” You Hated the idea. You even disliked that you had feelings for him, But being his date for who knows how long? What if you caught more feelings!

“i… Don’t really have any friends to ask. Please? My aunt May really wants to meet my ‘Girlfriend’ And i don’t want to let her know i’m a huge loser!” He pleaded. You could hear the desperateness in his voice, Which unfortunately made you cave.

“Fine. I’ll just give you my number and you can tell me when i have to go through this hell.” You sighed. Already you knew it was going to be bad. You grabbed a stray pen on the roof floor, And gestured for you to let you write it on his hand. Scribbling your cell number across his wrist.

“Done!” You threw the pen back where you found it. Turning back to Peter, Who rushed to bear hug you.

“Thank you so much! I could just kiss you right now!” He nuzzled his head in your neck, Hugging you tightly. You were surprised from the sudden affection.

“Um… But you won’t, Cause we’re not a fake couple yet.” You pulled back from the mostly one sided hug. The air felt thick around you. It was almost like you rejected him. You let out a breathy laugh, Trying to make things less weird.

“Oh uh. Right. Sorry.” He coughed.

“No need to be.” You smiled from behind your mask. “I’m off, Spidey boy. I’ll see you later.” You waved at him, Turning around and stepping off the roof.

You knocked on the apartment door, smoothing out the lines in your dress. You rocked back and fourth on your feet, getting even more nervous by the second. The whole situation was crazy. Pretending to be someone’s girlfriend? Someone you had only known as a person you right crime with? Obviously you were out of your mind for saying yes.

The door opened to who you assumed to be his aunt. She was pretty young, which was unexpected. You honestly thought he’d be much much older.

“Oh hello! You must be Peters girlfriend. You know, he’s talked a lot about you.”

“And you must be aunt may. It’s a pleasure to meet you! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of things does he say?” You smiled softly at her, trying to make a good impression.

“Please, just call me may. And oh I can’t tell you all the things. But the most are about how much he misses you when you leave. Always saying Y/n this and that. It’s so adorable!”

“Oh really? Huh.” You didn’t even try to hide your shock. He was talking about you? And he missed you after the nights together?

“Aunt may! Don’t embarrass me in front of-oh wow.” Peter’s eyes widened, His mouth hanging open a bit, Trying to form words.

“Y-you’re stunning. I mean.. You’re really beauti-nice… You look nice.” Peter awkwardly said. He looked handsome, you couldn’t lie. By the sound of his voice you thought he might’ve been a little younger than you, but it seemed like you were the same age. You bit your lip to keep from blushing as much as he was. Not wanting to look extremely red.

“Thanks sweetie.” You cringed a bit at your words, you hated the whole nick name thing in relationships. Let along calling Peter that when you barely know him. But it made it look convincing.

“Oh you two are just so cute! I’ll get some snacks and we’ll talk more.” You shot a soft smile her way before she disappeared into the small kitchen. She was very sweet. Peter was a very lucky guy to have someone so caring.

“So uh. You have a nice place.” You turned to Peter, who was staring at you. He looked like he might faint. He blinked a few times before realizing you had been talking to him. “What?” He asked, causing you to giggle. Was he really that shocked to see you?

“I said, your place is nice. It’s very cozy.” It looked straight from the IKEA paper, but in a soft way. They really made such a crappy place look pretty good. “And the posters on your door are cool.” You nodded over to the Star Wars and Star Trek posters. They looked a bit old, with some of it being ripped on the edges. He must’ve been a fanboy for a long time.

“Oh.. Um, thank you.”  

“Okay! I’m here with cookies! Now tell me everything.” She sat down the tray of tea of other things on the very small coffee table, Sitting down on the chair across from a small couch.

“You’re going to have to be more pacific.” You joked, causing May to laugh.

“I like this one.” She winked at Peter, Giving him a thumbs up “Ohmygod.

“How did you two meet?” You looked over at Peter, who was struggling to find an answer. “Uh… At school.” He stuttered. You could clearly tell he was lying. But thank god May didn’t notice.

“Well I know that, but like, how?” After a few seconds of awkward silence, it was clear Peter couldn’t make up anything.

“We were teamed up on a project, and he was just so smart and funny that I just fell for him instantly.” You smiled, trying to look somewhat lovey. It wasn’t too far from the truth. You had liked him instantly. And he was the most cleaver geek you knew.

“Oh my that’s so cute!! You know, You two make such a great couple.” May. Clasped her hands together. She was smiling like a mad woman, which made you a bit scared. She liked you two together a little too much than a relative should.

“Really?” Peter asked, Obvious surprise in his voice.

“Yes! I can just tell that you two were meant to be. Now do i have to give you two the talk or are we fine?” You both blushed. Of course she had to make things awkward. You looked over at Peter, who looked like he might even get a bloody nose from the thought of it.

‘We are definitely fine mam!” You quickly replied. You were sure Peter was blushing even harder than you. Which you thought was impossible.

“Okay well i think Y/n and i are going to head off to my room. to Talk.” Peter grabbed your hand. You followed in his steps to his bedroom.

“Don’t take too long! I still have more questions!” She yelled after you.

“Well that was worse than i thought. I’m so sorry i dragged you into this.” He closed his bedroom door, apologizing to you profusely. His face a light pink from pure embarrassment.

“It’s fine. Seeing you as red as red velvet cake was cute. And so worth it.” You laughed. You sat on his bed, and he followed soon after.

“i-i wasn’t blushing!” You playfully nudged him. “Yeah you were! And you even are now.” You smiled. Peter didn’t reply, Which made you worry a bit.

“Do you think aunt May was right?” Peter asked, Nervously playing with the hem of his shirt. You noticed he always did something like that when he was about to say something possibly regrettable.

“About what?” You asked, Confusion in your voice.

“U-us being a cute couple.” Peter stuttered. doubt filling his voice.

“Are you hitting on me, Parker?” You smirked.

“I-uh.. Yes?”

“Then yeah, I think we’d make a pretty hot couple.” You winked. Leaning into his body, So you were almost straddling him.

“Can i kiss you?” He asked. And you swore his voice go a little higher. You traced his jawline, Tilting his head up so you could look into his eyes.

“i’d be disappointed if you didn’t.” You whispered. His lips quickly pressed against yours. It was soft, And a little sloppy, But it sent you over the moon. You could feel him smiling into the long kiss, Which made you bring him closer. His hands went to your hips, And your fingers ended up in his hair. You pulled away before anything more could happen.

“Am i dreaming?” Peter panted, A little out of breath from the make out.

“Funny, I was about to say that.” You pecked his lips, Only for a second this time. “We better get back before May thinks we’re doing anything crazy.” You stepped off the bed, Stretching out a bit.

“But i want to stay here.” Peter took your waist and pulled you in, Making you fall onto the bed with him.

“Fine. But don’t blame me when May forces us to listen about the birds and the bees.” You warned. Knowing that would be the thing to get him out of there.

“Good point.”

Words: 1,642. My longest fic!

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Satisfaction (Request)

First of all, this is up so late and I’m incredibly sorry. I can’t even blame it on Harry’s magazine covers because I stopped screaming over those a few hours ago. Work just suddenly exploded and I’ve tried to edit this four times and kept getting distracted.

But anyway, here it is! This is the sequel to “Distaste”, which a lot of you wanted to see.


After your encounter in the elevator, pretending to like each other became a lot easier. You still played up your relationship for the cameras, of course. You and Harry were still only friends and, even more so, you were still new at it. You made the effort to spend time together outside of your allotted public engagements, and that’s where your friendship really started to grow.  You kept things platonic, despite both of your attractions to each other and the fact that you had both enjoyed the sex immensely. You thought it was for the best as you were still getting to know each other and didn’t want to complicate matters anymore than you already had.

You decided to keep your elevator encounter a secret from management as well as your growing friendship. As far as they were concerned, you and Harry were still only doing this for business. The one thing that you had come to learn about the world of public relations was that they didn’t like when you changed things up. If they knew that you and Harry were becoming close, it may be cause for them to break off the arrangement and tell you that you couldn’t be friends anymore because it wouldn’t work with the image they had been trying to build.

Your growing feelings for Harry didn’t come as a surprise to you. You were obviously attracted to him and, now that you had both come to an understanding and apologized for acting the way you had, you actually got along really well. Harry had many more layers to him than you had initially anticipated and you found it easier to open up to him having discovered them. It was one of the easiest friendships you had ever grown in to and the physical attraction between you only heightened everything.

You weren’t entirely sure how Harry felt about you because, after you had agreed to keep things strictly platonic, the idea of a romantic relationship hadn’t been brought up. He treated you like a friend and that was okay with you. You enjoyed his friendship and keeping things simple really was the best idea for all parties involved.

But you just couldn’t shake the fact that you were starting to like him…a lot.

You started to notice things, too. Little things that may not have made a difference if you weren’t hyper-aware of everything with Harry.

When you were doing an appearance, his movements and mannerisms seemed a little less forced now. Granted, that could have been because you were actually friends now and didn’t have an immense dislike for each other but…friends didn’t kiss each other the way he kissed you.

He held it a little longer, caressed your face a little gentler, stared into your eyes a little more intensely.

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On the Mend

Dean x Reader

Summary: You meet Dean several years later after you left him.

Warnings: None, happy angst??

Part 1: Cold as Ice

Requested by a whole ton of people! I’m so glad you guys liked the first part and wanted more! I hope this second part does justice to the first one.

Originally posted by superuunatural


It blossomed in your chest years after you left him, never subsiding as the clock’s hands moved. 

They say pain gets better with time. It never did.

You never dated anyone else. Dean Winchester had ruined them for you.

But, you continued to hunt, unrestrained from Dean. You had nothing left- no family, no bunker, no Dean or Sam. If you were going down, you were going down shooting, not from a broken heart.

You were certain this was your life- living in grungy hotel rooms, surviving on burgers and beer, and living with a shattered heart- that is, until one fateful day.

Bobby had called you and requested urgent help at his place. Worried, you completely rushed to South Dakota, ignoring the speed limit signs. When you got there at around midnight, you burst in the door with a cocked shotgun and a knife in hand. The house was completely dark, barely illuminated by moonlight. You search around the house frantically, but alas, no sign of Bobby.

Suddenly, you run into another figure, one much larger than yours. It knocks your shotgun to the ground, and you blindly swing with your knife, earning a familiar grunt in pain. You’re suddenly thrown to the ground harshly and pinned, and you drop your knife in the process. 

The lights are turned on not a moment later, and you’re greeted with candy green eyes. Your heart burns and swells with nostalgia of the late nights you’d spend gazing into them. His scent is still the same- a mixture of leather and peppermint- and it almost suffocates you, filling every inch of your mind.

“Y/N?” His sweet, honeylike voice fills your ears, and you can’t help but remember the words he’d whisper to you, filled with love and admiration that seemed to fade as time passed.

His large body is immediately off of you, and he offers you a hand up. When your soft skin meets his calloused hands, your mind takes you back to the time when he’d hold your hand protectively, when his hands would spend hours memorizing your body.

You’re rendered speechless as you continue to stare at your previous lover. He seems lost for words too, his mouth slightly gaping as his tongue peeks out to wet his dry lips. 

Your thoughts are torn away as Sam’s familiar frame pulls you into his embrace, telling you how much he’s missed you. You agree, allowing yourself to relax in Sam’s friendly arms.

You three sit and talk about hunting and life for hours, but you notice Dean’s unusually quiet. His eyes show hidden pain, but you can see right through him, just like he could you.

Sam heads to sleep at around 4 in the morning, leaving you and Dean sitting by the fire you lit a couple hours ago. The warm crackle keeps you contempt as you relax for the first time in months.

Your eyes scan the familiar room. In fact, this is where you got to meet the infamous Dean Winchester. Your parents had been gone on a hunt when you were too young to join, leaving you with Bobby Singer. He was like a second father to you, and you loved spending time with him. Later, the door had opened, revealing a boy only a year or two older than you. He had no interest in you, not at the beginning anyway. As you kept seeing him over and over, he had developed a soft spot for you, and you became two unlikely friends, and later, lovers.

Your eyes suddenly catch a small box under the couch, right by where Dean had tackled you. Curiously, you sit up and pick it up. Dean’s eyes widen as he scrambles in his pockets. Before he can protest, you open the little blue box, the sight of his mother’s wedding ring making you gasp.

“Dean Winchester’s going to propose to someone? The world must be ending”, you tease, trying to push away the hurt that had surfaced yet again. If Dean was proposing to someone, she must be a pretty special person. You had dated Dean for years, and he never mentioned marriage or a family. You swallow down bile as you force a smile.

“Not anymore”, he replies flatly, taking the box from you gently and pulling the ring out, observing the stones surrounded in metal.

“Oh”, you whisper, wringing your hands nervously together. Tears are welling in your eyes now. 

“I was going to propose on Christmas”, he breaks the silence as he watches the snow fall gently outside. You had completely forgotten about the upcoming holiday due to hunting. “But I was an idiot and missed it.”

Painful memories of that night so long ago fills your head, and your violently try to erase them. “Y/N, I was going to marry you.”

His words throw you overboard, tears openly falling down your face as ugly sobs wrack your body. All that hidden pain stored away for what you thought was forever surfaces. “Dean…”, you choke out, unable to say anything else.

“Y/N, God, I was an idiot for letting you go. I was an idiot for taking this job more seriously than I took you. I was an idiot for not asking you sooner.” His own voice wavers with pain and sadness as his hands shake violently.

“But, I haven’t spent a single second not thinking of you. I spent countless nights drunk off my ass trying to call your number, but I was too afraid. I was a coward”, he takes a deep breath before collapsing to the floor on one knee. “Sweetheart, I know it’s going to take time to fix what was broken, but, God, I can’t spend another day wondering if you’re okay…if you still love me. I’d rather go back to hell than live without you another day. Please let me fix what we left behind, please, Y/N.”

Your chest tightens at his words, and you daringly break all the rules you had made the night you left Dean. You couldn’t live another minute without him. You wouldn’t suffer countless nights alone in your motel beds.

You nod frantically and chastely place a kiss on his lips, and you remember all the times his lips were on yours so long ago. But, you didn’t have to remember anymore. He was yours, and you were his, for all eternity.

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The Yule Ball- George Weasley

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader

Characters: George Weasley

Warnings: N/A

Request: hey can you write a george x reader one shot? in which they’re like best friends, but secretly in love with each other, so george asks the reader out for the yule ball and at the ball they admit their feelings and it’s all fluffy and cute?

Word Count: 689

Author: Charlotte

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