Little Love

Let Me Have Your Heart: One Shot Series #9


Mornings were never your favorite, but ever since you had been with Harry you learned to love them just a little bit more every single day. Waking up next to him in the morning was probably the best part of your day, especially when you were pregnant. Waking up the a large hand making its way around your belly and his soft voice whispering to Darcy in your belly. You would never forget this one morning, slowly being awoken to Harry softly humming a song with his lips against your stomach and Darcy having a full on dance recital in your belly. Those were the moments that always made you grin from ear to ear, and this morning was no different except you weren’t home…you were at the hospital. 

After a very long labor here you laid on your hospital bed, head turned to the side admiring Harry cradling Darcy close and softly talking to her as she stared intently up at him like he was her whole world, in which he was and you couldn’t help but smile. Harry looked up and smiled when he noticed you were awake. 

‘Oh good morning love’ he smiled, carefully getting out of his chair and pressing a kiss to your lips and then gently sat down in the sofa next to your bed. The sofa that he had learned to love over the past 24 hours where he sat on and comforted you in your most vulnerable state. ‘Sleep well?’ he questioned. You nodded with a soft smile and covered yourself more with the worn out blanket. ‘I don’t think I have been that comfortable in the past couple months’ you smiled and released a breath. 

‘Did a nurse come by yet?’ you asked. He nodded. ‘I ordered you breakfast. I got you some buttermilk waffles with a bowl of fruits and orange juice on the side, if that’s okay’ he smiled shyly. ‘That’s perfect baby, thank you’ you whispered. In that exact moment, there was a knock at the door and the nurse had walked in with a cart with a warm smile. ‘Looks like the new momma is awake’ you smiled. You let out a giggle and scooted yourself up with a whimper. Harry’s eyes went huge but you shook your head. ‘I’m okay’ you reassured. ‘Just a little sore’ you added. Harry let out a nod, still unsure but sat back admiring Darcy. 

‘That’s very normal. So much stress on your body for that long, some pain is acceptable. The midwife will write you up a prescription and you take those pills every 6-8 hours or so’ she smiled. You thanked her as she left. You pulled the cart closer to you and placed all the food infront of you and slowly began eating. ‘Did you sleep well?’ you asked. 

‘Well I mean duh, because this is one of the most comfortable sofas ever’ he smirked. You rolled your eyes and took a sip of your juice. ‘No but really, it was okay. I couldn’t sleep that much. I will admit, I probably left the room 3 times to go down the hall and see Darcy’ he sheepishly smiled. You giggled softly and nodded. 

‘You could have laid down with me’ you pouted. ‘Maybe I needed some snuggles with my sexy man’ you pouted. Harry let out a laugh as you joined. ‘At home baby, and I’ll give you the grandest of cuddles and snuggles’ he smirked. ‘Good, because I need some’ you smiled. ‘What time are we getting discharged from the hospital?’ you asked. ‘The nurse said around noon, and now it’s 10:30 so we got about an hour and a half. I know my mum is excited to see the little love’ Harry cooed down at Darcy.


‘Darling, are you okay in there?’ he asked through the bathroom door. ‘I’m okay’ you reassured. ‘Just trying to put on this…sweatshirt’ you groaned. 

Harry sighed, pulling open the door to see your struggling. He couldn’t help but let out a chuckle as you sighed and pouted. ‘It’s not funny’ you spoke up sadly. ‘I can’t put it on’ you pouted. He cleared his throat and nodded. ‘Right I’m sorry baby. Not funny at all’ he retored biting his lip. You rolled your eyes and slapped his bicep. ‘Can you just help me pull it on?’ you whined. He shook his head with a smirk and nodded helping you slip it on. 

You slipped on your flip flops that you had packed in your bag along with some shorts since it was pretty warm outside just windy. ‘Where’s Darcy?’ you questioned. ‘In the car seat’ he smiled, lacing his fingers with yours and pulling you close. You looked up at him, surprised at his gesture as he simply placed a kiss to your lips. 

You giggled against his lips and pulled away. ‘What was that for?’ you chuckled looking up at him. ‘Just to show you how much I love you…’ he whispered, wrapping his arms tightly around your neck and bringing you close. ‘I love you lots’ he whispered. ‘Thank you for giving me a little baby girl that I’ve always dreamed of’ he whispered against your hair. 

Your heart fluttered as you felt tears start to form in your eyes as you were pressed closely to him. ‘She’s beautiful…and she’s perfect and I couldn’t imagine having a family with anyone else. So thank you’ he finished. 

You whimpered against his chest and smiled. ‘I love you, you big sap’ you giggled wetly, wiping at your eyes and going up on your tippy toes to press a long, loving kiss to his lips. 

‘Did you sign all the discharging papers?’ you asked, bending down to grab your hospital bag. Harry nodded as he walked over and slung Darcy’s hospital bag over his shoulder. You turned around to see Harry with all his baby gear and you couldn’t help but laugh. ‘Something on my face?’ he questioned, touching his face. 

You giggled and shook your head. ‘Then what?’ he whined. ‘Nothing nothing’ you hummed. ‘You just look super sexy with your daddy gear’ you smirked.  He rolled his eyes, flipping his curls to be a bit more dramatic and you smiled. ‘Are you ready to bring our little lovie home?’ he smiled. 

You grinned and nodded, as you grabbed the blanket that your grandmother had knitted for Darcy months back when you found out you’d be having a little girl, and covered her with it. ‘Alright, let’s go’ Harry smiled. Harry took the carseat, carefully attaching it to the stroller that he had brought up to your room and readjusted her blanket. 

You made your way out of the hospital room, saying good bye to the nurses that have made your stay at the hospital 10 times more easier and less stressful. You said your goodbyes and made your way into the elevator. You let out a breath as you leaned against Harry’s shoulder. He smiled, pressing a kiss to your forehead and admiring Darcy in the car seat. ‘She has your ears’ Harry whispered. 

You furrowed your brows and looked up at him. ‘What?’ you giggled. ‘I said she has your ears. Your cute little ears’ he grinned. You looked down at Darcy and smiled at how Harry had already memorized every single bit of her. ‘I can’t wait to get home’ he whispered. ‘Same’ you smiled, as the elevator doors dinged. You made your way out the lobby and realized that you weren’t alone. There they were, men dressed in black with camera’s awaiting to be flashed. A woman from the front desk scurried over to the two of you and reassured you that security was being called down and that they would try their best to get them to go away. Harry thanked the woman profusely as she just gave a smile and walked away. 

You decided to sit on one of the sofa’s in the lobby to wait until it was time to leave. About 15 minutes later, security walked over to you, introducing themselves as you two carefully made your way out. There were about 5-10 girls, most likely fans trying to tell the paparazzi to watch what they were doing and not be so loud. ‘Excuse us mate’ Harry stated, wrapping an arm around your waist as he maneuvered the stroller with his other hand. ‘(Y/N) you look so beautiful!’ one girl whispered by your side. ‘I bet she’s beautiful’ she squealed. You smiled and tiredly thanked her. You made your way to the car as Harry carefully placed her in. He walked you to the other side, making sure you got in safely and thanked security quickly before getting into the front seat.


The ride to the house had been a nice and quiet one. Soft music lulling in the background to keep Darcy sleepy and content. All that was heard was her suckling on her pacifier. Harry pulled into the parking lot, and the both of you made your way out and to the front door. ‘Do you have the keys baby?’ you whispered, rubbing your tired eyes. He nodded, grabbing them out his pocket and handing them to you as you opened the door. Pushing it open you jumped when you heard a couple voices shout ‘Surprise!’ Your eyes widened as you noticed who had been standing there. It had been Harry’s parents and sister and your family, along with the boys, and one of yours and Harry’s closest friends, Ed. ‘Honey!’ you mom chirped as she scurried over to you and brought you into a tight hug. ‘Oh congrugalations my love’ she whispered into your hair. You thanked her quickly and pulled away. 

‘How did you guys get here?’ you asked shocked. ‘Ask your wonderful husband behind you. He bought us plane tickets and reserved us a room in a hotel’ she smiled. You turned around right as Harry put Darcy’s car seat down on the floor and everyone surrounded her so see the newest family member. ‘You did this?’ you whispered with a teary smile. Harry grinned and pulled you close to him. ‘I know how upset you were that your parents couldn’t be there in the delivery room so I rang up a couple places and brought them out here. You deserve it.’ He smiled. You whimpered happily as you pressed a kiss to his lips. ‘I love you so much’ you blubbered into his chest. A chuckle vibrated through his chest as he ran a hand up and down your back. ‘I love you too darling’ he smiled, before pressing a kiss to your forehead. ‘Can I hold her?’ your mum asked, in a hushed whisper. ‘Of course’ you smiled. 

She bent down, carefully unbuckling her out of her car seat and brought her into her arms. Darcy grumbled a bit but once comfortably held, she snuggled into her chest and was content. Everyone cooed and aw’ed at the sight and you couldn’t help but smile. ‘Mate, she’s beautiful’ Niall added. ‘Oh heck yah. She’s gunna be a heartbreaker’ Louis added with a smirk, while gently stroking her soft, light brown curls. ‘She’s going to be so loved’ Anne added. ‘She already is’ Gemma smiled. In that moment, you and Harry couldn’t be any happier.

Oh this gave me so many feels ^_^ I want to thank you guys for bearing with me for a while as i haven’t had that much time to update :( But i hope you guys enjoyed this one! If you have any requests send them to me right here and i’ll be sure to get back to you :)