Done trying[Shosh]

 Shay had had enough, she was a rotten egg,it was obvious she was by all her mistakes and it was obvious everyone else thought so. But not Josh. Josh made her happy,and Ash didn’t want him anymore,and she didnt want Shay either,so there was no point in staying away from him anymore, no point in denying herself time with the only one she felt like really cared about her at the moment,there was no poit in denying herself happyness because of someone elses feelings, Ash didn’t do it for Josh,why should she do it for Ash? Especially when Ash was so quick to throw her away just like she did with Josh,no Shay was done doing things for others that made her get the crappy end of the stick, right now she just wanted all her pain to go away and the only person she felt could do that,that was Josh.So after texting him,and getting the green light on coming over,she did exactly that,she went over to his place and let herself in since he was expecting her.”Josh? I’m here..where are you?”she called out for him,but quickly found him in the living room with Summer and smiled wide”Here you are,and here you are princess,I missed you,both of you”She said and walked on over,sitting down by them.

there’s this specific set of “tumblr lingo” that, when I hear it outside this shitty website, immediately fires off the kill bill sirens in my head telling me “THIS PERSON DOES NOT HAVE ANY ORIGINAL THOUGHTS OR SENSE OF HUMOR INSIDE THEIR HEAD!! ITS ALL REGURGITATED FROM TUMBLR!! EVACUATE THIS INTERACTION IMMEDIATELY!!”