so… you’re sick of tyler oakley being paraded around as the only representative of the queer youtube community. that’s okay, me too. there are other lgbt+ youtubers out there though, so i present to you, my little list of underrated gay youtubers! 

howdy guys! it’s mod shosh. i just wanted to say thank you to all of you guys who have sent nice messages or made nice comments here and there. it’s really great and we appreciate it a lot. the whole group of you are super sweet and amazing. 

i also just want to remind people that if they have issues with the roommate situation for any reason, please message us on aim about it (modshosh or modjessa) and we can try to work something out. we worked hard, especially jessa, to pair people up to the best of our knowledge. we stuck by all the ic/ooc information we received from you guys to make sure it wasn’t going to be too stressful of an experience. we really just want everyone to have a good time and sometimes that means changing things up and trying something a little new.

if you’re still feeling iffy about it, please just do me a favor and give it a chance. nothing has even started yet, so i think people are just getting worked up thinking of the worst case scenario. take this time to message your roommate. if things are awkward conversationally, it’s the perfect time to bring up the rooming situation sort of stuff. you can even talk ooc about plot ideas. like, you can let the person know what would really bother your character and try to plot out a future argument or if you don’t like that, talk to each other about what would make for the easiest roommate situation between your two characters. it is honestly all in your hands.

if it makes you feel any better, none of my characters are roomed with people they know well at all. it’s gonna be fun though! 

reserving inactive characters

here’s the thing. i don’t mind people reserving characters before we unfollow them. sometimes we can be slow or we might miss someone. we’re only human and we’re bound to mess up. if you see someone has been inactive for four days and it says that on their blog, feel free to send in a reserve to us. we’ll post an unfollow and your reserve the next time we’re on the mod blog. i don’t like this thing where people are sending in reserves at three days trying to get a jump on people. characters aren’t considered inactive here until they are at four days, so please wait until they haven’t posted for 96 hours before sending us a reserve.

because of this, i am deleting both reserves for tay that are in our inbox right now. it’s great you’re interested, but wait until the character is actually up for grabs. thanks.

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¡Ey! Woahh tus dibujos son simplemente *0* HER-MO-SHOSH n.n enserio, que lindo talento posees, siguelo cultivándolo que desde ya señorita te digo que serás una gran artista ^^ Me gustaría saber ¿cómo empezó todo? ¿Qué fue lo que te impulsó e inspiró?

Gracias xDD Am… no sé, solo me gusta dibujar y empecé a subir las cosas como para obligarme a tener constancia porque soy floja xD nada más

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17, 5'0, I love MCR and the jonas brothers and youtubers like joey and troye. I've got brown eyes and brown hair and I'm bengali :-). If you would get ur cute butt over here we could go to a concert or an amusement park and grab some coffee afterwards and chill together <33

Hey shosh ily ;w;

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There's a few people in your group that only post maybe once a week? I've been watching the group in hopes of joining here because i've heard nothing but good things, and the roles are always so close to being inactive. I hate to be /that/ person, but I was just wondering i'm sorry

We are going to start doing checks daily.  I apologize that Shosh has pretty much been manning this ship by herself the past week or two because some things are happening at my work and i have been going in early and working overtime pretty much every day - which leaves me exhausted.  But we will start checking every day for this.  I know that some sites have rolehogging rules so we will discuss maybe implementing that as well. if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. our aims are modshosh and modjessa. 


When taking a hiatus, ALL of your characters must be on hiatus.  If you are having a problem where you will be mobile for a period of time, you may not ask to put one character on hiatus and one not on hiatus.  You have 3 choices that you may do if this is the situation 1. Switch between your characters on mobile, 2. Put all your characters on hiatus, or 3. Drop someone.  

Shosh and I decided to make this rule because we don’t find it fair that someone is active on one character and not another.  It feels like role hogging to us and we are trying to cut back on that.  I understand switching on mobile is a pain, but I do it at work all the time from the mod blog to gossip to my characters.  If you want multiple accounts, you need to be able to handle them all and keep them active. If you can’t, then you need to consider if you really can handle multiple characters. 

All hiatuses that were granted for a hiatus on one character and not another prior to this update will still count and be valid through the end of your hiatus. 


Role Hogging will be determined in a few different ways, but mainly it will be up to a current or potential member to alert us if they suspect that it is going on since its a huge site to check everyone regularly.  We will check monthly on those we think may be role hogging and post a warning.  However, if you notice role hogging before our month check up, you can ask us to look into a character.  If we agree, the person will get a warning. 

Getting a warning will be exclusively measured by dash activity per character.  You can be active on one character and another could still receive a warning for role hogging. 

  Here are the ways you may receive one. 

  • No original content. If you have only reblogged gifs, pictures, quotes, etc for the past week with limited or no interaction with anyone.  Selfies and texts posts, even if there’s no comments, will count as original content. 
  • Posting only a few times every 4 days.  Basically if it looks like you are posting only to not go inactive every 4 days, we will count this.  
  • If you can go back a month of time within 2-3 pages of your tumblr. For endless scrolling, this means 20-30 posts back should not be from a month ago. 

If we determine you have been role hogging, you will lose your role after two warnings.  You will have a month after your warning to become more active before you can receive the second one. 

If you have anything to add or would like us to consider about changing the rule, please come to us on aim.  We took awhile to try to figure out fair ways to judge role hogging.  You, of course, can always tell us if you are going to be busy for a few weeks or certain month and we will not give you a role hogging warning.  We do know that sometimes real life makes you inactive and while you may not need a hiatus, you might not to be as active as you once were.  

We will ALWAYS modify rules and make compromises on activity IF you tell us about your activity BEFORE it happens.  We do not like being told you’re busy after the unfollow or warning has been issued. If we are told before, we will accommodate to your situation.