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Intrigued by the concept of cat cafés in Tokyo? Meow Parlour at 46 Hester Street, New York, New York, is a cat café a little closer to home. There, you can hang out with a cat, get a snack and access Wi-Fi. The café also offers “Yoga & Kitties” classes—which is just the kind of thing you didn’t know you needed.—Eleanor Laurence

Of AURORA’s beautiful, highly emotional “Life on Mars?” cover that closes “Queen for a Day,”  creator Lena Dunham had this to say:

“It’s so perfect for the world we’ve set up for Shoshanna, and it also feels like a perfect tribute to [David Bowie] to show the way his songs can transcend gender, time, place and be emotionally resonant when sung by a teenage girl about the experience of a twenty-something girl.”

We couldn’t agree more.—Diana Band

Shoshanna’s homecoming look is a custom job, so if you had your eye on that “Je Ne Sais Blah” top, sorry! It’s one of a kind. Girls Costume designer Jenn Rogien and her team created the custom graphic and had it embroidered just for Zosia.

As for Shosh’s glorious trinket-filled platforms, Rogien and her team embarked on a New York City-wide scavenger hunt to fill them. “We used a combination of sequins and fruit and dessert erasers,” Rogien reveals. “It was really fun!”

While cheery on the surface, the look has a dark side. “As saccharine and poppy as it is, this outfit’s a bit of a bummer,” Rogien says of the look’s wild contrast with JFK airport. “It offers a nice visual reflection on where Shoshanna is emotionally.” —Diana Band