Pass it to IZZY!

The last game of Rugby Union I watched was The Wallabies V The Lions at Mona Vale Pub with a mate of mine that was born and raised in South Africa. He’s a a massive Rugby fan and when it comes to watching Australia he’s as vocal as they come. Every time Australia got the ball he’d yell ‘GIVE IT TO IZZY’ loud enough for the entire pub to hear. It was epic. His enthusiasm for the game only overridden by his enthusiasm to see Israel Folau get the ball.

Today I had the opportunity to work with Israel as I was shooting the Fox Sports ARU Promo for the Spring Tour. He was relaxed and good humoured, and as easy to work with as anyone I have ever met. The concept required a blue screen so we shot at the Fox Sports studio and Israel took to it like a veteran. Taking direction with nothing to react to or feed off is difficult, and he nailed it. He was then nice enough to stand in without his Official Australian Representative gear for this snapshot.

My mate at Mona Vale Pub that night was yelling for a reason, Israel Folau is a hero and champion to many, and it’s easy to see why.

Cheers Izzy, thanks for the day.

(The promo was directed by Karlton Akari and will air on Fox Sports next week)