Pass it to IZZY!

The last game of Rugby Union I watched was The Wallabies V The Lions at Mona Vale Pub with a mate of mine that was born and raised in South Africa. He’s a a massive Rugby fan and when it comes to watching Australia he’s as vocal as they come. Every time Australia got the ball he’d yell ‘GIVE IT TO IZZY’ loud enough for the entire pub to hear. It was epic. His enthusiasm for the game only overridden by his enthusiasm to see Israel Folau get the ball.

Today I had the opportunity to work with Israel as I was shooting the Fox Sports ARU Promo for the Spring Tour. He was relaxed and good humoured, and as easy to work with as anyone I have ever met. The concept required a blue screen so we shot at the Fox Sports studio and Israel took to it like a veteran. Taking direction with nothing to react to or feed off is difficult, and he nailed it. He was then nice enough to stand in without his Official Australian Representative gear for this snapshot.

My mate at Mona Vale Pub that night was yelling for a reason, Israel Folau is a hero and champion to many, and it’s easy to see why.

Cheers Izzy, thanks for the day.

(The promo was directed by Karlton Akari and will air on Fox Sports next week)


MICK_ mon·o·chro·mat·ic

James Hoy, Before the light show.

I met James skating our local a few years back. He is a great skateboarder. Of late I have been extremely busy with all sorts of projects and have not had the time I would like at home or for the sports I love. Skating at the local bowl is one of my favourite past times, and its always good running into James. On this day James was keen to shoot a little spot that he had helped create. We drove down and picked off a few shots before the sun fell too low behind the horizon and we were enveloped in darkness. 

We returned to our home spot after that session for one more shot and then a little roll of my own. The last time we shot I put together a single line in the park in nine shots, and as with this day, he was on point with what we were there to achieve and nailed it easily. 

You can see JAMES HOY NINE SHOTS here.

Are All Fish This Big?

Watching Andrew Mooney at one of his local breaks today pulling into eight foot mutant waves, I couldn’t help but feel that there is an injustice being served by an industry on the brink of extinction. His raw talent was awarded sponsorship a few years back when he was picked up by Quiksilver. Kurt Jacobs, the then team manager, and I were having a meeting in his Sydney office and he showed me Moon’s reel. It was packed with crazy aerials, big and heavy tube riding, and peppered throughout with a bunch of skateboarding. You could tell from the tape that he was an all-round freak and had the makings of a free surfing super star. I agreed that not signing him would be a massive loss and we were shooting for Quik on the south coast of NSW within a few months.

Moon Dog flourished under his new backers and his diversity was rewarded. Over the course of the next few years he graced many pages and covers of major surfing publications the world over. His talent in all elements shining through. Then seemingly for no reason, he was gone. The backing from his major sponsor came to a halt, and his career, based on free surfing not contest results started to dwindle. Not because of a lack of talent, but for the lack of whatever was going on with the powers that be at his major sponsor.

Although Mooney is not alone in this scenario, it is disappointing to see that someone of Andrew’s talent and commitment can be overlooked by sponsors. He is working hard and and surfing great, and who knows, a couple of lucky breaks here and there he could be back on the bandwagon in no time.

Clouds in my head.

After a long night in the west and a very drowsy sleep on the flying tin can back home, my daughter and I braved the local shopping mall in an attempt to get something special for Mother’s day. It’s not the easiest thing buying gift’s. Especially when your that washed out and tired from a lack of sleep that you forget your wallet. We ended up getting it all sorted and heading home for another amazing sunset off the deck. Home made cards and breakfast in bed is in the books for the early hours of mothers day, followed by a family outing somewhere the kids can enjoy.

Home, the greatest place on earth.

Wigs don’t wear wigs…

Andy Wigan works in the same offices where my dingy little studio is situated. He is Managing Editor of what is to become Australia’s premier motocross magazine, Transmoto. We have been working together a little lately as my new film company was involved in a project that Transmoto had collaborated on with JDR Motorsports. The project spanned a few different mediums and has just recently run it’s course with the latest instalment of the magazine.

I met Andy whilst he was working at Emap or Mason Stewart Publishing, one of the two, some 18 years ago. I had always wanted to get involved in shooting more bike action as it seemed like a very dynamic sport with endless lighting situations and set ups. I never really got around to any of it until recently and it’s been great. Working with Andy has been great, he’s always enthusiastic to get things happening, and he even ran one of my shots in the mag from a first attempt a few months back.

He spends a fair bit of time dedicated to making Transmoto what it is and it shows in the quality that he and his team (his dog included) are releasing every month. Hopefully I get more opportunities in the future to contribute to what he has created. Time will tell.