Who should you fight: AFK edition
  • Hydra: He's scrawny and solely lives off ramen, a stiff breeze could knock him over. Definitely fight Hydra.
  • Cerberus: Fight Cerberus. Yes, he's built like a brick shithouse but he'll take your attempts to fight him in good nature. If you REALLY want to fight, he'll teach you.
  • Chimera: It will be an easy fight until he decides it won't be. Use caution.
  • Medusa: Do not fight Medusa. Do not even think about fighting Medusa. She will ruin your entire life.
  • Hades: If you fight Hades you'll enter the Underworld as a celebrity. Enjoy the fame before you have to sit in boiling oil for eternity.
  • MC: Do you have a death wish? DO NOT FIGHT THE MC.
  • May: You could beat up May, but you can't beat up all the people that follow her blog who are thirsty for fanfic. Do not fight May.
  • Cyprin: are you satan
  • Hercules: Distract him first by getting him to check his appearance, then kick him in the groin and run away.
  • Persephone: You can try fighting Persephone, but she'll talk you down and get you to confess what the real issue is. You will probably cry.
  • Helios: You could fight him but you'll invoke the wrath of his sister Selene.
  • Selene: Do not fight Selene. If you've already fought Helios she will hunt you down, beat you up, and humiliate you.
  • Erin: Fight Erin outside of her bar. She'll hand your ass to you but serve you a stiff drink afterwards.
  • Charybdis: It will be an interesting fight. She'll use the surroundings to her advantage. Choose your venue wisely.
  • Scylla: Fight Scylla, she'll make it an even fight. If you've already fought Erin, Scylla will take that personally and beat the crap out of you instead.
  • Aphrodite: Risk to reward ratio is incredibly low. Save yourself the time and punch yourself in the face instead.
  • Zeus: Definitely fight Zeus. Everyone wants you to fight Zeus. He'll curb stomp you but people will cheer you on and you'll walk away a legend.