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So, I think I’ll wear it at the end

11th part of the Ereri uni au. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Wondering what Eren gifted Levi? You’ll discover it in the upcoming updates!

Merry christmas guys! This update came with a bonus part of the @snkartists holiday challenge. Originally it was intended to focus on Eren’s gift for Levi but the ugly sweaters’ prompt came to fit perfectly with it.

I would have liked to draw more but I got pseudo artblocked I think so doing this was already a war agains’t my hand haha. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Also, I think this will be the last update from the uni au of the year. Seriously I need to thank you guys for the support since I started it, I never expected that a lot of people could have liked it so it makes me happy and willing to continue it.

Stay tuned in 2016!

Imagine leaning against Lydia’s locker with Lydia and allison as you see a really hot set of twins walk in and the first words out of your mouth was “Dibs” and lydia and allison turn too look at you with a what the fuck face. “Maybe they like red head” lydia says. “well maybe they dont” you remark back. As Allison stands there watch you two fight back and forth. “Hey cutie” you hear a male voice say. As you turn around you see the twins walking up to you three. “You guys arent that bad your selves” Lydia says as you start to shy away and hide behind allison. “yea i wasnt talking to you red. The shortie hiding behind the brunette.” you start to turn around and notice them all staring at you. “ What’s your name lil mama” he asks “(y/n)” “ Well (y/n) would you like to show me and ethan around?? oh and my name is Aiden” “yea that would be cool i guess.” you say shyly . “sweet!” Aiden grabs your hand and pulls you away and as you turn back you see lydia glaring at you and Allison giving you thumbs up. “By the way my brother so has the hots for you” you hear Ethan whisper in your ear. So surprised your eyes flash gold and they both notice and at the same time  they say" your a werewolf??“ and you start to turn away and they both grab your hands and pull you into a janitors closet. "you are in danger. you need to leave ASAP” aiden whisper shouts. “no wait maybe she can be of use” ethan says. “Ethan what in the hell are you thinking! We are not putting her in danger.” Aiden yells at ethan and in the process pulls you behind him. “what are you two talking about?” you ask very confused. “ We are part of the alpha pack here to hunt down this certain pack and kill all the members.” “No you cant do that please they are the only family I have!” “ I promise you we will not hurt you if you just leave” you hear ethan say. “Yea and leave my pack with one less member to fight against a bunch of ass hole alpha werewolves that cant run their own pack.Not gonna happen” you snap back. “I promise we will not hurt you (y/n) just stay out of the way and you wont get hurt” aiden whispers in you ear. “ Hey maybe Deculion will let her join our pack. That way we wont have to kill her” Ethan says “ NO i will not put her through that!” Aiden yells and pushed Ethan into a corner. “ I will figure this out (y/n) but for now just stay with me and i promise no one from the alpha pack will even come near you” aiden says. And for some reason you are drawn to trust him and as you walk out of the closet with you hands intertwined you have never felt safer. 

zebcusonAva Odin with Odin being a dork about trying to ask Ava out with Pedri trying to encourage him

This somehow ended up not really following the prompt at all but here you go.
Liberty taken with Pedri’s character of course since so far he’s only had like one speech bubble throughout the entire comic. Also, it was confirmed in livestream by Michelle that smoking helps Odin block Pedri out in some way so there’s that too.

- Bangs

Dark eyes watched from beneath unruly bangs of hair as Odin stared inconspicuously at a certain red haired shortie in his field of vision. Such subtle glances had been happening more and more often as of late as the older boy found himself harbouring a crush for the girl.

A good few months had passed since they first found themselves in one another’s company, and when he had slowly come to the realisation that his feelings regarding Ava were more than platonic… Well, he’d proceeded to squash them down out of sight as best he could and ignore them – much like he did with the demon constantly overlooking his shoulder.

“You’re doing it again.”

He flinched, for a moment horrified at the idea he’d been caught staring by her. “D-Doing what?”

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