When In Doubt Belt It:

If you take anything away from our blog take this…

Tailor clothes to fit you. It is impossible to create sizes 0, 2, 4, 6…12 that will fit every woman in America. Some of us are curvier than others. Some have longer legs than a “Regular." 

I once found a dress from LF that I loved. Leather heart shaped top and pink sheer gown to the floor. I looked great in it, but so tiny. So I brought it to a tailor. I made the dress go high in the front and kept the length in the back. This showed off my legs making me look taller. I made the dress fit me.

So do what you can to make the clothes fit you. You shouldn’t have to fit them.

Belt it at the waist.

Cuff the bottom.

Or our favorite…buy capris as pants. 




Short Hair for Short Girls:

Short girls get the rap of always being “cute” because we are small. 

We rarely get called sexy because our height deficiency makes most boys or men think of us as the cute tiny little sister.

-Insert Awe-

It’s time for a change. A hair change.

Maybe its that extra shot of tequila in our margarita that makes us want to go out and try something new, but summer is a great time for bold moves.

Long hair on short girls tends to drown us. Making us look shorter in comparison to our thick locks. A short hair do is sexy and sleek combed back or tousled. It draws attention to our body. 

Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, and Miley Cyrus all took the risk. 

With confidence, glowing skin, and a smile, this hair do is sure to turn some heads.