shorts tie dye

Skinny Dip || Ethan Dolan

SUMMARY - She can’t sleep. He won’t leave her. They spend another all nighter together, where they share their intimacies away from the public eye.

WARNING - not smut, but mature enough to rate as PG-13

WORD COUNT - almost 1.2k

AUTHOR’S NOTE - i can totally see Ethan doing this and tbh i got major feels writing this hOly SHIT i think this might be my favorite imagine i’ve ever written.


Ethan and Y/N aren’t the average couple; they’re usually mistaken as inseparable best friends. Whenever Ethan isn’t with Grayson, you’ll almost always find him with Y/N, creating never ending memories together. They fit perfectly with one another, constantly supporting each other. Around her, Ethan always felt safe, at home, and most importantly, he felt like himself. This was always noticed by friends, family and fans – therefore, she was admired by all. Together, nothing could tear them down. 

So when Ethan, Grayson, and Cameron had to attend an event in Florida, They had to invite Kaylani along. Of course, she said yes. 

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Vans US Open 2017  |  Styling with Leila Hurst

A Vans US Open outfit wouldn’t be complete without a piece from Leila Hurst’s 2017 VUSO collection! We’re all about those adorable blue tie dye shorts that Leila paired with pops of zephyr pink.

Shop Leila’s Look:
Hat: Dugout Baseball Cap
Shirt: 2017 VUSO Lock Up Ringer Tee
Shorts: 2017 VUSO Leila Short
Shoes: Old Skool (Zephyr)
Sunglasses: Sound Systems Sunglasses

Photography: Life Without Andy