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Skinny Dip || Ethan Dolan

SUMMARY - She can’t sleep. He won’t leave her. They spend another all nighter together, where they share their intimacies away from the public eye.

WARNING - not smut, but mature enough to rate as PG-13

WORD COUNT - almost 1.2k

AUTHOR’S NOTE - i can totally see Ethan doing this and tbh i got major feels writing this hOly SHIT i think this might be my favorite imagine i’ve ever written.


Ethan and Y/N aren’t the average couple; they’re usually mistaken as inseparable best friends. Whenever Ethan isn’t with Grayson, you’ll almost always find him with Y/N, creating never ending memories together. They fit perfectly with one another, constantly supporting each other. Around her, Ethan always felt safe, at home, and most importantly, he felt like himself. This was always noticed by friends, family and fans – therefore, she was admired by all. Together, nothing could tear them down. 

So when Ethan, Grayson, and Cameron had to attend an event in Florida, They had to invite Kaylani along. Of course, she said yes. 

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Brace yourself. This one's rough.

Last week, my boss interviewed a 20-something woman for a shop tech position. He always tells people that it’s a working interview, so dress in clothes you can work in and get dirty, because he wants to see if you can do some basic shop tasks.

My company (and I know this will come as a huge surprise) is 97% white men. We’ve got one very nice guy from Ecuador, one woman who does admin, and me, the only woman in any kind of tech job here. That’s it. The rest are allllll white dudes.

So. This woman shows up in what I would call an unusual outfit for a working interview, but whatever. Faded camo leggings and a button down white shirt. It’s a little weird, but it’s not like it’s a bikini or something. We’ve had guys show up in ratty shorts and tie dye shirts, flip flops, expensively uncomfortable dress shoes, and once a kind of ridiculous fur-collared bomber jacket. The instruction to dress in clothes you can work in for an interview seems to confuse many people. And we do not have a lot of women who interview. So in this particular case, the shop guys lost their fucking minds. Lost. Their. Minds. For an entire afternoon. Here are some highlights.

“Who dresses like that for a job interview?!”
“A girl who plans on getting the job, duh!”

“Man, that black bra under the white shirt is *just* the right amount of skanky for me!”

“Is she wearing yoga pants? God, I love yoga pants.”

“I don’t know why he’s bothering. She’s not going to be able to use any of the tools.”

“Should I go offer to help her? Does she need help? Maybe I’ll just go stand nearby and get a better look.”

“She can’t even use the saw!”

“Yes, but the important question is have you seen her bend over?”

And the hands-down winner…

Him: You know, if she has any Hispanic in her, and I think she does, then she’s actually dressed pretty low key. Hispanic women just dress slutty. They love their tight jeans and boob shirts.

Me: (Completely appalled silence)

Him: What?! They do. I know lots of Hispanic women and they all like to dress slutty. It’s just a culture thing.


I’ve discovered that I need an emoticon for the moment of gaping, eyebrow furrowing, horrified speechless puzzlement that occurs after someone says something like this. It happens to me so often at work, and I don’t know how to translate it adequately into words. Is there a word for it in another language? Some combination of, “Did that really just come out of your mouth?” and, “Man, you’re even worse than I thought you were,” and, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

In related news, I went through four whole audiobooks this week in an attempt to never, ever have to listen to my coworkers again.