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NU’EST saved themselves by joining Produce 101: From almost disbanding to the top of the charts

OK but I don’t think people understand enough how much impact pd101 has had on NU’EST?? For fucks sake for almost 2 years all that non-japan loves had to look forward to was  “NU’EST schedule- empty” because Pledis is shit. All we had was everyone calling NU’EST flop nugus saying they should disband. All we had was mistreatment and zero promotion for their 2016 albums when Pledis finally released them from Japan.

All we had was comebacks getting cut-short because of bad sales and music shows cutting NU’EST performances bc they weren’t “famous” enough. All we had was Music shows giving them the lowest quality mics and equipment and never uploading their performances onto their Youtube channels but managed to upload the more famous groups.

All we had was 10 months of waiting after Canvas, wondering if NU’EST will ever come back again and when. All we had was Instagram updates keeping us alive. All we had was the whole kpop fandom roasting NU’EST alive when they went on pd101 calling them cheaters. All we had was seeing NU’EST members, even the ones who never cried once in 5 yrs (Baekho) break down.

All we had was the members look straight at the fucking camera on produce 101, and admit that they failed and that their disbandment was near. Let me tell you on that die I fucking wanted to die right then when I found their reality. How many fans get to hear that?? Their idol, loves of their life, the group who you would be dead without, look so defeated and say right to your fucking face it’s over for him and your ultimate group of 5 years is almost disbanding because their company screwed them over like NO OTHER. Don’t underestimate what we’ve been through.

We had to sacrifice Minhyun in order to gain new fans. He had to tear himself away from his family in order to save NU’EST. I just . .  i need new loves, pd101 stans and everyone to really understand the importance of NU’ESTs come back and all this activity.

I want you all to know I feel overwhelmed right now with all this NU’EST activity. I want you to know how I feel. I want you to know this isn’t normal what NU’EST is going through, this is what you would call a miracle. I want you to know that the member did this all on their own, and everything single activity they have now is so fucking important. I need to know the reason why NU’ESTs thankfulness to fans might seem even excessive at times. Because they know how it’s like to have almost nothing so every single fan and every success (even small) means everything to them.

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Thank you to old loves who stayed and thank you to new loves who joined. Without NU’EST my life would not be worth living and I would have nothing. I need you to know I am so bloody thankful for anybody who supports these 5 talented people.

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much.

stardust-stims  asked:

I have a relatively new pixel art blog that's looking to start selling stuff on society6 soon and I was wondering if you're okay with saying about how much money you make from your shop in a certain amount of time? If you even keep track of such things in the first place. I've been wanting to see how much bigger artists are able to make so I know about how much I might be able to make. I'm a poor young adult so I really want to know how much an art shop helps out with money ^-^;

Sure, I’d be happy to talk about this.

I made about $300 combined last month across both my print-on-demand shops. That’s the best month I’ve ever had (and hopefully part of an upward trend, but could just be a one-off).

A couple things to note: 1.) I still need to pay tax on this money, so the actual pocketable amount is smaller. 2.) I’ve been doing this for several years, and it took me a long time to get to this point!

Everything you ever wanted to know about selling Print-On-Demand art 

(actually not nearly everything, but at least some things!)

There are a lot of print-on-demand (POD) services out there. A POD service means that you have a digital art file, you upload it to the site, and the site makes it available in an online shop. When a customer buys your art from the shop, the POD will process the customer’s payment, manufacture the item, and ship the item to the customer for you. You never actually see the product! It goes directly from the printer to the customer.

Some POD stores are society6, Redbubble, CafePress, Zazzle, and There are probably many more! They don’t all offer the same products: for example, you can buy this dress on Redbubble, but not society6, even though I have the same file uploaded to both. Society6 doesn’t print on dresses (yet).

Which site should I use?

I dunno!  I use society6 and Redbubble, not because I’ve evaluated all the others and found them lacking, but just because I knew people who were using them.  And knowing someone who’s tried something and liked it made it easier to try.

Different sites have different audiences, so I’d look at a few and try to find which one fits you best.  Redbubble skews a little more tumblr, society6 skews a little more hipster, Fine Art America skews a little more art major. You want to sell your art where your audience is already buying things!

My pixel art does way better on Redbubble than society6, even though I’ve been active on society6 much longer and have a more established presence there.  My non-pixel art (this is one of my long-time best sellers) still does pretty well there, even though I haven’t done promotion for most of it in years. There’s just an audience there that likes it!

How much money will I make?

Profit margins vary from site to site, and from product to product. Society6 mandates a set price and artist profit margin for most products across their site. Redbubble allows artists to choose their own profit margins and prices. Probably other sites are a mix of the two. This tote bag is $20.00 on society6 (I get $2.00) and $23.98 on Redbubble (I get $10.65.). This iPhone case is $38 on society6 (I get $3.80) and ~$37 on Redbubble (I get ~$12).

Of course, it doesn’t matter what your profit margins are if you don’t sell anything.

How do I get noticed and make sales?

Short answer:  make art, and make a lot of it—often and consistently.

I can only speak directly of my experiences with s6 and RB, but probably other services are similar. (And honestly, the same strategy holds true for growing an audience on tumblr!)

If you have 30 pieces of art, it’s better to upload them one at a time (once a week for thirty weeks, or twice a week for fifteen weeks) than all at once.  Both s6 and RB have a community aspect, which means your art will show up in the feeds of other artists, or may be curated into collections by staff or volunteers. 

Every day that you upload a new piece is a day that someone might notice and promote your work.  

If you post thirty things all at once, someone who likes your work will probably only promote one or two of their favorites (and may even be annoyed that you’re dominating their feed).  If you post thirty things one at a time, that same person might promote every piece they see.  (They probably won’t see all of them.  It won’t be 100%.  But still, much greater visibility for you.)

I try to upload one new thing every week.  If I have a really productive week and finish three designs, I’ll usually hold on to the extras to give myself a buffer for future weeks.  If I can, I maintain a buffer of 3-5 designs.  It means I’m under less pressure to produce, and I can have more fun creating.

Anything else I should know?

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Making money from art is hard!  And oh, gosh, there is constant self-doubt.  I follow some of my favorite (independent!  commercially successful!) artists on Twitter, and they still post about how discouraged they feel sometimes.  It comes with the territory, I guess.

Just keep going.  Show up for yourself.  Set easy goals and reach them.  Set hard goals and reach those, too!  Keep trying!

When I first set up a shop on society6 several years ago, my goal each month was to sell anything.  Any single thing.  When I was doing that consistently, my goal was to make $20/month.  Then $50/month. 

Have a dream goal in your mind, but a “next step” goal in front of you.  

For me, the dream goal is “I want to be able to support myself by selling art!” and there’s a dollar amount associated with that.  I’m not nearly there!  My next-step goal is “sell enough art in a month to pay my share of the rent” and I’ll achieve that by the end of the year.  The next-step goal after that is to be able to make rent consistently.

The dream goal keeps you going.  The next-step goal keeps you focused.

(You’re gonna do great.)


How Much Is Needed for a UK Top 10? Week #2

I outlined in this post what the Chart is built off. In short, it’s physical sales, digital sales, and digital audio streams. 

So - what to expect from BTY in #2 to make it move into the Top 10? 

1. Physical Sales

I don’t think there will be many physical sales this week. Buying a physical single is unheard of nowadays, and it’s really only fans who do that. That part of the market has now been saturated. Therefore, it’s best to disregard it for next week’s charting projections.

2. Digital Sales

I will be keeping you updated on the latest iTunes numbers this week. Hopefully radioplay will be helpful, but I honestly don’t expect much from it - unless we request it! The C-list rotation of BTY on BBCR 1 means it’ll be played about 8-10 times a week - that’s really not much. Requesting is therefore extremely important. Do it here. For BBCR 1 individual hosts, click here.

Right now, Louis is at #17 in the iTunes charts. He’s been around #15 for most of last week as well. In order to reach the Top 10, he will have to sell about 400 units more / 24 hours (a total of ~1150)

If you’ve bought it on iTunes already, please consider buying the song again from another platform, i.e. Google Play, or Amazon UK

3. Digital audio streams

I will also either post or reblog the latest Spotify numbers for the UK specifically! Right now he’s at 171,458 daily streams in the UK. In order to reach the Top 10, we will have to increase that number by another 100,000 daily streams for the UK (a total of ~270,000 streams/day).

That sounds like a lot, but we all sleep about 6 or 7 hours. If you keep Spotify with a UK VPN going for 6 hours while you sleep, use ‘The Thing’ by @verily-i-say, you should be able to get about (6*60*60=21600) 21600 / 30 sec = 720 streams per person.

 If just 100 people do that - he’d already have 72.000 streams! In fact, we’d only need 375 people committing to this to get him up to 270.000 streams a day (preferably Australians so the streams appear during midday in UK time :P)!! 

It’s doable!! We can do this!! 

Keep Streaming || Keep Watching 


I wandered into this new suit shop I’d never heard of, Moss Bros. Thinking it may have been an algae specialist or something until I noticed their wonderful display window of suits. Wandering in I was amazed and pleasantly surprised at the variety of suit patterns and colours. Many different shades of Check and pinstripe and Tweed, not the usual sea of black, navy’s and grey you normally see. Just in my moment of admiration when I was just beginning to like the place a sales assistant pops out of nowhere.I just assumed he’d emerged from one of the suit jacket pockets like a jacket genie. “Can I help you sir?” You’d think by now that all sales assistants would have spoken to each other during one of their annual sales get together conventions that I ignorantly believe goes on. That they’d have made a pack with each other or warned fellow colleagues not to speak to me if I ever enter their shop one day. Maybe this guy missed the last convention so he’d decided to be social and poke the bear.
“No thank you” i replied as I turned away to look at some more suits, maybe he got the point.
Nope - “That is a lovely check suit Sir”
“Thank you”
“Can I interest you in more? Maybe a different style or with a waistcoat? We have more varieties of Check suits over here, I think you’d really suit a nice windowpane or prince of Wales Check in blue?”
Ok it’s on bitch.
“Are any of those 100% wool or mohair?”
“…..Oh I’m not sure sir, I could check”
“That’s ok I could read the labels myself, do you know if any of the button holes are workable?”
“The button holes? You mean the front, I don’t understand?”
“No I meant the cuff buttons?”
“….oh….erm… I’m not sure I could check that as well”
“That’s ok I could check that whilst I’m checking the label. Do you have any with peak lapels and double vents?”
“…I’m just gonna get my manager Steve as he could answer all your questions”
“No it’s fine, let’s try a simpler one DO…YOU…HAVE…THIS…POCKET SQUARE…IN…PURPLE? or do you only have navy here?”
“I..I..I could check in the back for you?”
“So not one thing I’ve asked for today you could help me with? Maybe in future if your going to disturb someone offering them help you should know enough about the items your selling to actually be helpful.”
“…….o..o..ok sir”
So in response I bought a pocket square and this blue shirt. Sleeves are a little short like this sales assistants answers were but overall not a bad Shirt…


Jacket, Shorts: Atelier Boz
Blouse, rose: Surfacespell
Bow, Jabot, OTKs: Innocent World
Hat: Victorian Maiden

I had to get this jacket once I saw it go up for pre-order. My favorite jacket now for sure! Photographs as purple sometimes though. The shorts came up for sale shortly after and I had to grab them too, although they’re a little short on me, and on the small side.

Oh boy

Well I posted earlier about my closer quitting this morning. This has been a very long day.

So I start the shift agonizing on moving people around trying to find a place for three people that don’t know how to do drive thru.

We are slammed of course, and someone took eight minutes to order in the drive thru. We have a deal for like half the price it would normally be for a little lunch box type thing. You get a bottled water, a piece of fruit, a bag of chips, and a little sandwich or salad or what ever we happen to have in our cooler. A couple weeks ago we had a deal where you could get a fruit smoothie thing in a bottle instead of the water.

Those juices are 5 bucks a pop. Now this lady gets to the window and my poor cashier informs her hey this discount is no longer valid so you can either pay full price or we can do the waters instead. Oh she was not pleased. I happened to be near the window so I have took over just saying loudly enough for them to hear to the cashier that, essentially, there is nothing we can do.

I realize she’s not gonna take it so I go over to explain.

“So You’re not gonna give me the discount?”

“No, sorry, that deal is no longer valid and there is no way we can ring it in.”

“Well aren’t you a manager?”

“Well, no, I’m a supervisor.”

“Okay well then give me the discount.”

“I have said there is no way to ring it in.”

“Well I know it says limited time only but you should honor it give me the discount.”

“There’s nothing I can, do. Sorry.”

I walked away she muttered she wanted the corporate number so I wrote it down and she tried to argue it was the store number. I explained nah it is absolutely not.

Dumb bitch. God damn. Really? You acknowledge it says short time sale and you won’t accept I can’t give you the discount. Fucking shit bitch. Go away.

For just a moment I thought about ringing it through and charging for the waters which would lower the price significantly but then I thought, no. No I’m not rewarding your behavior.

She can call and complain, I stood by policy, and all of the four people with headsets and the three people by the window witnessed me handle her the most calmly I have ever dealt with a customer. So she can Fuck right the hell off to corporate.

As for the rest of the day, I had a guy get angry with me for accidentally making a larger size tea. Dude do you know what every single other customer has ever said when I accidentally did that? Oh shit man a free upgrade cool here’s a tip! So Fuck you.

Fuck the woman that let her kid run behind the counter so I almost whacked him with a tray full of dishes (our door to the back is right at the entrance so). Like he’s eight or something he needs too get that he can’t do that.

Add to that just steady stream of assholes who couldn’t understand why it was taking more than thirty seconds to make five blended drinks. Hold your fucking horses Jesus.

Just. Ugh. I’m tired, I didn’t get a break today and my knees are swollen and my shots and heels hurt.

I’m hungry.