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movement test!! still have some small things to fix yet but for the most part the animation meme’s coming along nicely!! :0

so im watching mikeneko holmes(im kinda bored so im catching up on dramas after yokoso wagaya e in the kizoku tantei hype lmao) and i thought of the fic i read on ao3 about ninoneko holmes and i realised how i really really love it in a normal way like not aaaaaaaaah my favourite fic ever!1!1! or like this is so deep and its a perfect plot or anything but like how ohmiya was depicted in the story??? my favourite was probably part 2-4 of the series although the rest is rlyl fluffy and nice so i really recommend people to read it if they’re free! it’s fairly short and sweet but rlly nice so yeah. this was a random fic rec (lol) i’ll talk more about specifically why i like it in the tags to prevent complete spoilers

Survey of the Miraculous fandom

Hi, I always have the impression that there’s so many artists in the Miraculous fandom so…

If you’re a fanfic writer for the Miraculous fandom, could you please reblog this.

If you’re an artist who makes fanart for the Miraculous fandom, could you please like this.

This Survey will take place until the 21 december (in two weeks).

I will then share the results with graphs.

(It doesn’t matter if your fanarts and fanfictions are popular or not. You gave time for the Miraculous fandom and you’re an artist all the same!)

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Matsu reacting when he catches his daughter's boyfriend cheating on her with a hot older girl.

Would straight up kick their ass: Osomatsu, Ichimatsu, JYUSHIMATSU–OH MY GOD HELP THEM (but actually don’t, because they deserve it~)

Wouldn’t physically kick their ass, but would still kick their ass: Karamatsu, Choromatsu, TODOMATSU. The poor kid would be crying for weeks when they were through with them, and they didn’t even have to lay a single hand on them. Amazing.

so i read In Which Sam Does Not Know by @thevioletcaptain yesterday and haven’t been able to get the image of Cas in a flamingo print shirt out of my head.