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a day in december: snowfall pt.2

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ahahahahaha im going to be busting my ass to catch up holy crap

anyway i know i said this wouldn’t be a chapter thing but the idea of these days not being completely independent of each other made me like. suuuper uncomfortable so i’m not going to do that. and then the idea of not having 31 fics made me uncomfortable so technically i’ll be posting one for yesterday as well as this. but i’m already behind so—inspiration better hit me like lightning this weekend.

@itsnotyou-itsmimi​ on tumblr asked for adrien being in the snow for the first time in x amount of time and somehow i got to this fic i was just too slow to write it all in one day. i kind of completely failed on this prompt but i tried my best and also don’t own any cats/have seen any cats in the snow/know what i’m doing so if you ever give me another prompt mimi i promise i’ll try and do better <3 <3


Nathalie stops Adrien on the stairs. “Where are you going?”

Adrien tenses and gives her a nervous smile. “To school?”

She raises a single eyebrow, the rest of her face blank. “This early?”

“Um, yeah? Nino said it’s a thing him and Marinette do after the first snow.” They both glance to the window. The snow is falling lightly now, simply being more picturesque than actually accumulating much on the roads. “If…that’s okay?”

“It’s not,” she says sharply.

Adrien winces. He knew this was a possibility, he just ignored it. He does have a backup plan that involves him sneaking out his window in a very Chat Noir way. Just minus the enhanced agility and ability to fall long distances without getting injured. He’s lept from his climbing wall to the couch plenty of times, he’ll be fine.

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Opening Ceremony:

December 8th, 7:00pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

Men’s Short:

December 8th, 9:10-9:56pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

Men’s Free:

December 10th, 8:20-9:17pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

Ladies’ Short:

December 9th, 9:45-10:31pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

Ladies’s Free:

December 10th, 7:00-7:45pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

Victor’s Ceremony (Ladies’, Men’s)

December 10th, 9:17pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)


December 11th, 2:00-4:30pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

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this is kinda random but you mentioned something about the werewolves struggling with florida weather so i thought you might want to know that we're already starting to get some summer weather even though it's only march (high temps, humidity, daily afternoon storms) and those poor canadians probably have no clue what they're getting into (honestly i've seen like three total people with huskies down here???? cause the weather is just so bad for dogs with thick coats)

Honestly who invented Florida

This reminds me that a long time ago I def imagined the first time Jo came down to Tampa for like, prospect camp and it was July and he’d been living in Halifax for two years so suddenly here he was in this hot humid hellhole of a place and he was like ???? sweaty af and didn’t wear anything to bed at night