shorts and a shirt and maybe a jacket

FTM Passing Tips #2

Please excuse my poor humor (;

(Short dude problems)
I am with you, brother. Here are some tips for my homies:

- Shirts and pants with vertical stripes make you appear taller. Just don’t stand next to tall titan people.

- Tighter pants makes your legs look thinner, therefore making you look taller.  

- Nothing wrong with being short. You could land some clothes in the boys department. I found my favorite Avengers shirt in that section. 

- Creepers/platform shoes are so rad, man. They add a few centimeters to your height and look hella punk rock.

- Jackets and coats that cover your bunbuns are comfy, but they make you look short. Maybe you can add a pair of creepers and a beanie and call yourself a tall punk rock homie.

- If you find a pair of pants that are too long, you can fold the bottoms up.

More tips:

- Make sure your shirt collar isn’t too loose around your neck. Tightening your bowtie or tie might help make your collar shirt appear more of a good fit on you. But be careful not to tighten it too much.

- CHEATING BOWTIE TRICK: I used to sew bows for my sisters to put in their hair, and I had some leftovers without bobby pins. I had an idea to use a string and tie the bow around my neck as a ghetto bowtie and it looked like a fine ass bowtie. Search up “bow no sew tutorial”. 

After making a bow, just pull a string that’s long enough to tie around your neck comfortably through that little middle loop and tuck the tied string ends under you collar shirt. Tadahhh $5 or less bowtie :D

- Longer vests hide them curvy hips, bruh.

- Trench coats are nice. Makes you feel like a badass fallen angel (;

- Fixing the seams of your clothes can help make a better fit for your body. You can even take old, baggy clothes and resew them as new ones.

- TWEEEEEED. Tweed is good. Makes you look like a polished gentleman. 

- Newsboy hats are pretty swell. Easy fix for a bad hair day. 

- Caps and snapbacks are cool too. 

- There are several makeup tutorials on making yourself look more masculine. Just Google “crossplay” or “ftm” makeup. The main tips are to contour your jawline, nose, cheekbones, neutralize the color of your lips a little with a dab of concealer, and fill in your eyebrows. 

- *Morgan Freeman’s voice* OLD SPICE.

- A pair of oxford and chukka shoes can take you far with most outfits. Yes, even in pjs and sweats. Just watch out for the fashion police. 

- Binders are awesome and will flatten your chest.
And don’t get a cheap $10 binder from China on Amazon if you plan to wear one daily. I bought one, but the material was not elastic. I rarely wear it. But it works fine if you’re cosplaying.

- Sport bras are a good substitute for binders. The ones designed to compress breasts are even better.

- Socks can get you a male yoohoo bulge. And it’ll keep your yoohoo warm during the cold winter! It’s like a sweater for your yoohoo! Oh my god, I’m never getting a date…

- Watches are great. But POCKETWATCHES, MMM YAS

- Polo shirts look good. Darker colored polos will help hide your chest.

- KNITTED SWEATERSasdfgljkklhsda;

- You can get a lot of male clothes from WalMart or Target. Don’t underestimate Walmart’s clothing selections. You can get work out gear, Hanes or Fruit of the Looms boxers, briefs, superhero t-shirts for less than $10, plain t-shirts, basically a whole wardrobe at these two stores. So instead of going to GAP and spending half of your rent on a few things, you can probably get a cartload of clothes and stop by for a dvd and some snacks at Walmart. 

- If you want to start a new wardrobe, buy simple and neutral-colored clothes first. It’s easier to mix and match black, white, gray, beige, and navy blue colored pants and shirts together than say, green, mahogany, red, and light blue. 

- Check out minimal fashion. It’s simple and uses basic colors for each outfit, usually black and white. 

- H & M has a wide variety of nice-looking clothes. I would say it has a better quality and designs compared to Forever 21.

- If you’re too lazy or shy to shop around at the mall, try online shopping. 

- If you’re buying cheap t-shirts or any other clothing on Ebay or Amazon, MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE REVIEWS. I ordered a design t-shirt from China a few months back but it has never been shipped to me.

- AND WATCH OUT FOR THE SIZES. Check your measurements. Asian clothings are mostly one size smaller. Not all sizes are universal. A small size for males can be a medium for females. I bought a coat online WHICH IS PRETTY RISKY that was a size small but ended up being too big for me. Ended up Christmas gifting it for my dad.

- Barbershops are better for male haircuts than hair salons, or so I’ve heard.


Thank you guys for all the notes on my 1st FTM tips post. I felt that I’ve done good and offered a helping hand to people. You guys take care (’ v ’)/


And here’s some more recent tips:

- Guys usually stick their chests outward and keep their shoulders back rather than hunch over. This posture would help boast your confidence.
- If you want to start working out but are afraid of working out in a public gym, find a work-out buddy to support you or exercise at home with free weights. USE YOUR SURROUNDINGS. TEXTBOOKS CAN BE USED AS FREE WEIGHTS. BENCHPRESS YOUR ELECTRIC GUITAR.
- Be careful when working out while wearing your binder. You may have to take longer breaks. If it helps, wear your binders a tad bit looser.
- Pick up dancing, martial arts, tennis, rock climbing, swimming, or any form of physical exercise to keep your body and brains healthy.
- When you’re coming up with a work-out plan, balance out cardio and weight-training days. You have to do cardio to help you tone your body.
- Some foods can help you lower your estrogen levels and increase your testosterone. Here are some: tuna, oysters, egg yolk, cabbage, asparagus, garlic, bananas, almonds.
- Lean your head back. Take a deep breath. Now exhale. You got this, man. Don’t worry. You look great.

hahahasix  asked:

in ur opinion what is oliver wood's clothing aesthetic?

late to the party timezone probs  this probably aint that original but - 

  • i see Oliver going through rotations of the classic turtleneck sweaters + jeans, and (are quidditch jerseys a thing, they’re a thing now) quidditch jerseys + jeans
  • basically a lot of jeans - old worn blue jeans that fit him well from all those years, and some are ripped at the knees and have broom polish stains but wtv
  • and during training, ofc he has his quidditch gear - but then grey jogger sweatpants, when he’s lazing about afterwards/cooling down
  • i dont think he’s the type to invest in rlly expensive workout clothes? an old pair of shorts and shirt would be enough for running 
  • lots!! of quidditch jackets like - baseball jackets but Quidditch, yknow?
  • his shoe collection is basically half sneakers, half muddy leather boots, and maybe one pair of  dress shoes that Marcus ~bullied~ him into buying
  • also has the most industrial type of gloves, no fancy gloves for him
  • oversized sweaters are a staple at home ok, he rolls the sleeves up a lot 
  • i can see him wearing a lot of muted colors? olive green, dark red, charcoal grey, and puddlemere blue ofc
  • when he dresses up - sometimes it’s kilts, going the traditional Scottish way. other times, he has a sleek blue blazer with like, khaki’s and that aforementioned pair of dress shoes 
  • and always crisp white shirts, okay, he can clean up his look when he wants to 
  • if its a fancier event, black tux - Oliver’s not rlly one for veering from the traditional styles
  • sleepwear!! always shirtless, but boxers or pajama pants depending on the season and the boxers are like…classic #bro plaid (in Gryffindor colors no less)
  • (and maybe sometimes Marcus’ sweaters bc he likes the slight largeness to it to sleep in and also bc when it slips off his shoulder, Marcus is WeakTM)

anonymous asked:

What would you suggest for a cute regular day outfit for school for a plus size girl? Oh, and where you can change out of it pretty easy since I have PE my second hour. Maybe suggestions for hair and makeup too?😁 Thank you😁

I think anything with a high waist will look really good. Like a skater skirt with a tshirt tucked in. Or high waisted shorts, tights and shirt (tucked in or not depending on preference). A dress might be easier to change out of? You want a fitted dress maybe so it at least comes in a bit at the waist (if not, use a jacket or flannelette tied around your waist). As far as make up and hair, I’ll try post some different looks soon :)

Also, I just found this pages you should check out (on Mobile so the whole link gets pasted, sorry)
It has tells you some different shops where you can get alternative plus size clothing

Jeremy Knox never wears his own clothes

He’s always wearing someone else’s. 

Usually it’s Laila or Jean or Alvarez’s clothes that he wears- but he’s been seen wearing jeans and shirts from everyone in the team at one point. 

He’s the same size as Laila so he steals her clothes maybe a little more often than usual 
- she acts annoyed but she can’t deny Jeremy looks hella fine in her crop tops
- paired with her or Alvarez’s jeans he looks even better lbr 

He’ll wear Jean’s sweaters and shirts bc they’re comfortable and they make him feel nice 

 His usual outfit consists of:
-one of Laila’s crop tops (she’s usually also wearing one, some days they like to match) or one of jeans shirts
-Alvarez’s jeans or shorts or shoes or anything really
-if it’s cold, he wears Jean’s sweaters and jackets 

One time Allison steals all of Kevin’s clothes and leaves him crop tops and sends all his clothes to Jeremy 

Jeremy wears them all for the next two weeks until Kevin demands them back

Jean dies every time Jeremy is wearing one of Jean’s jackets with one of Laila’s crop tops underneath 

One time Jean asked why Jeremy never wears his own clothes and Jeremy replies with “other people’s are just so much comfier and warmer and just better" 

Jean doesn’t question it

He’s too busy kissing Jeremy

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Nickname: Oliver, Nat, Nate, Dave, small child

Star sign: Libra

Height: 4′10″  about 147cm (i’m tiny as frick)

Last thing I googled: toontown subreddit (haven’t gotten it bookmarked yet)

Fav music artist: uuhhhh… Panic! At the Disco or Saint Pepsi hard to pick o:

Song stuck in my head: Death of a Bachelor – Panic! at the Disco

Last movie I watched: Your Name (we were watching it in Anime club and i stuck around to watch around maybe half+ of it)

What are you wearing right now?: white shirt, grey jacket and some black shorts.( kinda a little warm in here, although i am wearing a jacket XD )

When did you create your blog?: June 2016, although this isn’t my first tumblr blog ever

What kind of stuff do I post?: Homestuck, game stuff on occasion, art, and other random things that make me laugh or should be spread around

Do you have other blogs?: i have a personal (it’s private) sideblog and the other ones i no longer use so i’m not gonna list them

Do you get asks regularly?: not really, but it’s pretty nice when i do get an ask

Why did you choose your url?: computer stuff is cool, and powerful yokai such as the Oni are really cool. ( I used to play a game where i was a smol oni with a giant sword and i was also a tank who did pulls so there’s also that. )

gender: Male

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff or Slythrin 

Pokemon team: instinct

fav color: red

average hours of sleep: idunno. normally between 4-9 but recently due to pain, it’s been going over 12 hours

Lucky number: 13

How many blankets do you sleep with: a thick blanket and a thinner top-sheet. so 2

Dream job: photographer or something in visual art. 

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「 October 31, 2016 - 9:24pm 

Charlie sat in the waiting room of the hospital. The more he looked around the rows of chairs, the more he realized he was sitting in the same room…maybe even the same chair that he was in almost three years ago. Shaking the thought from his head, he turned his attention to the sound asleep Winnie the Pooh curled up on the chair next to him. Seeing Emma in her costume made Charlie’s pale blue shorts, yellow collared shirt, tube socks, and red sneakers make a little more sense. It even managed to shed some light on why there were discarded Eeyore and Kanga costumes next to Emma: the annual family Halloween costumes and the Spencers would fit very well in 100 Acres right about now. Charlie wrapped his jacket around his sister before rubbing his hands over his face. 



Effy’s Wardrobe Essentials

Anonymous said:
Can you make an effys basics post kind of like how teenwolfmtvstyle has theirs in the /tagged/basics part of their blog? I’m not sure if you’ve already made one but I feel like it would be super helpful to shop and kind of get an idea of what effy might be wearing. thanks!!!!!

Effy’s four main looks are: short dress/graphic tee with fishnets and boots, boyfriend jeans with a flannel, ripped skinnies with a graphic tee, shredded jumper or leather jacket, and of course the 405 outfit (a sequined or metallic shirt, disco pants, and Doc Martens, not pictured).

Essential items to get those looks are a leather jacket, a ripped sweater, graphic muscle tees (maybe made from your old shirts), flannels, black ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, fishnet tights, combat boots, layered necklaces, and stacked black plastic bracelets. 

The first items I would buy to start making my wardrobe more like Effy’s would be a pair of ripped black skinnies, a leather jacket, and combat boots.  Doing your makeup like Effy’s will also go a long way towards making your style look like hers.

This post doesn’t cover everything she’s ever worn, of course, but I think it captures the looks people think of when they think “Effy’s Style”.

It’s winter on Camp Half-Blood.

Everybody seems to be having a blast. Except the Apollo Cabin. Will Solace, over all, who desperately tries to hold onto the last bit of summer. It can’t be winter. It’s still summer. He’d go out of his cabin and pretend everything is warm.

He walks out of his bed. Oh fucking fuck it’s cold. Maybe a jacket won’t be bad. He’s still wearing a t-shirt underneath it. That is still summer as fuck. His legs are trembling. Maybe pants instead of shorts. I mean, he’s wearing a t-shirt. Summer as fuck, he whispers underneath his breath.

Now his feet are cold. Socks sound good. Who doesn’t wear socks?

He grins when he sees his flip-flops and puts them on his feet. Ah, yes, nothing better than a summer look. It’s so summer it hurts. He feels inspired by the power of summer. Maybe today he can sing an incredible falsetto on the bonfire or tell Nico how he feels. Everything can happen on summer. Not winter. What is winter anyway? Can you eat it?

Feeling confident, he opens the door and runs towards the welcoming summer.

Just to remember he’s wearing socks with flip-flops, so he trips and his face ends up buried in snow.

It’s winter as fuck.


  • winter clothes: jeans and a band t-shirt (maybe a jacket)
  • spring clothes: jeans and a band t-shirt
  • summer clothes: jeans (or maybe shorts) and a band t-shirt
  • fall clothes: jeans and a band t-shirt

Imagine: You’re at the mall. Most likely in the food court, because you always end up at the food court. The smell alone just draws you in. You’re in line to get your cheap mall food of choice, when you see him. 

Maybe he’s dressed entirely in black. Maybe he’s wearing, at least, some type of colored shirt from Hot Topic. Whatever color his pants are, they seem oversized and barley on his hips, despite wearing a chain belt-wallet combo. His shoes are black/gray/checkered. He’s wearing some kind of coat/jacket thing that he has been trying to pass off as a trench coat for months now. Because trench coats are Cool and Mysterious, Just Like Him. 

His hair is in that weird between-stage where he once had short, manageable hair and now he is trying to grow it out. He constantly stands and shifts his posture just so that the hair will fall on his face.  

He enjoys talking about Himself, and the Kind of Lady that is Perfect for Him. Looks don’t matter to him, but she can’t wear make up. She needs to be Real. She also needs to Like Him For Who He Is, and there Will Be No Issues. Looks continue to not matter, he will repeat, but she has to have a Great Personality. 

He wears a fedora. 

This person. You have found him.

You have identified Shakespeare’s Hamlet in present time.