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Obviously asking you this question I know the answer to already... lol but what the heck. I know what you mean btw with the Rose thing... she had her ending and it was happy but i dont think any other story is as sad as Donna's end I'm sure you agree. I want her back! Some way, somehow.

Agreed. I would understand it if Moffat wanted to leave it at there, because it is a big task to take on, but I think she deserves to know how amazing she was.

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I know exactly what you mean with all those feelings I get when I now hear them say Gotcha. I love them and its going to be hard to move on from the ponds. I would cry so much if Amy's last word to the Doctor was "Gotcha" :'( ohhh the tearss.

slfkdjflkjsd. all my feelings. i will probably sob uncontrollably when i watch episode 5 ngl. i just love the ponds so muuuch. 

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hi i was wondering if you can tell me how you make your gifs? I'm trying to learn so i can make doctor who ones also!

i do it the really slow way lmao

well here’s what i do

i find the video then crop it onto photoshop

if you go onto window > animation it’ll give you frames to ad on etc

go back to the video, click pause/play really quickly capturing the frames then paste it onto the layer

just keep doing that till you’re satisfied:L

the easier way is to use kmplayer download it here

it’s a software that sorts out the frames and stuff:-)

here’s a few tips

  • one photo can’t go over 1mb i think
  • it can go over 500x500 as long as the gif is under 1mb
  • gif sets can go over 1mb though

Tis I your best friend Faithy hacking your tumblr! >:3 (FINALLY) 

I’m glad you joined tumblr (because of meeeee. lol jk.) and don’t worry soon enough the site will consume you as well and don’t think it wont… because I was once like that. Then tumblr came around and changed it alllllll~ :D :D :D

Pickles! (dunno why I just said that)

I will open up a can of Whoop Ass on you during Mario Kart tonight! >:3