I’m A Lesbian.

That means I’m a woman attracted to other women. Obviously I have my own preferences and tastes in women, but I want to talk about the actual specification of “other women” here.

I don’t care if a woman…

  • is tall
  • is short
  • has long hair
  • has short hair
  • is a blonde
  • is a brunette
  • has dyed her hair
  • is shy
  • is confident
  • has large breasts
  • has small breasts
  • has no breasts
  • is white
  • is black
  • is Asian
  • is Latina
  • is middle-eastern
  • is neurotypical
  • has a neurological condition
  • is atheistic
  • is agnostic
  • is religious
  • is heterosexual
  • is homosexual
  • is bisexual
  • is pansexual
  • is asexual
  • is aromantic
  • is demisexual
  • is cis
  • is trans
  • has a vagina that she likes
  • has a penis that she likes
  • has a vagina that she hates
  • has a penis that she hates
  • has an intersex condition

…because she’s still a woman and none of these things will make me feel otherwise. Stop letting your personal preferences and tastes in women decide whether or not they are women, that’s not for you to decide.