So, we recently acquired a ton of cheap printing from VistaPrint. We wanted to advertise, just because, y'know, physical advertising feels like a step up from Facebook. :) Rather than totally make it about us, though (we’re hopefully not that arrogant), we decided to make a directory of our favorite news sites on Tumblr — because, hey, we’re all about the nudge, right? We plan to throw these up around coffee shops around DC over the weekend. If you want to mock our hard work, go for it.

OK, so there you go. Because we apparently have no life and want to keep our readers happy, we customized ourselves a mobile theme. We didn’t go too crazy – mostly just reworking the Tumblr iPhone theme to do cool stuff with numbers and blurbs – but since those formats make a lot of sense on a mobile phone, it’s certainly worth your reading time. (Note: We had a mobile theme for the old site that some of our older readers might remember – this is mostly different) We’ve only tried this on the iPhone: Let us know if you find bugs! :D

We DO have a spending problem.

NOT a revenue problem.

It’s common knowledge that no matter what the taxes are set at, the federal government will only have about 18% revenue. The reason tax revenue is so low today is because of the amount of people unemployed. One way to increase tax revenue is to make sure more people are paying taxes! How do we do this? Lower taxes.

You know who should pay for a women's study class?

People who want to take a women’s study class.

How much would such a class cost? It depends on supply and demand. Whatever the government thinks the price is, it’s probably wrong.

See my post on The Calculation Problem and Price Theory.

And as far as neightkelly’s mugging analogy, it’s similar to what I have said before:

[N]ot taxing [something] adds nothing to the debt. Only spending adds to the debt.

This logical fallacy is not unlike passing a wealthy, old lady on the street and asking yourself “How much would it add to my personal debt if I don’t take her purse right now?”

Shortformblog argues that taxation is not theft because ultimately the tax victim benefits from some of how that money is spent.

If someone put a gun to your head and took money from you, but then used a portion of your money to buy you something you didn’t want or need (overpaying for it along the way) - is that any less of a mugging? Even if it was something you were going to buy anyway, the mugger will overspend. The government is inherently inefficient - because of both bureaucratic excess and the aforementioned calculation/knowledge problem - and thus necessarily spends more than an individual would for everything. Not to mention that he threatened you with violence if you didn’t comply.

Government is force. Taxation is not voluntary.

Ipso facto, government is a bully and a mugger.

queencitysavior  asked:

This blog is a great example of new media that I share with my journalism students. Do you consider this blog a "legitimate" (for lack of a better word) journalism medium?

» SFB says: I think journalism is as legitimate as you make it. I admit I don’t have nearly the energy I did at this when I first started almost five (!) years ago, but I think that the reason it’s always been worth doing is because context and points of interest are essential.

I have a more-intensive job than I did when I started (and I’m getting married in a month—more on that later), so it’s tough to devote the time to SFB that I once did, but I think that the truth remains that journalism has to evolve its audience and reach the audience at their level.

That said, you have to be willing to keep evolving. Maybe Tumblr isn’t the end-all platform, much as I enjoy it. Maybe the future is a blog on Ghost. Maybe it’s a Rebelmouse-only site. And maybe the site takes a step away from news of the day to something else. But I think your students should be willing to pound away at whatever platform comes up and reach those people at their pace.

One more thing I’ll say: For my day job, when I interview people, the first thing I look for is social media and blogging experience. People should paint outside the lines. Because that’s where all the fun stuff happens. And if it’s done with the right intent, it’s legitimate. — Ernie @ SFB

shortformblog replied to your photo: OK, that’s what I thought, just trying to figure…

It’s all branding. Like, they could do everything else right and still screw it up because they replaced a good brand name with a positive consumer history with a terrible, unmemorable one.

I disagree- I think what Netflix is doing is offloading and unburdening itself from the doomed part of their business plan.  Could they have been better about the process?  Of course they could have, and the CEO knows it.  But was the future of Netflix going to be mailing DVDs in 2015?  I would hope not.  Qwikster is a pretty square name, but it’s also a convenient cover for Netflix to stop looking backwards and start looking forward.

I’m at Jon Stewart right now peeing myself from laughter, so my queue is posting this week’s Tuesday Tumblr Crushes. Ta-da!

  • brothers-blood: Dude, you’ve got three years of school left. If you’re not happy with your major, switch before it’s too late! I know it’s hard, but that’s what college is all about. I mean, it’s all about being hard. In more ways that one. This is embarrassing.
  • shortformblog: News stuff, follow them.
  • lonelystreet0fdreams: Don’t get hooked. That’s all I’m gonna say. Otherwise, I am extremely jealous of your video game making summer awesome time at UCLA. Send me whatever you come with! I’ll definitely beta test.
  • drinkdog: I still haven’t gotten around to unfollowing you, but there’s no rush.
  • ilovecharts: Charts.
  • heyveronica: In response to your last reply: You forgot that Anons also go Anon when they want to make a sexually charged comment toward a lady. New drinking game: Take a shot for every Anon telling someone you follow to show their boobs/sleep with them/etc. You’ll be dead before you get to page 5.
  • coaleksandr: Have you been listening to ICB lately? Because I haven’t and being on staff it’s sort of making me feel irresponsible.
  • inothernews: News with swearing, which is the best news.
  • soupsoup: News without swearing, which is still news.
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Roger, for his award-winning performance of his song sans clothes. My eyes! They burn!

Not on the list? Not right now, I’m watching Jon Stewart.


We all know about the emotions surrounding the new politics tag system on tumblr. We all know that Tumblr leans very heavily to the left, but we also know that the Popular tab of the politics directory is supposed to chosen by an algorithm.

whakahekeheke has made two graphics posts (other graphic) in the last few days in relation to Libertarianism with the tag #politics on them respectively. They have both garnered quite a bit of notes, one getting 305 notes and another getting upwards of 150 in a little over an hour.

Now, the last time I checked, 305 and 150 were greater than 125:

Now, 6 of the 10 most popular posts on tumblr’s politics tab are Left leaning. But, judging from the amount of notes on Whakahekeheke’s posts there should be two libertarian posts on it as well. And they’re not. In fact, one of his posts should be the most popular, and the other should be somewhere around the 7th most popular.

Is something wrong with tumblr's algorithm, or is their something more underhanded and sinister taking place?

Why our Google+ account got suspended by Google

rebeccatvo said: Wait, wait, wait. Why did they suspend your account??

» SFB says: Why was our account suspended? To put it simply, we were a brand, not a human being. And because they feel that the current format is not well-suited for brands, they want to basically hold them off from running accounts there. We made ours knowing it was a possibility, but as we’re a social brand, we felt it was worth the risk. And apparently our readers did too, because we had built up a lot of followers there in a short time. We disagree with Google’s handling of this (back in the day, Friendster did something similar and it hurt their long-term user base) — but on the other hand, they run the show and we just take part. Alas, it was not meant to be. Sorry guys. *uncontrollable sobbing* — Ernie @ SFB

Tumblr blog moves closer towards legitimacy with new intern

Yep, that’s us. We’re cool like that. Hello all! I’m Justin Jones, and I’m going into my sophomore year as a journalism major at the University of Florida. I’m interning with ShortFormBlog this summer, and I’m excited to learn a thing or two along the way. In my free time, I like to read news, argue politics and drink too much coffee with my friends at IHOP.  If you’re interested you can check out my personal tumblr and drop me a line.  source