Tumblr Uses Icon Font on Your Desktop Dashboard: 
Have you zoomed in on your Tumblr Dashboard lately from the desktop browser? Noticed how crisp the post buttons and sidebar icons are? Tumblr switched its icon display to use a 64-character font.

On the downside, the font icons occasionally devolve into hollow boxes. But cursoring over the icons or a browser refresh snaps them back.

Update — Note this helpful reply from shortformblog: “That box thing is an issue with the latest version of Chrome with all @font-face fonts. It’s fixed on the latest [Google Chrome] beta. I was actually surprised that it got out of the dev cycle.”

We DO have a spending problem.

NOT a revenue problem.

It’s common knowledge that no matter what the taxes are set at, the federal government will only have about 18% revenue. The reason tax revenue is so low today is because of the amount of people unemployed. One way to increase tax revenue is to make sure more people are paying taxes! How do we do this? Lower taxes.

You know who should pay for a women's study class?

People who want to take a women’s study class.

How much would such a class cost? It depends on supply and demand. Whatever the government thinks the price is, it’s probably wrong.

See my post on The Calculation Problem and Price Theory.

And as far as neightkelly’s mugging analogy, it’s similar to what I have said before:

[N]ot taxing [something] adds nothing to the debt. Only spending adds to the debt.

This logical fallacy is not unlike passing a wealthy, old lady on the street and asking yourself “How much would it add to my personal debt if I don’t take her purse right now?”

Shortformblog argues that taxation is not theft because ultimately the tax victim benefits from some of how that money is spent.

If someone put a gun to your head and took money from you, but then used a portion of your money to buy you something you didn’t want or need (overpaying for it along the way) - is that any less of a mugging? Even if it was something you were going to buy anyway, the mugger will overspend. The government is inherently inefficient - because of both bureaucratic excess and the aforementioned calculation/knowledge problem - and thus necessarily spends more than an individual would for everything. Not to mention that he threatened you with violence if you didn’t comply.

Government is force. Taxation is not voluntary.

Ipso facto, government is a bully and a mugger.


We all know about the emotions surrounding the new politics tag system on tumblr. We all know that Tumblr leans very heavily to the left, but we also know that the Popular tab of the politics directory is supposed to chosen by an algorithm.

whakahekeheke has made two graphics posts (other graphic) in the last few days in relation to Libertarianism with the tag #politics on them respectively. They have both garnered quite a bit of notes, one getting 305 notes and another getting upwards of 150 in a little over an hour.

Now, the last time I checked, 305 and 150 were greater than 125:

Now, 6 of the 10 most popular posts on tumblr’s politics tab are Left leaning. But, judging from the amount of notes on Whakahekeheke’s posts there should be two libertarian posts on it as well. And they’re not. In fact, one of his posts should be the most popular, and the other should be somewhere around the 7th most popular.

Is something wrong with tumblr's algorithm, or is their something more underhanded and sinister taking place?

ron paul, ron paul.
  • Shortformblog: “I think aid is all worthless. It doesn’t do any good to most of the people. You end up taking money from poor people in this country and it goes to rich people in other countries, gets used for weapons of war… the biggest threat to our country is our financial situation, and this is aggravating it.” — Ron Paul, answering a question initially posed to Herman Cain: whether he felt we could afford to continue foreign aid to Africa for things like AIDS, malaria, and the like. Worth noting: foreign aid presently makes up about 1% of the U.S. federal budget.
  • COES: Ron Paul was talking about the US financial situation with respect to both (paraphrase) endless military spending and endless foreign aid... you are misquoting and misrepresenting what he said, so that it appears as if he was talking solely about foreign aid.
  • Shortformblog: Point well taken on the military spending, Paul did indeed reference rampant war spending in the same passage, and we should have noted that as it’s quite relevant to his final point on financial stability. That said, we assure you we’re not aiming to misrepresent Ron Paul’s views. Since the question he was responding to (initially asked to Herman Cain) was explicitly about the U.S. foreign aid budget, and he voiced what we’d consider a fairly extreme view on that subject, we focused on that and cropped the non-aid related section. It can be hard to keep up with posting as the debates unfold in real time, and consequently we can have oversights sometime. Thanks for reading, and for being alert!
  • Thank you.

Can you explain to me how that comment by Ron Paul is part of an “isolationist streak” ? As far as I’m aware, isolationism refers to not making alliances or economic relationships with other countries, not refusing to make war with other countries. Wouldn’t ending the hostility with Cuba and opening back up dialogue and trade be the opposite of an isolationist streak? letthetruthlaugh

» SFB (Chris) says: When you got us, you got us. This live-blogging stuff sort of demands we play a little faster and looser than we normally would, but you’re absolutely right — isolationism by definition very heavily refers to conditions of economics, trade and diplomacy, and as such, the Cuban example would be the opposite. What we should’ve said is that Paul is both an ardent, “traditional” conservative, while being firmly opposed to foreign military intervention (at least, we haven’t heard him argue otherwise), which gives him some strange political bedfellows. Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

[This for those who need clarification.]

themagicalpurplemonkey replied to your postPaul/Not “controversial”. Relatively controversial…

it’s honestly not his fault people are too stupid to understand the difference between non-interventionist and isolationist. is that what you’re referring to? he might not have done it intentionally but he could have prevented most of them.