natgeo Video by @BrianSkerry.

A Shortfin Mako Shark attacks a mullet bait, towed by a fisherman in the waters of New Zealand. Makos are one of the fastest animals in the sea, capable of swimming at speeds of over 45 mph.
Sport fishermen frequently use a mullet bait - towed at speeds of nearly 10 knots - to try and catch marlin, but Mako Sharks often attack the bait instead.
Photographer Brian Skerry (@BrianSkerry) built a special tow camera and used a high-speed video system to capture this astounding behavior in slow motion.

I had some item digging to do for bios, so have a list of interesting items with canonical uses (or potential uses based on their canonical description) according to item descriptions:

Luminous Shortfin = Flashbang (light only)
Oasis Songbird = Leads dragons to water
Lesser Shallowshark = Probably reared by maren sharkhunters to hunt larger sharks
Pale smallmouth = Indicator species [water purity]
Withered Rose = Outhouse freshener
River Wiggler = Leech control
Lovebird = Scale cleaning
Dayglo Thresh = Magic indicator
Featherback Pelt = Bedding
Flamerest Embers = Flameless heating [baths, drinks, etc]
Glowing + Bioluminescent Tails = Lighting [lamps]
Fallout Streak Pinion - Lighting  [candle]
Carpenter Wax = Waterproofing

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anonymous asked:

Hello I love your art and love the new kiribaku kids. I did research on mako sharks and it said "The shortfin mako is on record as the fastest-swimming shark, capable of bursts of speed up to 18.8 metres per second (42 mph)." Its jaw is powerful enough to eat swordfish and sea turtles. And "Like other lamnid sharks, the shortfin mako shark has a heat-exchange circulatory system that allows the shark to be 7-10 °F warmer than the surrounding water. ". So I think mako would be an excellent hero

Never said she won’t be! As I’ve already explained tho the concept is that she’s young and most of he quirk-related abilities just haven’t developed yet - if she’d been living with her biological parents (which means, other people with a shark quirk) they would have already known what to expect from the quirk/she would have knows watching them, but as things stand she’s being raised by two people who’ve never known anyone else with that quirk, so they’re going at it completely blind. As far as Bakugou and Kirishima know her quirk’s abilities could stop at what she has now, but that doesn’t change that they’ll do their best to help her become the best hero of her generation, if that’s what she wants

Anon said: I can’t believe the KiriBaku kids are literally Sharkgirl and Lavaboy, it’s very cute. I also wanna say that Mako looks very much like one of the student from Ketsubutsu Academy, Nakagame Tatami, who has a “turtle quirk”. Could it be that Mako is Tatami’s biological kid and that when Tatami died (presumably from battle) Mako got adopted? Their quirks are a little similar (water-animal based), and hero’s kids usually have very strong quirks even from a young age. Just a theory, love the kids tho!

I know you didn’t mean anything bad by this and I love how into them you are (thank you for liking them!) but please never, ever tell an artist that their OCs are literally some other characters, that’s the worst thing any creator can ever be told. Like, while I don’t exactly mind it since I knew this would happen even before posting them (as I said, I do know they remind of them - even though Tai’s quirk isn’t only about heating things up - and I’m still of the opinion that Kiri and Baku are pretty damn similar to Sharkboy and Lavagirl themselves so kids inspired by them were bound to remind of them, when coming from me) you might in the future find someone who’ll take it bad enough that they’ll just trash the characters and never work with them ever again, which I’m sure you don’t want

Just, mind your words next time you send this sort of asks, okay?

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anonymous asked:

How about a request of mtmte rodimus during a mating cycle for the seaformers au? Liaison is a bit oblivious and asks if Roddy is feeling alright. (Bonus points if this leads to little Rodimus jr being born)

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Golly gosh I hope Rodimus Junior becomes a thing for this blog of mine. )

✦ Still learning the ropes of their new job, the liaison hadn’t been informed by the others in CROC that it was mating season for the Lost Light pod. Everyone thought everyone else had given the poor newbie the heads up for whats to come. None of them wanted to be the bearer of bad (and awkward) news for what to expect during a mate obsessed seaformer. The most the liaison understood is that everyone was sending them off to their funeral on the day they’re to make their monthly visit to the pod. Was Ultra Magnus in a poor mood or something…?

✦ It wasn’t that bad, they thought at the time. In fact it was downright pleasant with how nice everyone was acting towards them. The podmates were friendly to the liaison upon their arrival at the cay, doing their best to make them feel comfortable with offered drinks and sweets and presents. Some of the seaformers were a little too friendly - reaching out to card their claws against their hair or their back, brushing their tail against their waist if they went in the water to inspect maps or items - but they brushed it off. The Lost Light pod are notorious for being extreme when it came to physical affection. Either no physical affection or all the physical affection ever and it seems that today they’re feeling inclined to have all the pets and scritches.

✦ What tips them off to what’s happening is noticing how… well… aggressive Rodimus is being to the rest as the day goes on. He sticks to the liaison like glue while they’re going about their business and keeps the rest of his podmates at bay, hissing and glaring his gales in an intimidation tactic. When he begins to bump and rub against them in a display that the liaison knows is shameless even for Rodimus’ standards, they decide it’s best to drag the co-leader of the pod aside, somewhere quiet and away from prying eyes, and ask what the hell is going on.

✦ Which is how they learn that its mating season and they happen to enter the cay at the height of it. Oh. Oh. Ohhhh. Oh dear. They can’t help apologise to Rodimus and, through him, the rest of the pod for making a big mess of things. He tries to reassure them that it’s not their fault and he should have known better. They note how his fins, usually displayed with pride and confidence are flat against his face and frame when he realises they weren’t responding his courting methods because they liked him. They see how he’s not looking at them while he speaks, his tail wrapped tight around his frame and looking like he’ll like to jump in the water and hide for the rest of his life.

✦ …It would be a lie to say it wasn’t flattering to have Rodimus so enamoured at the thoughts of mating with them. He was a stunning mershark, his breed bearing similarities to a shortfin mako while they can tell his breathtaking fins and flame-like patterns took cues of the betta fish. Not only that but he’s earnest and sincere, giving all he’s got no matter what is thrown at him and doing his best to act confident and certain for the sake of his pod. They reach out and caress his cheek, biting down on their lip to smother a giggle at his confused and hopeful voice expression. Maybe, they tell him in a quiet voice, maybe when they’re on vacation and are not this pod’s liaison they could… you know… see where this goes. Never hurt to try anything once, right?

✦ ( Rodimus loves to tell this story to Rodimus Junior in the far flung future, explaining this is how he and their pup’s carrier began the process of falling in love which would lead to their awesome union. The director of CROC won’t argue with their mate at this time, content to let him tell the story his way while he grooms their peeping pup and sneaks a kiss to their cheek every now and then. )

some of my mutuals as sharks

@samipapi - i see sara as a great white shark because no one can fuck with her. she has no known natural predators. also she may be the one who “bites” the most in the rami fandom but at the end of the day she’s not really interested

@lucifersass - chee is a frilled shark because they capture their prey like a snake and it looks like what a merdick would probably look like. they are also called lizard sharks sometimes and i feel like you would appreciate that

@samiisbetter  - I think silky shark is a good choice for amanda and i’m just gonna straight up copy and paste this “When approaching something of interest, it may seem inattentive…However, it can respond with startling swifness to any shift in its immediate surroundings.” if you know amanda, you know she is very understanding until someone gets mean.

@ramimalekeyes - kay has got to be a zebra shark because he is pretty much nocturnal, he is very kind, and he looks really cool. i’ve only seen one tiny little picture of kay, but i’m 100% sure he looks cool

@ramimalekspuke - we all know our friend stephanie loves bodily fluids so when i read this: “Iglookil Inuit believe that the shark lives within Sedna’s urine pot, and consequently its flesh has a urine-like smell, and acts as a helping spirit to shamans.” i knew they had to be a greenland shark. but not just because of the urine. i also see stephanie as a helping spirit to all of their friends!

@what-the-goat-dragged-in - i would like to think marisa would be the type of shark to fuck with fisher’s nets and steal from fisher’s lines so i say she’s a porbeagle shark- known for being playful

@raminified - ooze is a shortfin mako because he is so fast. like so fast. and he can probably fuck you up before you even notice he’s there