I had some item digging to do for bios, so have a list of interesting items with canonical uses (or potential uses based on their canonical description) according to item descriptions:

Luminous Shortfin = Flashbang (light only)
Oasis Songbird = Leads dragons to water
Lesser Shallowshark = Probably reared by maren sharkhunters to hunt larger sharks
Pale smallmouth = Indicator species [water purity]
Withered Rose = Outhouse freshener
River Wiggler = Leech control
Lovebird = Scale cleaning
Dayglo Thresh = Magic indicator
Featherback Pelt = Bedding
Flamerest Embers = Flameless heating [baths, drinks, etc]
Glowing + Bioluminescent Tails = Lighting [lamps]
Fallout Streak Pinion - Lighting  [candle]
Carpenter Wax = Waterproofing

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👏how👏bout👏some👏angsty-ass jeffersonxburr headcanons

  • Burr is trying really hard to get Thomas ‘s attention
  • He’s working 3x as hard, being there whenever Thomas needs him and yet he falls short
  • Finally he tries to run against Thomas and prove to him he’s an equal and what happens? 
  • Alexander steps in and without even trying Thomas sees him as his rival. Someone he is equaled squared off against
  • Burr finally breaks his quiet and confronts Thomas “I am RIGHT here, Thomas. I traded away friends and a whole bunch of things to prove I’m worth your time and you see right through me. Like everyone matters so much more than I do”
  • Thomas is dumbfounded he didn’t think Burr felt like this before Thomas can get a word in to explain himself or apologize Burr slowly turns and starts packing up
  • “I’m done waiting Thomas” Jefferson has never heard those words from Burr
Little “Mermaid”

Summary: “Once upon a time, there lived a little mermaid princess deep under the sea. The little mermaid was dissatisfied with the life in the sea. She longed for a life in the surface—to walk side by side with human and fiddling with their unique inventions…” That’s what the human version says…but what of the merpeople’s version?

Pairing:  Dimensionshipping: Yuto x Yuri x Yugo x Yuya    

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Yaoi

Rating: 18+

Author: Canna / Yellow Canna

Status: Complete (One shot)

Once upon a time, there lived a little mermaid princess deep under the sea. The little mermaid was dissatisfied with the life in the sea. She longed for a life in the surface—to walk side by side with human and fiddling with their unique inventions.

During her regular visits to the surface despite the warning from her father, she met and fell in love with a man. As fate would have it, that man was no ordinary human. He was a prince.

After saving the prince from the shipwreck, the little mermaid left just as he wakes—leaving him with only a beautiful song. Needing to see the prince once more, she headed into the darker waters where no mermaids or mermen dared to venture.

There, she met the banished witch who agreed to give her a pair of legs in exchange for her lovely voice. However, the gift came with a condition. Within three days, the mermaid princess must receive the “kiss of true love” or the transformation will be undone and her body will belong to the witch…


A blood curling scream echoed as clams slammed their shells shut and nearby moray eels retreated back into the safety of their den. Even a pod of killer whales could be seen fleeing as another scream swept through the dark water.

Some crabs peeked out from the curtain of seaweed, their eyes twitching at the cave lit in dim, greenish light. One tried to crawl forward for a closer look, but quickly darted back into its hiding place when a silhouette of a slender figure swam by the window, dragging along a lean pinkish tail with lavender stripes.

“Hmm~” The being weaves through the water, causing the long and soft looking fins growing from the side of his hips to flutter out like wings. If angels exist underwater, surely this being would be the embodiment of it.

Pale fingers poked at the countless bottles sitting on the shelves, tipping them over as mulberry coloured eyes skimmed through the label.

“Found it.” The fingers gripping onto the bottle loosened, letting it sink towards the ground before long elegant fins slashed across the water. The current pushed the bottle through the water, across the cave and into the waiting hand of the angel’s companion.

When the glowing green orbs—source of the lighting—rotated, some of the shadows were peeled away, revealing a lean blue tail with faint golden strip running down the side. Unlike the tail of the angel, this one was built strong with firm muscles visible through the thick layer of protective skin.

“Let see?” Turquoise eyes scanned over the label on the bottle as the blue and gold tail waved back and forth restlessly. “Looks like it. What do you think?”

The bottle was passed over into a tanner hand with black strips around the side of the wrist. When steel grey eyes finished examining the object, they flickered up to the purple ball on the ground.

“Don’t have anything to do with it huh?” Turquoise eyes narrowed dangerously. That was the only warning before the long, blue and golden tail cracked down like a whip, slapping the figure hard as form of the ball was destroyed. Countless purple tentacles scattered apart, revealing the face of the merman for only half a second before the creature went SPLAT against the wall.

“You fucking liar!” The merman howled as he appeared on the other side of the cave in a blur. The gills on his external oblique were wide open, spitting out the water that he was practically gulping down in his rage. He wrapped his clawed hand around the octopus merman’s throat and lifted the other with ease. “You turned him into a human!”

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