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Shortest Story Ever Told

It is said that the shortest story ever told was written by the then young Ernest Hemingway, who said he could write a complete story in only six words! His colleagues disagreed, and each bet 10$ against the claim.

Hemingway wrote down the words on a napkin
and passed it around. Everyone agreed that he won the bet.

Here is the shortest story ever told:

For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

stardustandsilverbridges  asked:

Ah here's another one from me, I hope you dont mind-- there's a custom in Japan where when a male senior graduates from high school, they can choose to give the second button of their school jacket to a junior if they so wish or if they're asked. So with that, how would Haruka, Makoto, Rin and Sousuke give their button to their crush?

(Oh my gosh, I had to look up a little more about this tradition, and it is so freaking cute!)

Haruka: Their lunch period was the first chance that he had to track them down. He knew that they typically ate in their classroom with their friends, and while that made this slightly more embarrassing, it wasn’t enough to stop him. He’d already removed his second button and had it firmly in one hand as he stood in their classroom’s doorway looking for them. When he finally found them sitting at a small grouping of desks with three other people, he strode forward before he had the chance to think of a reason not to do this. The group of friends fell quiet as he approached them and came to a stop beside his crush’s seat. Without a word, he placed the button next to their bento on the desk’s surface and watched them for some sort of response. They seemed surprised at first, looking between him and the small token, but after a few seconds a light blush bloomed across their cheeks causing their friend’s to laugh. He was still waiting to see if they would accept the symbol of his affection, and when their hand slowly reached out to pick up the bit of plastic, he couldn’t help the small smile that worked its way onto his face. This, of course, only caused his crush’s face to go from pink to red as their friends cooed and teased once more.

Makoto: He’d managed to make it through the day without anyone asking him for his button. Nagisa had told him that it was a miracle since there was apparently a group of about three or four girls that had been looking for him. But even though no one had requested it, he hadn’t seen the one person that he actually wanted to ask for it. The day ended without him seeing them once, and he could feel his heart fall a little. He sighed as he made his way towards the club room where the team planned to have a small end-of-the-year party. He’d even waited around the shoe lockers a little longer than usual hoping to catch them. Honestly, he knew that he was moping, but he couldn’t help it. This would likely be his last chance to let them know that he liked them! He was just starting up the walkway that lead to the pool when he looked up and, lo and behold, there was his crush sitting on the steps that lead up to the pool; one leg bouncing, fingers tapping, and just generally looking nervous. They finally noticed him as he got a little closer, and they immediately stood up while brushing off their clothes. Meeting him halfway, they took a breath before starting a small ramble on how they’d been looking for him with little luck and how they really, really had something that they wanted to ask him. Even thought he thought that it was adorable, he thought it was best to put both of their nerves at ease. With a little fiddling, he was finally able to remove his button before holding it out to them. “This is what you wanted to ask for, right?” Their nervous words stopped at his question before they nodded. Reaching for their hand, he placed the button in their palm and watched their fingers close around it. He was still holding their hand, each of them smiling at the other, when a whistle came from the direction of the pool. There was the rest of the team with Nagisa and Gou cheering for him. Cheeks stained red, he was about to apologize to this crush for the embarrassment, but when he heard them laugh instead, he found it infectious and joined them. 

Rin: After receiving several requests for his button, he finally just had to take the thing off and put it in his pocket. He hated having to turn people down when they looked so hopeful, but he already had someone that he wanted to give it to. He just had to find them. It took a little searching, but when he finally saw them, he waved to flag them down. They smiled when they saw him, and it made his heart skip a beat. But it didn’t go unnoticed by him when they glanced down at his uniform and their smile faltered. They jokingly asked if someone had already gotten his button, and he blushed as he reached into his pocket and ran his thumb over the smooth disk. “Not exactly, well, not yet,” he told them before holding out his hand and presenting the button to them. “People wouldn’t quit asking, but I already knew who I wanted to give it to.”

Sousuke: He never really got this tradition in the first place. The second button was supposed to be the one closest to the heart, right? What about on uniforms that used blazers? Then it’s not anywhere near the heart. He really hadn’t planned on participating. That is, he hadn’t until he saw his crush get buttons from more than a few other guys. Each time they’d gotten a button, he watched their reaction. They had politely accepted the button without saying anything about returning the boy’s affection, and once the guy left they just looked very awkward about what to do with a button that didn’t seem to mean much to them. Part of him wanted to offer up his own button, but he didn’t want to be just another guy who got the brush-off. He flip-flopped between doing it and not for most of the day as he watched them quietly and weighed possibility of acceptance against the risk of rejection. Though he was pushed closer and closer towards doing it as another couple of guys offered up their buttons. Not that he was jealous or anything. No, not at all. He was just about to start removing the button from his jacket when he heard someone call his name. Looking up, he saw his crush approaching him with a nervous smile. “I was wondering,” they began. “Well, if you haven’t given it to anyone yet, I wanted to ask if I could have your button?” Inwardly, a little voice was very smugly telling him that they hadn’t wanted anyone else’s button because they’d actually wanted his. Outwardly, however, he easily popped the threads holding the button to his jacket before handing it over with a smile that he hoped didn’t seem too eager. Though his button wasn’t free. He did manage to work out a trade; a button for a date.