Thank you axnsi-girlwithlottafandom! I saw you tagged me in this AU yesterday, so it was the first thing I did when I woke up! I did this before all of my other requests because it was a short, simple prompt. 

It’s so short that I think it’s my shortest ever haha. But enjoy! I hope I did this alright! It’s not my best, but it was still entertaining to write in bed.

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is dino rly the shortest member??????

Woozi is the shortest. Our profiles are outdated because Pledis hasn’t given us an updated one yet but i would say Dino is around 168-172 cm now. 

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5 hours is like the shortest work shift ever, quit bitching. Try getting a big girl job and working 12 hours shifts, 6 days a week.

It’s an active job and my fitbit says I walked 5 miles for my shift last night. That was the point I was making. I need food for the energy. Thank you

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What are your headcanon heights for the Nordics?~ (It's okay to ask this right? Also sorry if it's already been asked >.<)

oh goodness, yes of course it’s okay! (and no one’s asked this before, so it’s all good~)

  • Sweden- Headcanon height:  6′ 4″ (193.04 cm i think)

i know he’s about 5′ 11″ in canon, but i really just can’t see him anything less than 6′

  • Denmark- Headcanon height: 6′ 0′ (182 cm i think)

i’m not sure if he has an official height or not, i couldn’t find it anywhere if he does. i like to think that he’s really touchy about being shorter than Sweden and is jealous of the other’s height.

  • Norway- Headcanon height: 5′ 10″ (177.8 cm i think)

again, i couldn’t find an official height for him. He’s the shortest of the viking trio, it used to bother him a little when they were younger but he doesn’t really care about it now.

  • Iceland- Headcanon height: 5′ 8″ (172 cm i think)

Ice doesn’t have an official height, either. i like to think that he’s been hoping for some sort of growth spurt for years so he’ll at least be as tall as his big brother, but he’s sort of given up on it at this point.

  • Finland- Headcanon height: 5′ 7.5″ (about 171 cm i think)

his canon height is 5′ 7″, but i like to think of him as just a little taller so he’s just a half inch shorter than Iceland. Sometimes he wishes he was taller, but he’s generally pretty happy with his height.

(i apologize if any of the cm measurements are incorrect!)

Comparative Height Chart (Ordinary Heroes)

Some people have asked me how tall everyone ends up in Ordinary Heroes. Although I don’t have exact heights listed down, I can give you a rough idea of how the characters compare to each other. The following heights are for when the kids have completely finished growing (i.e., when they are adults):

  • Diana is roughly the same height as Fang (~175 cm)
  • Averia is roughly the same height as Lightning (~171 cm)
  • Claire is several inches taller than Diana and is the tallest female character in the family (~183 cm)

The average American woman stands ~164 cm tall, so Diana, Averia, and Claire are all above average in height. This isn’t surprising, given that Lightning and Fang are both tall women. The big surprise is Claire. Serah is not particularly tall, but Snow is gigantic. Claire’s height is definitely something she inherited from her father. Although Averia will never admit it, it aggravates her that she ends up being the shortest. It doesn’t help that Diana reminds her of that whenever she has the chance.

If we look at the other kids, here are their rough heights once they’re grown up (i.e., are adults):

  • Ice is a tad shorter than Snow (~198 cm)
  • Alyssa is shorter than Claire but still much taller than Serah (~180 cm)
  • Raine is slightly taller than Vanille (~163 cm)
  • Peter is roughly the same size as Hope (~180 cm)
  • Nathaniel is slightly shorter than Hope (~178 cm)
  • Fraise is shorter than Vanille (~159 cm)

The Villiers children all take after their father. All of them are tall although not even Ice is quite as tall as Snow is. Serah is thus stuck in a house full of tall people as the only short person. Interestingly enough, all three of the Villiers children are also taller than Diana and Averia. That does not stop Averia from bossing them around or Diana from trying to turn everybody younger than her into her minion.

The Dia-Estheim children vary. The boys end up roughly the same height as Hope while Raine ends up slightly taller than Vanille. The stand out here is Fraise, who is by far the shortest of the kids in the entire extended family. This may explain why many of the people in her extended family are immediately protective of her. She starts off just about as small as Diana, but she never gets particularly large.

As an aside, we can also include Taren (the son of Lightning and Fang that appears in a relatively small number of AU snippets):

  • Taren is reasonably tall for a man and ends up being the tallest person in his family (~183 cm)

In a height contest, the clear winners are the Villiers (and this is even with Serah dragging the average down) followed by the Yun-Farrons and then the Dia-Estheims.

Despite not being the biggest, Averia is nevertheless the unquestioned tyrannical ruler of the second generation. This is largely due to the fact that she possesses a truly terrifying glare and, as Diana puts it, is a master of unleashing pointy death upon her enemies. Averia is the one who takes after Lightning the most, and it shows.

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(1/2) Someone recently wrote about being a tall girl in theater, so I want to share a story about being short in theater. I'm just under five feet tall, and because I am in a very small theater company where roles are not really given out based on appearance, it hasn't really mattered (although I am a bit nervous what will happen once I get to college/the real world. Although there are always heels). However, my small, private Jewish high school decided to put on A Chorus Line when I was a

(2/2 ) freshman and I was cast as Bebe. But then, right before the first rehearsal, the girl playing Connie quit. So, at the rehearsal, the director had all of the girls stand up to compare our heights. And I was the shortest, so I was automatically recast as Connie (even though I have red hair and don’t look at all Asian-Jewish schools don’t have many Asians). I’m curious though: are there ever problems for short women in the real theater world (for people other than Kristen Chenoweth)?

Here’s a post where I discuss this a bit!

"Burn for You"

I embrace clouds
Allow falling rain…
Soak my skin
Make me feel alive…again
I ride on orange tinged
Horizons of crimson sun
Burn for you…my honey-colored one
Never will I forget…
Perfectly flanked symmetry
Of your illusive sunset silhouette
Beauty formed in shadows
Where winds of love…blow
Truth upon a tapestry of stars
Enlightened skies dazzle my eyes..
I float upon your illuminated moon
Glide me through your
Longest days…
Shortest nights of June
Perform your magic
Like a hat trick
I’ll be the white rabbit
You pull-out

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