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∙ “I assure you, that if Darcy were not such a great tall fellow, in comparison with myself, I should not pay him half so much deference. I declare I do not know a more awful object than Darcy, on particular occasions, and in particular places; at his own house especially, and of a Sunday evening, when he has nothing to do.”  Mr. Darcy smiled

pride & prejudice | chapter x


Detail shots of one of the few larger Forget Me Not pendants I made. I really like the way this one came out.

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Better than Mark. Shorter than Mark. Better than Sean. Shorter than Sean. Better than Felix. Shorter than Felix. Better than Tyler. Shorter than Tyler. Ethan. Ethan all the way.


Worthless Worries

Request: “i’’m in love with your bloggg!! if they’re open, could i request a fluffy newt x reader where the reader is jealous at tina with how close she’s gotten with newt recently and newt finds it adorable? does that make sense?? probably not…”

Word Count: 1,185

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics ​and wonderful encouragement friend @red-roses-and-stories

Newt Scamander almost never felt jealous himself, not since he grew up with the perfect brother that, Newt had to admit, earned every accolade he was given. Jealousy also requires a certain amount of selfishness: an amount Newt rarely possessed. He was often content to celebrate with his loved ones rather than waste energy envying them.

Though he rarely felt it, Newt could still spot a jealous person. He’d found Theseus’s third girlfriend insufferable because of the glares she’d sent Leta when the four had shared supper in the Hogwarts courtyard his third year. Now, though, as he listens to you grumble something about Tina and two tiny wrinkles appear between your eyebrows, he finds it unceasingly amusing and, quite frankly, though he would never admit it to you, rather adorable.

Newt first noticed your irritation at breakfast early one Tuesday morning after telling Tina a joke he’d heard. He’d turned to grab the syrup from near your elbow and saw you scowling at your stack of pancakes.

“Everything all right, love?” He’d murmured, resting a hand on your thigh.

You’d jerked your head up, wiping away the frown and replacing it with a smile he knew was fake. “Everything’s great. Just great.”

He’d raised an eyebrow but not pushed the subject when everyone turned to look at you.

Three days later, on a sunny Friday afternoon, he’d noticed it again in your glare when you’d walked into the living room and seen him and Tina hunched over sketches, talking animatedly with one another.

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Hey hey can we see some of your art from wayyyy back then????? THANKSS

i had to dig deep for this LOL these are from 2004

i want to do the improvement meme thing but i don’t have a lot of colored stuff back in the beginning. Also… looking at my old art is such a cringe fest i refuse to relive those days HAHAHAHAH CRY

Student Council Prez [3]

Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4 
Words: 2085
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

“-therefore the soldiers began putting a bucket of water near the machine gun and it wasn’t until 1942 that th-”

Yoongi holds in a yawn, eyes trailing outside until a sudden bang jolts him out of his drowsy daze. He turns to the source of the sound, a girl who just slammed the door open and the teacher frozen at the front of the classroom. He turns back to look outside but then does a quick double take when he realizes that girl is you.

“What ar-” Before he can string words together, you’ve stormed up to his desk and slammed a hand down.

“Listen. I can’t join you after school today.”

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Lily, take harry and go! It’s him! Go! Run! I’ll hold him off!’

  • Lily Potter took one last look at those hazel eyes and crooked glasses. And then she ran.
  • Holding her child in her arms she ran.
  • And she heard a thump behind her, like a bag of rocks being dropped onto the floor.
  • But she knew it wasn’t rocks.
  • Still she ran, clutching her child in her arms. 
  • ‘Harry you are so loved.’ ‘Harry dada loves you, mumma loves you.’ ‘Harry be safe. Be strong.’
  • She knew she wasn’t meant to survive, she could live with that. But she would be damned if they would get her baby. His baby.
  • And she got to the stairs. She should go up, go high to get away.
  • ‘No Lils.’
  • It was like a voice in her head. His voice. And she stopped.
  • ‘Keep going. Get out. Go far. Apparate.’
  • Lily Potter never listened to her husbands advice.
  • Except once.
  • So she kept running.
  • ‘Avada kedavr-’
  • ‘No!’
  • She wrapped herself tighter around Harry. No. he couldn’t have him. Not Harry.
  • She felt like she had been punched. She stumbled. But that was it. 
  • Then she heard a bang. Like an explosion behind her.
  • Lily didn’t remember much after that. In fact for a few minutes she didn’t remember anything. She just saw that smile and she kept going. For him. And for Harry.
  • She turned on the spot. Before she apparated she caught one last glimpse of the life she had lead. Of where they had lived together. Of him. 
  • But there was fire. and dust. And everything was wrong.
  • And then it was gone.
  • And she screamed.
  • because she had loved him more than anything. More than she loved herself. More than she thought a person was capable of loving. She would have done anything for him. Sacrificed anything. 
  • But in the end it was him who had paid the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Days went past.
  • People celebrated and cheered. Finally it was over. The curse had rebounded from the loving mother. People were safe.
  • But Lily Potter had lost her husband.
  • And Remus had lost his best friend.
  • And Sirius had lost his brother.
  • And for those few days they didn’t know what to do.
  • Sirius had tried to go after Peter, but Lily had stopped him. She had shouted and cried. He didn’t deserve it, she said. Let the aurors find him. Sirius needed to be here with Harry.
  • Harry
  • He was what kept them going. Always. His smile. His cry. His tufts of hair that stuck up all the wrong way.
  • It was all him.
  • This is what he died for, Lily would think. This is who it was all for.
  • And she knew it was worth it.
  • Because Harry was everything. He was their child. 
  • He was living proof that James Potter had lived, loved and been loved. 
  • He was all James had and had needed. He was all Lily needed to.
  • Because with Harry she saw James, and the life they had shared and the passion she had loved him with.
  • She saw her husband.
  • And she never forgot how important his sacrifice was.
  • ‘I’ll do it James.’ she whispered. ‘I’ll make it all worth it. I’ll make you proud, just like you did to me every day.’
jungkook; morning kiss(es)

❝there’s no such thing as singular in jungkook’s book of kisses. only plural.
►1870 words // scenario
♡ this is for @cno-inbminor​ bc we reached our 200th day snapstreaksary (it’s a word i swear) and this is a little overdue but here it is i tried my best and it’s short but i LOVE YOU KAREN

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

Jungkook was a person who could be satisfied (and happy) with the littlest of things in life or, could find significance in anything he came across with. 

One, you (not to be taken literally but hey, he does use the benefit of being taller and you know when you’re shorter you have a better aim at his di-). Two, discounted prices on set meals he wants to eat. Three, finding a dollar lying on the floor and claiming it as his even though he knows damn well it fell from your purse but finders keepers losers weepers. Four, Jimin and Taehyung messing with Hoseok, only got get a beating after and his devil ass is watching from the side the whole time. And last but not least, sleeping until the sun breaks through the window and rakes his ass awake.

He was a heavy sleeper and that, ladies and gentlemen, was not a surprising thing at all. God no. Almost everyone around him had experienced troubles waking him up at least once (thrice) in their lifetime. As quoted from none other than Kim Seokjin and editing from Kim Namjoon: “That boy can sleep until the world burns down and he’ll wake up being alone.” (end scene)

It was all about getting used to, in your opinion. You’d gauge around the time he’d wake up and plan your day on from there. See, if you can’t change the boy’s habit, change the way you work things around. Simple. (unless you’re living with six other guys who gives no shit with your sleeping habits then kudos to you, good luck chap, better luck next life)

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HI! I'm the one who sent you the req about Prompto getting married and hoo bOY I LOVE IT THANK YOU SO MUCH A GFSHDJ Now can I request Ignis getting married??? ;v; Thank you so much aaaa-

hello again, anon! I loved your Prompto request (it’s actually one of my favorite things I’ve written recently). thanks for sending one in for Ignis – I hope you like it! 

I did marriage headcanons for Ignis a little while ago, too, if you haven’t already checked them out :)

(also I totally forgot about ffxv week, so I tried to throw the theme for day one in here (frozen in time). hope that’s all good)

word count: 802 (fluff)

Fingertips whispered across bare skin, branding unspoken words of love across your cheekbones. A breeze floated through open panelled windows, pulling the music of dawn in and stringing it through your home. He gazed at you, basking in the morning sun, blissfully unaware of the new day it brought as you continued to sleep. His eyes, soft and calculating, counted your eyelashes. They traveled to the bridge of your nose, found a niche in your forehead. He explored every bit of you – was lost in you – became entangled in your hair.

Then he retreated, eyeing the clock on your nightstand, willing the seconds to stop ticking away.

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Cities should be studied as evolutionary hotspots, says biologist
Animals and birds evolve more quickly in urban environments than in remote habitats, Cheltenham science festival is told
By Hannah Devlin

Foxes loitering around rubbish bins and pigeons roosting in train stations: urban animals are widely regarded as the dregs of the natural world.

However, according to biologist Simon Watt, cities represent some of the world’s hotspots for evolution and behavioural adaptation. Speaking at the Cheltenham science festival, Watt, who is founder of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, said: “The ice caps are melting, the rainforest is shrinking, the one environment that is growing is cities. If we’re going to look for evolutionary shifts right now in our world, the place to look is cities.”

In his talk, Watt cited a host of examples of how the urban environment is prompting new genetic shifts and unexpected behaviours. A proportion of black cap warblers, which used to migrate to Morocco or southern Spain, have shifted their route to Britain where urban heat islands and garden bird feeders allow them to survive at more northerly latitudes than was previously possible.

“The ones that come to Britain are starting to get shorter wings – better for manoeuvrability, worse for long flights – and longer beaks, which are better to get through the wee bars of garden bird feeders, although worse for things like fruits and berries.”

Birds in cities often sing at a higher pitch, perhaps to be better heard against higher levels of background noise. Photograph: Sue Tranter RSPB Images/PA Wire

One of the prompts (by anon) I got was something sweet between Jay and Justice, and here is a quick one from after Kirkwall when I imagine Anders and Justice have started to learn to work through their situation in a healthier way for the both to them? Imagine Jay just hugging Anders and reading a letter over his shoulder, and the news is GOOD, and Justice steps forward because he wants to react to this or ask something idk. Jay looks up when his boyfriend starts glowing and the kind of ‘being close to Justice feel’ washes over because he’s surprised, but immediately props his chin back on it again when Justice doesn’t step away from the hug.

Hugs for the glowy part of the family is rarer, I think, so Jay is more than happy to get to give those whenever he has the chance. ^u^