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Sneak peek to my first anamatic I’ve been working on. Kinda nervous about making one of these but i was inspired by amazing creators like @galactibun and @gyerangyeran thank you so much for everything These were my favorite to draw


I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me // fall out boy

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jon bellion - guillotine is always a go to for my shance feels.

You guys are sending in such good music?? I think I especially like this one for a shance song tbh. Either way, I’m getting good music recs lmao

gonna do one more after this one and then i’m gonna sleep bc i have company tomorrow and i honestly didn’t expect ppl to reply? but if you wanna send more, feel free to! this is so fun and I don’t think my inspiration for writing has ever been higher. 

Send me a song (and au if you want!) and I’ll write you a short shance fic.

The secrets you tell me I’ll take to my grave
There’s bones in my closet, but you hang stuff anyway
And if you have nightmares, we’ll dance on the bed
I know that you love me, love me
Even when I lose my head
Guillotine, guillotine
Even when I lose my head
Guillotine, guillotine
Even when I lose my head

Sometimes, often actually, Shiro will look over and just be hit with the thought, completely with fondness and pure happiness, I don’t deserve him

Today, like every morning after a particularly bad night, Lance is up, in the kitchen, and cooking breakfast. He always says he plans to bring it back to the bedroom so Shiro can eat it in bed, not have to get up, but like every morning before, Shiro wakes up to and is drawn out by Lance’s singing. 

The songs tend to be pretty unpredictable and are just whatever Lance is in the mood for. Sometimes he’ll dance to the radio’s top hits and sing into the spatula, other times he’s swaying his hips (god, does Shiro love to watch that) in front of the stove to some cheesy love song he lies about having downloaded on his phone. Occasionally, he’s still and instead quiet as he sings one of his mother’s lullabies, while some days he’ll tap the counters in some off-beat rhythm about wordless-songs that Shiro is pretty sure come from video games. Off-beat or not, they’re a little too together to be something completely from Lance’s imagination.

Shiro quite honestly loves it.

“What are you doing up already?” Lance asks like he always does, not even jumping, when he finally catches Shiro in the corner of his eye. He’s been leaning against the wall, just watching with a smile beginning to bloom on his face.

Shiro does his part too and shrugs. “Thin walls.”

“Mm,” Lance hums and there’s a smug grin on his face that tells Shiro he’s having some thoughts that are a little too put-together for just waking up. “Surprised we still have any neighbors.”

Shiro would be lying if he said he’s never thought that himself. 

Shrugging again, he comes closer, raising his arm to wrap around Lance’s waist as he presses kisses into his neck, starting with gentle ones and delving into wet, open-mouthed ones, and doesn’t even bother to hide his grin when Lance shivers. “If you weren’t cooking…”

“You’d get rid of the last of ‘em?”

Hm. Maybe. He glances at the food and - maybe if it wasn’t french toast. Scaring off the neighbors can wait. “Something like that.”

The House of the Rising Sun
The Animals
The House of the Rising Sun


The House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals

Legend has it that 50 years ago today The Animals recorded their legendary cover of the English folk piece “The House of the Rising Sun”

A note on the album. I believe on The Animals’s American debut album (shown above) the song is shorter. I’m posting the long version which was introduced in later compilation albums

After 5 years we still cant shut up about the 10 minute version of all too well which didn’t even exist taylor just wrote a long ass draft and she had to make it a shorter more coherent song and she probably rewrote it all lol it is never recorded and we won’t ever get it I’m sorry but the tea must be spilled

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all the spark to set this place on fire - [sansa x theon]

for the lovely @chochxng who requested a modern theonsa drabble as her guessing game prize! i hope you like it

“C’mon, Sansa, it’s your turn,” Jeyne urged, pushing her towards the bottle in the middle of the circle. Sansa giggled nervously and reached for it, watching as it went in circles and started to slow down. Anticipation rose in her chest and she kept her eyes focused on the bottle until it came to a stop. She looked up into the face of who it was pointing at and he gave her one of his half-drunk smirks. It was just her fucking luck that of all the people playing she would get Theon Greyjoy. 

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WELL. Here it is. One of… the three Shallura amvs I’m randomly making with some of the manips I’ve done. Honestly, this one kind of just showcases the edits I’ve made and isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as I’d hope for it to be. I had to end up cutting the song at points just to finish the damn thing, because my will to continue working on it is nonexistent now. lmao. I should probably stick to shorter videos. 

This song doesn’t scream Shallura to me, but I just happened to be listening to the new Gorillaz album at the time I started this. It’s what sparked some of the edits, like the fireworks gif. So, whoops. But I hope you guys enjoy it anyway!! <3 

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okay, this may be a random and not necessary mean anything, but here is what kind of thought struck me today regarding the mixtape, next season and the possible endgame for deancas: the mixtape was labelled "dean's top 13 zepp traxx", right? but isn't it a bit uncommon to make top list of 13 songs? I mean, usually you pick a number which is divided by 5 (5,10,15 etc). Could this be writers hinting to us again that something meaningful between dean and cas is gonna happen the next,13th, season?

So I reblogged this post the other day by @margarittet because it was such a brilliant piece of meta on this that I feel like I don’t need to say anything more. 

That meta post touched on what you are talking about above, because 13 probably isn’t a coincidence and the writers most likely didn’t do the maths on how many Led Zeppelin songs an average cassette tape could actually hold, though for the hell of it I am gonna give it a go. Because why not.

Basically a cassette tape can hold around 45 minutes of song time on it. That averages out to around 11 - 15 songs of the average modern day song length of 3-4 minutes long.

Led Zeppelin songs on average are longer than that, at least 6 minutes long, though some pass the 10 minute mark on their own. It would have made far more sense to pick a top ten for LZ as logically, the only way to fit 13 LZ songs on a standard cassette tape would be if you were only picking the shorter songs, which means you’re skipping some of the best (which Dean totally wouldn’t do). Sure we can imagine Dean went and bought the fancy new cassette tapes with far more space on them, but Dean has always been pretty old school about these things and I just can’t see him going for all that modern stuff. If he was gonna do that, he could have made Cas a CD instead, or a playlist on an Ipod.

Whilst I doubt the writers sat down and worked out song timings and cassette length, the number 13 does make little sense in general and as you say, a top 10 would be far more obvious. So yes. Basically my point is that the number 13 was not pulled out of thin air. It was significant. Just like every single other thing in that entire scene was extremely significant. The whole moment was a spectacular display of storytelling, script writing, editing, production design, everything. It was bloody genius.

Just like the fact that Dean spelt ‘Track’s’ with 2 ‘XX’s to give the double meaning of kisses, the number 13 was part of the message. 13 is an important number. 13 is where we are headed. 13 songs, 13 seasons, and two guys who have been dealing with their unspoken feelings for each other for far too long. 

Unlucky for some? But not for Dean and Cas. I’m calling it guys. Season 13 is when it’ll happen. This isn’t based on the mixtape alone, but just a general feeling based on where season 12 has taken us. Destiel is happening, and I would put money on it happening in season 13.

a Getting Into Prog Playlist for people who think prog seems sick af but dont know where to begin (with links weeeee)

(disclaimer: not intended to be a complete sampling of the genre, mainly classic prog rock for starters, but feel free to add on)

shorter/more radio-friendly songs to ease u in

longer/weirder songs to begin with

tips bc prog is Fucked Up:

  • if ur not used to long ass songs they will most likely be intolerable at first. u may or may not grow to love them
  • yes, genesis, & rush are good starter bands bc they are very big and (at certain time periods) more accessible to mainstream tastes but still v prog. u will find more bands & subgenres as u go deeper into the genre
  • some bands are considerably scarier than others, some fluctuate, many will make u feel like ur dying but its Good
  • only like 3-4 bands have an actual fandom here so good luck when u start getting into other ones
  • prog fans generally come in the flavors of pretentious & Not pretentious. all the prog peeps ive met on tungle are wondrous. check the prog squad for dank friends

Here is a question I have. See, we never see Victor’s final pose for his Free Skate, Stammi Vicino. Since Yuri does a perfect copy, we know what it looks like, but not what Victor’s expression was. It’s a very lonely kind of ending pose, arms wrapped around himself, looking beseechingly up into the sky. Lots of people have talked about how the Aria is all about that cripplingly lack of love.

(Whoever drew Yuri in this frame, ten thumbs up, the right hand behind his back, his smile, ;u;)

My follow-up questions is: what did the ending of the pair skate look like??? The routine has obviously changed a lot as Victor and Yuri skate together and the Duet is also shorter! The song is almost twice the length of the animated sequence (a whole ‘nother minute), although the animated sequence does end at the melodic climax. It has very delicate ending unlike the super intense Aria high note. The combination spin and big finish pose that was in the Aria seems totally unsuitable for the duet!

Maybe we’ll find out when we get those choreography videos in the DVDs?? I’m simply dying of curiosity, haha! 

Send me numbers!
  • Get on your MP3/phone/iTunes and tell me...
  • 1: Which songs have "love" in the title
  • 2: Which songs have "friend" in the title
  • 3: Which songs have "girl" in the title
  • 4: Which songs have "young" in the title
  • 5: Which songs have "dream" in the title
  • 6: Which songs have "death" or "dead" in the title
  • 7: Which songs have "dark" in the title
  • 8: Which songs have "rain" in the title
  • 9: Which songs have "sun" in the title
  • 10: Which songs have "blue" in the title
  • 11: Which songs have "wait" or "waiting" in the title
  • 12: Which songs have "sex" in the title
  • 13: Which song titles start with "You" or "You're"
  • 14: Which song titles start with "What"
  • 15: Which song titles start with "Where"
  • 16: Which song titles start with "Dr." or "Mr." or "Mrs." or "Miss"
  • 17: Which songs titles start with "Don't"
  • 18: Which song titles start with "Sweet"
  • 19: Which song titles start with "Hot"
  • 20: Which song titles start with "Good"
  • 21: The artist/band that has the most songs downloaded. How many songs by them do you have? What is your favorite song by them?
  • 22: A song that you always skip but never delete
  • 23: A song that brings back good memories
  • 24: A song that brings back bad memories
  • 25: A song with a strange title
  • 26: A song with no lyrics
  • 27: A song that you never skip
  • 28: A song from your favorite album
  • 29: The very first song on your list of songs
  • 30: The very last song on your list of songs
  • 31: Your favorite song from a soundtrack of a movie/play
  • 32: A song you know all of the words to
  • 33: A song by you guilty pleasure artist/band
  • 34: A song that you hear too often
  • 35: A song longer than 10 minutes
  • 36: A song shorter than 1 minute
  • 37: An album that you love the cover art of
  • 38: The most recently added song
  • 39: The oldest song (by when you added it, not by when it was recorded)
  • 40: The first 5 songs that play when you hit "shuffle"

Story, animation, and compositing by me.

3D modeling by My Lovely (who shall not be named)

Song “Tilli Tilli Bom” by Lev Zemlinsky.

Sound effects are from

Sometime in early 2016 I heard this song and it inspired the hell out of me. I couldn’t resist animating a few things to it for fun, and it spiraled out of control until, just today, I ended up sloppily finishing it, sound effects and all.

Since I don’t have the rights to the song, and don’t have any reasonable way of getting those rights (no one seems to know who actually owns the rights. Rumors abound, apparently) I can’t use this video for any promotional material for my book. This is why I put together a shorter version using a song I wrote and sang myself. I use that alternate video as an ad.

Anyway, I put a hell of a lot of time into this and I think it turned out pretty cool, even if it’s kind of sloppy, so I want to at least share it. I’ve learned a lot about animating and compositing through this project and I hope it’ll be the start of many fun things to come. I will absolutely take it down at the first sign of trouble, though.


On this day in music history: May 24, 1969 - “Get Back” by The Beatles With Billy Preston hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, it is the seventeenth US chart topper for “The Fab Four”. The single is the first music to emerge from the recording sessions that produce the “Let It Be” album and documentary film. The “hit single version” of the track is recorded at Apple Studios in London on January 27, 1969, after weeks of rehearsing and recording various takes of the song. At the invitation of George Harrison, musician Billy Preston will play keyboards (mainly electric piano and organ) during the sessions for two weeks. The Beatles enjoy his playing and affable personality so much that they give him co-billing on the single when it is released (the only time another musician is credited along side the band). “Get Back” is also The Beatles first single to be issued in stereo in the US (mono in the UK). An alternate, shorter take of the song appears on the “Let It Be” album when it is released a year later in May 1970. It is released the UK the Friday before Easter Sunday on April 11, 1969, with the US release date being on May 5, 1969. The delay being caused by Paul McCartney deciding to remix the track again days before its scheduled release in the UK, with US release date also being pushed back. In spite of this, the single is an immediate smash. The Beatles tie their own previous record for the highest ever chart debut on the Hot 100 (set by “Hey Jude” eight months earlier) when “Get Back” enters the chart at #10 on May 10, 1969, leapfrogging to the top of the chart two weeks later. “Get Back” is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.