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You know what I really love? I love it when Ford shows validation to Stan. Just validating small little tasks Stan does that seem worthless to him but Ford still praises him for his accomplishment. And Stan tries to shrug it off: “It’s nothing that important, Ford. Geez.” But deep down he really appreciates it and gets really giddy over it. The way Stan handles something is very interesting to Ford because Stan’s way of approaching and thinking is so unique. I also love the big brother taking care of his little bro aspect. We’ve seen and heard so much of Stan protecting Ford that it’s a nice change for Ford protecting Stan. Just imagine them both on the Stan O’ War II and get sick on occasion. One day, Stan is weak from sickness but he still does tasks on the boat and Ford notices this and insist Stan get some rest. But Stan, being stubborn as he is, refuses: “’M fine, Poindexter. Just not feeling like myself is all.” And lots of bickering and insisting later, Stan decides to rest. Of course Ford offers to take care of him but Stan refuses. “I’m a grown-ass man, Ford. I can take care of myself.”
“I know but let me at least help you, just for today.”
Stan thinks this over and he knows Ford is not going to stop til he says yes. Much to his annoyance, he allows Ford to take care of him. I like to think Ford goes a bit overboard and covers Stan with lots of blankets. “Yeesh, Sixer. I’m not sick with the plague, I just have a cold.”
And Ford keeps checking in on him and asking if he’s okay and if he needs anything. “Ford, I swear. If you don’t let me sleep….”
“Sorry. Just making sure you were okay. You don’t need anything?”
“It’s been 2 minutes since you asked me that. I’ll holler at you if I do.”
I also like to think Ford gives hugs; like… A LOT. They’re just out on the deck and out of no where Ford just hugs Stan.
“Erm…. What’s this for?”
Ford shrugs. “Just felt like it.”
Stan shakes his head but hugs Ford back anyway. “You big nerd.”
And the nightmares…! They both will have nightmares on occasion. Stan will always be there when Ford is startled by a nightmare and they either talk it out or just being in each other’s presence is calming enough. When Stan has a really bad nightmare the first time he doesn’t bother Ford with it and goes on about his day. Still, it’s always on his mind and his behavior is off. Ford notices this real quick and asks if anything happened or if Stan was slipping into a memory lapse. Stan says it’s nothing but Ford knows deep down something happened. He decides to give Stan a bit of space because he knows Stan will only push the subject away. Ford finally gets Stan to sit down and talk about his nightmare. Stan is unsure of Ford’s reaction because his nightmare had to do with Ford and their broken past. It’s slow going but Stan finally opens up, albeit a little shaken. He still has all these regrets built up that they finally start pouring out. He can’t help but let all the tears of anger and regret out and he hates being like this, especially in front of Ford. Ford is really encouraging with Stan’s insecurities and just listens to what Stan has to say. And at the end of it all, Ford just tells Stan how proud he is of Stan opening up to him at such a personal level and offers words of support and much needed hugs.
Hoo boy. I have rambled waaaaay too long. XD These two always ruin me and give me way too many emotions. I just love them so much.

things to consider that i hadn’t thought about before w/ the greek!jason/roman!percy exchange: annabeth/jason reuniting and jason hugging her real hard bc he’s missed his pseudo-sister, annabeth letting this giant dork pick her up off her feet in a hug while resisting the urge to smack him upside the head for scaring her so bad. meanwhile, piper has tackled percy to the ground/has him in a headlock, w/ no warning but a “WELCOME BACK, SHITHEAD” while she’s laughing and blinking hard so she doesn’t start crying. (/percy is smiling but kind of gasping for air “pIPES I CAN BREATHE UNDER WATER, NOT UNDER YOUR FUCKIN SNAKE GRIP, LET GO”)

expression. they’ve mastered it.

Family Time || Wonwoo


Summary: A look into your life as the Mrs Jeon Wonwoo

Word Count: 813 sorry its much shorter than the others, but for the sake of getting through everything I couldn’t make this as long as I usually could. 

A/N: Wooh~ First Seventeen request completed on the blog! Thank you for requesting Anon dear and I hope you enjoyed it; sorry about the wait! <3 Also; requests are opening soon so keep an eye out!

You sat and smiled to yourself, hands settled on your stomach as you watched you r daughters run about in the small backyard of your family home. They weaved in between the tables you and your husband had set up earlier that morning, their laughter echoing around them as they chased each other. You laughed at the fragments of their conversation, strange sentences of context that you attempted to piece together, though failing miserably in the process.

“So everyone’s either not coming until later this evening or are stuck in traffic, so we’ve got a little while to ourselves.” A voice stated, followed by the shutting of the backdoor.

“I told you that we could have set all of these up later today and no one would have been the wiser.” You said, moving over so that Wonwoo could sit next to you on the outdoor couch.

“But now they’re done, and we don’t have to do anything.” Wonwoo countered, immediately slotting in between you and the arm of the chair, his own arms snaking around your hips and pulling you so you half sat on him and on the chair. You hummed in agreement, leaning your head on his shoulder.

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mental health semi-hiatus????

i’m sure this is not a surprise and i’m definitely not planning on leaving wanda but i needed to make a post about it so that i don’t feel stressed and/or guilty for not being as active as i would like to be. i’m just dealing with a lot rn and have to remind myself that this blog is for fun and that it shouldn’t be an additional stress on me.

i’m off of work today and tomorrow so maybe inspiration will strike???? i’m going to take things easy and not push it, so who knows. i’m always around on mobile though so like — i am always /here/ even if i’m not Visibly Here.

Beauty and the Demon // inukag fanfic

Hey guys!! This is the first chapter of a multi-chapter fanfic I am going to be writing based vvvvv loosely on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast ((if you couldn`t tell by the title!!))  like plot wise because honestly I am not even sure if I saw all of BatB but ANYWAY I`LL STOP BLABBING  ENJOY!! XOX 

@dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns @keichanz @kag-san

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> Astrid: Do the forest witch thing.

> That forest witch being the revival of the forest you lived in. You purposely chose a forest that had seen better days, to live in. It gave you plenty of practice with your abilities and you felt better being able to revive a place that used to be so beautiful. Not to say it wasn’t beautiful still, but it was much more so before.

> As you walked through the forest in no general direction, you occasionally stopped to revive decaying trees. You couldn’t bring them back completely, but you could give them a good head start on the road to being lush and alive once again. 

> After awhile you became tired from using up so much energy, and needed to take a break. You do so, entering a clearing in the woods and sitting in the center silently, as you meditated. The forest was silent, aside from the normal noises, that is until you heard twigs snapping under the weight of something. You thought it might be an animal, but it wasn’t long until you realized that wasn’t the case. Looking around, you scan the area silently trying to figure out who or what was there.

To me it’s funny when shorter people say that I’m too tall to spar them. Because, yes, I am aware of that. But it also brings disadvantages that nobody thinks of at first. Due to my height and my abnormally long legs, I go for distance. And if you let me play my game, I will do that. But as soon as you come in close, I have no opportunity to raise my legs which is a huge advantage for everyone who is shorter. That opens it up for their game. But nobody thinks of these things when they initially spar me and even when I tell them, they forget about it the next time.
My point is: try to see your advantages in a fight. If they are too tall, they are probably bad in close range (depending on the art, of course). Every fight will give you the opportunity to find your advantage. The only thing you need to do is take it

This is for my fellow BNHA readers/watchers. 

I usually don’t add to fandoms, just lurk and enjoy the content. But I’ve had a couple of things circling around in my mind for a bit now. It’s going to be a long post, but I promise it’s worth it.

So the main premise originally circles around Izuku being born without a Quirk. This is fairly quickly amended by him receiving One For All after he goes through training, and then it’s focused on his and his classmates’ story.

However, that’s not the focus of this post.

See, here’s the thing. We’re going back for this. The doctor says to give up, because the common determinant in whether or not you have a Quirk is if you have an extra bone in your pinky toe. That it’s the thing that has been proven to be present when a Quirk is missing.

But you know the interesting thing about science? It’s a series of guess work. It’s often wrong, and even theories that stand over long periods of time can be proven to be wrong with new case data or technology.

Rather recently in our world someone came up with a method of space flight that science says should not work, period. But it does, and so much better than what we have now. It defies every concept that we’ve built up, which proves we don’t know the true fundamentals of the universe.

With that in mind, also think of the nature of One For All and All For One. A Quirk which passes from person to person, which was never even conceived to be in the slightest bit possible, according to Izuku. And a Quirk which can absorb any other Quirk as well as distribute Quirks, which might break several scientific minds if known due to the duel nature of it.

Going further, I want to point out that DNA is very, very weird at times. We haven’t gone into anything truly in depth dealing with the story of Quirk lines. But let me lay it down for you in a simple, yet interesting way.

Family traits are passed on from parents to children. But there are things called dominant genes and recessive traits. If you just have a brown haired father and blond mother, the kid has a 50-50 chance of having either of those hair colors. However, let’s say the mother’s mother also had brown hair. Her kid now has a 75% chance to be born with brown hair.

This line of thought is also present in determining blood type. I’m sure most of you remember the charts they made you study in school. A plus A = A, A plus B = AB, etc, etc. BUT. There are types that don’t come together so well. You can’t match As or Bs to Os. O blood is a recessive typing, but between two parents you’d have to look at their parents, grandparents, and maybe even further to truly determine what might be the child’s type. Because a dominant A+ blood father and an O- mother can have two O- children in a row, even though science says they should have been A+.

Where am I going with this? Glad you asked!

The BNHA world notes that Quirks are becoming a dominant trait. It also goes on to show that people with the extra bone in the pinky toe are being born less, supposedly in tandem with the up rising amount of Quirks. Since the two are happening at once, it is logical to decide they are linked when those with the extra bone have no visible Quirk.

Izuku’s mother confirms that she is fourth generation in line possession of a Quirk. That means her parents, her grandparents, and her great grandparents should have had Quirks. That’s seven people with a Quirk. The culmination passed down ending in her, who can just pull small objects towards herself. This means that one of each of the previous couples had a similar Quirk. However, this still leaves (potentially) three Quirks unaccounted for. What happened to those Quirks? They weren’t dominant enough to be passed on. But they’re still in her blood line.

And this isn’t even delving into the father’s side of the family. Which isn’t covered clearly. He could have the same number, or less, or more.

Funny thing about recessive traits. They can pop up anywhere down the line, given the right circumstances. In the manga’s situation, it points to that happening with how Izuku is ‘Quirkless’. But the chances of a child that should have been fifth in one family line having Quirks is incredibly small.

The question you think you should be asking is: Why/How did it happen?

The question that I stumbled upon after a few chapters and a good look at some of the other characters is : What if there’s something more subtle to this?


Because of characters like Mina Ashido, Kouji Kouda, and Fumikage Tokoyami, to name a few. These characters have Quirks that do not directly relate to their appearance! What? That’s not where things have led so far with the rest of what we’ve been told.

Except for one thing. Quirks are known to merge occasionally. So for example, the parents of Tokoyami could have had the Quirks ‘Crow’ (maybe?) and ‘Shadow’ respectively. But his Quirk is noted directly as ‘Shadow’, even though he clearly still has the ‘Crow’ influence. It’s not put down as what it should be. That is to say.

One person. Two Quirks.

Two Quirks that work in tandem. Both are equally dominant, both play a clear part in who he is. But only one is acknowledged. Why? The best reason I can figure out, is the more active Quirk being required to be put down. A Quirk that changes appearance is only noted in first generation, and from then on is overlooked in favor of the additional ‘active’ Quirks that merge with it.

There are clear cases in which the two Quirks work on equal footing and thus are both acknowledged, such as Shouto Todoroki. Fire and Ice, the key word being ‘and’.

Why is all of this important? Because this means Quirks aren’t entirely known. There are bits and pieces we have no idea about, and the vast majority of the BNHA scientists don’t either, not yet. But with this, I can offer to you an easy thought.

The secondary Quirks that become common, and undocumented, such as changed appearance are not merged Quirks. They are sub-Quirks. A secondary Quirk that is passive. And following reason, sometimes these Quirks can go unnoticed.

For example, if a Quirk isn’t visible. Or if it needs to build and develop along with the person it’s born into. Anyone could have ‘Instinct’ or ‘Danger Sense’ or ‘Charm’, etc. And you’d never know, because those are normal things that can be enhanced just slightly with a Quirk.

Wrapping things up a bit, my theory is-

The lack of a pinky toe is, in fact, related to having a dominant Quirk. And if someone only had a secondary sub-Quirk, they could very well still have that bone.

So. For someone like Izuku, who is fifth generation in a line of Quirk holders, to have nothing? Very small odds. But for him to have a sub-Quirk, when we don’t know three or more of his family line’s Quirks? Pretty high.

My personal headcannon thoughts are as follows.

Izuku Midoriya, Main Quirk: None

Secondary/Sub-Quirk: Memory and Analytics

Thank you for sticking with me to the end. I know it’s a bit rambly but… I’m pretty sure I laid it out well enough to be understood. Let me know what you think.

MatsuHanaIwaOi fanfic

Inspired by @areamia
I hope it’s okay I wrote this? I just continued the story like I thought it would be nice, it ended in matsuhanaiwaoi fluff. If you want to I can take it down!

Just a joke.. ?

“Iwaizumi, smile!”

Iwaizumi was irritated for a second but quickly shot a grin as he noticed Matsukawa trying to take a picture of them two.


Matsukawa lowered his arm to take a closer look at the selfie he just took. Iwaizumi had a smug grin on his face, Matsukawa looking tired from practice, but still happy.

“Hey!” Oikawa exclaimed, playing offended. “You never smile when I ask you to!”

Matsukawa laughed. “That’s because no one wants to give you the satisfaction.”

“Nor wants to see your ugly mug.” Hanamaki contributes.

“SO MEAN!!!” Oikawa pouted, as the other third years started giggling.

He went back onto the court. “I know it’s just a joke.” Oikawa thought to himself.

Iwaizumi took place besides Oikawa, still laughing, but his smile quickly faded away as he saw his best friends face.

“They don’t actually mean it.” He continued his thoughts, not paying attention to Hajime.

“But sometimes they do still sting. But they’re just jokes.” Oikawa sighed and looked at the volleyball in his hands.

“Just jokes.. right?”

Iwaizumi noticed that Oikawa’s face went a bit paler, his eyes shining in the light of the gym. He also noticed the tight grip on the volleyball and the slight trembling of his friends lips.

“Oikawa, you know we were just joking, right?” Iwaizumi explained in a concerned tone.

A few seconds passed and Oikawa finally looked up, the first tear slowly running down his face. Iwaizumi’s heart clenched at this; he couldn’t deal with people who cry very well, he always gets overly emotional. Especially when his best friend is the one with the puffy eyes and the red and wet cheeks.

Iwaizumi made an attempt to grip Oikawa’s shoulder to ask him what’s wrong, but the captain slapped his hand away. Now everyone else had noticed them and the gym went silent. Even more tears were running down Tooru’s face now. Suddenly he felt all the anger, embarrassment and sadness fall over him. He dropped the volleyball, got his Jacket and left quickly, not paying attention to the shouts behind him.

The rest of the team was left with different expressions on their faces; some had a questioning look, others looked slightly embarrassed.

“What was that?” Hanamaki said and broke the silence with that.

“Training is finished for today. Pack up and go home, we see each other tomorrow.” Iwaizumi muttered.

The first- and second years exchanged some weird looks but then quickly left. After a few minutes everyone went home. Only the three third years were left.

“I..” Hanamaki started. “I didn’t thought he would react like that. Or do you guys think it was something else?”

Matsukawa knitted his eyebrows. “He seemed fine before that selfie-incident. But he never reacted like that before. Oikawa always knew we were just mocking him. Right..?” He finished his sentence with a question.

Iwaizumi shot a glance to his sport-wristwatch he got a few weeks ago. “It’s only 19:14pm, I ended practice 15 minutes early today. We could go to his house and ask him what’s wrong. I don’t want to fight with him.” The ace sighed. “Plus, he looked very hurt. And I don’t like to see my childhood friend like that.”

Hanamaki and Matsukawa looked at each other and shrugged.

“I don’t want him to be sad either. He might be an idiot sometimes, but he’s our idiot, right?”

Matsukawa smiled at hanamaki’s words, agreeing. “He’s also always there for us. It’s the least we can do.”

They finished cleaning up, got their stuff and made their way to Tooru’s house. It wasn’t far away from the school so they reached it after a few minutes. It was a big white house, with a pompous garden. No car was parking in front of it so they figured that Oikawa’s parents weren’t at home. That wasn’t something unusual; they are both known business people. The three men went to the door and knocked. No answer. They knocked again. No answer. Iwaizumi knocked again, now louder and a bit more agressive. A few moments passed and the door opened. The guys almost jumped at the sight: Tooru’s eyes were red, from crying they figured. His hair was wet, hanging down his head, water dripping onto the floor. He wore a wine red sweater and some black sweatpants.

“Wwwhat do you guys want here??” Oikawa slurred.

Iwaizumi took a deep breath. He could smell the alcohol. “Are you drunk, shittykawa?”

Oikawa jumped at that nickname.
“Call mme that on-one more time and I’ll *hic* n-never come back to practice ever again, Iwaizumi.”

“Iwaizumi..” Hajime muttered to himself. Oikawa never called him that.

“What happened Oikawa?” Hanamaki asked. “Is everything okay? Can we come in?”

“I- *hic* I tried to take a bath but yo-you guys interrupted me!!” Oikawa practically screamed now.

Matsukawa lightly pushed Oikawa forwards so him and the other two could enter the house. They didn’t want to disturb the neighbours.

“You tried to take a bath in your condition? You could’ve drowned!” Iwaizumi growled and shot an angry look at Oikawa.

“Whatever. I don’t care.” Tooru muttered.

“What the fuck do you mean by tha-”

“I DON’T FUCKING CARE!” Tooru screamed, which made Matsukawa, makki and hajime frown.

After that Tooru broke down on the floor, heavily panting.

Iwaizumi just looked at oikawa in shock, just as Matsukawa, but hanamaki’s eyes filled with tears. He went to Tooru, crouched so he could sit in front of the shaking Oikawa and pulled him into a hug. The setter’s eyes widened at this, his body was stiff at first but soon, he relaxed. Hanamaki was silently crying into Tooru’s neck.

“Don’t ever say thing like this again. Do you understand me?” Hanamaki whispered.

Oikawa pulled away to see Makki’s pained expression. His eyes filled with liquid again as he slightly smiled.

“I’m- *hic* I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” Oikawa started but was interrupted, with soft lips pressing against his own. He let out a surprised “Oh!” but quickly melted into the kiss. It wasn’t a firework or romantic. It was messy and clumsy. But God; it felt so right.
Hanamaki was the one who pulled away. Before anyone could say something, he stood up and silently went up the stairs, giving the other three a hand signal that meant “come with me.”
It wasn’t unusual that he just moved in his friend’s house how he liked, they knew each other way to long for it to be unfriendly.
They went to the rooftop. It was a flat roof, that’s were they hung out for the first time, all four together, after their first practice at aoba jousai.
Hanamaki stopped and turned around, now facing the other three who had a confused look on their face. And then Hanamaki began to talk, say so many things he always wanted to say but never did.

“Oikawa,” Hanamaki begun. “I’m really sorry if we hurt you today. Or other times before that. We never knew if you even liked those jokes or took them personally, either way. I want to apologize for the three of us. We feel horrible. If we ever do something like this and it hurts you, please tell us. Alright?”

Oikawa nodded, but before anyone could comment hanamaki’s statement the pink-haired boy continued.

“I have so many things on my mind right now. Just a second ago I kissed the boy I loved. And it felt right, it was warm and good and I felt safe, but it also felt wrong because he is not the only guy I am in love with.” He took a deep breath.

“Matsukawa. We know each other for so long now. I told you many times I loved you, but we always shrugged it off as a joke. It was never a joke. I meant it, and every time you smiled at me after I confessed to you, my love grew even more. I’m addicted to you, to your character, to your eyes, your scent. I’m addicted to you, just as much as I’m addicted to Oikawa.”

No one spoke a word as Hanamaki now finally turned to Iwaizumi.

“Hajime.” Hanamaki whispered and Iwaizumi let out a small gasp. “I’m not a guy for words and I may regret what I just said or will say now, but dear god. I love you. You’re so beautiful Iwaizumi, do you know that? I can never take my eyes off you or-” he glanced at his other friends “- or you. I tried so hard to hide my feelings for the last two years. I really did, I tried everything. But nothing worked. As soon as I looked at one of you again, my feelings lit up like flames in a fireplace. I need you guys, you are a part of my life. I don’t know what exactly I expect from you now. Nothing in particular when I think about it, really. But I just had you guys to know. Oh, and Oikawa-” he looked at the setter now, with both loving and serious eyes. “Never say that one of us wouldn’t care if you’d die. None of you should ever say that. If one of you guys die, I’ll die with you. Because you’re all a part of my god damn life and heart.”

Hanamaki was finished with that. He looked up again and saw the other three shaking and silently crying. All this emotions he just expressed and all the bottled up feelings just came out of his heart and he sunk to his knees, sobbing. He placed his hands over his eyes to shut everything out, but soon felt warm bodies around him. His three best friends were hugging him. He laughed in relief and let his body embrace in the various scents and the warmth that felt like home.

“I can return those feelings,” Oikawa whispered. “I love makki. But I also love mattsun. And of course, I love my Iwa-chan.” He sobbed. “I never understood my feelings..”

“Same.” Iwaizumi and Matsukawa said in unison.

For a short while no one said anything and nothing was heard, besides some silent sobs.

“What does this mean?” Iwaizumi asked.

“I-” Matsukawa started but was lost for words. He took a few seconds to think. “I think we should date. Try to date. We don’t have to tell anyone now, right? I mean, polyamorous relationships exist. And we can just test it.”

“Good Idea.” Hanamaki smiled and chuckled. He was overwhelmed with his emotions, so he started to cry again. “I’m so happy.”

“Me too.” Oikawa whispered.

“Same.” Matsukawa said as he smiled lightly.

Iwaizumi just let out an agreeing grunt. He was suddenly very tired.

Oikawa yawned. “We could all sleep in my bed tonight. It’s *hic* it’s big enough. And even if not, w-we can just cuddle.”

No one said anything but they all understood without exchanging any words so they got up and went straight to bed, after getting rid of all clothes besides their underwear. When everyone was comfortably laying underneath the blanket, Iwaizumi spoke up.

“I love you guys, so much. And I hope we’ll stay together forever”

Everyone was silent. Hajime didn’t need any words to understand how much he was loved back. Slowly the four of them drifted away.

“*If I was truly alive, would I be happy? Would everyone else be too? What and who would even care, asides….” 
Memento murmured the words to themselves in light thought. They were always like this when they were alone. With great knowledge came responsibility. And the fact was, they had to take account that they weren’t the greatest of people. There were times when Memento wasn’t kind, sweet or flirty. Was the reason they were still alive just because of DETERMINATION? Or something else like Guilt?…. They needed to chat to someone right now. Anyone really, that they could pay attention to. But…Who could even see them asides Mori?… They sigh, almost in resignation.


    One-two-three, one-two-three. The imitation hextech went down the line of men quickly, rhythmically, switching from hand to hand with a practiced efficiency. They couldn’t steal too much — even with the chaos Gangplank was planning for the Howl, successfully smuggling anything out of Zaun and up through a place as pristine as the so-called City of Progress was damn hard — but the group Gangplank had assembled was large enough to guarantee a decent haul from the warehouse nonetheless.

    One of the good things about this hellish city was its propensity for criminal behaviour. Nobody could fault a man for stealing fakes that had been originally been procured through organised crime, could they?

    The thought made Gangplank chuckle. One of his men looked up at him, distracted by the noise, only to find himself met with a glare.

    “Keep goin’, boys,” Gangplank called, arms flat across his chest.

     One of the bad things about this city was how damned hard it was to tell if there were any threats around. It felt like someone was watching them, but with the thick smog that infiltrated every alley and the constant noise of long-rusted gears in the background, it was even harder to tell if danger was lurking around the corner than it was in Bilgewater. At least at home, Gangplank knew what he might have to face. 

     Not good. “Get this done quickly enough and you’ll find some coin in your pocket. Too slow, and I can’t promise you’ll leave the city alive.”

Sam Winchester- Moose’s rugrat Part 2

Title: Moose’s Rugrat Part 2

Pairings: Sam Winchester x daughter! reader

Word count:1468

Request:More of the Moose’s Rugrat Fic!!! It’s so cute and aw dad Sam is honestly so adorable!!!!

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you would write a second part to moose’s rugrat? I understand if you can’t but I just loved that one shot so much I had to ask.

Request: Hey will there be a part two to mooses rugrat? I thought it was cute af and need a part two 😣😣😣 haha love work btw

Request: Are you going to do second parts to “Miss” and “Moose’s Rugrat”?

Request:Is there going to be a part 2 for Moose’s Rugrat because it was amazing?!?!

Request:Moose’s rugrat part 2?!!??!?!??

“Her name is, (Y/n)’‘Cas answered as he gave a smile to Sam. Sam bit his lip as he nodded.

’'Who was her mother?’'Sam frowned, he remembered Cas saying your mother died, Sam was worried about who it was that had died.

Cas shuffled in his seat as he bared bad news again. ’'Her name was, Melissa Mahoney. Do you remember her?’'Cas asked. Sam’s breath stopped as he frowned. He nodded.

’'Y-yeah. We dated back in college before I met Jess. She just dropped out for some reason and said she couldn’t be there anymore, guess I know why now’'Sam mumbled as he ran a hand through his hair. ’'She-she’s really dead?’'Sam whispered. He frowned when Cas nodded.

’'Man, poor (Y/n)’'Dean muttered. ’'You okay?’'Dean asked as he looked over at Sam’s sad face. Sam nodded, taking a breath as he was about to open his mouth but Castiel sat up straight, like how he always did when he sensed something.

’'What?’'Sam asked with a worried expression as his head flickered back and fourth to Cas and outside where you were. ’'Is she okay?’'he panicked.

’'She’s awake’'Cas nodded. Sam stood up so quickly the chair flung back. Dean rescued the chair as he rubbed his brothers shoulder. Sam’s chest rose and fell nervously as he wiped his clammy hands on his jeans.

’'She is in pain and confused. It may be best for you to stay back whilst I get her’'Cas warned. Sam frowned and didn’t bother to hide the look of disappointment but the two brother nodded and slowly followed Cas out but stopped in their place as Cas stood by the pick up truck.

They couldn’t see you since you were still lying down, barely awake as your eyes fluttered. Castiel leaned over. The deep groan you let out provoked something in Sam he didn’t know he would feel with anyone else but Dean. He looked eagerly at the truck as he rubbed his quivering stomach.

’'It’s okay, (Y/n). You are safe’'Castiel comforted when you started to breath sharply, not knowing where you were. The minute you saw Castiel’s face you started to relax. You knew anywhere with him was safe. ’'We must talk, but first you must come inside, in the warmth. Can you walk?”

You sat up, rubbing your sore head as you untangled yourself from the blanket. A weird pain shot up your arm but you ignored it. Your ribs felt heavy and you knew you had cracked them.

Sam watched you, finally able to see you awake as Cas helped you out of the pick up truck. He placed you gently down on the floor but your leg gave out from under you and you started falling towards the floor.

“CAS!’'Sam yelped.

Cas caught you quickly, but you looked up to see who had yelled. Your stomach filled with fear when you saw two burly men. Their faces looked worried and the one looked like he was going to have a heart attack but you didn’t have a clue who they were so you didn’t feel safe.

Sensing your distress, Castiel ran his hand through your hair. ’'it’s okay. You can trust them’'He nodded before picking you up and carrying you inside the motel.

The shorter one held open the door to you, he braced his palm on the taller one’s chest as he muttered something reassuring to him and the taller one just nodded before making his way through.

Castiel sat you down on a chair before grabbing the blanket from the pick up truck and wrapping it around you. He stood beside you as the taller man sat in front of you and the other man stood by his side.

You looked at Cas, shaking a little as you pretended not to notice the two men observing everything about you. They seemed to be taking in every little detail.

”(Y/n). I do not want you to worry. I trust these men with my life but there is something you must know. First of all, let me introduce you. This is Dean Winchester, and this is Sam Winchester’'Cas said slowly as if he was waiting for you to say something.

“Hi’'You mumbled shyly as you gave a nervous wave. The taller one chuckled a little as he waved back, the smaller one giving a nod with a calm smile.

’'Do you know them?’'He asked, when you didn’t reply.

’'I’ve heard things about them, they’ve got quite a lot of enemies’'You mumbled to Cas as he chuckled. Sam stirred a little as he worried you knew about the demon blood.

’'What did you hear?’'Dean asked, smiling when you looked at him with a frightened expression. You shrunk into your seat, not liking the questioning or attention. You just wanted to know what was going on already.

’'Erm…well I know you’ve started the apocalypse. I know you were Lucifer’s vessel and that you’ve both been to hell and erm, what happened to your parents-Sorry for your loss, by the way’'You added quickly as not to seem rude.

’'Thank you’'Dean said with a nod at your politeness. It was weird, you were an amazing hunter, you were tough and smart but you were insanely shy and nervous when you weren’t hunting.

’'What about, erm…someone called Ruby?’'Sam asked, coughing as if he sounded uncomfortable. He watched as you tried to rack your brains the sighed in relief when you shook your head. Good. You didn’t know. He was scared you’d hate him for good if you knew what he used to do.

Castiel knelt by your side as he soothing grabbed your arm. You felt the familiar pain shoot up your arm but ignored it.

”(Y/n). Sam is your father’'Cas said with no emotion so you could hear it perfectly. Your head snapped towards the one he introduced as Sam. Sam gave you a awkward smile as he waited for your response, gauging your reaction.

Your mouth stuttered open, your eyes watered slightly but you didn’t say anything. Cas sighed.

“It’s true, (y/n). Your mother gave you a letter, with just his name on it. Would you like to open that now? Maybe that will give you some reassurance’'Cas added.

You looked at Sam in shock, your brows furrowed as you slowly nodded. Cas got up and left to go get it out of your bag that was in your truck. You were left in an awkward silence as the two brothers stared at you.

Thankfully, Cas wasn’t gone long and soon returned. You shuffled up as you gratefully took the letter out of his hand. You turned it over and over in your hand as you stared at it. You jumped when you felt Cas’s hand on your shoulder, looking up at him he gave you a reassuring nod.

You sighed, letting out a breath as you slowly opened it. You pulled out the paper delicately before slowly opening it. You held your breath, chewing the inside of your lip.

’'Well?’'Dean asked, his voice kind and soft. You slowly turned it over in your hands.


It was scrawled across the paper in her writing. Sam let out a breath even though he already knew he was your father. He looked up at you, catching your eye as he gave you a smile.

You looked away, shyly looking towards the floor as you tried not to cry. You weren’t sure what you were feeling, you were just overwhelmed with emotion.

Cas knelt down again as he rubbed your back.

”(Y/n), I must go. But I promise you, you’re in safe hands. You will be safe with them’'Cas smiled as he kissed your temple. You grasped his hand as you gave him a pleading look.

“Cas, don’t go’'You whimpered.

Sam frowned but he understood, you had had quite a shock and was now being left alone with two strangers. Cas smiled, patting your hand.

’'I will come back and check on you, I promise’'he nodded before he turned to the Winchester. ’'before I go I must have a word with the brothers. Why don’t you go and shower, you’re covered in blood’'He suggested.

You nodded, hopping off the chair and heading towards the bathroom.

Cas turned to the brothers.

’'I will not tell you everything about, (Y/n). Some things she needs to tell you herself and will do so when she’s comfortable. However, one thing I will tell you is that she does not eat a lot. She does not do this on purpose but tends to forget to eat or simply plays with her. Make sure she eats’'Castiel added with a parental tone and Sam found himself getting a little jealous.

However, Sam nodded, feeling concern well up in him like a bubble as Cas vanished.

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Hey, so excluding the fem classes, what kind of girls would the mercs like? (Or, whatever Pyros into)

Scout - likes people who are confident like he is, and attractive. He really likes high-maintenance partners and partners who he could bring back to his mom.

Soldier - isn’t picky, but he loves someone who’s hard working and patriotic.

Pyro - loves happy people, who put them in a good mood and make everyone around them happy, as well. 

Heavy - likes smart and sophisticated people, who seem organized and put together. He also likes people who aren’t too loud and can enjoy a good book. 

Demo - loves people who are fun and exciting. He’s not about the girl-next-door kind of vibe, he wants a partner who likes cliff-diving and crazy parties, because why the hell not?

Engie - likes someone who is respectful, opinionated, and supportive. He also loves a partner who has lots of hobbies, so they can tinker together. 

Medic - likes someone who is protective and quiet, maybe even easy-to-manipulate. He loves partners who let him do experiments on them. He can’t date someone stupid or he’d go crazy. They need to be able to hold a difficult conversation with him. 

Sniper - needs a quiet partner, who’s easy to get along with. He wants them to be more high-maintenance than he is, but not too much, or he won’t be able to keep up with it. They need to leave him alone a lot, and he likes partners who are shorter than him. 

Spy - open to anything. But what he really loves is someone he can trust, since he can’t trust anyone else. 

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Bruh, Sportarobbie first date. Lay it on me.

Robbie was at a loss. Sportacus had foiled yet another one of his plans, and all he could do was sit there and watch while Sportacus affectionately shooed the kids away, saying something about needing to talk to the villain.

“Robbie, are you ok?” He asked softly, grabbing Robbie by the arm and pulling him from the hole he’d managed to get himself stuck in.

“Yeah, just dandy, Sportakook. Now, if you’ll let go of me I have places to go and people to ignore.” But Sportacus didn’t let go, instead he grabbed Robbie’s other arm and forced the taller man to pay attention to him.

“I was wondering, Robbie. Would you like to do something with me?”

Robbie just gaped, what was the hero implying? Did he want to try and get Robbie to exercise or make him eat healthy?

“Why would I want to do something with you, Sportaflop?” His tone was a mixture of disbelief and disgust. Sportacus just looked away, the smile on his face faltering.

“I wasn’t meaning anything strenuous, maybe just a picnic. You can even bring cake if you’d like! I’d like to do something away from the kids for once…” Robbie’s disgusted expression fell as he noticed the Hero blatantly avoiding eye contact.

“So it’s not some trick to get me to be healthy?”

“No, Robbie. I’d like to spend time with you.”

Robbie had no idea how to respond. He couldn’t respond. Was… Was Sportadork asking him on a date!?

Slowly, Robbie nodded his head.

“I, uh, y-yeah ok, sure.” He choked out, feeling a lightness in his chest as the hero’s face seemed to light up.

“Ok, Robbie! I’ll see you at 7!” With that, the sports elf flipped away.


Robbie was pacing. Why was he pacing? Why was he nervous? It was just dinner with that stupid elf! He’d probably just stuff his face with cake while the idiot did push-ups. Groaning, he ran his hands over his face and turned back to his Automatic Wardrobe to re-pick his outfit. For the third time.

Finally he decided on a light purple shirt with a navy blue blazer and plum coloured pants. He didn’t understand why he was going to the trouble of dressing up, but he felt the need to. Maybe he just wanted to one up the hero. Ha! That must be it! He just wanted to make sure he looked better than that muscular pretty-boy of an elf.

Just as he was gathering the cake he was planning on eating, he heard a knock at the hatch.

“I’m coming, Sportadoofus!” He called up, grumbling as he shoved the cake in a container and made his way out of his lair.

“Hey, Robbie! I brought some blank- Oh.” Sportacus was standing there in his usual attire, minus the vest and arm braces. In his arms were a picnic basket and a pile of fabric that Robbie could only assume was a picnic blanket.

“You look… You look good, Robbie.” Sportacus said, smiling softly.

“Let’s just go already,” Robbie huffed out, container of cake tucked under one arm.

The two men made their way up to the top of the hill before Sportacus set everything down. He spread the blanket and pulled out the food he’d brought for himself. Apples, potato salad, and a container of strawberries.

Robbie made himself comfortable on the blanket beside the shorter man, and cracked open his cake container.

They didn’t speak much as they ate, the occasional comment from Sportacus and a sarcastic reply from his villainous date. Robbie reached over and grabbed a strawberry, almost tempted to throw it at the hero after a comment about falling in holes more often, but instead shrugged it off and dipped it in icing before popping it in his mouth.

Sportacus froze, eyes wide and mouth slightly open before a hearty laugh bubbled up from his chest.

“Is that all it takes to get you to eat sportscandy? Dipping it in sugar?” Robbie gave him a pointed look and did it again, much to Sport’s delight. He’d never admit it, but he liked seeing the hero acting like a normal person; not ready to run off at the slightest sign of trouble to save the day.

Sportacus looked away from him, a goofy smile plastered across his face. It was starting to grow darker, the Sun slowly inching towards the horizon. The sky was painted in hues of red, pink, and orange; clouds glowing the colour of embers.

“The sky sure is beautiful, isn’t it Robbie?” Robbie just continued to stare at the man beside him; features painted gold in the half-light.

“Yeah. Yeah it is,” he replied softly. Slowly, he reached across and rested his hand over the elf’s.

“I can’t think of a better view.”

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Could you do "No like…. I cant believe you’re actually wearing my clothes" with D.O please?? Love your blog xxxx

The rain poured, it wasn’t the gentle drizzle on a summers night where it barely dampens your clothes and merely coats your skin. This was the type of rain you would expect on the worst night of your life. The kind of rain that would resemble a broken heart.

That kind of rain happened on one the happiest days you have had in a long time.

You started to date Kyungsoo eight months ago, you’d met him accidentally when you had got lost on your way to a supermarket. It was comical how you managed to lose your way, but you were new to town. You knew nothing and no one, he had been your saviour. He gave you tips on a kimbap recipe as well.

You figured that the cute boy from the supermarket was just your average joe, except that he wasn’t. He was the globally known D.O from EXO.

After that, he’d been gone for a long while and you assumed he was on tour or along the lines of what idol does. He appeared in front of you while you were in the queue waiting for a coffee, he waved his hand in front of your face to get your attention.

“Hey? I thought it was you” he smiled, well you thought it was a smile since he was wearing a mask, he saw you staring at it.

“Oh yeah, I have to hide behind this so people don’t recognise me” you nodded, with your mouth in the form of ‘0’

“How have you been?” and from there, a friendship formed. That eventually grew to a relationship and now you were here.

“I didn’t think it would rain that hard” he itched the back of his neck nervously. You were both standing underneath the shelter on a doorway.

“What shall we do?” you wiped away droplets that fell onto you.

“My dorm is just around the corner, I’m sure they guys won’t mind if you came over, or stayed over…?” he grabbed your hand, looking back at you.

“You ready to run?” he smiled, his thick lips forming a delicate curve.

“As ready as I’ll ever be” you laughed, the sound was loud.

By time you both got back to the dorm, you were drenched. Head to toe.

Kyungsoo disappeared inside the dorm, you took of your shoes and placed them away so they would sit in a puddle and not get the others shoes wet. You stood, your socks wet and forming their own puddle.

“Hey. Have this” he passed a towel towards you, he gave you some slippers while he walked barefoot.

He looked back at you and blushed slightly, his eyes glimmered slightly. You could tell he was nervous because he always has a signature tick. He picked at his shirt.

“um this is my room, and I do share with Chanyeol” you followed him in and his side of the room was clean.

“Yeah… I’m the clean one” you both laughed, you pushed one of Chanyeols teddies to the side slightly so you could make room.

“Do you have a spare towel? I don’t want to get anything wet” you blushed slightly out of embarrassment, you gestured to your very obvious drenched clothing and he immediately shot up.

“I’m so sorry, I completely forgot that we just got caught in the rain” this time, he burned a cherry red on his face and you smiled at his slight awkwardness.

You both were still in that phase of getting to know each other, discovering more about each other. The first few months were spent with him away on tour most of the time so you both never got to actually spend time together. The fact that you both managed to keep it a secret away from the media and the fans was amazing to even you.

“ok so, I couldn’t find any towels but here are my clothes.” They looked worn and soft, you took them gently, feeling nervous over nothing.

“I’ll leave the room so you can change” he smiled warmly.

He left the room, you began to peel the wet clothing off of you. Slowly and uncomfortably, they came off with some ease. You dried yourself with the towel.

You picked up his shirt, it was navy blue with a cartoon penguin on it. His pants were a simple grey jogger, they fit almost perfectly but that was because he was shorter.

“You opened the door to let him know that you had finished, that it was ok for him to come back inside.

He followed you silently, not a sound came from him and when you looked back to see if he was ok. He looked in awe, his eyes shined with adoration and he held a shy smile upon his face.

“Are you ok?” you walked over to him, intertwining your hands together.

“No like…. I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes” he thumbed the end of his shirt.

“You look so cute in them” he pulled you to him, wrapping his arms gently around you. The slight pressure at the stop of your shoulders felt amazing, his warmth leaked into you.

“I love your hugs” you muttered, you felt his smile. He was a similar height to you, so your head rested against his perfectly.

a/n: hey! thank you so much :3

Drabble: Unusual
Characters: Hinata Shouyou/Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu!!)
Warning: sorta on the naughty side

It started out as innocent as ever with the most endearing of pecks on the lips and giggles and laughter. But a too-lasting peck turned into a breathy mess of interlocked lips, and it led to such a hot disaster.

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