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Military Spouse AU

This is the for the #yourtropegirlbdaychallenge! Happy early birthday to @yourtropegirl!  

This fic is super long (2,857, give or take) and I spent quite a bit of time on this, so I hope you enjoy it! I loved writing this imagine. I did some research and then typed away.  

I seriously LOVED this prompt!

There is a Hamilton reference at the end…Couldn’t help it, I seized the opportunity I saw…LOL!

Also! I love this edit! Don’t you?   

You saw see his glamorous office behind him, cluttered with books, files, and a couple coffee cups.  He was one of the top ADA’s and you couldn’t be more proud of him.  You liked to tease him about what a hotshot he was and how with you gone, the patterns on his tie and shirt always contrasted.   

You smiled at the screen, both of you finally had a free moment to talk. He always felt better when he could see your smiling hopeful face and you loved to see how he was doing.

Being a part of JAG Corps, Judge Advocate General’s was “safer”, but you were still in a combat zone and it worried him.  You always felt a little guilty to add to his stress.

“How are your migraines?” You asked.

He was always a little irritated by that question because obviously they weren’t good…But you needed to know how he was doing. If he was having lots of them you knew he was stressing more than normal or necessary. It was one question that gave you many answers.

“They are just migraines.” He rolled his eyes.  You couldn’t have a conversation with your husband without the classic Barba eyeroll.

“Have you had many recently?” He huffed.

“Only a few.” He replied absently, which meant several you always rounded up. There was a little silence and you knew what was coming.

“How are you doing? Really,” He got serious and examined your face as best he could through the grainy picture. You sighed in response, he was worrying too much.  

A few months ago he noticed a bruise on your face, you should have covered it up, but you hoped the picture wouldn’t show it.  He was appalled by your nonchalance about the whole event. To you it was just part of the job, but he didn’t understand it. To him anything that happened to you was truly the end of the world.   

“I’m fine.” You smiled softly at the laptop. “I’ll be home soon.” Soon, was much shorter than your husband knew.  You were supposed to be home in two weeks, but he didn’t know yet. The last few times you said you’d be home soon, you ended staying another 3 months in addition to the 6 months originally because there was a case and then another.

“Soon.” His face fell.

“Hey,” you grabbed his attention again. “I love you.” Your eyes teared up as you saw his anxious green eyes look up at the screen again.

“I love you too.” You heard some noise from his office. “Lo siento, mi amor, pero Liv aquí está.”

“Okay.” You were disappointed you’d only been talking for 20 minutes. “Sueño, no puedes sobrevivir café!” (Sleep, you can’t survive on coffee) He rolled his eyes in response.

“Ten cuidado.” (Stay safe)

“Estoy bien!” (I’m fine) You replied with a soft smile. “Te amo.”

“Te amo tambien.” You gave an air kiss. His smirk was the last thing you saw before it went blank.

Oh, how you missed him.

“Who was that?” Fin cocked an eyebrow and Barba rolled his eyes, of course he had to walk in on a conversation with his wife.

“What do you have for me?” He glazed over the comment.

“Hey,” Liv muttered stepping into Barba’s office.

He looked a little frazzled, but not your normal just finished a horrific case sort of frazzled. He looked more like a man in need of relaxation and another conversation with his wife.  Not seeing you for 9 months edging closer to 10 had really taken it’s toll and don’t think Liv hadn’t noticed.

“Hi.” He whispered.

She hated seeing him like this. Barba rarely look defeated like this except maybe after an extremely tough case.  If anyone thought they knew him after a case he lost and that he was angry and upset they never saw him on late nights when he missed his wife.  The poor man just needed her and he stressed and worried about her daily, some days more than others.

Liv watched as he shoved some files aside and set his head in his hands.

“I wish I could help.” She finally uttered out as she heard a soft whimper come from the man across from her.

You walked down the hall in your uniform feeling slightly out of place as you stride down the hall bags still in hand.  You had to meet in D.C. this morning, so you needed to look professional and make some final adjustments.

Now, lunch time you were in 1 Hogan Place about to see your husband who you haven’t seen for over nine months.  Of course Carmen was sitting at her desk filling out some paperwork before looking up upon hearing your footsteps.

“Oh my God!” She sputtered out standing straight up out of her chair. “You’re back! He didn’t say you were–”

“Shh!” You brought your finger to your lips and she nodded sitting back down quietly with a big smile.  

You hesitated at the door and your fist hovered over the surface.  You didn’t understand why you were so nervous it was just your husband.  You’ve been together long enough to know how these homecomings went, but this was the longest one yet, maybe that was why you were so nervous.

You finally knocked and cracked open the door after hearing a muttered ‘come in’.

“Hey.” You spoke softly stepping farther into his office.

His head shot up and his eyes widened. He froze for a few seconds before pushing out his chair and launching towards you.  You dropped your bags only a second before his arms were wrapped around you and his lips found yours.

You felt like the world stopped as his body enveloped yours.  You couldn’t believe how good this felt and how much you needed his touch and affection. How long you ached for it while you were away and how much more pleasing it was now that you were finally home.

“You’re back.” He breathed finally pulling away, but he still kept his body close only your lips were apart.

“Yeah,” you sighed. “I didn’t want to get your hopes up and then be kept for another three months like last time.” You bit your lip nervously as your eyes began to feel prickly with tears. “Maybe I should have told you…” You sighed walking to the table in the middle of the room.

“No! I’m just happy you’re home,” His eyes began to water as he pulled you into his chest again.

“Me too!” You laid your head on his chest and breathed in his scent.  He smelled like home.  He didn’t change anything while you were gone.

His cologne was exactly the same.  You remember the small argument that came from buying the wrong kind, but you liked the scent and he ended up enjoying the scent too. With you gone so long, he must have had to buy a new one.  You were happy to know he bought the one you picked.

“I’m so happy you’re home!” He found your lips again. “I love you.”

“I love you, so much!” You replied in between kisses. This felt so right, but all you could do was feel the tears fall as your lips collided. You in his arms was all you wanted for the last nine months.  His warmth and his arms tight around you for security. His lips on your own.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Liv pulled the door.

“Liv!” You smiled broadly still teary eyed as you approached the door.

“You’re back!” She exclaimed excitedly pulling you into a hug and then gave an accusing glare to your husband. “Barba didn’t tell me.” She flicked her eyes between the two of you as a perplexed Fin came in behind her.

“Yeah, it was a surprise.” You exclaimed wiping away the tears.

“Barba, you never told me your wife was in the military! I thought you were a lawyer.” His eyes roamed back over you.

“I’m JAG.”

“That’s what’s up.” He grabbed the hand that wasn’t being held tightly in Barba’s. “I served too.”

“We understand each other then.” You nodded as your husband pulled you near him again. Fin looked between the two of you and then back at Liv awkwardly. Your husband wasn’t letting go of you and he seemed to be eyeing Liv…They were communicating and you watched as she sighed and turned to Fin.

“We’ll be back later.” And with that the two of them were stepping out the door.

Your husband turned to you with a smile that you rarely saw overseas and one you never saw through conversations over skype.

“Let’s go home.”

“Don’t stop!” Your breath hitched in your throat as he rolled his hips. He replied by suddenly slowing down and you felt a growl escape your throat.

“Why are you teasing?” You whined and saw him flash a smirk. His hand flew to your clit and you arched you back to get closer to his fingers. Both of you groaned at the angle change. His groan made you weak as he tensed up.

“Mi amor, I’m not going to last.” He choked out, who was he kidding, you were surprised you lasted this long.

With one last heavy growl he emptied himself inside you and quickened the pace on your clit.  You felt yourself come undone below him, a sensation you had been needing the entire time you were gone.

Now both of you were laying side by side chests heaving and eyes staring at the ceiling.  His hand found yours and he brought your hand to his lips. Your eyes shut and a smile formed on your face, his post-sex hand kiss, you’d missed that. Your turned over to face your husband, him still in a dazed state and then you grazed his body with your hand and with that he was on top of you again.

His sex drive definitely hadn’t faltered with your time away.    

He nipped at your neck and earlobes, then buried his face in your breasts before hungrily taking your lips as his own.  

God, how you missed this.

You squeezed your eyes shut as the sun peered through the curtains.  You didn’t want to wake up, at all. You cuddled into your husband’s side and kissed his neck, you savored the feel of his stubble against your cheek.

“Good morning, mi amor.” He hummed.

“Hi.” You replied softly. “I’ve missed you. I’ve missed this.” You drew circles around his chest.  You’d missed the early mornings and late nights. 

Mmm…Last night.

You moved the blanket and sat on top of him in one fluid motion.  You attacked his face with kisses and worked your way down his body leaving a trail of wet kisses and found his hardening cock.

“Already?” You quirked an eyebrow.

“Mi amor, I haven’t been touched by a women in over 9 months, so I can only last so long.” He looked a little put out.

“Don’t worry, we’ll work up your stamina in no time.” You replied before licking up his shaft, you heard his breath hitch and smirked.  You loved knowing just what to do to please your husband.

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Just a few more GWash facts to brighten up your day! ✨ • At Christmas time, he would rent a camel for Mount Vernon for the amusement of his guests • He had a weird obsession with pineapples at one point and at times rented one for his table (which was a trend at the time to show off and as a sign of hospitality) • Being a foot shorter than her husband, Martha would often pull on George's shirt collar if she wanted to tell him something to bring his face to level with hers. Hope you liked 'em! 😄

i like these very much !!!!! thank you,,,

i also support the last one, not gonna lie. tug ‘em to your level !

these, um, make good drawing prompts.

consider the pineapple

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domestic bagginshield- Thorin secretly moves different objects around the house to higher shelves a few time's a week so that he can get them down for his shorter hobbit husband when he needs them. He uses that same tactic to have more frequent opportunities to cuddle Bilbo from behind and kiss along the shell of his hobbit's ears or neck while he's fetching the needed item. Bilbo figured out what was going on the first week, but he likes the extra affection, so never tells that he knows.

THORIN YOU SNEAKY NERD this is adorable keep sending these oh my god


I am sure look this tiny tears and in the end of the chapter look how much frustrated and trembling he is also covering his eyes!!
He is sooo near crying his shit out of it!!
Do i wanna see it hehehe i wanna see it 😭😏👌

P.T. Demo - What we know, and theories!

I’ve practically lived, eaten, breathed and slept this game since getting it after its release. I refresh the NeoGAF/GameFAQs threads about them pretty much constantly, and have managed to actually complete the demo for myself 3 times now. I’ve probably put 10 hours into playing.

I keep seeing people theorizing/summarizing about P.T. when clearly they didn’t pay enough attention during the game because they’re not taking things into account that the game explicitly TELLS YOU so I am going to compile a little list of “known facts” and other tidbits I picked up on from the game under the cut. If anyone has others, let me know.

Obvious spoilers ahead, for anyone who hasn’t played yet.

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How about Eren, Levi, and Carlton going to New York Comic Con and cosplaying as Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Chibiusa? XD

The family that cosplays together stays together.


“I look ridiculous.”

“We all do, it’s okay.”

“If any of the guys from the office see me…”

“You’re in cosplay. Nobody recognizes anybody in cosplay.”

Levi groaned as Eren adjusted his wig and combed out any tangles in the long, blonde pigtails. The shorter glared at his husband in the mirror’s reflection, but Eren just smiled excitedly and snapped the hair barrettes in place. “There, all done,” he said. “You’re adorable.”

Levi’s nostrils flared. “Why couldn’t I have been Tuxedo Mask?”

Eren adjusted his top hat and said, “Sailor Moon isn’t 6’5”.”

Levi was about to rip his husband a new one when their son bounced into the living room in his own costume. Carlton twirled, letting the flared skirt fly up momentarily, and then giggled as he held up his toy wand. “Pink Sugar Heart Attack!” he squealed. He pressed a button, and the toy lit up and made special sound effects. Carlton giggled again when it ended and then said, “You look really cute, Papa!”

It was at that moment that Levi knew he had lost. He’d don whatever ridiculous costume he could to make his son happy.

Levi was sure that the walk to the Javits Center would be the most humiliating of his life, but there were already crowds of cosplayers parading down the street just out of their apartment building. Surprised, the Jaegers joined up with them, and the whole crowd filed into lines once they were outside the building. Eren held Carlton in his arms to keep them from getting separated, and Levi took a quick look at the other people on line. Well, he suddenly didn’t feel so strange about being a man dressed as a magical girl. That 300-pound guy seemed to thoroughly enjoy dressing up as Faye Valentine.

“Hey, nice costume!”

Levi turned and saw a man dressed as Luffy from One Piece. He blinked and then said, “Oh, thanks.”

“Oh, you’re a dude? Even cooler, you had me fooled.”

Levi looked taken aback first but then said, “Uh, thanks?”

The man laughed. “Take it as a compliment, I mean it as one. See ya.” And he headed further down the line.

All the comments that followed were positive. A group of girls dressed as the cast of Puella Magi Madoka Magica thought the Jaegers were the cutest family ever. A girl who was also dressed as Sailor Moon asked Levi for a photo. A guy dressed as Peter Quill who was dancing in the middle of a crowd to the music on his headset gave the family a thumbs up. Three guys dressed (or undressed) as Haru, Makoto, and Rin from Free! asked to take a photo with Carlton (though Levi slapped his hands over the boy’s ears when a guy dressed a Nagisa leapt into the photo and shouted, “WHAT UP, SLUTS, GUESS WHO JUST GOT OUTTA PRISON!”). Everything seemed to be going well until Levi spotted a familiar face and hid behind Eren’s cape.

“What the hell is Erwin doing here?!” he urgently whispered. “And why the hell is he cosplaying Captain America?!”

Eren shrugged. “He does look a lot like him.”

“A little too much! It’s creepy! Let’s go!”

Taking pity on his poor husband, Eren nodded and took Carlton’s hand. “Let’s go downstairs to the food court and get something to eat.”

Carlton nodded. “I’m hungry. But then I wanna come back and see if I can find a Sailor Saturn to take a picture with!”

Eren grinned and took his hand as they passed a line of Tokyo Ghoul cosplayers waiting for their Starbucks orders. “Of course!”

Erwin relaxed from posing for a photo and then turned to see the family walk away. He smiled and said, “Aw, that’s so cute. I gotta tell Levi about that when I see him at the office on Monday.”

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I've been wondering this for awhile now. We've met most of the senshi's parents or families but as far as I remember nothing is ever said about Minako's family. Does she have parents? Is there anything said in the manga or show about her family? I swear for the life of me nothing is ever said about it.

Actually, yes, we do know quite a bit about her family! In fact, we know more about her family than any Senshi other than Usagi and Chibiusa. The reason why you’re not recalling anything is because they exclusively appear in the Codename: Sailor V prequel series. They both bear strong resemblances to Kenji and Ikuko Tsukino (Usagi’s parents) which is intentional; both sets of characters are based on Naoko Takeuchi’s own parents.

Minako’s father is a mild-manned salaryman who seems to be closer to Minako than her mother is. He also has his fair share of “bumbling dad” moments, as seen below.

Minako’s mother is a housewife and has a far shorter temper than her husband. In the manga, she’s seen far more frequently than Minako’s dad. She was usually seen berating Minako for various reasons, such as her is behavior, her tendency to get her clothes dirty, and her lack of attention to schoolwork. Because of this constant nagging, Minako has a strained relationship with her mother, to the point where she listed her mom as one of her weak points in Rei and Minako’s Girls School Battle

To the short girl: Not to (completely) climb down your throat, but SHUT UP. You may be feel like you’re only inches away from the plight of the tall woman, but you’re not. You’re a million miles away. Being shorter than your boyfriend/husband is ingrained in every girl from birth. I can’t count how many movies where the male is taller than his female counterpart. They even skew height differences to make it appear as if the male is taller, as in Iron Man. In every shot that Tony and Pepper are standing next to each other, she’s barefoot and he’s wearing shoes with a thick heel because Gwyneth Paltrow is 5’ 11" and RD Jr. is only 5’ 8". The only show that I can think of off the top of my head that’s the opposite is Love Com, an anime with a 5’ 6" (later 5’ 8") girl and a 5’ 2" boy. Throughout the entire show, she is called a freak. Basically, every comment towards her is about her height. When she confesses to the short boy, he laughs in her face, thinking its joke because even in Japan, boys are taught to date girls shorter than them and girls to date boys taller than them. As a 5’ 11.5" tall girl myself, this stuff hits home. I’ve had numerous guys cite my height as the reason why they would not date me, regardless of whether they were 5’ 9" to 6’ 3". It’s not exactly easy to weather a world that’s not tailored to my height and gender. 

You said you didn’t want a height war, but then you came to a tall girl blog and told us not to feel the way society has conditioned us to feel. Not to mention you bragged about how great it is to be a short girl because you get called “cute” and how easy it is for you to find guys 1 ft(30 cm) taller than you. I don’t know if you’re trolling or if you just can’t comprehend how ridiculous your statement was, but trust me, it’s not appreciated. 

Whether I want to date a man whose taller than me or a man whose shorter than me, that’s my business and not your call to make. So don’t you dare tell me how to feel when you can’t even fathom how effing hard it is to be a tall woman dating in a short woman’s world. 

A Mage Unlike Any Other - Chapter 1

A Dragon Age 2 AU fic

Pairings: Fenris/M!Hawke (eventually)

Rating: PG (for now)

Summary: (AU) When Aeyin Hawke’s magic manifested, it gave him the ability to Perceive the world around him differently and to see magic in its truest form, but it robbed him of his natural vision. His survival relies on how well he can hide this fact from those he needs to, because being a blind mage in Thedas may as well be a death sentence to most. 

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