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The touch of his lips was like an adventure to her.

She wanted to get lost; she desired to explore, seek, find.

Unlike Lucas, where he just wanted to be home. Safe, unharmed. Something he had longed for his whole life, and finally found within her.

It was a perfect combination, he kept her guessing while she let him know where home always was, and always would be.

oblivion excerpt, chapter nineteen; starlights & stargazes

The Signs' "Types"
  • *Use Venus sign as well as sun
  • Aries: Athletic, usually blondes, green eyes.(Those who like females like around the 5'5-5'7 range, boys 6'0+)
  • Taurus: Intelligent, usually brunettes, curly hair. (Likes Females 4'11-5'3, Likes Males 5'10+)
  • Gemini: Intelligent, freckles, day-to-day talkers. (No height type).
  • Cancer: Nice, cute. No physical "type". Likes clingy.
  • Leo: Supportive, quirky, spoilers. (Likes Girls, cuddle height. Likes Guys, taller than them).
  • Virgo: Hopeful, big dreamers. Generally physically attractive. (Likes Girls, shorter than them. Likes Guys, like an entire foot taller than them they do not play games).
  • Libra: Conversationalists, "True Neutrals", very "odd" physical affliction, usually a darker aesthetic. (No physical).
  • Scorpio: Adventurous, brave, quirky, sexual. (Likes eyes with depth, has no height preference).
  • Sagittarius: Adventurous, quirky, interesting, funny. (Likes a huge height difference). (Likes Girls, strong and independent. Likes Guys, able to pick them up and also independent).
  • Capricorn: Someone who they can depend on, but needs them as well. Someone with depth. Someone to listen to. (Must be generally attractive, or high on their own personal attractive scale. Height doesn't matter, usually likes blue eyes).
  • Aquarius: Quirky, dependable (but will also depend on them), selfless, interesting. (No physical needs, other than being able to go do random stuff and has eyes with depth).
  • Pisces: Dreamy, interesting, artistic, creative. Likes eyes that change color AND have depth. High expectations in personality and how they treat them, that must be met).
Headcanon- Draco dating a shorter girl


• Compared to most people in your year, you’re one of the shortest

•Draco practically towers over you

•He finds it amusing when you try and get stuff that’s high up

•When you two hug he always picks you up

•Short jokes

•He has to bend down a little to kiss you awe

•Piggy back rides around school

•You are in Slytherin as well so you may be short but your tough.

•He always grabs things on the top shelf

•You sometimes wear heels to try and look taller

•Buuttt you usually take them off because they hurt

•You always lay right under his chin when you two are cuddling.

•He thinks it’s the cutest when your upset

•Because your so short yet so full of anger

•He’s really protective over you

•He always jokes around and pretends he can’t see you

•You pretend to fight him but he always wins

•He loves you vv much no matter what you look like or how tall you are

LLSHP 3 - House of Slytherin

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5]

[Brief note about School Term] [other LLSHP AU stuff] [YohaMaRuby concept arts] [ChikaYouRiko concept arts] [KanaDiaMari concept arts] [Hogwarts Staff]

A/N: Finally finished and still in the Intro Arc hence kinda boring. It’s been a long since I’ve last read the books fanfics don’t count so I have to research a bit to refresh my memory and I also had to really finalize some stuff.   
Words: 5,020

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a bunch of updated Redesigns ..

i just modified some of the ones i did long ago… ^_^ hope u like it

Dear Straight Girls,
Shut. Up.
It’s nothing personal, really, it’s just that us gay girls get fucking tired of your bullshit sometimes. I know that you’re not trying to be rude, really I do, but it’s been a long day, and you jokingly calling me an abomination because “you have gay friends who say it all the time” doesn’t make it any shorter.
Dear Straight Girls,
The last thing I want to hear about is how un-fucking-fortunate it is that you got the straight end of the stick. That you wish more than anything that you could’ve been gay, because god, that would just make your life so much easier.
This may shock you, but moaning about how hard it is to be a heterosexual, does not get you a gold star in my book. It tells me that you only think of being gay as a lifestyle: an edgy, hipster choice that all us cool kids are making that you feel left out of. Well, guess what? If me and my future girlfriend can get kicked out of bakeries, kicked out of our homes, kicked out of our jobs- then you can handle not being part of this.
Dear Straight Girls,
Fuck you. Fuck you for thinking I’m always looking at you, for thinking I always want you. You are not the center of my universe. You are not some irresistible vixen just because my attraction to girls like you exists. You’re a girl. And I like girls. But that doesn’t mean I like you. Get over it.
Dear Straight Girls,
If I have to hear about how amazing your gaydar is one more time, someone’s getting punched in the tit. Don’t look at me, I don’t make the rules. Besides, I already knew they were gay five minutes before you. You’re not special.
Dear Straight Girls,
I know you’re probably pouting at my letters this very moment because I’m just the angry motherfucking queer girl with too much to say, but if you want to be as accepting as you say you are, shut up and let the gays talk every once in awhile. Maybe then we wouldn’t have to have this conversation every other day.
Dear Straight Girls,
Having a gay best friend doesn’t make you a queer activist. It doesn’t give you permission to call people dykes or fags because you are now an “honorary gay.” It makes you a person. With a best friend. Like the rest of us. Who needs. To shut. The fuck. Up.
Dear Straight Girls,
I’m not.
—  Fuck you for thinking otherwise
“And so what if I like calling him Daddy?”



Smackdown’s paper view two months before electrifying WrestleMania. The first Wrestlemania after the draft pick of 2016. In fact my very first WrestleMania. But now it was time to focus on the event at hand, Elimination Chamber. Which Dean Ambrose, my boyfriend, is in. To be specific, he was in the main event for the WWE Championship against 5 other men who had potential also to win. Anyone can win.

“Amy, you in there?” Alexa Bliss’ fingers snapped in my face as I came out of my thoughts. The other women and I were in catering, waiting for the Women’s Championship match.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the big women’s match but it was fine with me. I could chill out in the back with the other girls and get ready for the Main Event.

“I’m fine.” I sent a small smile to the shorter girl before turning back to my food. I always get nervous when it’s a big match that Dean’s in. It makes me sick that there is a possibility that he could lose.

“Guess what happened last night?” Nikki began. We all leaned in knowing that the brunette had something juicy to share.

John and I were in the middle of…” She paused in the middle of the sentence and used her hands to tell us to think between the lines.

“Doing the dirt.” Naomi piped in. Nikki’s face turned a darker shade of pink as she agreed with Naomi.

“Anyway, he asked me to call him Daddy.” Nikki finished

“Did you?” Nattie asked. Nikki shamelessly nodded her head, causing the other girls to giggle.

“Why aren’t you smiling,” Alexa playfully elbowed me, “Does Dean like being called Daddy?”

I didn’t answer at first, causing the girls to all gasped.

“What? It’s what he likes.” I answered with a shrug.

“Do you like it?” Mickie asked. She just recently joined the Smackdown roster so she didn’t know about the whole kiss and tell things we all had.

“Yeah, it’s good roleplaying. He gets….excited more.” I replied. I was careful with my words because I knew that some of these girls still had virgin ears.

And so what if I like calling him Daddy?” I asked. A throat was cleared behind me causing the girls to all look the other way embarrassedly. I turned around to find Dean with a rather amused look on his face.

“Can I talk to you?” I took a look at the girl who all had embarrassed looks in their eyes. Dean grabbed my hand and lead me to an abandoned hallway, away from catering.

“What were you guys talking about?” Dean asked. I covered my face, too embarrass to tell him.

“Your Daddy kink.” I whispered

“Excuse me,” Dean said pulling my hands down from my face, “Daddy can’t hear you.”

I pushed his shoulder as he let out a chuckle, “Don’t do that. I thought you were going to break up with me.”
“Why would I? It was only a little kiss and tell. You can’t imagine the things the other guys and I talk about in the locker room.” Dean said as he pulled me into his embrace.

“And what exactly are you guys talking about?” I asked breaking away from him. He laughed as I placed my hands on my hips.

“It’s nothing.” Dean said pecking my lips.

“Mmm hmmm.” I responded

Before we left the small hallway, he pulled me back to him, “Next time, don’t talk about that stuff when I’m around somewhere. I felt uncomfortable with Alexa’s staring at my package.”

|| I’m honestly so disappointed in like 90% of the Tom x Hermione fics, like they go so well.

And then Hermione and Tom butt heads

and Hermione goes from fierce lioness to quaking leaf


but baby Dark Lord isn’t going to make her piss her pants after facing down Voldemort himself okay? 

That’s just 100% not Hermione

so stahp

I understand you’re all really obsessed with the whole damsel thing but like… fucking no. Just. no. Just go smash ur head in a door plz kthnx ||

Time Travel (Part 2)

Summary: Y/N somehow finds herself in Hamiltime and struggles to keep her secret.

Pairing: eventual Philip x reader

Warnings: language, unedited, talk of slavery and religion (Christianity)

Word count: 1,876 words

A/N: Part 2. I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m trying to make this as historically accurate as I can so I’m doing hella research and I don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore. I don’t know if I like this part, but here it is.

Part 1

Philip was trying.

You were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but he made sure not to show it. Your hair was shorter than most girls kept it and he couldn’t stop thinking about your big [Y/E/C] eyes. Everything about you hit him like a brick wall. The way you were dressed, the way you acted, how clueless you seemed to be about everything. After all, you had walked into his home not having any idea whose it was.

He tried to ignore how small and cold you hand seemed in his when you offered it to him. He tried to avoid looking at your exposed chest and legs. In a time where showing as much as an ankle was considered risqué, here you stood with your calves and forearms completely uncovered, the area between your breasts out on full display as well. He couldn’t look at you long without thinking about how little you were covered and feeling the need to look away before you caught him.

“You’re not wearing shoes,” he said lamely. You looked at him incredulously.

“I’m sitting here in pants and you’re worried because I’m not wearing shoes?”

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Quick fanfic because I feel like writing for once in my life

no criteria imma just write whatever comes to mind, ok? ok. lessgo..

“Maya, I said no.”

“But Riley-”


Maya sighed, getting up and moving closer to her fiancé, “Babe, hear me out…”

“Pretty sure I’ve already said no, like, eight times.” Riley shrugged, making her way to their kitchen to make herself a cup of hot chocolate, since Maya doesn’t let her drink coffee. (She tried it once, started bouncing off the walls and yapping like a puppy, she hasn’t been allowed to have coffee since)

Maya followed after her, “Aren’t you usually the one who wants to do these kinds of things?”

“Listen, we don’t have the space, or the money, and we definitely aren’t responsible enough for this kind of thing.” The brunette spoke, turning to face the shorter girl.

“You’re always trying to convince people that we’re super responsible-”

“Yes, but that’s just because-”

“Come on, Riles, this’ll be good for us.” Maya begged, following Riley around as she grabbed her favourite mug and began to pace around the house again.

She made her over to the living room, picking up the mini salt and pepper schnauzer and holding him up to Riley’s face, “I mean, just look at his cute lil’ face!”

“Maya, I just don’t think it’s a good-”

“And just look at his lil’ puppy beard!” Maya spoke, bringing him even closer to Riley’s face.


“And look at his cute lil’ puppy dog eyes!” She added, holding him up so that Riley would be looking directly at his eyes.

“I mean he is kinda cute…And it wouldn’t hurt to have a pup around the hou-” Riley began to give in, before shaking herself out of her stupor and regaining her senses, “Maya, no.”

“Dang it, almost had you.” The blonde mumbled under her breath.

“Listen, I get that you want to keep this dog-”


“Okay, I get that you want to keep Bernard, and he is really cute, but we just can’t. We both have jobs-”

“I work from home.”

“We’ll have to spend a lot of money to take care of him-”

“I’ll paint twice as many paintings a week as I usually do.”

“And we don’t even know if animals are allowed in the apartment building-”

“I already checked with the landlord, and she said it’s fine.”

“Oh, so you have an answer for everything, huh?”

“All those years of not answering any questions in class has left me with a whole lot of answers.” Maya smirked, shrugging as she hugged the pup in her arms, “Now, pleasssse, can we keep him?”

Riley stood there, a look of thought plastered on her face, as Maya just stared up at her, looking hopeful.

“Alright, fine, we can keep him.”

“Yes!” Maya cheered, immediately covering Bernard’s fur in kisses.

“Ahem.” Riley rose a brow, “What about me?”

Maya giggled, setting Bernard back down on the ground before covering Riley’s face in kisses, getting a smile out of them both.

“Thanks, Riles.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re welcome, Peaches,” She smirked, “But now I know that if I ever wake up at 8am and you’re not there, you’re probably out adopting random animals.”

Nervous || Lucas Friar

Originally posted by shirokirito-sao

Pairing: Lucas Friar x Reader

Request: lucas friar imagine where you’re the new girl and he asks you out. and he’s really nervous, make it fluffy/cute.

Requested By: Anonymous

Author’s Note: Sorry it’s only short, also there will be no Rucus-Lucaya drama, it’s purely Lucas/Reader.

You had just walked out of your Geography classroom when two girls approached you, with looks of determination in their eyes. You were new at John Quincy Adams, you had met quite a lot of people, but you had never met these girls. One was a tall brunette, what she was wearing was like most of the girls you had seen;bright, coloured. The other was a shorter blonde girl, you remembered her from your art class, she is really good. Her outfit was different from her friend’s, hers was slightly darker.

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Their Physical Preferences

Summary: The gang’s preferences in hair color/eye color/height/curviness/etc. on a girl.

These are just what (I think) each member tends to date/be interested in, it doesn’t mean they would never date someone who is tall or has blonde hair, that’d be ridiculous.

Darry: Everyone is short to himbut he does prefer shorter girls and he’s a sucker for blonde hair and blue eyes. He likes a girl with some meat on her bones and he also likes a girl who can at least physically keep up with him for the most part.

Tim: Green eyes and brown hair will always bring him to his knees. He doesn’t really care about height, if he had to pick something he’d say average height. He does like curves, but not waist-trainer curves, he likes natural curves that he can run his hands over.

Two-Bit: He’s more about personality, but he has a thing for blondes who don’t have blue eyes, hazel eyes are his biggest killer. Height is debatable for him but he tends to like shorter girls with average curves, sometimes less curves, and rather skinny girls.

Steve: He’s an ass man, so curves definitely are important to him. He likes black hair and chocolate eyes. He’s dated quite a bit of taller girls and he loves that, long legs leading to thick thighs and a plump ass are things that often occupy his dreams.

Dallas: He likes originality, hair color and eye color don’t matter to him, he just likes seeing something different from all the other girls he’s been with. If you have blue hair he’s probably going to try to talk to you. He likes skinnier girls who are medium height.

Angela: Dirty blonde hair and greenish/blue eyes are her favorite. Especially if you add tan skin, an pear figure, and a short height. Though on occasion she has been destroyed by some gorgeous red heads she’s come across.

Sodapop: Anywhere from blonde, to dirty blonde, to brown hair is his preference. Eye color he doesn’t have a favorite, he loves being surprised in that department and seeing the different hair/eye combos. He likes less curvy girls, but it doesn’t really matter to him.

Johnny: He likes a paler color on a girl, he loves the way his dark color looks next to hers. He prefers a lack haired girl or a brunette. Blue eyes with dark colored hair has always fascinated him. Height doesn’t matter to him, he’s been attracted to girls who are shorter than him and taller than him. He likes a moderate amount of curves.

Curly: Blonde hair and blue or green eyes are his absolute favorite. Bonus points if her hair is wavy or curly, almost like his. He likes them almost as short as they come and with a ton of curves. He loves a thick girl with some extra pounds on her.

Ponyboy: Redheads or brunettes, it doesn’t really matter to him. He loves brown eyes. When it comes to curves he doesn’t really care about them, whatever he gets he gets. He prefers medium height girls.

Dream Girl

Darry :  his dream girl is someone that is brunette and has hazel eyes. She’s hardworking and very family oriented. He wants to have atleast a few kids. He wants some girls and plans to name one of them after his mom. 

Soda : His dream girl is someone who is tall, and has nice long legs. He likes girls with blonde or dirty blonde hair. He loves it when a girl is nice and tan and he absolutely loVEs blue eyes. 

Pony : his dream girl is brunette and has dark eyes. Its not “mandatory” but he loves it when he sees girls in glasses. He thinks it makes them look intelligent and sexy. He prefers if a girl is shorter than him because he likes to bend down and kiss the top of her head

Johnny : His dream girl is pale and has dark hair, he thinks the dark hair makes them look more pale. He also loves blueeee eyes. It doesnt matter to him the height she is, as long as there’s chemistry. He wants kids, but he will be okay if he doesnt end up having any. 

Dally : Okay Dally thinks its so hot when girls have unnatural hair colors. His favorite is blue / and like a dark purple. He digs girls with brown eyes. He’s always been scared of having kids because of the whole commitment thing, but when he’s ready, he thinks he can handle a kid. He wants a boy bc he doesnt want his daughter to get around and get knocked up.

Steve : His dream lady is tan and brunette, he also lovEs when girls have highlights, and sometimes when it’s ombre. He loves long legs, but doesnt like it when girls are taller than him. His dream girl has to know how to cook, he thinks it’s so sexy watching a girl do her thing at the stove {No one better try coming at me like “wahh girls in the kitchen!!} He doesnt really want kids when he’s older tbh

Twobit : He is into redheads or dark brunettes. He is very attracted to green eyes. His favorite color on a girl is red. Especially if she’s wearing red lipstick, it really turns him on. He would buy his girl red lingerie. He wants a big family with a lot of kids, he would make such a great dad. 

A/N : Disclaimer* this was requested so I don’t want anyone to think this is like very hetero?? if you want a ‘Dream Boy’ version you could request 

human lesbians Jade and Barbara and randl going on a gay af double date. making it very clear that they’re all gay and not two straight couples. barbara is this tall beautiful girl, very pale with white/blond curls and very flirtatious. jade is this shorter dark girl with black hair and natural golden highlights with glasses. shy but occasionally barb brings out this fun party girl in her