my feelings.

I love you. that’s it, ill admit it. Its taken me a while to realize it, but the thought always lingered in my mind. I think its the way you care for me. The way you always make sure I’m comfortable when I’m sleeping, adjusting my head on your lap, or moving the hair off my face. Or maybe its the way you look at me. the way you hold back a smile when I say something stupid. the way you smile to the side when I compliment you, or look into my eyes when we have a deep conversation. I like the way you protect me as if I’m your sister and don’t want anyone to hurt me, but if they do, you’re right there to comfort me and be the shoulder to cry on. you know me like know one else does. you know my habits, my insecurities, my problem and you accept all of them. you’ve seen me at my best and at my worst. you get extra food on your plate because you know I take to little and don’t wanna look fat by getting seconds. how you support my sweet tooth problem and my lazy days. you watch movies with me when I feel like doing nothing and take me out when I feel like looking pretty. You tell me I’m beautiful even in sweats. Youve supported my worst decisions and encouraged my best. Although we bicker nonstop and disagree on a lot, you have my best interests at heart.  When I look at you I see my best friend, my rock,  and someone who truely cares about me. I denied it all along that I didn’t have feelings for you, but after this summer, its hard not to. Now that school is back, its difficult not seeing you everyday, but I know thst when I see you next, we will both have smiles on our faces because we enjoy each others company. so what did I fall in love with? I fell in love with your eyes, your spirit, your kindness, your soul, your family, your passion for your hobbies, your compassion for your friends, your words, your humor, but most importantly,  I fell in love with our friendship and I’m okay with that. Yes its a risk. yes we are going to be judged, but I’m okay with that. I don’t want to live my life wondering “what if”. Im gonna do what feelings right to me, and what makes me happy, and that’s you. so now the question has seized from “how could I love you?” to “how could I ever stop?”.

Pokemon Go is the only reason my mum got a smart phone. She’s called herself ShortBoy on it because my sister and I were calling the dog that all of yesterday. She is a walking meme.