Turbulence - Matthew Espinosa One Shot



“Priority Seating for flight 67781 to Paris is now boarding” a perky voice spoke over the intercom.

“That’s us Y/N”

“I still can’t believe you got Business class tickets for us.” I spoke aflutter while standing up from the terminal seats. They were red and orange, with a few to many stains to be comfortable. I tossed my back pack over my right shoulder and pulled my hair out from under it.

“After you m'a lady.” Matt said grabbing my small pink carry on.

We stood behind two older gentlemen, who looked to be on work travel. The young boy standing with his mother started giggling loudly.

“Nice pink bag.” He giggled.

Matt turned around and threw his jacket over his shoulder with flair in his eyes.

“Thank you it’s my favourite color.” He spoke quickly, handing one of the workers his passport and boarding pass.

We started walking through the weird part between the terminal and the plane that’s kinda like a ramp but no one really knows what it’s called.

Matt walked next to me closely his right hand on my head.

“You know I’m not like a dog.”

“I know but I don’t want to loose you.”

“Yes, because there’s so many places for me to get lost between here and the plane Matthew.” I laughed running ahead a little bit.

Seconds later we had reached the plane. I felt the AC hit my face as my eyes scanned the numbers on the storage compartments.


Matt and I were seated in 1J and 2J.

“Oh I call window seat!” I hollered squishing past him and claiming the seat first.

“You know your lucky I like you kid.” He said putting our things in the overhead compartments.

He plopped down next to me, putting on his seat belt and making himself comfortable.

I turned off the air coming directly from above me, but I still felt a little cold. I held my upper arms, rubbing them to try and stay warm. I forgot my sweater at home. I was in such a rush to leave I completely forgot about it. I was left in a short sleeve t-shirt from Oxford university.

“You a little bit cold there Y/N?” He questioned

“A lot a bit cold actually.” I said sporting my best pouty lip.

“Haha too bad sucker, next time you should really wear a sweater.” He smiled widely giggling a little bit.

“I’m just kidding of course.” He said grabbing the back of his jumper and pulling it over his head, showing a bit of mid drift which my eyes instantly were drawn to.

He grabbed the bottom part of the hoodie and placed it over me. My head barley through the head hole, while my arms were trapped at my sides. The part of my face you could see was covered in hair and greatly unamused.

I fixed the sweater around myself and shook my hair around, hitting Matt in the face, which was the main goal of the activity.

“Rude” he said sticking out his tongue.

I pulled on my warm fuzzy socks and closed my eyes taking in the glorious scent of Matts sweater.

“What are you doing?” He whispered right into my ear.

“Stop, shit that really tickles” I turned to look at him in the eyes. My nose bumped his, I didn’t realise how close he was. He didn’t seem to mind though. Seconds later the pilots voice spoke, telling everyone to fasten there seatbelt’s because we were about to take off.

My face turned red as I moved back, sitting straight in my seat now.

30 minutes into the flight the stewardess came along with food. I ordered the steak and vegetables. Matt ordered the pasta and vegetables.

I began to dig in as I pressed play on “The Great Gatsby”

I kept cutting up pieces, but each piece was chewer than the next. I looked over at Matt who was happily eating his pasta.

“Hey Matty look over there.” I pointed backwards.

“What?” He questioned looking away.

I grabbed one piece of his dinner. Damn it was actually really good.

“So Matthew since your a year older than me Matthew, and you’ve basically stopped growing and I’m just a little girl and need all the energy and nutrients I can get. I really think it will be-”

“Just take the noodles.”

“How did you-”

“How long have I known you?
Were hitting what, 10 years now?”

“Someone’s been counting.”

“Yup, 10 years of you crying at romantic comedy’s, 10 years of you always loving other peoples food more that your own, 10 years of sitting outside in the rain, even when it was -20 outside. 10 years of you eating all the pickles in the world even though there the most disgusting things in the world. And 10 years of you being the bravest person I know, yet your scared for your life at the sight of a single bird. I just know you, you know.”

I nodded understanding what he said.

“Those birds are scary little shits.”

“Your adorable.”

I went on with watching my movie. I lent my head against Matts shoulder placing my hands in the pocket on my sweater. Gatsby just met Daisy for the first time in forever. He was so nervous, so in love.

“Awwwww look at him. He loves her so much.”

“Ya, he does love her” he spoke looking down into my eyes. Our gazes lasted longer than they should have. I looked back at my screen trying to concentrate on the film, but the only thing I could hear was the beat of Matts heart.

I whipped away the tears on my face as the credits rolled down the screen.

“Stupid movie, stupid Leo, stupid everything.” I huffed turning off my screen and hiding in the sweater.

“Aww why are you hiding?”

“Because I’m done with life.”

I came out from under the sweater and brought my legs up to my seat.

Suddenly the plane began to shake viciously, it made me jump slightly. I forced my head back hard on my seat closing my eyes when I felt a warm hand lay on top of mine, squeezing it hard.

I opened my eyes looking over at Matt who had a worried look on his face.

“Attention passengers. We request at this time that you all return to your seats.”

The turbulence only lasted moments longer. I let out a breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding in. I started to lift my hand up from under Matts but he held on tighter. I looked over at him as I felt a tingle go up my arm. It brought warmth through my body.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” I spoke slowly, trying my utmost to steady my overly shaky hands.

I stood up stepping over Matt, but I lost my feting. His left hand caught my waist effortlessly.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine” I lied walking over to the restrooms. I quickly entered one and locked the door behind me, triggering the lights.

I looked myself in the eyes and ran my hands through my hair. I felt different. I grabbed the metal taps, feeling the difference between my body heat and the metal. I ran my hands under the ice cold water, bringing some of it up to my face.

I looked down at my hand. The one Matt was holding, I could still feel his touch. It tingled, so did the spot on waist he touched.

I couldn’t explain how I felt. Why I felt it.

I knew I had to return to my seat sometime. Composing myself to the best of my ability, I walked back towards my seat. I stepped over Matt more carefully this time, trying to avoid contact.

I tried to let my eyes close but my mind was racing to quickly. After a good 15 minutes I was out cold.

I felt a hand draw circles on my head, causing my eyes to flutter open.

I disapproving sounds came from me as I tried to turn, but I realised I was lying down on matts lap.

I rose quickly, smiling politely at him, trying to act as normal as possible.

“What are you doing with your face?”

“What do you mean?”

“Right here.”

He poked my face.

“And here.”

He poked my face again

“And here and here and here.” He started with two hands.

“Stop it you weirdo.”

My face was hot again from his touch. I couldn’t handle being on this plane for another minute. I felt so trapped. I couldn’t explain the nerves exploding all over my body. I couldn’t explain the warmth I felt in my stomach either, why was Matt suddenly effecting me so much.

I looked out the window during the landing and let out a huge breath as the doors opened letting us off this god for saken plane.

As we entered the airport I took in a fresh breath of Paris air. The air of true love, “apparently”.

“Was it just me, or was that a really long flight like I have never been on such a long flight.” I rambled on.

I tried to grab my pink carry on from Matt but his hand wouldn’t budge and it gave me the same feeling as it has been today.

“It’s okay I got it.” He looked into my eyes again.

“I don’t need your help.” I spoke harshly. Questioning myself where such anger came from.

“Wow, I just wanted to help you with your bag. What’s your issue.”

“Your my issue.”

“What did I do?”

“You, you.”

“I what?” He spoke softy as he cornered me into a wall.

I took a breath, searching for the right words.

“You-” I got out, before his lips found mine. I couldn’t explain the amount of relief my body felt when Matt kissed me. His hands rested at the sides of my chin.

His lips left mine earlier than I enjoyed.

“You have no idea how many years I’ve wanted to do that for. Now are you ready to go and explore Paris with me?”