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Back Conformation in Horses

Ideal Back

An ideal topline can vary between different breeds of horse. This here is an ideal back in a warmblood. An ideal back is when the whither and the highest point of their hip are level, and the horse is neither roached or swaybacked.

The length a horse or ponies back may affect smoothness of gait, their ability to collect and agility. It also limits how much weight the horse can carry, and can impact if a horse capable of being gaited. The height of the withers also varies and affects freedom of shoulder movement and length of stride.  

Short Back

If a horses back measures less than 1/3 of its overall length from whither to tail, it would be considered short backed. It is common in  American Quarter Horses, Arabians, and some Warmbloods, but can be seen in any breed. If their spine is short, they may have a difficulty with bending, have less flexibility, or even develop arthritis. Overreaching is more common in short backed horses. However, these horses can be very agile, and are good for polo, roping, cutting, and reining as they can change direction with ease.

Long Back

If a horses measures greated than 1/3 of its overall length from its whither to tail, it would be considered long backed. It can be seen in  Saddlebreds, Thoroughbreds, Pase Finos and some Warmbloods. It is also common in gaited horses.  Usually associated with long, weak loins. The horses ability to engage its back depends on its ability to elevate its back, which requires a strong back and abdominal muscles. Long backed horses often have more difficulty collecting engaging their hindquarters, which affect upper level dressage, cutting, reining, barrel racing, and polo. However, their long back gives a quieter and smoother ride.
Because long backed hoses have more difficulty building strength in their backs, they can become swayed more easily

Roach Back

This is when the area where the back and loins join the croup has an upward convex arch in the spine.  Often a result of a short back, or injury or displacement of the lumbar vertebrae. Horses are unable to collect or elevate the back. They have a reduced step in their hind legs because of the arch in the spine. The horse is stiffer and less flexible, and being roach back often causes back pain. Agile sports (polo, cutting, reining, barrel racing, gymkhana) are difficult because the horse is stiff and rigid. They may also have difficulty with dressage and jumping.

Sway Back

A swayed back is where the back dips noticeably in the centre, between the whiter and the hindquarter.  It often causes the horse to carry their head higher, and their neck stiffer. It is often associated with weak ligaments in the back, and occurs easier in long backs than short. It can also happen in old age, as the ligaments weaken overtime. Broodmares who have had multiple foals can also become swayed with age. It can also be caused by overuse or misuse of a under conditioned or young horse.
A sway back positions a  rider behind the centre of gravity and is unable to elevate to collection correctly, or collect speed, and are therefore unsuited to majority of disciplines. Riding can cause pain to sway backed horses.


Downhill is when a horses hindquarter is higher set than its whither. It is common in many young horses when in a growing stage, but their front catches up in many cases. It is common in draft-type horses. In adult horses, downhill is a conformation fault that can lead to front lameness and back problems. Collection from behind can be more difficult.


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Just a quick update notice, from now until midway through August I won’t be able to do the thoughts of the day. I’m doing some overseas flying so accessing wifi everyday might be a bit of a challenge. However I will place fun things and muffin recipes in the queue so you will have something fun to enjoy! 

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~ CONTEST ENDS IN 14ish HOURS ~ Sorry for the short notice!! Was super busy after creating the contest on instagram. This was technically on my instagram.. so if you have an instagram account go ahead and tag it to there. (My instagram is gummioguava as well) Otherwise you can submit an entry on here. Okay.. so.. contest!! :D The theme is summer~! (Sorry aussie suckers :P) Rules: 1. Draw your, your friends, or my oc doing or just in something summery~! Can be pretty much anything; eating ice cream, at the beach, simply wearing something summery. ^^ Doesn’t have to have a background. 2. Can be traditional or digital. 3. YOU *MUST* TAG ME IN THE PICTURE and USE THE HASHTAG #gummioguavassummercontest IN THE COMMENTS. If you don’t and your account is private I will not be able to see the photo even if I go to the hashtag. ^^’ 4. Not a rule persay, but feel free to share this pic if you want to let other people know about it! 5. You do not need to be following me to enter. Winners will be chosen by my sister and I. ^^ Prizes~! 1st and 2nd place. Shoutout and a traditional drawing colored with pencil (no background) 3rd and 4th place. Choice of a shoutout or a traditional coloured sketch. CONTEST ENDS JULY 20th - TODAY Let me know if theres anything you think I’ve missed in this or neglected to mention.. this is the first time that I’ve done a contest like this. ^^’

Just sent in my entry for our first dressage show. Just doing the walk-trot Intro A and Intro B. My goal is mid to upper 50s. Breaking into the 60s would be AMAZING. But it’s her first time off farm and my first show in almost 10 years. I would love to see high scores in forward motion and bending. I don’t expect much for straightness or the halt. Not enough rider time to get that perfected.

I am happy my trainer is excited too. She texted me this picture. Said Day 1 long driving. Day 2 will be balancing and forward motion. I am proud to have her as my trainer. Especially since I am relying on her to train until the week before the show. Due to the fact my horse is three hours away and I am in dental school.

Woohoo people I AM BACK!!! Thanks to unadulteratedcowgirlcollection idea, I reinstalled the game and now I am back on star stable, taking pictures as well! Woot woot! Of course I went to check out the lovely new morgans right away, and I am surprisingly impressed. I love the depth to those eyes! And I also realized how short they are, my pony was just about the same height o_o anyway, if anyone else is on sso chocolate cupcake and wants to meet up I am back in action! Right now I am going on my other accounts, but will log on again :)

~ Anna (Misty)

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also my dad was like, “you have a month out there before work starts to buy work clothes.”

and i’m just sitting here thinking, “the graduate student uniform is jeans and a sweatshirt. maybe a dress. shorts. sneakers. pony tail?”