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"OOooo a horsey! I wanna ride!" Annie started to try and jump up the side of Hecarim. (just-an-annie)

No! I’m not a “HORSEY” am a CENTAUR other wise if i was a “HORSEY” I wouldn’t be talking to you. And one more thing. I AM NOT YOUR PONY THAT YOU CAN RIDE ON! “trying to reach for Annie from his back” SO GET OFF NOW!


Lots of happy things came in the mail today from shelvesofwhimsy​! 😍

I was going to take more high quality pictures with my BF’s phone when he came home for work, but I couldn’t wait. DX I apologize.

Everything is so cute @_@ She even gave me a couple “firsts”! BBE Sundance will be my first BBE, when I get my shelves I’ll be have to put her beside my long-haired Sundance. :3 

Also that McDonald’s G2 (I believe) is my first G2! ;_; I need to look up her name.

She included several little Care Bears figurines, very cute. I don’t have any of these yet either. ;3 

Also a very very tiny Ruby-chan Pote Usa! It’s so little and cute! I had to take a comparison picture of my giant sleepy Ruby-chan with her new tiny baby. I think I’ll make a necklace of her in the future :0

Last but not least some cute eraser animals and a bunch of stickers of a really cute bunny Sanrio character named “Bonbonribbon” who I had never heard of before! I love her, she’s so cute, I think she may be my new favorite Sanrio character to be honest, I’m glad I was introduced to her like this. She’s so precious.

I am so happy, thank you! This was so incredibly sweet of you. ✨ 💕✨


Dinner with the Dawson’s. In case you were wondering everyone’s names; you’ve got Rose and Dale (mum and dad), Felix, and his two younger sisters, Amber and Tara (Amber, short hair, Tara, pony tail). 

This will be my only post tonight. My queue ran out again and I have been working so much over the last few days. I want a good night’s rest so I will be playing and posting in a day’s time :) 

Short Review of the Newest MLP:FiM episode

For the record, I’m not a brony, just a casual fan of the show.

…I AM.

Anyhoo, while there were plenty of dick moves by Rainbow Dash in this episode, I found the overall message to be quite moving: Eventually, you’re gonna have to say good-bye to your pet (even though it’s PRETTY OBVIOUS Tank will be back due to him just hibernating for the winter).

As a pet owner, I could certainly see myself in Rainbow Dash (minus the dick moves), going through states of anger, denial and finally, tear-bursting sadness. I’d feel all those things the day I’ll have to part with Chompers.

And yes, I loved it when Pinkie Pie said, “APPLEJACK CRIES ON THE INSIDE!!!” and Applejack just causally states, “It’s true…”

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To add to the earlier clothing post I'd say when it comes to a professional environment men are expected to wear proper professional clothes such as a suit or tie. They must either have a clean shaven face, or a well managed beard(clean shaven is frequently more desirable) and short hair, so no pony tales, no dreads, no nothing longer than the tops of your ears. Pretty sure piercings or tattoos are also right out.

“Hurr durr I can’t wear fucking spaghetti straps so CLEARLY women have it worse.”

-Stupid tumblrinas who think making everything into a pissing contest is the way to equality