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Found my old dressage tests from my first dressage show when I was 10 with my impy pony.. He was cute as hell but took a while to settle in as evident by his excessive “fussying” in the first test. We scored a 57.5 (2nd I think) and 68 (1st and almost got high point) respectively. I also specifically remember the judge telling me that he actually kept good time considering he was 11.1h in a large ring and asking me who my trainer was, I later found out she asked because she offered to buy him.

Fun fact: In test A he stopped to poop mid free walk, hence the 4 score and the “keep his attention on his work”

bonus fun fact #2: one of his braids was falling out throughout the test because he went down to roll while we were schooling. As I said, he was fussy.


This is me.
Trying to be modelesque.
Failing miserable.

[this is from Thanksgiving but I was afraid to post it then but now I’m saying meh who cares, I like it 😳🙈]