By the way, cissexism is not confined to trans people. 

If you’re a gay man and in a horrible freak accident of some kind your boyfriend’s dick gets chopped off and you leave him because you want a man with a dick? Guess what? That’s cissexist too. So is making fun of him, emasculating him, and calling him a girl or acting like he’s less of a man for it. 

If a girl just naturally has significant amounts of testosterone and grows a lot of thick body hair or has a deep voice and you think she’s “mannish” or “manly” that’s cissexist too.

Every time a woman who can’t conceive is treated like a failure or less of a woman. CISSEXISM. 

When women with cancer get double mastectomies and people pity them for it? CISSEXISM.

When tall women are mocked for their height. When broad shouldered women are made fun of. When short men are mocked. When men with high voices are called “girly”. 


If someone’s physical appearance or body in ANY WAY shapes your idea of their gender then you are being cissexist. 

We barely ever talk about this. It used to be covered (sort of) under some areas of feminism (though never actually CALLED cissexism) but that seems to be less and less true. 

I’m calling it: 2017 is the year I start talking all the time about the cissexism you’ve probably never even noticed. 

No matter if you’re youthful or elderly, tall or short, a doer or a thinker; you are capable.
“I am capable.”

It does not matter who you are, anyone can find the path with thought, study, practice, and action. If I could awaken, anyone can. I am not special, I am not God, I am not a saint; I am a sinner, I am mortal, and I am still flawed.

The path won’t make you a better person, however, what you experience will change you and radically give you perspective, this is what will mold you into the man or woman you so wish to be. The path is a rite of a passage, it’s an awakening into what it truly means to transcend our own mortality, the path reveals the divinity within ourselves. Look not to flesh and be discouraged, look instead to mind and realize, “I am capable.” The mind is the all, the essence of our Godhood, without dedication to the perfection of mind, we slip back into the bad habits, binding us to flesh and away from the spirit.

One of the reasons i love steven universe

The one thing I like about steven universe is the art design everyone has their own body type and it’s great! 

Like seriously I hate jasper as a character but i love her design the best


and then you got these lovely fuckers 

all different shapes and sizes

and don’t get me started on how cute steven is little chubby cute adorable boy 

and big tall beautiful baby momma rose quartz 


and then there is Sadie and Larsm, short chubby cute sadie and tall lanky lars 

and don’t get me started on how happy i am that this cartoon actually has POC in it. 

AND Don’t get me started how happy i am that there is a homosexual canon couple on the show 

I am not saying you guys HAVE to watch steven universe but put it on your list man it’s the best.

stop letting the height of cis males/females define the “normal height” of what a man/woman should be.

stop letting what is short/tall for a cis male/female define to you what “short for a guy” or “tall for a girl” means.

stop imposing what is common for cis heights as expectations for everyone of that gender will be.

anonymous asked:

I can't believe women are that upset about the term gold star. Most lesbians use it light heartedly, almost jokingly. It's like saying you're not short, you're "fun sized." That doesn't imply tall people are boring or anything negative. Some people even doctors consider us virgins for not having ever slept with men. It was about deflecting against that. Not everything people call themselves has to be in relation to other people.

Everyone - even fellow lesbians - can’t tolerate the idea of a woman having never been fucked by a man. The idea is unthinkable and if we aren’t going to get fucked physically then they will do their damnedest to make sure we’re alienated and punished for it in some way.

Tinder and other stuff...

Him: My last several girlfriends have been very short and super thin. Size 0 types. But while with them I found myself craving the opposite body types…

Me: Well, I am quite tall and plus size by nature, but proportionate with height and weight.

Him:You stated you were tall and I was hoping you were curvy as well. Just envisioning you on my arm is sending me into a state of bliss and I have not even had the pleasure to meet with you in person yet. I would LOVE to take you to dinner and showcase how a man should truly spoil a woman.

Me: As you should.

Him: I simply cannot wait. Your beauty and wit is unbelievably refreshing and I would be honored to take you out.

This guy I matched with on Tinder and in his bio clearly states that he is seeking a fit, petite, young woman. Although, I may be young I am far from petite or a size 0, but nonetheless my confidence and charm has him completely smitten with me. I am a firm believer that anyone can be a sugar baby, even us plus size ladies. Trust me it goes way beyond just physical aesthetics. You have to make every man (only those who are deemed worthy of your time) feel like they are special, they are the only one in the world, you have to exude not only sex appeal but mystery. Be spontaneous, treat them like the humans that they are, have intellectual conversations, and be engaged in their interests. Whether a client, pot, or SD when you treat those selected men like a prized possession, they will go above and beyond the call of duty for you. (I say “selected” because not every man is going to be worth your time) 

The issues I believe most girls have with being successful in the bowl are the following (simply my opinion): 

-Attitude or sense of entitlement that you should be granted the luxuries and pleasantries within the first date or two. 

If you choose to sugar, you must know it takes time to find the right arrangement that suits your needs. Do you think a stranger on the street would just hand over thousands of dollars? I think not.

-A mindset that all there is out there is salt. 

All men regardless of what they say want to be laid. Some men are just hornier than others and are willing to manipulate and disrespect women just to get a nut (unfortunate, but a true reality). Other men out there assume they ‘know’ what an arrangement is all about, but in reality they are just doing a brief google search to get basic webster dictionary understanding. Sometimes you have to take the time to educate and finesse these men in a manner where they truly understand the concept of an arrangement and don’t feel like it is strictly business transaction (unless that works for you). Believe it or not but there are a lot of men out there willing to spoil a young woman, but they simply choose to do so outside of “sugaring” websites (I know, a hard concept to swallow lol).

-You simply are not an interesting in person. 

Let’s face it everyone has the ability to portray who or what they want to be on the Internet or through text, but are you able to transfer that same image in person? If you said you are outgoing and bubbly, when you meet you have to transfer that same energy into your date. Whatever persona you choose to be, you must be able to continue with it in person. If not you come off like either a liar, crazy, or a catfish.

- Comparing yourself to others.

What may work for me, may not work for you. Sex work is trial and error, as are other things in life. Just because you are not traveling to Paris every week or getting a 20k allowance does not make you a bad sb. Everyone has their own goals and you should be focusing on how to obtain YOUR goals. Keep your eyes on your own paper!

-You let the opinions of others dictate how you should feel about yourself and you abilities in the bowl.

Nothing is going to happen overnight, sugaring is a process and you have to continue to work at it. You can’t let what other people say consume you. Because at the end of the day you could be a perfect 10 and someone would still find a flaw within you. You are not put on this Earth to appease the likes of others, you are here to be fabulous and live a happy life. Define your own happiness, don’t let others define it for you.

- Your expectations of being sugar baby are being clouded by the luxury posts on Tumblr.

Sex work can be glamorous and with time it should be. But do not assume that everything in the bowl is fucking unicorns and rainbows. There is A LOT of stuff that some sb’s and other sex workers simply don’t want to speak about. But this lifestyle if you are truly made for it is very difficult. Many live double lives, we face dangerous situations, we have families we must provide for, we have careers that could be put on the line, we deal with the nonsense of men and their manipulation tactics, we are constantly the butt of every joke, we are seen as objects instead of human at times, we have to be void of any emotion other than happy and horny, and often we feel alone and no one is here to support us.

To be a sugar baby is to be a sex worker, with that comes a lot of ups and downs, make sure you are mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the ride. I’m not perfect by any means, but I try my best to support all my loves and provide insight through my personal experiences and/or escapades.

I will do an update soon, guys.

Positive vibes, prosperity, and safety to all my loves!



sexism and trans characters

hey if you do any of the following to a female character

  • make them a trans man because they are masculine
  • make them non-binary because they are androgynous or masculine one day and feminine the next
  • make them a trans man because they don’t like gender roles associated with the female sex
  • make them a trans man or non-binary because they have short hair
  • make them a trans man because they are naturally large/muscular/hairy/tall/flat chested/etc

or any of the following to a male character

  • make them a trans woman because they are feminine
  • make them non-binary because they are androgynous or masculine one day and feminine the next
  • make them a trans woman because they don’t like gender roles associated with the male sex
  • make them a trans woman or non-binary because they have long hair
  • make them a trans woman because they are naturally short/thin/feminine looking/hairless/etc.

you are sexist (for reinforcing gender roles and stereotypes on both cis and trans people) and transphobic (for being an ass)

and i stg don’t send me a message saying “i know trans people/i am a trans person who is X, Y, Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” because that is not at all what this post is about

anonymous asked:

I have to confess somethinggg~~~ I want to confess it to the whole world but you seemed accessible^^^^ I don't care if you're ugly or handsome/pretty, tall or short, black or white, woman or man, straight or gay, because i hate y'all 😂😂😂😂😂 just kidding i luv you all 😈


Nightvale Gothic

It is coming up to evening, and deep from the gloaming a young couple are approaching the Arby’s. They intend to have roast beef, they intend to use a coupon. Their evening will be lovely.

Down by the gorge a hiker camps. Her tent protects her from the wind and the dust that blows off from the desert. She considers her water supply, there is plenty of it, so she plans the route for the morrow.

A man who is not short speaks to a man who is not tall. They enjoy speaking of sport, and of games they have watched, and games they have played. They drink beer while doing so, and for this moment believe they are happy.

A woman in a long red dress waits for a taxi on the roadside. Her car has broken down, and the roadside service is unresponsive. She has booked a hotel, and now a taxi to it. It’s been a good evening despite the last half hour or so, and she looks forward to a good night’s sleep.

A radio in a bunker plays smooth jazz tunes, echoing deep though the tunnels until it gains a spectral air. The people listening to it dance, happily, whirling and spinning in the glare of coloured lights. Soon, the lights will dim, the radio will change stations, and slower, more intimate dances will begin.

A taxi driver leaves dust in his wake. Usually he resents being called out after his shift has ended, but his taxi broke down a few weeks ago and he needed to hitch-hike back to town, so he is glad to be able to help someone in a similar position.

Night falls. No rain is predicted, no storm is on the horizon. All is peaceful on this silent, calm, quiet night. For a full prediction of the overnight climate, we take you now…

to the weather

Ok can we hve more positive posts about moc?

Lgbt moc
Straight moc
Feminine moc
Masculine moc
Nerdy moc
Tall moc
Short moc
Light moc
Dark moc
Chubby moc
Skinny moc
Muscled moc
Moc who dont fit no stereotypical bullshit
And especially moc who are in interracial relationships!

I see a lot of positive post for woc and thats awesome. But moc need love too.

Especially black men. Especially the ones who are kind,sweet,intelligent,and truely woke(none of that fake prejudice tumblr bullahit #woke crap) real wokeness.

Especially the Muslim or spiritual man who is a faithful and loving man. Who appreciates. Womans soul more than her body (tho he loves that too its just her soul is more important to him).

Especially the disabled man who has to have help. And has many battles to fight every day. But still manages to make you smile because it makes him hppy to see you happy.

Especially the man who is a real man regardless of his race,sexuality,etc. And does the best he can for you and him and his family. An honest good person.

Remember this.

We women face a lot of crap. This is true. And i love positive posts and news bout women. But i wanna see men get love too. Just cuz a few treat us bad. Doesn’t mean all of them do. Some of these men would die for us and protect us. Sacrifice a lot so that we can be happy,children can be happy,and there are good men. You just gotta open your eyes n look with your heart and send positive vibes.

Thank you.

“I was bitterly disappointed when Sgt. Calhoun married Fix-It Felix. I loved her design, her attitude, everything about her, and wanted desperately for her to be a stand-alone woman instead of having a love interest. It reminds me of the ‘beautiful tall woman/short unconventional man’ tropes in older cartoons, and I was so let down by her having a romance plot. It sounds selfish, it IS selfish, but I can’t help feel disappointed, and I feel alone in that feeling”

anonymous asked:

How would you go about showing that a woman is an equal fighter to a man in a misogynistic mediaeval setting? In-story, she's often mistaken for a man (being 6+ foot tall and in armour) and the story isn't narrated from her POV; how can I make sure that when the narrating character thinks she's "good, for a girl" it's *his* opinion, not an objective statement on female fighters as a whole?

The short answer is: remember that objective truth and subjective truth are different. The reader will assume that your narrator (POV) character is factual and a resource they should believe unless they are proven to be unreliable. The POV character, especially in a fantasy narrative, is our connection to the world. They are our state of normal, they are the providers of knowledge and our insight. The audience has to trust them, at least in the beginning, in order to be grounded in both the narrative and the world. You have to show them that the main character’s opinion is false through the character’s actions and the opinions of other characters. His perceptions and reality’s perceptions are different, other characters both male and female have lives, goals, and desires outside of him. If he is the only POV and you’re writing in First Person or Third Person Limited, then you’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of you.

Contrary to popular belief, the sexist main character does not need to overcome his sexism, does not need to be redeemed, and no romance tropes need to be invoked. (I’d also avoid the rape tropes, frankly.) You do need to show he is wrong even if he doesn’t realize it. Sometimes, main characters are shitty people and not every narrative needs to be about them becoming better ones. (He can come to respect her without giving up his sexism, this shouldn’t be treated as a solution. Seeing one person as fine but the rest of their gender as the same isn’t a realization that “x group” are people just like them.)

He doesn’t need to be, nor become, a good person.

However, again, you do have to lay in the groundwork to make it clear that his perceptions and the reality don’t lineup.

You do that by giving the female character her own arc separate from the main character, where she does her own stuff, where we find out a little about her backstory and motivations (not for the benefit of the male character or because of any man), and recognize she has an interior life with goals and dreams of her own. He may be involved in her arc, but it isn’t about him.

However, in the same hand, she also is probably accepted by the vast majority of her compatriots and they trust her to have their backs in battle (or else she wouldn’t be participating, unless she never expects to see combat). There’s a lot of fine detail work you can get into with sexism depending on the female character’s social class and background. (She sounds a little like Brienne of Tarth.) So, her reasons for being present and perception of special treatment due to her social status could be present. (She’s got her father whipped, he’s a weak man who lets his daughter run amok, she’s wild and does what she wants, she’s a fool, etc.) If she’s someone of a lower class background or a mercenary, then

A variety of sexist opinions, however, are worth using that don’t automatically fall under the “for a girl” header and they don’t always relate particularly to only the woman in question. Aspersions will be cast on everyone who supports her.

Denying her femininity and womanhood due to her choice in occupation. “Ha! Her? She’s no woman.”

One of the guys. “Yeah, but Elsa, no one thinks about you like that.”

Referred to commonly with gendered slurs that are particularly sexist.

Turned to when a “woman’s” opinion is needed.

Constantly asked to “prove her worth”. Over. And over. And over again.

Referred to as being undesirable because she doesn’t fit convention, told she’ll never “get a man”, assumptions made that she must want children. (Whether she does or not isn’t the issue.) Even though it could be said in jest with no ill will meant. “One more sword blow like that Elsa and no one’ll want you!”

Jokes about her body type. Generally invasive personal questions. Jokes made on any male character who shows an interest in her.

She’ll be passed over for jobs she’s suited for, not because she’s no good but to avoid causing offense.

People from outside the company will routinely say that they don’t want to work  with her, regardless of her skill level and, sometimes, even after she’s proven her worth.

For the men who support her, it’s just as hard. They will be ridiculed and insulted, aspersions will be cast on their “manliness” and their ability.

Friendly interest or saying anything complimentary is generally assumed to be sexual i.e. “You only said that ‘cause you want to get between her legs!”

“It’s your responsibility!”

“How can you let her…”

Her superiors will be accused of being incapable when it comes to “controlling” her. Her friends will suffer the same and will constantly be asked why they don’t “encourage” her to engage in a safer line of work. Some may even suggest them marrying her as a means to get her off the battlefield.

Remember, this female character doesn’t have to actually be better than all the boys in order to justify her existence. She doesn’t even need to be competent, though she probably is. She doesn’t need to justify her existence at all, other than she decided to do this and now takes a lot of shit for for being unconventional.

The MC could even be right, she could only be good “for a girl” aka people he believes can’t fight at all because no one has taken the time yet to teach her how to properly fight or she hasn’t figured out how to make good usage of her body. The treatment of violence or skill in combat as “masculine only” is what’s sexist, not the fact that someone could actually be bad at it or unsuited. Ability in combat is a skill set. It is acquired through time, dedication, training, luck, with experience gained by surviving through armed conflict. It is not static, but ever changing. Someone can start out slow and finish strong by working hard, whereas someone with a lot of talent can start strong but finish poorly due to resting on that talent.

If you’re wondering, this is why “Female Empowerment Fantasies” are often just as sexist as the stories they’re railing against. This is why the “One Woman Who Can Hold Her Own” is a problem. Overcoming sexism in fiction is not about exceptions to the rule, it’s the realization that the rule itself is bogus.

As Ellie Sattler, a young and fit thirty something woman with a doctorate degree in paleobotany, from Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park says when John Hammond, an old man with a bad leg suggest he should be making the long walk to the generators through a compound overrun with dinosaurs just because he’s a man:

“We can discuss sexism in survival situations when I get back.”

The one who should be doing the thing is the one best suited because of their skills and not their gender. Sexism is the assumption that a man is better at combat or war by virtue of being a man, just like women will be better at housework or raising children because they’re women.

“Look, Jack, you either trust me to make the long shot or you hightail your ass back to camp. We don’t have time for debate. You may beat me daily with that sword, but I’m more accurate than you on your best week.”

Give them a voice. Recognize that they won’t be the best at everything. Show them fighting for what’s theirs and what they’ve worked for.

Due to everyone experiencing cultural and social mores, no group is immune to sexism and no person, regardless of background, is incapable of being sexist. Sexism and discrimination change based on societal expectations for certain groups, which is where it intersects with racism and other prejudices. The female character’s ethnicity and the cultural prejudices surrounding it will play a role in how she’s perceived, just as they would a male character. Europe has a long history of discrimination based on ethnic background. An easy joke to point to is “draw me like one of your French girls”, where French women and, more specifically, Parisian women are considered to be more sexually available, sexier, or free than women in other cultures.

“Yes, but she’s Romani…”

“Yes, but she’s a Moor…”

“Yes, but she’s Scots…”

You know how they are.

Most importantly, recognize that these values are cultural and they are constantly in flux. Though often depicted as “it’s always been this way”, expectations change based on changing values. The sexism you’ll be writing for a medieval world is not the same in detail as the sexism you’re experiencing on a regular basis (regardless of gender).

So, research.

Your primary reading list is going to be:

Protector of the Small by Tamora Pierce. All of it. The full quartet from start to finish. Pay specific attention to characters like Joren and the constant microagressions that Keladry suffers through.

When Christ and His Saints Slept by Sharon Kay Penman.

A.D. 1135. As church bells tolled for the death of England’s King Henry I, his barons faced the unwelcome prospect of being ruled by a woman: Henry’s beautiful daughter Maude, Countess of Anjou. But before Maude could claim her throne, her cousin Stephen seized it. In their long and bitter struggle, all of England bled and burned. - from the Amazon description

When Christ and His Saint’s Slept is Historical Fiction, not fantasy but I prefer it when discussing medieval sexism over a series like George R.R. Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire”. The reason I like it is because it has a lot of female characters that are based on real women in history and Penman has an excellent track record for sourcing/citing her work. She’s also very honest about where and what she invents. (The short answer is almost nothing.) It’s a great look at what medieval sexism actually affected and what it didn’t.

Now, I’m going to go on a long discussion about sexism, chauvinism, and misogyny.


Keep reading

Oh but a nice big family gathering on Harry and Ginny’s place. Literally every friend and family is there. Ron and Hermione help in the kitchen, Hagrid pets Buckbeak in the backyard, close to all the owls and pets. There’s laughter and a delicious smell of food.

Then the doorbell rings. Ginny counts the people. Everyone is there, who could it be? Harry sprints to the door, smiling to himself.

“Didn’t think he’d actually come.”

Everyone looks confused to Ginny, and she shrugs, baffled as anyone else. Then Harry enters the living room with a tall blond chubby man and a short woman with dark brown hair. Both seem very timid. Harry smiles.

“Everyone, this is my cousin Dudley and his wife. Dudley… These are my friends.”

An Open Letter To Broad City

Dear Abbi and Ilana,

I would just like to take the time to thank you for giving me the best tool I could ever have as a young woman living in New York City. This evening on my way home from work I got my daily dose of harassment by a young man who suggested I should “put a smile on that pretty face”. Without skipping a beat, I briskly spun around, straitened both middle fingers tall and proud, and used them to push the corners of my mouth up to form a hideous resemblance of a smile. It was by far one of my greatest moments in my short 25 years of life. I can only hope you’ll continue to provide exceptional life hacks in season 3.

Much love Queens,
I paid $25 for an Invisible Boyfriend, and I think I might be in love.

The new service creates the man or woman of your dreams and helps you fake a convincing digital relationship.

When you sign up for the service, you can design a boyfriend (or girlfriend) to your specifications — kind of like picking the genes for a designer baby, except for an imaginary adult. You pick his name, his age, his interests and personality traits. You tell the app if you prefer blonds or brunettes, tall guys or short, guys who like theater or guys who watch sports. Then you swipe your credit card — $25 per month, cha-ching! — and the imaginary man of your dreams starts texting you.

Except … the man on the other end isn’t imaginary. He’s a real human person, texting multiple women, contorting himself to carefully match each one’s specific expectations and fantasies.

If this doesn’t become fic, like, in the next 20 minutes, I’m resigning from fandom.


how many times do i have to spell this shit out

when you spell out how a character “looks” trans, you’re showing the entire world what a trans person LOOKS LIKE. you are giving people a TOOL TO IDENTIFY REAL TRANS PEOPLE.

when i bind, i still have a little width to my chest, sort of a muscled look. when you claim a character must be trans because of this exact look in their chest, you are outing people like me. 

when you base your headcanons on a woman being a bit hairy, or a man having substance to his chest, or a woman being tall and flat, or a man being short and round, you are not only claiming this can’t be how cis people look, but you are actively outing trans people who may look that way.

in short: