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“My phone, and my wallet. Two of ‘em. One tall blonde woman with I kid you not an eyepatch and a wooden leg. And a short bushy haired redhead man who had a strange accent.”

She dabs at the blood coming from her lip, and nose, before giving a weak grin to the other woman, “Thought the blonde was going to strangle me for a moment. I look like a hot mess I bet.”

She pulls the goggles off her head, examining the cracked lense, “Damn. These were my favorites. Ah well. A little super glue and they’ll be right as rain.”

“Oh love.” She placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder. She was used to playing the hero, and this woman needed one. The blonde looked a little scuffed but nothing too serious. A hospital shouldn’t be necessary. A bit of ice and antiseptic should do the trick. “You look fine. Just a bit rattled. You should think about calling the police about the mugging. They can do much more than I can.” As a goggle loving woman herself, she couldn’t help but feel a pang of pity about the yellow lense. “That’s a shame. Any way to fix that?”