introducing the maia roberts network!

do you love badass biracial werewolf maia roberts? are you not so secretly hoping that she’s introduced in sh season 2? do you have a fancast for her or a pinterest board dedicated to her? if so, you should join the maia roberts network!

this is a casual shadowhunters network for friendship and fun centered around our favorite werewolf!

how do i join?

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  • new friends who also love maia & will help you survive the hiatus!
  • a place to share your creations (fics, edits, headcanons, selfies, etc)
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if you want to stay updated, track the tag #maiarobertsnet
the deadline is august 10th! we’re hoping for at least 40 notes so the deadline may be extended if there is not enough applications


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An Emmy Nomination for Adventure Time

Congratulations to cast & crew for their fresh Emmy nomination—their seventh consecutive—in the category of Outstanding Short-form Animated Program. The nod goes to the episode “Hall of Egress.” Kent Osborne, Jack Pendarvis, Tom Herpich, and Ashly Burch came up with the story, and Tom wrote and boarded it. Andres Salaff was the director. The stiff competition is made up of Robot Chicken, SpongeBob SquarePants, Steven Universe, and The Powerpuff Girls. Cheer for the team when the trophies are handed out in L.A. on September 18.


Today I’m releasing my second cheatsheet on my BigCartel store!

This is the full Verb Conjugation Cheatsheet, including 12 verb conjugations for る, う, する and くる verbs (all forms found in the Genki Textbook series). Simple explanations and examples are laid out in a full colour A3 PDF file.

Verb conjugations included:
Dictionary, Long form, Short form, Te-form, Negative, Negative past, Potential, Volitional, Ba-form, Passive, Causative, Causative-Passive.

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As a means to cheer myself up I felt like doodling the Zero escape characters last weekend.

A few hours later- the sketches became this terribly unplanned- ooc somewhat moment of that one bucket scene in the third game. With some liberties of course.
I imagine Diana would probably just find Sigma weird as all end based on the tone of her words, but who knows? XD

Halfway through doing this I had half the mind to make it sad. But seeing as this was hella unplanned and I wanted to keep things happy… Also I suck at drawing a lot of things, and nevermind being destroyed by what I had in mind.
This became the end result instead.
Sketchy since I just wanted to do it until I felt alright with it.

IDK. Hope it’s cute at least?

like minded?  || perry and irene

Perry’s hands were shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans. His tongue toyed around with a green apple Jolly Rancher, one of his few vices, as thoughts whirred around his paranoia raddled mind. This Irene girl seemed nice, she seemed to understand him, she almost seemed too good to be true.

Checkered vans would hit the pathway rhythmically as he delved father into the common in search of this mystery woman. He was a few minutes early but he hoped she would be there and that he would be able to find her.

The moonlight reflected annoyingly off of his black-rimmed glasses as if to remind him that he was being incredibly careless by going out alone at night. “Damn, I should have worn my contacts.” He blinked hard as he raised his glasses up off of his nose in order to rub his eyes.

He turned a corner and noticed a girl standing beneath one of the many gazebos. “Irene?” He whispered as her realized he had seen her face before. This wasn’t just some stranger he met on the internet, this was Irene Rozanov, the famous Russian chess master. For a moment he simply stood there in awe, there wasn’t much else his body would allow him to do. He was a fan to say the least. Not to mention the fact that he now knew she believed in the same things he did. This was… incredible. His tongue continued to frantically roll the Jolly Rancher around in his mouth.

Eventually he forced himself to move forward and face her. “It’s Perry.” His accent was soft, but noticeable. “I didn’t know I had been speaking to that Irene. You’re an absolute genius and you-and you’re a believer. I can hardly believe it.” He gushed with a wide smile on his face. “It’s an honor to meet you.”

Incantations and Infestations || Irene and Kiran

Kiran pulled up outside of the address that Irene had given him, he had cast a couple of protection spells over himself and over the car just to make sure that none of the nasty little invisible insects that would attack him or the truck, it just was not something that he wanted to risk, especially not when he was going to see Irene. He still worried that Irene would make the decision that she didn’t want him around anymore, he knew that she would never physically hurt him and strangely it wasn’t that he was afraid of, he was afraid of the fact that whilst she wasn’t going to stab him in the heart with a literal dagger, she might actual do it with a emotional one. 

Looking around he examined the house, it was a colonial-style house near the water, away from much of the hustle and bustle in town, but not too far from some of the forests and wildlife that he assumed were close to this house. He wondered if she owned it or rented it. Though he wasn’t about to ask that.

Brushing those fears away he knocked on the door of the house, it was all a bit knew and he was more focused on seeing Irene than maintaining the barrier around himself, and though he doubted that there were any bugs around here that could get him, he was terrified that something could happen to him or Irene. As the door swung open he smiled at her “Hey Irene.” he said smiling a dazzling smile. “Do you mind if I come in?” he asked with a shrug as he brushed his hair out of his face and over his shoulder, “I’d rather not have to deal with those nasty creepy crawly invisible things.” he said with a shake of his head.

The Doctor and the Werewolf || Alcher and Doc

Doc made his way down to the general hospital in Ashkent Creek, it had been a long week of cleaning people up and honestly he had barely been out of the clinic all week, so when the opportunity to grab a package that had been delivered to the wrong address came along, he had jumped at it. It was lunch time anyway, he didn’t have an appointment for another couple of hours.

Stepping out of his car he closed it with a resounding thud. Turning he stepped forward and made his way over to the front of the hospital, grabbing his package from reception he grinned at the clerk, they had been good friends when he had worked there. 

Carrying the package back to the car he found himself bumping into a girl with short hair, short and messy and a wild look in his eye.

Catching the package he smiled apologetically. “Sorry about that,” he said readjusting his hold on the box, “I must have not been looking where I was going.”

Looking her over he noticed that she seemed skinny, yet relatively healthy, although he caught sight of a prosthetic leg that seemed to be relatively out of date. He didn’t want to say anything, but he was immediately compelled to help her, it was how he felt about most of his patients, he just had a strong urge to assist them with whatever was wrong.

Late Night Emplyoment || Avon and Brian

Finally. It was about time that Brian got to do what he enjoyed the most, slaying. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy hunting down and killing little bastards that were really invisible termites was his idea of fun, but he had always loved slaying so much because it was what he was born to do, and all he had been doing at home had been working out. 2 AM was the best time to work out, no one was about to disturb him on his runs and even if they were he could take care of himself. 

He was still armed to the teeth, he always was, he had two stakes hidden in the sleeves of the black hoodie that he wore, and a knife in his boot (as per usual) as well as a wicked serrated hunting knife strapped to the inside of his track suit bottoms, in a special sewn in sheath that he had worked into most of his clothes. 

He felt the tingle that accompanied his body signalling that a Vampire was close, stopping in his tracks he had paused his iPod that had been blaring out a thick base line and words such as “#selfie”. Not Brian’s usual cup of tea but it worked well for running music. 

He had seen the Vampire ten meters down the track walking towards him, it had paused five meters away from him, something about the look in Brian’s eyes must have set her off because she snarled at him, baring bright white fangs that shimmered in the moonlight before turning and running in the opposite direction. 

“Oh no you don’t.” he grunted sprinting after her before tackling the Vampire into the ground and pinning her to the floor. “Well. This was fun.” he said cockily, before driving a stake through her heart. 

Standing he turned as he heard something else, there was someone out there and he wanted to know who.