I welcome anyone to try being an ass on JB’s Instagram feed while mansplaining why they don’t agree with (read: comprehend) drawing attention to the inequalities that exist between men and women in media.

I wish you would.

It must be noted that although he is technically not the shortest Avenger, making any “short” jokes or remarks about his height is a Berserk Button for one Anthony Edward Stark.

Everyone carefully chooses to ignore that Tony apparently “adjusted” the Iron Man armor so that he would be approximately the height of Steve Rogers if any Avenger-ing business is to be done. 

The last time the Evil Villain of the Week made a short joke at Tony’s expense? Ooooh, buddy.  Even Thor winced at the world of hurt that was unleashed upon that poor, unfortunate soul. 

- Blanket Fort Headcanon, the Avengers

(Because I love picking on poor Tony, though it is very much directed at him in all affection. LMAO. Sorry, boo-bear.  ** mwah **

Despite the fact that I haven't been following EXO since the whole Kris and Luhan situation, I actually want to go see Kris outside the Met Gala just to see how tall he is...

And possibly hyperventilate…

Just a face study of this dork that I love so much.

*Fiercely ignoring the one on the right because it looks weird*

…I love all of them actually, but I feel more connected to this guy because we’re both loud (when i’m with good company xD) and short as hell *low five because high five is just impossible xDD*

Omfg i’m an idiot. Don’t mind me.

PS: I’ll try to draw some FMA doodles later…I just don’t know about what, yet.

You know. The usual.

Blood on His Hands

Something was wrong.  Bruce could feel it even before he descended towards the lab.  Jarvis hadn’t greeted him and the house was eerily quiet.  Even the electronic whir that was standard in an Stark facility was all but absent, reduced to the low hum of a single backup generator.  His foot slipped out from under him and he had to clutch onto the railing to catch himself.  His mind had wandered and he hadn’t noticed, but there was blood descending with him in the stairs.  It became more concentrated with every step and smears turning into reflecting puddles in the unnatural lights leading into the lab.

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ayyee, my unofficial chara for apres!! i hope this is alright but
ouri’s twin brother, his name is ruoki!

[more info under cut!]

Ruoki Hoshizora | Kasha | Physically 19 , claims to be 21

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short, stocky bro is probably gonna be my new go-to bro headcanon because like.

hm. dave probably outgrows him when he’s like. fifteen. and he’s just lanky and taller than bro but that just makes it easier for bro to take a running start jam his knee up daves ass like some kind of rocket powered corn dog machine

small, powerful strider