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She didn’t feel bad, per say.  She felt off.  Odd, perhaps, but not bad.  Well, not any worse than what other common ailments would have caused.  Mostly, she felt tired.  And off.  If it wasn’t for Andromeda, she wouldn’t have thought twice about it.  She’d have blamed it on her hectic schedule, her time of the month, the weather changing, something she ate.  It was the young mother who spotted what the problem was before Mary did and needled her into the test.  

The test that had her sitting now on the floor in the hall where Jon’s door was located.  Her knees were pulled tight to her chest and she rested her head on top of them, cradled in her arms.  She may have dozed, though she doubted she slept.  Her mind was racing too fast, it was too full.  No, she wouldn’t be calm enough to sleep for some time yet, certainly not before she spoke to Jon.  She waved at his neighbor as the elderly woman let herself into her apartment, her smile meek as she settled in to wait.



Bones of the human hand and wrist

At birth, the human infant typically has 270 bones, and many bones fuse together to reach a total of 207 bones in adulthood. However, some bones aren’t even formed yet in babies, when they’re born.

Included among those bones is the eight carpals, or wrist-bones. They begin to ossify (solidify) around 2 months of age, and continue to form through the beginning of puberty.

The last wrist bone to form (the pisiform) is a sesamoid bone, which forms part of the the ulnar border (near the pinky finger as opposed to the thumb) of the wrist.

Being a sesamoid bone means that it is a bone embedded within a tendon or muscle, and most often formed in response to strain. Unlike the other wrist bones, it doesn’t contribute to the rotation of the wrist, and is not an anchor for any major tendons or muscles.

Atlas and Text-Book of Human Anatomy. Dr. Johannes Sobotta, 1914.

Favorite Characters 116/∞: Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

But while I was at the Dursleys’ I realized I can’t shut myself away or—or crack up. Sirius wouldn’t have wanted that, would he? And anyway, life’s too short.… Look at Madam Bones, look at Emmeline Vance.… It could be me next, couldn’t it? But if it is, I’ll make sure I take as many Death Eaters with me as I can, and Voldemort too if I can manage it.

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Where are horses knees supposed to be in relation to their hocks? Are you supposed to be able to draw a straight line from knee to hock or does it matter?

Some who say that a horse should be uphill to be athletic, go on posit that a horse should have knees close to level with their hocks, but that’s a misinterpretation. There’s some good logic as to why lower knees (with a shorter cannon bone) are likely more desirable:

“The desireability of short cannon bones developed (I’m pretty sure) with foxhunters and jumpers in England.  Shorter cannon bones tend to make the horse sturdier because the bone is generally shorter and denser, thus stronger.  The tendons are shorter and thus less likely to bow or fray.  The ligaments are similarly shorter and thus less likely to be torn with greater ‘torque’ on them.” 

“a short cannon bone combined with a longer upper leg tends to make it easier for a horse to extend (or at least, visually, to appear more extravegant in the extended gaits)” (x

And I’ll expand upon that second theory further: horses don’t have muscle below the knee (see below):


so it probably follows that it’s better for the longer part of a horse’s foreleg to be above the knee, as there is more force which can then be applied to raising a greater portion of the leg (because a greater proportion of the leg is attached to muscle), which would seem to have a positive effect to most athletic feats.

Here’s Secretariat:



Relatively short cannons = longer stronger upper foreleg which (combined with a well angled scapula and humerus) = a greater ability to raise the leg, and a shorter cannon bone = shorter less vulnerable tendons and ligaments.

Guys, we all think reinhardt is so pure and a big sweetheart but just you wait…

Blizzard’s gonna give us a reinhardt short that’s gonna shows him doing some fucked up shit that’s either gonna 100% make us cry over him or 100% be like “reinhardt what the fuck”

There’s no in between.

M!A: Child for ???

This was not not happening to him. The world around him grew,
age rolling back it’s clock to make a smooth face, muscle mass
dipping down to that of a desert dog, hair from flowing blonde locks
to kept and short, bones crushing to become smaller, everything was
 shrinking. How could this happen to him?!He had to see for himself,
so he darted to anything he could see his reflection off of. All he saw
glancing back at himself was no longer Lord DIO, the handsome, powerful,
deep ruler but instead Dio Brando, the street rat, dirty boxer, and poor
orphan. DIO was burning up inside, seeing that memory he buried so
deep down had resurfaced and he was forced to live it.