Penguins have “knees” inside their bodies. This is actually the case for almost all birds. The femur bone is short and very close to the torso, whereas the Tibia and Tarsus are longer. The femurs are not actually within the torso, they are just very close, so that when you take an X-ray, the rest of the torso overlaps the top part of the legs.That’s why it looks like a bird’s “knees” bend the “wrong” way. What we think of as the “knee” is really a bird’s ankle. This, and the anatomy of the pelvis, is why birds usually hop, instead of walking, and wobble from side to side when walking. (Source)


Throwin’ the Bones

Of the divinatory techniques with which I am familiar, bones are my personal favorite. Yes, they have that very witchy vibe – but it’s more than that; the bones are honest. They don’t sugar coat, and while they have to be interpreted, once you know how to read them – there’s little room for interpretation. They are very direct and are much better suited to answering yes or no questions than tarot. With a little imaginative methodology, there few questions the bones can’t answer. And even fewer they won’t answer (as tarot cards can be known to do). A few examples of things I think the bones are better at answering than tarot: questions involving time, questions regarding health, sickness and maledictions; they present a broader grasp to any given situation – incorporating things outside of the question presented and how these things relate to the question or the reading, showing the interconnectedness of life – and how these things all relate back.

Our countless cultures have countless methods for collecting and reading the Bones – and I can only rightly attest to my own methodology: one in which the Bones need not necessarily consist solely of bones, but a collection of gathered trinkets and curios, all with their own meaning, their own story and their own energy. My collection consists of: bones (bare and painted), coins, stones, shells, jewelry, twigs, buttons, animal teeth and other squabbles. The only rule I implement is that the item can be easily gathered and (safely) tossed without breakage or injury (save your razor-blades and glass shards for witches’ bottles!).

Collecting the Bones and Bobbles

Most any small bones will do, though its recommended that you use bones that haven’t been cooked, as cooked bones have a tendency to get very brittle – especially in the case of chicken, which is quite common. In my collection I have a number of different animal bones: most are chicken, but I also have some raccoon and possum bones, as well as teeth and claws. I built a “base” of bones, but am continuously adding or replacing as I see fit.

A short list of “Bones” I like to include – most of which serve as my “base” bones:

  • Self Bone – used for the reader
  • Other Bone – used to represent another person or the person you are reading
  • Magic Bone – represents the need for or use of magic
  • “Evil” Bone – malicious or hateful acts, disadvantageous behavior
  • Love Bone – represents romantic love
  • Male Bone – represents male fertility, masculinity, sexuality or a man
  • Female Bone – represents female fertility, femininity, sexuality or a woman
  • Health Bone – represents physical or mental health
  • Wealth Bone – represents financial standing or monetary issues
  • Family Bone – represents familial connections or a family member
  • Fate Bone – represents destiny and your lifepath (I use a shell for this: open side up means an event can be altered, destiny is not set in stone; open side down, this path must be walked – prepare in lieu of fighting)
  • “Key” Bone – (I actually use a small key) which represents the key to any given situation, the remedy or problem at hand and its cause

This list is by no means comprehensive and I have many more bones in my collection with more menial meanings. This is simply a small list of options to be added to and adapted by whosoever casts the bones.

Reading the Bones

There is no right or wrong way to read the bones, there is simply your way and their way. Below I will dictate how it is that I do a general reading – again, this is just an example of one way, take and adapt to fit your own unique style or tradition!

  1. Begin by collecting your bones into your hand. I keep mine in a leather pouch, but don’t like to toss them directly from the bag as it doesn’t allow for much control – i.e. the bones fall out either in a massive, unreadable pile or they fly out in such a scattered way nothing is close enough to read. Throwing them from the hand allows for a rather contained casting, and one that can be read easily. I do not include the Self or Other bone, instead, the Self Bone is placed before the caster and the Other Bones is placed either in front of the person you’re reading for or simply in the middle of the casting area. When reading for yourself, place the Self Bone in the center and discard the Other Bone.
  2. Throw the Bones. This can be done on a square of cloth on which a circle (or any number of complex shapes) has been drawn or simply upon a flat table. If throwing in a circle, discard all bones that fall outside of it. These bones are null for the reading, though they can also be read as “far from the person’s mind/current situation.”
  3. Interpret the Bones. This is done by noting the location and connection of the bones present. For instance, note the Love Bones proximity to the Other Bones and the Male Bone. This could be interpreted as being the male love of the querent – but if the “Evil” bones is introduced, this could symbol ulterior motives or a hostile or explosive relationship. Read based on both their proximity to the Other Bone – the closer, the higher priority the matter is – and their relation to one another. It’s very much like investigating a big puzzle, putting it together piece by piece to form a comprehensive understanding of their life or situation. Also not their relation based on the third dimension: x bone seems to be overlapping y bone – is the x issue eclipsing an underlying problem or truth represented by y? It depends. Only through practice will you find clarity.
  4. Convey the message. I always like to spend a few moments making a variety of “hmm” noises when reading for others – it builds up their anticipation. Or you can throw in the occasional gasp or snarky smirk. Their responses are usually hilarious – even more so when yours are genuine! If you are reading on your own, it may be a good idea to sketch out a general map of the readings as opposed to taking a picture as often bones overlie others, which makes for a rather misleading photo representation. You might also find jotting down notes rewarding, especially in synthesizing a cohesive read.
  5. Once you’ve garnered all the information you can from that particular toss, feel free to specify: take the bone/situation you wish to examine and toss the rest again over it/them, reading the others through that particular lens. I.E. Who is this person mentioned? What are their qualities? What is the nature of this love? What magic is being referenced here? Follow that rabbit hole as far as you wish, building your understanding.

Do not be afraid to adjust your style! Want to narrow down a time frame? Make a sort of timeline with the bones. Wish to determine the source of an ailment? Shape the bones into the form of a body. I find the bones allow for far more creativity and ingenuity than cards. And above all – TRUST YOUR GUT.

Photos: These are photos of my “base” bones when I first started reading; since then they have probably doubled (if not tripled) in number and do not incorporate my other animal bones, claws or teeth. 


Researchers discover Moabosaurus in Utah’s ‘gold mine’

Move over, honeybee and seagull: it’s time to meet Moabosaurus utahensis, Utah’s newly discovered dinosaur, whose past reveals even more about the state’s long-term history.

The Moabosaurus discovery was published this week by the University of Michigan’s Contributions from the Museum of Paleontology. The paper, authored by three Brigham Young University researchers and a BYU graduate at Auburn University, profiles Moabosaurus, a 125-million-year-old dinosaur whose skeleton was assembled using bones extracted from the Dalton Wells Quarry, near Arches National Park.

BYU geology professor and lead author Brooks Britt explained that in analyzing dinosaur bones, he and colleagues rely on constant comparisons with other related specimens. If there are enough distinguishing features to make it unique, it’s new.

“It’s like looking at a piece of a car,” Britt said. “You can look at it and say it belongs to a Ford sedan, but it’s not exactly a Focus or a Fusion or a Fiesta. We do the same with dinosaurs.”

Moabosaurus belongs to a group of herbivorous dinosaurs known as sauropods, which includes giants such as Brontosaurus and Brachiosaurus, who had long necks and pillar-like legs. Moabosaurus is most closely related to species found in Spain and Tanzania, which tells researchers that during its time, there were still intermittent physical connections between Europe, Africa and North America.

Moabosaurus lived in Utah before it resembled the desert we know – when it was filled with large trees, plentiful streams, lakes and dinosaurs.

“We always think of Moab in terms of tourism and outdoor activities, but a paleontologist thinks of Moab as a gold mine for dinosaur bones,” Britt said.

In naming the species, Britt and his team, which included BYU Museum of Paleontology curator Rod Scheetz and biology professor Michael Whiting, decided to pay tribute to that gold mine. “We’re honoring the city of Moab and the State of Utah because they were so supportive of our excavation efforts over the decades it’s taken us to pull the animal out of the ground,” Britt said, referencing the digs that began when he was a BYU geology student in the late '70s.

A previous study indicates that a large number of Moabosaurus and other dinosaurs died in a severe drought. Survivors trampled their fallen companions’ bodies, crushing their bones. After the drought ended, streams eroded the land, and transported the bones a short distance, where they were again trampled. Meanwhile, insects in the soils fed on the bones, leaving behind tell-tale burrow marks.

“We’re lucky to get anything out of this site,” Britt said. “Most bones we find are fragmentary, so only a small percentage of them are usable. And that’s why it took so long to get this animal put together: we had to collect huge numbers of bones in order to get enough that were complete.”

BYU has a legacy of collecting dinosaurs that started in the early 1960s, and Britt and colleagues are continuing their excavation efforts in eastern Utah. Moabosaurus now joins a range of other findings currently on display at BYU’s Museum of Paleontology – though, until its placard is updated, it’s identified as “Not yet named” (pronunciation: NOT-yet-NAIM-ed).

“Sure, we could find bones at other places in the world, but we find so many right here in Utah,” Britt said. “You don’t have to travel the world to discover new animals.”

Lunchtime Drabble: Short People

Bones x Reader
Words: 449
Warnings: fluff, AOS

A/N: I’m breaking into a “new” fandom for me. I haven’t written anything Star Trek before. 

Y/N stood in the closet glaring at the top shelf. She had been sent in by Dr. McCoy to grab some extra supplies for the away team but he had failed to mention that the supplies were on the top shelf.

“Apparently no one in Starfleet ever thought a stool would come in handy,” Y/N muttered to herself. “That would just make too much sense. Let’s not be practical, that would just be too much!” She continued to grumble to herself as she carefully grabbed the highest shelf her hands could reach and stepped onto the highest shelf her foot could reach and began climbing the shelves. “Good thing I have on this very practical short skirt, clearly made for climbing shelves so that I can do my blasted job.” she muttered to herself as she climbed up a few more shelves. “Who in their right mind builds shelves this high on a starship anyway?!”

“What’s taking so long, Y/N?” Bones demanded from the Medbay.

“I’m working on it, Doc. Having some short people problems in here.” Y/N replied as she climbed up another shelf, this one wobbling slightly.

“What do you mean?” Bones came around the corner just as the shelf gave away and Y/N lost her grip on the top shelf and fell back right into the doctor’s arms.

“Y/N, darlin’ if you wanted to get close to me all you had to do was ask,” Bones grinned.

“Oh please,” Y/N rolled her eyes as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “One look your way and it wouldn’t have taken any words at all.”

“You wanna test that theory?” Bones asked, his eyes moving from her eyes to her mouth and back again.

“I’m game if you are,” Y/N whispered. Bones closed the couple of inches between them and claimed her lips. He carefully pulled his arm out from under her knees, allow her feet to touch the floor and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her flush against his body and up onto her toes. He tipped his head slightly, deepening the kiss.

Neither Bones or Y/N heard the captain come into the room until he cleared his throat for the second time. They broke away from each other, blushes creeping up their faces.

“Bones, do you have those supplies ready yet?” Jim asked with a huge grin on his face. Bones easily reached into the top shelf and handed Jim the bag of supplies. “Thank you. As you were.”

Bones grinned and reached for Y/N, pulling her back into the closet and into his arms. The door closed just as Jim glanced back and saw their lips meet again.

Regretful: Kihyun

request: Hello! Can I request #29 with Kihyun? I know it’s a drabble game but a scenario would be fine too. Like angst ish..,??,?? Where it was a bad break up but they still love each other. Thank you!

genre: a lil bit of angst, fluff
words: 3,9k (this was supposed to be a drabble i’m so sorry)
pairing: kihyun x y/n
a/n: i hope this is okay??? this is what i managed to do with our request, if you’re not comfortable, feel free to message me <3 

#29: “I thought you were dead.”

Originally posted by aceyng

One. You count, tearing the petals away. Two. You follow. Three, four… before even reaching the fifth petal, you give up. 
That’s the summary of your life in the past two weeks. Procrastination, not reaching the end of anything. Starting things because you’re hyped up for a moment and throwing the excitement five minutes later. It’s like a tunel in where sometimes you can see a light that gives you hope, but you forget about it sooner or later and just throw yourself into the void once again.

It’s been like, maybe, 3 days since you had a bath. You didn’t care anymore. You scrolled in your Tumblr and Twitter timeline, in hopes of seeing a meme that would make you laugh. Nothing. Instead, pictures of cute girls with short hair and bones that looked that were about to break instead of healthy looking collarbones that people praised telling them they were “cute”, with stupid captions like “depression is awfully beautiful” or “tragically beautiful” or some shit like that. Bullshit. You didn’t know if you were depressed, but you were in the verge of insanity. You weren’t staring at the window with an aesthetic background that blended with your thoughts, you were just staring at the filthy city and you could almost see the contamination in the air. You felt dirty but you didn’t care. Your hair was greasy and your skin looked like it could tear apart at any minute. You were destroyed. The only water that touched your face was your tears. It wasn’t awfully or tragically beautiful… It was just awful. Just another scenario in your life.
And your sadness had a name.
Yoo Kihyun. That was his name. When you mind spoke about him, it reminded you of his smile. Of his perfectly white teeth and the way his eyes disappeared and how he broke into laughs like his life depended on it. You had always been hanging by a thread, and at the end of the thread, it was him holding it. You depended on him. You didn’t want to, because you weren’t that way: you weren’t dependant. You had a life of your own, but Kihyun just straight fucked you up. In every way possible. He entered your life, made you feel greasy butterflies in your stomach and left. Just like that.
He loved you, or at least that was what you thought. He still did or he never did; you weren’t sure. He showed you all kinds of affection, he got out of work early in special dates just to be with you. He showed you off to his friends, which at this point were your friends too. He presented you to his family, he made you see the stars and the morning after he was making you the best breakfast you could ask for. But again, it seemed like a fight was stronger than his love and it made him leave. Not even once he called out for you, or showed up saying sorry like he and you did many times after admiting you were wrong. It was just weird. You felt like your stomach tossed and turned just by the mention of his name.
Flashbacks were something constant. You were maybe even just bathing or cooking, or trying to watch a TV show when suddendly a flashback of the fight that ended it all popped up like a computer bug in your mind. But instead of an annoying windows error, it was a fight that made you want to cry everytime.
At this point, you were usually over the relationship. You were still with his or her thought on your mind, but you were able to go out, be with friends, go to the store to buy food without having a mental breakdown. But with Kihyun was different. You were sure that he was the love of your life. You were sure that, in dreams, you could see the red thread that connected you both. And you never believed in soulmates, but he made you believe. He was the light of your life and you were his. Then, why did he disappear just like that? It made you question things. It made you question everything.
It was a stupid fight. It was all it was. You weren’t even mad at him, and you didn’t do anything wrong. If you had, you would already have apologized, but you didn’t. You weren’t wrong, and you knew it. You thought that he was going to show up, because you understood his behaviour, but he didn’t. He never showed up again.
The rainy day that matched Kihyun’s mood was blending with everything else. Everything felt gray since you woke up. He was practicing something, or reading something for college, because it was a very important test for him and yours had just ended, and since his house with his roommates was the loudest thing that existed in earth, he opted for coming over to your house and had you help him out a bit.
At some point, he didn’t need your help anymore, because it was something you didn’t see in college just yet. It was something more complicated and you couldn’t help him out, so you got away in hopes of avoid distracting him.
When hours passed, he was starving. He didn’t say anything, but you could feel it. And also hear it. His stomach was dying inside and you knew it, and you knew how Kihyun was when it was about food, because he often skipped meals just because he had to do things and eating was a distraction. You knew how much weight he had been losing lately and you always managed to make him eat something. You didn’t nag on him, because he was a grown man, but you worried as he worried for you. And, until then, he thought it was cute of you to worry so much, and was thankful for having you.
That day, though, it seemed like it wasn’t the cutest thing to do. You tried to warn him many times. Remind him to eat and not distracting him too much because you knew how moody he was, but still. It was almost 8 PM and you wanted him to eat something.
“Babe, it’s 8 PM. It’s time for you to eat something.”
It was the fifth time in 2 hours that you said that, and maybe it was that that made him angry. But it wasn’t your fault; you just wanted him to be healthy. You just wanted him to eat, and that wasn’t something bad. He was so stubborn that without you telling him he would probably be dead.
“Goddamnit, y/n, I tould you that I’m not going to eat until I finish this. Stop bothering me already.”
That got into you. Bothering? You just wanted him to be healthy because you loved him.
“But, baby, please-“
“Fuck, again?” and with that, he stood up. “I already told you that I’m not eating some shitty food or whatever. I came here to study, not to be with you or to eat, so please, just leave me alone already.”
You stared at him astonished, you couldn’t believe your ears. What the fuck was he talking about? Of course he wasn’t there to see you. But you didn’t want to lure him into a motel, you weren’t bothering him, you were just caring about your boyfriend. But he didn’t seem to react. It wasn’t the first time he reacted like that, though, but at that point, he had already calmed a bit, sighed, hugged you and told you that It was okay, and that he was just moody. Then he ate, continued studying and got to bed. Like always, but things changed in a blink.
“Kihyun, I’m not telling you to go shopping with me. It’s not in my agenda to fuck around to bother you. I’m trying to help you out because I know how stubborn you are and I want you to eat. Isn’t that what partners do? Take care of each other?”
He sighed, and you mentally were like fuck yes, this fight is going to stop but no. He wasn’t planning to stop anytime soon, so he continued, “partners are supposed to support each other, but you’re not supposed to nag me like if you were my mom,” oh, the irony. He was the one that nagged the most and here you were, getting scolded for nagging. That was some shit you couldn’t take. “so maybe, you should just leave me alone for the sake of God and let me study, or is that so hard to understand in your little head of yours? How can you be so dumb?” he concluded. You stared like you were seeing a ghost- You couldn’t believe it. Had he just called you dumb? And like that, he stormed out of the building.
What the fuck just happened, you whispered for yourself. And that wasn’t even a heated discussion for you. You have had way more terrible fights, but he never was away for more than 2 hours without coming back with flowers and a coffee and a note that said “I love you”, and a mood for kisses and cuddling all night long. Fuck, but life wasn’t like that. Not with Kihyun, at least. You didn’t call him because you were expecting him to apologize, but hey, could you blame yourself? No. You were depressed but you weren’t stupid and you knew it wasn’t your fault. And even if it hurt, if he was an asshole like that, he didn’t deserve your pretty ass. But what was strange, is that you’ve known him for a lot of time and he was never like that, never so… so prideful. He was mature, at this point he should’ve known he was wrong. But nothing. Not a call, not a text. Just your thoughts and an empty bottle that lied by your side. At this point, it seemed like he was dead. You didn’t hear from him through his friends either.
Your eyes started to weigh more than you expected and your lids were rapidly going down, like if they were meant to be closed forever. You could perceive how the dreamland was approaching you and the sadness got away, the alcohol already making an effect in your body and make you feel relieved. Until some fucker decided it was a good idea to ruin your perfectly accomodated eyelids and call you with a loud ass ringtone.
You lazily grabbed your phone and clumsily tapped the green button.
“Hello?” you said, a mix between curiosity and that “i don’t care let me sleep” vibe.
“Baby, it’s time for you to get out of the house and go partying a little bit, what do you say?
Oh god. You mentally groaned. Just by the way she breathed, you could deduce she was already hyped up and mentally prepared to rush to your place and take your butt out of your bed even if it meant you not talking to her never again. That was Jisoo, your ex roommate and your actual best friend, or drinking friend, as she proclaimed she was. But to you, judging by the times she got your back and made you stop crying, it was more of a serious friendship. But whatever makes her happy, you thought and brushed it off.
“I don’t know,” you started, not wanting to cut her off so quickly, “I’m not feeling well.”
“You haven’t been feeling well for the last 3 weeks and I’m getting tired and I miss you,” she continued, “I want to go out to this club with you. Please, make the thoughts away. I’m worried and I-“ “you just want to party, you don’t miss me.” You interrupted her, a bit of sadness and an awkward laugh escaped your lips.
“No, I mean it y/n. You’ve never been so wrecked, not since you arrived Korea and you didn’t got out because you thought they were going to hate you, and it turned being the opposite. Do you remember? Please, go out with me. You’ll feel ten times better.”

The night was just starting and you knew it. She convinced you with her wannabe deep speech, that motivated you and at the end you just said “fuck it” and got into it. 

She was by your side, as always.
“Open bar until 4 AM,” she whispered, only for you to hear. Fuck it, you said once again.
You sat next to her in the bar, chatting with her and asking for some drinks before heating up the night and dancing. Everything was alright until the world decided to go against you and put one of your ex’s friends as a barman, in that exact club, that exact night, at that exact shift.
“So, a beer for two?” he asked. You stared at him and he stared at you, smiling. It wasn’t a devious smile, it was more like an apologetic smile. He was smiling in a “I’m sorry about Kihyun but please don’t hate the rest of us” kind of way. You were reading his thoughts (or, well, his face said it all) and you just spoke first.
“Yes. And don’t worry about it, Hoseok. You’re my friends even after all that happened.”
Jisoo grabbed you by the arm before he could reply and got you off the awkward situation, this way he couldn’t go with one of his motivational speeches telling you that you should and try to call him, like the last time. You weren’t having any of that shit tonight. You just were there to drink and have fun.
Or that’s what you thought.

“Come on, help me drag her into the car,” you felt a familiar female voice whispering. It was loud, but for some reason, only you could hear it.

“Fuck, Hoseok, come on, help me drag her into the car,” Jisoo screamed at Wonho who was nearly panicking.
“What the fuck happened?” he said, his expression was a mix between panic, regret, pity and a worried mom.
“She always gets sleepy when she drinks more than she should, it’s nothing to worry about, but she is heavier than I thought. Help me drag her into the fucking car,” she said, trying to be calm but her words signaling that she wasn’t.

Your head, at that moment, was something you couldn’t decipher. You were hearing their voices, but couldn’t reply. You weren’t sleeping nor you were conscious. You were… drunk. But you still could feel cold and hot at the same time… You just didn’t say anything. You couldn’t.

“Fuck, great.” She said, grabbing her face with her hands.
“What happened?” Hoseok asked shyly, not wanting to get her even madder.
“The car doesn’t work,” she continued, “and I don’t have enough money for a taxi or an Uber driver or whatever that’s working right now.”
“Hold on, let me call a friend,” and like that, Hoseok disappeared in the dark. Jisoo knew he was calling someone to go for you, but she didn’t fully trust him. Like that one time that SHE was the one getting drunk and he called for help but the dude ended up getting lost and letting her sleep in his car in a parking lot until she woke up, wanting to throw up and hungover. Whoever it was, she was going with you.
He came back with a guilty smile on his face. “He’ll be here soon.”
“And who is he, Hoseok?” she asked, staring into his soul, already being suspicious. “Um… I may or not may have called Kihyun to pick her up…”  and a loud clap could be heard by the entire neighborhood. The biggest facepalm she could manage to do.

“Why on earth you thought it was a good idea? I brought her here to help her forget about him in the first place. God, you haven’t seen her. She’s been crying her heart out for three fucking weeks and eating only takeout like her life depended on it.” The guilt in Hoseok’s face could almost be heard.
“I know, but…”
“But?” she interrupted him, before he could even continue, “but it’s the only friend in which I trust and has a car at the moment. Plus, I called and he said he was coming in a rush, so he seemed worried.”
“Of course he was worried, ass. It’s his ex he threw like thrash and now it’s drunk probably because she thought it was a good idea to drink the depression away HE caused in the first place,” she remarked the “he” word, “it isn’t worry. It’s guilt.”
“Believe me, it isn’t”,
the voice that startled both Hoseok and the nagging Jisoo and came from behind started talking. “and now it’s my turn to get her home.” And with that being said, the voice that came from behind entered the car and grabbed you, carrying you to his car. Jisoo just stared, “hey! Do you want help?” Hoseok yelled at him,
“No, thanks.” He said calmly, putting your seat belt on the passenger seat, making you comfortable. “I’ll take her home and then take care of her. Nothing to worry about.”
With a “tch” and looking away, Jisoo threw the car keys at him and he rushed out to your home.

“Here, drink this. It’ll help you sober up.” He ordered and you obeyed. After throwing up and brushing your teeth he helped you get hydrated so you wouldn’t wake up and feel like you were close to hell. 

Once you drank all the water that was on the bottle, you sat next to the toilet, hugging it and nearly falling asleep. He sighed, carrying you once again to bed and grabbing a few bottles with more water in the way.
“Fuck, you’re heavier than I thought” he chuckled. You could barely open your eyes, so, at this point, you didn’t even know who he was. You were sleeping like a baby and the alcohol in your stomach started to disolve, the water taking its place. 

He got you to bed and covered you with your blankets, brushing the hairs out of your face. He sat next to you and stared at your beauty from his upper position and sighed, “I’ll stay here until she sobers up,” he started talking, mostly to himself, “I don’t think it’ll be a good idea to leave until she gets better.”

  A sweet and familiar scent came from the kitchen and travelled all its way to your nose. You felt like you were home, a strange smell long forgotten but that still felt welcoming. You stretched your arms and yawned, a slight headache that you were used to. You were home, you didn’t smell like alcohol and there were a few bottles next to your bed. “I’ll have to pay Jisoo back for this,” you thought. She left a pill next to the bottle and a handmade note, “I’ll be back soon, please drink this when you wake up.”

The strangest part was, it wasn’t even her handwriting. And, knowing Jisoo, she would still be curled up by your side, cuddling you and groaning after you moved from your spot. It was a handwrite that looked familiar but like if they wanted to hide its identity by making it less obvious. But you knew this game way too well, so either it was one of Hoseok’s friends or Jisoo made something wrong and wanted to pay it off by buying something to eat at 11 AM. “I hope it’s the second option,” you mentally whisper.

  Much to your displeasure, when you hear the door creaking and you see a dark colored haired man’s back, that looked way too familiar, you sighed. So, it was one of Hoseok’s friends. But when he turned to face you, your expression went blank. It was Kihyun. The man you were crying for all this weeks and whose touch you were craving. He was right in front of your eyes. You got out of the bedroom with your eyes still tiny because of the unwelcoming light of the morning. Typically, you thought. He always opened all your curtains to get you up faster.

 “Morning, sleeping beauty.” He said, just like that. Like if he hadn’t dumped you three weeks ago and left you hanging by your own shit. “What is all of this?” you asked. He sighed and stared at the floor.
 “I know it’s confusing, but let me explain.” You didn’t want to be impulsive. You didn’t feel strong enough and you wanted to let him explain before straight up stabbing him in the heart.

 “Last night Jisoo’s car stopped working and Hoseok called me.” He started getting closer to you, now he was right in front of you, staring into your eyes with an apologetic look. “So I came as fast as I could and took care of you. I helped you get dehydrated and even cooked some food, but I forgot something so I went back to the store and left you a note next to your phone.” You nodded, understanding everything. But there was something that still didn’t click properly in your head. “Why did you help me?
He was confused, “what?”
 “I said why did you help me.”
Well, because I didn’t want you to die in the middle of a night club with my friend and your best friend and inside a car,” he said, chuckling. “that’s not a very clever question.”
“But after dumping me and leaving me without telling me anything, not even properly breaking up with me, I concluded you couldn’t care less.”
His smile slowly faded away, his eyes stared at you with sadness writing all over his face, like you touched a topic he didn’t want to get involved into no more.
 “I know I did wrong, but…” he stood silent for a moment.
 “But?” you hurried him up.
 “But I was stressed.”
 “Kihyun, I thought you were dead. You left me just like that. You didn’t call, didn’t text. I started getting worried. I tried calling you once but you didn’t even reply. You acted like I didn’t exist.”
He cupped your cheeck with his hand and you were a bit taken aback, but you didn’t stop him from touching you. “I know I did wrong. I know I acted like I was dead and eaten by the void,” he laughed awkwardly, “but I was trying to accomodate my thoughts. Now I see I worried you and I did wrong, but last week I thought it was okay. When I wanted to talk to you, Hoseok told me that Jisoo said you weren’t in the best mood to talk to me,” he continued and you nodded. He was right, now you were calmed down but at that moment you wanted to stab him and things were probably going to go out of hand.
 “But I still love you. And I loved you, and I always will. I know it’s a shitty excuse, but I’ve been searching for a chance to talk to you and now that I’ve been accomodating my thoughts, I want to be near you again. Please, give me one last chance… I won’t ruin it this time” he said, sincerely. He had the most honest look in his eyes, his facial features just screamed “I missed you” and he had sadness but also hope in his eyes, he looked at you expectantly, and you could feel he was truly sorry.
“I’ll forgive you… but understand how much it hurts,” you finally said. He smiled like he never did and gave you a bear hug.

  “But, you’ll have to make the best breakfast ever.” You concluded. He cupped your cheeks lovingly and kissed all over your face. “I will.”

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could we have more of ur firefighter jim paramedic bones au? maybe w/ spock as a cop or something?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  • Jim groans when his back hits the wall, hungry lips on his neck and teeth dragging over his skin. “Rough day in the office?” He asks breathlessly, reaching out to pull that boring blue shirt over Bones’ head, before the other finds his lips in a hard and hungry kiss that almost leaves him feeling dizzy. “Fucking cop makes my life a living hell,” Bones replies, pulling the other to their bedroom, and Jim’s happy to follow. “So you’re taking your frustrations out on me?” Jim asks, and Bones immediately freezes at that. Fuck, no. Jim, you idiot. “I’m sorry,” Bones says, but Jim quickly shakes his head. “I’m not complaining,” he replies, pushing Bones closer to bed, “let’s work out those frustrations.”
  • Jim’s pretty exhausted afterwards, face resting in Bones’ neck and he enjoys the hand gently running over his spine. There’s the Bones he knows. “You want to talk about it?” Jim asks. “About what?” “The cop,” Jim replies, and Leonard huffs. “Hell no.” “I should at least know his name,” Jim says. “Why?” “So I can thank him. Jesus, Bones, if I knew sex would be even better than usual when you’re frustrated, I’d get on your nerves, too.” “Believe me,” Bones laughs, “you do.”
  • Bones is at home, though on call, when Jim comes home. Jim doesn’t even officially live here, but that doesnt stop him from having a spare key - and more often than not Bones finds this fireman in his bed even when Bones himself isn’t even home for the night. “How was work?” Bones asks, looking up at Jim, whose face is still slightly covered in sooth here and there. “There was a fire?” He asks, and Jim nods, grabbing a beer from Bones’ fridge. “Some pyro has been setting animal shelters on fire, but as future chief I can’t start a proper investigation while the cops interfere with my work, God damn it.” He curses under his breath. Bones gets up and runs a hand through that messy blond hair, now a shade or two darker because of the ashes. “Maybe a shower will make you feel a little better, hm?” He suggests. “Think so? I was just gonna crash in bed and-” “No, you should absolutely take a shower. It’ll make you feel better,” Bones says, “and it’ll make me feel better too, because you smell awful.” Jim’s lips turn into a small smile, and he puts his bottle down. “Fine,” he says, grabbing on to Bones’ shirt, “but you’re joining me. My turn to work out some frustrations now.”
  • Jim’s planned a whole romantic evening with his doctor boyfriend, okay. Maybe not a candlelight dinner, but he got Bones’ favorites takeout, his Netflix, and a bottle of the most expensive wine he could afford (which, really, amounts to a 10 dollar wine), and though Jim doesn’t even really like wine himself, he likes the idea of drinking it in a hot tub with lots of foam and a loved one, because that always looks great in movies. They never make it to that hot and steamy bath, though. Jim has an arm around Bones’ waist, having the other pressed back against the couch, but an attempt to make out is cut short when Bones’ phone rings. “Don’t pick up,” Jim mutters against Bones’ lips, but it’s his work ring tone, and so Bones reaches out to pick up after all. Jim makes a point of kissing the other’s neck while Bones speaks quietly, voice a little rough, maybe even a bit breathless when Jim’s fingers slide under his shirt. “Okay,” Bones says, “I’ll be there soon.” It’s cue enough for Jim to stop, and when Bones hangs up, he looks clearly disappointed. “I’m sorry,” Bones says, “someone's​ been shot, I gotta go check it out.” “Let them know they ruined date night,” Jim says, and Bones huffs. “I’m sure you’ll manage, I’ll be home as soon as i can. Don’t wait up, though. Just in case.” “Okay,” Jim says, though they both know Jim will be awake until Bones comes back, anyways.
  • Jim doesn’t actually get the luxury of lounging in his boyfriend’s bed, because pretty soon after Bones has left, the fire department gets called into action, too. Same neighbourhood, and, as Jim comes to find out, same crime scene. He recognises Bones’ ambulance instantly, though he doesn’t have the time to look for him because a building is very much on fire, and Jim spends the next few hours getting it under control.
  • When the fire’s under control and mostly put out, he takes a break. He wants to make sure Bones is alright (even though he has no reason not to be, of course), and he finds him with that damned cop that irked him to no end just a few days ago. “Listen to me, you pointy-eared prick,” he hears Bones say, and oh boy, that sounds like trouble, “this is the second time you’re refusing to let me do my job. This god damn fire is not your responsibility, and neither are the victims.” “On the contrary,” Spock replies, “the safety of potential victims and catching the one responsible is my utmost priority.” “Then let me-” “-but I will not risk the safety of the only doctor currently on site until a pass has been given by the fire department,” Spock concludes, and Jim takes that as a cue to step in next to his boyfriend. Spock raises an eyebrow when he approaches, and Jim throws him a wry smile. “Sup, Legolas.” “Mr. Kirk, do I need to remind you that derogatory references towards my ears will not affect me, and will only look poorly upon your work ethics.” “What are you pestering my boyfriend for? Wasn’t it bad enough you reported me to my chief for unprofessional behavior last time? Now you gotta go against my boyfriend, too?” Jim asks, and Spock glances at the two of them. “Merely making sure your boyfriend doesn’t run into danger,” he replies, “like last time.” “Good,” Jim says, crossing his arms, “wait. What? What do you mean, like last time?”
  • Jim’s not done arguing with Bones when the two of them get home to Bones’ flat. Bones, however, has been mostly ignoring him for the last 20 minutes or so while Jim lists the things that can go wrong when Bones walks into a gang fire to save people. Because, you know, that’s why Spock’s there; to stop more people getting hurt. Just the thought that Bones could even potentially be one of those victims is enough to drive him mad, but Bones has been fairly casual about it, taking off his jacket and kicking off his shoes while Jim continues to bicker at him. “Oh my God, Jim,” Bones groans eventually, “shut up. Please. Putting myself into a dangerous situation is no different than you running into a burning building to save someone. It’s our job.” “You should’ve waited until Spock said-” “Are you teaming up with the cop, now?” Bones asks, “because a few days ago you hated him.” “When it comes to your life, yes, I agree with him,” Jim counters, following Bones to the kitchen, and snatching the other’s glass of whiskey from his hands to drink it himself instead. “You’re such a hypocrite,” Bones replies, “getting yourself in danger all the time, and then being butthurt over me. I didn’t even get hurt.” “But if you had,” Jim says, “I never would’ve forgiven myself.” Bones sighs, and Jim calms down when the other reaches out and runs his hand through Jim’s hair. “Love you, too,” he says, and Jim smiles faintly when the other leans in for a quick kiss. He doesn’t like how easy Bones can make him calm down, or at least lighten up a little bit. “You still suck,” Jim says, crossing his arms, and Bones huffs. “Not yet,” he says, and Jim wraps his arms around him, eyes falling shut when lips kiss down over his neck, “but if you stop being mad, I might be.” 


2-piece black dotted net decorated with gold sequins and bugle bead dangles in a pattern of scrolls and vertical lines, the boned short sleeve bodice trimmed in embroidered net, black and white tulle, and aqua satin, full tiered skirt having embroidered net ruffles.

Leonard McCoy Headcanons

Please let me know if a link is not working!

Just some Bones things

  • Bones and substance abuse  - Check out The Theory of Joanna McCoy first. How Bones would react to discovering that a friend/coworker struggles with substance abuse.
  • Leonard McCoy - a TOS headcanon, heartcanon, soulcanon, and crotch-canon

Bones as a doctor

  • Bones and the balance between objectivity and empathy - Bones is the most complex character of anything ever, and it irks me when folks are surprised at this. A clumsy attempt at teasing apart the paradox that is Leonard McCoy, as it relates to medical ethics and professionalism.
  • Anna’s Perioperative Playlist Challenge - What is on Bones’ surgery playlist? Original, Part II.

Bones as a daddy

  • The Theory of Joanna McCoy - A story of grief, self-medication, and how Bones loses his baby girl. Many of my Len headcanons stem from this one - it was my first and best, and the one I feel most strongly about. Check it out first.

Sexy Bones

  •  Leonard McCoy in bed - technically McKirk (’cause it’s always McKirk), but this one is long, and full of smutty!Len things.

Link to Anna’s Masterlist here.
Chicken grows face of dinosaur
A chicken embryo with a dinosaur-like snout instead of a beak has been developed by scientists
By Melissa Hogenboom

To make this genetic tweak, Bhullar and his colleagues isolated the proteins that would have gone on to develop beaks. Then they suppressed them using tiny beads coated with an inhibiting substance.

When their skeletons started to develop inside the eggs, these animals had short, rounded bones instead of elongated, fused beaks that bird skeletons have.

“By affecting this early protein you are actually altering gene expression,” added Bhullar.

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, life happened for both of us, more so for Ani than me, but we got our asses in gear and got the chapter done.

Ani didn’t draw anything for this chapter, but she is working on chapter 4 ideas, and if you smooze her enough, you might convince her to do double art. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Plus there’s a playlist for this fic!! (2 actually) Songs and Scores!

Anywhoodles, enjoy the chapter! :D

Summary: After the Conclave blew up in everyone’s face, the whole world went to shit. Lance didn’t know what to make of it, but there was no way he would join the Inquisition to become their tool. Sure, he could close the rifts now, by some miracle - accident in his humble opinion - and he was doing his best to close them on his own. Trouble was, they were getting worse as time went on. After being tossed by a shade, he was seriously reconsidering doing this by himself. Needless to say, he got lucky that a cute Seeker came to his rescue after getting caught in a dragon’s nest; the only problem was that cute Seeker was trying his damnedest to recruit him into the Inquisition.

Words: 4220


Chapters: [-1-] [-2-]

Keith sat there frozen, not knowing what to say to this mage in front of him. It never got any easier the more stories he heard about lost loved ones, or the horrors refugees witnessed within the woods. He hadn’t been there at the Conclave, had never met the Divine, but because he was a Seeker, he knew all about what happened.

He remained quiet, letting Lance find the courage to tell his story.

“I was only fifteen at the time, rebellious and bored of the Wildes. So I followed after her.” Lance was still toying with his food, not really caring if it was cold or not. “I followed her here, all the way to the Hinterlands. She met with the Divine, spoke on behalf of all the apostates.  She was well known, and most of the apostates deferred to her.”

Keith leaned forward, tilting his head. “What was her name? I want to say it was Amy, but that doesn’t sound right.”

Lance smiled softly. “Her name was Amelia. And I guess, I should clarify something.”

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Hello, love bugs!

Phil x Reader

I must really not be hip with you guys because I have never heard of a pastel tease. I’m not old you guys! 21 is young!

warnings- smut, swears

Tease part 2

3285 words of smut and I love it 

Yo yo my favorite fanfic account ;)))))).Ok so I had an idea just RN and I don’t want to forget it. So basically the reader is a pastel tease (wears crop tops, oversized sweaters to show her collar bones and shorts that you can see her bum a little) and punk! Phil wants to teach her a lesson, if you know what I mean ;) in the boy’s locker room bc she was looking for her friend, Dan who’s a jock but got Phil taking a shower. Sorry it’s long :/ -anonymous

You wouldn't dare call yourself a slut. You had an active libido but you were always safe and cautious when it came to sleeping around. You were actually pretty picky for a girl who has as many notches as you have. You have a heart of gold and truly liked to be nice. Being a cunt doesn’t get you anywhere in life. Just as you were thinking of all the crap you have to do today your thoughts were interrupted by your best friend Dan. He’s your typical football jock. He loves his sport and his school. University next year will be a breeze because if he keeps playing his cards right he will be getting a free ride. 

‘Hello, beautiful, my aren’t we beings a little scandalous today. I saw just the bottom of your cheeks down the hall and knew it was you immediately. Mum’s going to kill later. How much do you think your brother would pay me for a picture of your outfit so you can be grounded for the next eternity?” His smug little face essential spoke for itself he had you backed into a corner here. 

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The Only Thing That Keeps Me Sane

The clock struck one AM.

Don got up to get his usual mid-shift cup of coffee, Margery was trying to explain to a belligerent drunk that no, he couldn’t have his toddler arrested for removing his diaper and smearing its contents across the TV, but she was happy to send a squad car over, and I was wrapping up a car accident call. It was the kind of call I preferred; an upset, but unharmed driver rear ended at a red light, no injuries, no need for an ambulance, just send some cops to write up a report.

The kind where everyone got to walk away at the end.

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Could you please write a small thing for mcspirk, with blind spock?

  • Jim wakes up next to Spock, just quietly pressed against his side. Bones is asleep, too, at Spock’s other side, back turned to both of them. Spock opens his eyes because Jim stirs, and his fingers soon follow the trail of Jim’s spine, just slowly easing him awake. Bones is a bit more tough, because gently waking him up usually goes combined with some form of protest. But that’s why Jim’s woken up first. Jim climbs over Spock towards Bones, pressing kisses on Bones’ cheek and his neck. “Coffee?” Jim asks, and Bones sighs, stifling a yawn. “Coffee,” he agrees.
  • During their shift, they arrive at a strange, unregistered planet. It spikes Spock’s and Jim’s interest. Bones tries to talk them out of visiting a completely strange planet, but an hour later, they’re down there, anyway.
  • They’re up to their hips in strange, thorny plants. “Scotty couldn’t beam us somewhere easier to maneuver,” Bones grumbles under his breath. Jim struggles to move towards higher ground. Spock seems to manage okay, until he accidentally breaks off a branch completely in order to move. The planet reacts rather violently to that. It curls around Spock’s neck, icky red flowers spewing an odd liquid. Jim uses his phaser to shoot the plants away from Spock, and then rushes over so they can pull Spock backwards. “Bones!” Jim calls, grabbing on to Spock’s shoulders and he uses his sleeve to try and clean Spock’s face from whatever the flower spewed at him.
  • Back in med bay, Bones does his best to examine the Vulcan’s symptoms and whatever this plant did. Spock’s feverish and unable to see anything, even after Bones cleans it off completely. “How’s he doing?” Jim asks worriedly, watching the Vulcan lie in bed like a shivering mess. “I don’t know,” Bones says, “as long as we’re still analyzing those plants, I can’t say yet how we’re going to fix this.”
  • Spock’s feverish for two full days, and Bones keeps him in med bay. When he’s released, the Vulcan is still blind, and so Jim guides him all over the Enterprise. He tries to act like nothing’s wrong. Spock, however, can’t get a lot of work done without his sight. Normally, Spock’s mildly frustrated at things, but he’s just plain annoyed constantly.
  • “I want to resign,” Spock says at night, and Jim just huffs out a laugh. “Okay, you sound like Bones when you threaten me like that.” “I’m serious,” Spock says, and that makes Jim look up with a frown. “What are you talking about?” “It’s illogical for me to pretend and uphold my functions when I obviously am unable to do so up to standard, Jim. The most logical solution for me is to resign my duties to someone more qualified.” “No, Spock, you’re still the most qualified,” Jim says. He reaches out for Spock’s hand, squeezing it softly. “Bones is in the med bay all day to try and fix you, okay? And there’s not a lot Bones can’t fix. You’ll get your sight back.”
  • But it’s incredibly frustrating. Spock, who usually moves so graciously, now stumbles, trips, and nearly walks into walls on multiple occasions. Jim laughs about it sometimes, just because the sight is so utterly bizarre. And for some reason, it’s the only thing that makes this slightly more bearable. At least Jim finds some humor in it, though he’s also the first to rush to Spock’s aid. Spock can’t read his usual books. So Bones reads his incredible boring research papers at night. Jim naps to Bones’ soothing voice while Bones reads, head on Spock’s lap, and finding Spock’s fingers softly try to feel up Jim’s face, trying to recognize all of Jim’s distinct facial features. He notices Bones is struggling to read because he’s constantly almost falling asleep, too, and so Spock reaches out to cup Bones’ cheek and pulls him in closer. “Leonard, you can stop reading if you want,” he says. “No, I’m happy to help,” Bones says softly. “You two have been very nice, considering everything. I still fail to perform up to par, and you’re not letting me resign.” “Of course we’re not letting you resign,” Bones says. Spock briefly flinches when he feels Bones’ hand on Spock’s cheeks. It’s a welcome feeling, of closeness and intimacy even without being able to see him.
  • Bones tries multiple remedies and antidotes on Spock’s eyes, but to no avail. Nothing they have available on the Enterprise is good enough to help his cure. But Bones never stops trying. Jim suggests they go back for those plant samples, but Starfleet isn’t exactly allowing them. Spock doesn’t let them get off track, either. Luckily, over time, Spock’s vision slowly returns by itself. First, just the difference between lightly and dark, then, greys and vague shapes. For the longest time, his vision is just good enough to recognize people and objects, but too blurred to read anything. But at least Jim’s bright blue eyes are visible again - and just that is a sense of comfort. Bones puts him through eye therapy every day to train his eyes again, until finally, it feels like they’re back to normal.
  • And so waking in bed in the morning, Jim pressed to his side and Bones quietly sleeping right next to him – it’s the most wonderful sight in the world. “What d'you want to do for shore leave?” Jim asks him quietly, “I bet lots of research and reading, huh? Got some proper catching up to do.” His voice is still tired from it being morning, and Spock watches him smile when his fingers now instinctively find Jim’s cheeks and feel his jaw and his chin, fingertips tracing the smile on Jim’s lips. “I think I want to go on a short holiday,” Spock says. Bones turns around at that, facing them, and Spock pulls him in a little closer, too. “A holiday?” Bones asks. “Yes,” Spock replies, “the three of us, to some quiet place on earth. Maybe Rocky Mountains. Relax, and go sight seeing.” Jim nods, already reaching out for his PADD on the night stand, so that he can start looking up possible locations. Bones smiles, sliding his arm around the two of them. “Okay,” he says, “just the three of us.”