My dear Ali, @lithialetheia, I heard you had visited Ge’els for some evening supper and… tea? 

How did it go? Did you meet someone interesting? I heard you behaved exemplary, sometimes too afraid to speak even. And that Ge’els insisted he’d paint you for your extraordinary beauty. 

Much much love ♡♡♡

I was adding the individual issues of Detective Stories to the series timeline (since they all take place at different times) and realised: we’re going backwards in time!

Issue #1 took place sometime after Foxglove Summer, if not The Hanging Tree, since Beverley’s around to give Peter a hand, issue #2 was while Lesley was working at the Folly, issue #3 was the week she moved into the Folly, and the teaser image we’ve had for issue #4 was Peter and a short blonde woman in uniform at the Covent Garden fair, which seems likely to be Peter and Lesley while they were trainees. (It can’t be when they go in RoL because that was explicitly the first time they’d gone for fun and had time to listen to a Punch and Judy show, so they wouldn’t have been in uniform.)

And apparently this is a 4-issue series - I’d missed that somehow - and the frame story in the first issue included Lesley texting Peter in the present. So…I don’t know where I’m going with this exactly except I’m definitely expecting a lot of Feelings after issue #4 about how Peter and Lesley used to be cop buddies and Peter’s mantra for detective work was WWLD and now Peter’s officially a detective and Lesley’s a henchwoman who’s probably going to upgrade to supervillainy at some point and DAMMIT, LESLEY.

Where the “Cheerleader Monie” joke came from

Alright, so “Cheerleader Monie” is one of the running gags of the PI fandom. And here’s where it all came from…

In 2003, The WB had a VERY short lived sitcom called The O’Keefes, which is definitely one of those “so bad it’s funny” shows. One of the minor characters in the pilot was a cheerleader played by Courtney Ailshie (née Vineys), who was also Daemona’s voice actress. Naturally, the PI fandom (as tiny as it is) had a field day with that.

Go to 9:37 here- she’s the one with the short blonde hair.

Reading about Alexander the Great is so much more fun if you add ‘no homo’ to the end of his gayest exploits:

  • “yo, hephaestion, you know who was totally rad? achilles. i’m gonna constantly publicly compare myself to him, so you should totally do the same with his bud patroclus! i mean, some of the greatest minds of our time have written about how they were totally doin’ it, but no homo!”
  • “heey, hephaestion! ya know how we were talking about good ol’ achilles and his boy patroclus? well how 'bout we take a detour to troy to pay tribute at their tombs and then maybe we can oil each other up and run naked down a beach ha ha no homo!”
  • “the dorians? oh yeah, us macedonians are definitely related to the dorians. a lot of greeks credit the dorians with introducing man-on-man sex to greece, it was a behavior that was even expected of their ruling class … no homo.”
  • “hey, bagoas, nice dancing. you know what wouldn’t be gay? if we made out. right here. everyone wants it. come on, bro, no homo.”
  • “what’s that?” “oh nothing, hephaestion. just a letter from that delightful fellow we met living in a barrel, diogenes of sinope. it’s really nothing … here’s something about me 'yielding’ to your thighs … uh, no homo …”
  • “hey, hephaestion, let’s get married together! no homo!”
  • “yo, hephaestion, you know what totally wouldn’t be gay? if you died and i wept over your corpse for a day straight until i had to be dragged away and maybe i wouldn’t eat for a whole two days cause i was too busy sobbing and then i spent anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000 talents, which is like a billion dollars, on funerary shit and i could extinguish that sacred flame that’s only supposed to be extinguished upon the death of the great king but whatever i mean you too are alexander and i could try to get you deified and then maybe the grief caused by your death could contribute to my declining mental and physical health over the next eight months until i also died ha ha NO HOMO!”

8* Fav selfies of 2017 (sorry i dont like uneven things 💟)

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