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Hey, derby fans! The art collective Melissa and I are part of ( Plus Dog Collective) got accepted to table at Short Run Seattle! This is one of the biggest, and furthest from home conventions we’ve ever been a part of. As you might imagine, it’s quite pricey to travel from Minneapolis to Seattle. We have a place to stay figured out, but we need some help to pay for plane tickets for Luna and our friend Alex (another member of Plus Dog)p>

We set up a gofundme) to help pay for this. If we are able to get there, we will be premiering Collision Course Vol.3, as well as selling copies of the previous volumes. Please consider donating, even if it’s just a dollar. Reblogging this post is also super helpful and appreciated

Thanks! 💖😊✌️
Madeline News

Hello everyone, I’d just like to give you all a couple quick Madeline updates.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who bought a copy of Dirt Creek! I’m pretty much sold out so I’m closing down my shop until I have a chance to do another print run!

Speaking of Dirt Creek, you can vote for it in the Favorite Webcomic - Single Story category in the 3rd Annual Autostraddle Comic And Sequential Art Awards.

There are also a lot of other great comics you can vote for.

Also I’m going to be places this fall! wow!

Next week I’ll be a SPX. I’m not tabling or anything, just skulking around touching other people’s books.

Twin Cities Zine Fest, Saturday, September 24th, I’m hoping to have print copies of Vampire Beach for TCZF

Short Run, in Seattle on Saturday, November 5th.

CALA, December 3rd and 4th.

Thanks for reading my comics!


Here are the first few pages of my very first zine, ‘i am small,’ a little book about how sometimes it doesn’t feel nice to feel small but other times it does.  I drew them with India ink, a G-nib pen, and a round watercolor brush then colored them in Photoshop.

I am very excited to be debuting it at Short Run Comix and Art Fest in Seattle this November!  I’ll be tabling with my friend @mareodomo who is super amazing and recently released “Late Bloomer” with Retrofit.  It’s super good and you should get your hands on it if you can.  

‘i am small’ will be printed in black and white because I can’t afford to print in color, but maybe someday I’ll be able to afford my dream and print a second edition in color with Risograph.

I wanna be a zine librarian again so bad!!!!!!!!!!! We used to have a super-sweet zine library here called ZAPP and I was a librarian there and it was AWESOME and then it got kicked out of its space for some bullshit reason and now they haven’t been able to find a new space cos they’re a nonprofit and basically have no money. But I’m even more into zines now than I was when I volunteered there and I want them to come back! There was someone collecting donations for them at Short Run and he said they’re “ramping up their efforts” to find a new space. Good!

short run

the short run festival in seattle was just as awesome as i thought it would be! next year, it’s going to be a whole day long even for me; this year i just snuck in a few hours of the show while hanging out with a friend of mine.  i also didn’t realize how much i would spend at the thing! not in a bad way, but OMG there was so much amazing stuff.  so much!

i left feeling super excited to make more stuff, embarrassed that i embarrassed deth p sun by being super stoked to see him, thrilled with the anya davidson print i bought, with a stack of new things to read and be inspired by, and ready to go home and bust out my pens and colors.  if you get a chance to hit this show in the future, you should!


Life lately: cold and gray and soft (and full of lemonade and vegan tamales). Also!!! THANK YOU SHORT RUN SEATTLE FOLKS! I sold out of every single zine, comic and fortune teller I brought. It was really scary for me at first as it was my first time tabling and also because I am kind of a shy person. I couldn’t have asked for more rad and kind table mates Team Craw and of course my #1 Graham. Also I cannot express how lovely and touching it was to meet so many wonderful people from etsy and tumblr who I’ve admired for ages! Such a good day. I will be putting my full color comic called “All of them Brujas” in my shop later this week when I do a reprint! PS Feliz Dia de los Muertos everyone🌟


Just before slumberland last night, the night before Gridlords and its books travel to the upper bunk of our NW bunkbed Seattle for the @shortrunseattle small press fest, I watched Witch’s Night Out. Witch’s Night Out is a classic Canadian Halloween special. It features a witch who sits alone in her old rickety house at the end of a gentrified neighborhood. She is wild in her witchy ways, flying about and wishing hoping and desiring for the call to leave her attic studio space and really shine on the world! She wishes to show off her spooky monstrous transformative spell-casting! Her ability to transform a party with her wild cackling explosive ways! Her very individual special ways. I realized we are that witch, all of us who are making our way to Short Run. And in the way the witch uses her powers to cast a spell to let us be whatever we want to be and really beam, Short Run too is that witch!

Short Run is calling upon our individual and crazy ways to come shine and transfix each other. As Jeff Lynne of the great Electric Light Orchestra said, “You Shine a little Love on My Life,” Short Run, “and let me see.“  I would be nowhere and maybe nothing if not for Short Run.

a page by Benjamin Cornwall

At the Gridlords table we will have work by Andrice Arp, Amanda Blix, Michel Losier, Graham Kahler, Benjamin Cornwall, Daria Tessler, Julianna Green and Jason Overby!

The Being Being by Jason Overby

And of course our latest anthology Chase Scenes featuring a powerful huge collection of great artists.

Oh yes, and some of my own work (Sean Christensen).

New untitled book by Sean Christensen, and Dolphins by Sean Christensen and Daria Tessler

Short Run is Saturday, October 31st from 11am-6pm at the Fisher Pavilion in Seattle. It’s free!

Get bewitched and soak in all the "awesomeology” as the song by my favorite long-gone Seattle band Cobra High goes!