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Catch my two new books this weekend at @shortrunseattle!

I’ll have copies of the Dune Anthology Fish-Speakers V2 and the mini-book
Me and the Muad’Dib, as well as my older books! Visit me at P-92!

Fish-Speakers V2 is a great collection of comics and art from Dune fans all over.  It contains work from @colleenfrakes @rynryp @turtledustmedia @butterbeanbun @spencersturdevant @bobbymono @sketchphase and even more!

Me and the Muad’Dib is a small tribute to the works of Frank Herbert and Jack Chick, combined in the most sacrilegious way in honor of our holy messiah.
Here are a few previews of whats to come!
See ya’ll Saturday! 


GRIDLORDS #33   AUG 30th   7pm   IPRC   Gridlordian Workshop Publishing

Gridlords would like to invite you to participate in Gridlords #33

This is Gridlords’ second ever event that removes itself from performance and presentation, in order to get down and make something beautiful with you all in one evening! Previously Gridlords operated a jam comics night that successfully had close to 30 artists jamming together. This time Gridlords wants to make a publication with you. You are invited to come to the IPRC between 7 & 10 pm to frantically work in stations with art prompts and guided exercises to generate art and collaborate on pieces and then turn right around and utilize the IPRC’s facilities to print, fold and staple a book published by Gridlords, copies of which you can take home yourself at the end of the night. If everyone is on the top of their game of coarse. Some things make the cut, some are just cut, and all is cut and paste. It’s the perfect time for this kind of insanity as Seattle’s Short Run Small Press Fest is just around the corner!

Please RSVP to

event is free with donation for snacks and beverages encouraged.

@IPRC 1001 SE Division

Oh man, we can hear your double-lined pockets jangling from all the coins to purchase our books this weekend at Short Run, the hottest one day comics show on this coast! We have some FANTASTIC debut comics and graphic novels for you as well as two outta town guests. You’ll find two of our finest cartoonists right next to us,Ed Piskor (M59) and Simon Hanselmann. Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 2 and the Box Set are a hit across the country while Hanselmann’s practically sold out of Megahex, so you should scoop one up QUICK! Local cartoonist and legend, Jim Woodring, will also be signing at the Fantagraphics table. Pick up a copy of his latest and greatest collection, JIM, while you’re at the Short Run as well!   Signing schedule (a little subject to change but we’re all friends!) 11-1: Simon Hanselmann 1-3: Jim Woodring  3-5: Simon Hanselmann   Don’t forget to say hi to Josh Simmons at C13. We’ll be located at table M60 on the first floor when you come into Washington Hall. Check out the FLOG for more on our debut books for Short Run 2014!
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Short Run
Saturday, November 15, 2014
Washington Hall 
153 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Gridlords Intimate Mini comics readings and performances at shortrunseattle on the balcony in Washington Hall:

1:00 Tom Lechner
1:15 Ross Jackson
1:30 Andrew Pannell
1:45 Amanda Blix
2:00 Andrice Arp
2:15 Sean Christensen
2:30 Suzette Smith


3:15 Tom Lechner
3:30 Ross Jackson
3:45 Andrew Pannell
4:00 Amanda Blix
4:15 Andrice Arp
4:30 Sean Christensen
4:45 Suzette Smith

Saturday, November 15

1 pm to 5 pm

Short Run is free to attend. Gridlords Intimate Mini performances are free if you buy a book OR you may pay us by drawing your own money. Blank money will be provided.