short women problems


Being a tall girl myself, i think this is great.  I always say to myself “i want a guy that’s taller than me”, with being 6ft 1 or 2" that may be quite difficult, so I need to accept that its highly likely that any future boyfriend will be shorter than me…
This picture should be reblogged, so that fellow tall girls, like myself, can learn that alot of shorter men actually like having tall girls on their arms and to brag about.
Don’t forget to embrace your height my long-legged friends! 
I have no hate for shorter women with tall men, so there should be no hate on this…

School dress codes in the U.S are insane and I’m sorry you can’t wear shorts and a tank top when it’s hot enough to cook bacon and eggs on the sidewalk because your male teachers and students weren’t taught self control.

Shopping for pants as a short male.

Fucking sucks. I don’t know if it’s the same for women, so I’m only saying from experience as a male that I cannot find pants that fit me properly, and it fucking sucks. The shortest pants go in 30, and I’m like a 29 or 28 in length. 

Currently I am wearing new pants that I really like and it’s raining down here, and the bottom is caked with wet dirt. I try rolling them up and they come undone. Another pair of pains I like even more I had to buy in 32 because they ran out of 30’s. 

I’m not going to sit here and bitch about being short, I just wish shorter length pants were easier to come by, because they exist, they’re just rare. 

Embrace it

After a break up, the biggest
Stone is not the pain one has
To face, but the vulnerability
She must show, not letting her
Heart be surrounded by wild
Thorns of denial while healing
The soul in bitter waters of
Sorrow, since the one she will
Encounter on her path could
Be the woman of her life

(short poem by lesbianespresso · Victoria Rudi)

(image · symbol found on Tumblr)