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A lone Pacifica, and then a few Reverse Falls AU Pacificas.

I am unsure what clothes she’d wear in the AU so I just kind of went with gaudy 90′s clothes. ( and one outfit that is pretty much just like canon Dipper’s, and tbh I like that one the most )

I would LOVE to see a Krogan and or a Turian for that matter in casual clothing. Not Armor or bulky clothes that cover them up.

Yes I know both races are warriors BUT they must wear casual clothes at some point (Eve in ME3). I’m just imagining going into a bar and having Krogans relaxing around a table wearing vests, shorts and flip flops complaining about how hot their new home world is. Or visiting a farm in the middle of a meadow run by a group of Turians with long robes and boots. While growing space potatoes and shit.

Show me some skin bioware.


Vest+Shorts: Dear Celine
Blouse, Clip, OTKs: Innocent World
Crown: VooDoooDolly
Jewelry, bows: Aatp, Victorian Maiden and offbrand.

Been trying to put color in my ouji wardrobe since it’s a void of darkness. I always liked ivory type colors, and this set will work with other colors. I like how princely this looks with this cool crown from VooDoooDolly. If only my dress form would let me make things lay symmetrically more easily.

Yeep, so, I can’t deny a request from the Queen of A/B/O, @kittenofdoomage, so here is a little non-smutty drabble I wrote a few days ago to… test the water

I don’t know how I feel about it, but oh well. It’s a first attempt  XD 

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader



The Bunker was eerily quiet, and cold.

Treading nervously from foot to foot, you leant slightly against the doorframe, keeping the door as shut as possible despite the fact you were stood in it. You didn’t want to let the warmth of the bedroom seep out into the chilly corridor, not since all you had with you was a pair of small sleep shorts and a vest…

No reply came when you called his name again, and you trailed your hand anxiously up to the fresh mark at the juncture between your neck and shoulder. It was still sore, the skin around the wound still vaguely irritated, and memories from the night before flared to the forefront of your mind.

A hot rush flooded through your veins, quickly followed by a dull pang in your lower abdomen. Whether that was from the increasing sense of anxiety, or the tail end of your heat, you had no idea.

Quietly, you slipped back into Dean’s bedroom, shutting the door completely.

He wouldn’t have just left, right?


You could feel your heartbeat increase as you started pacing the room, fear and panic threatening to overwhelm you.

Yes, this hadn’t exactly been planned, but it wasn’t overly unexpected either. Or at least, not to you.

You and Dean had been dancing around one another for nearly two years, always flirting and exchanging meaningful smirks when you hunted together. Once or twice, after you’d both had just a bit too much to drink, you’d both surrendered to a heavy make out session. But neither of you had dared push it further.

Sure, you’d both felt that tug on your heart, but you couldn’t bring yourselves to make it real.

Hunters didn’t get happy endings with mates and pups.

Last night, though… well. It was an accident.

After working a hunt with the Winchesters, you’d wound up stranded at their Bunker when your heat hit early. They, of course, took off to a nearby motel so as to give you space, and to avoid any… accidents.

That had gone to shit when Dean had slipped back last night, determined to grab his laptop and get out fast, not realising that you’d just happened to be in the kitchen getting a glass of water. The place was so full of your scent that he’d had no idea, and had practically walked right into you.

Obviously, things had progressed.

Now, you were wondering whether you’d made a huge mistake, considering you’d woken up to an empty bed.

Your phone vibrated on the bedside table, startling you slightly.

‘Hey. Sorry to leave you like that, but I’d left Sammy without a car. Had to pick him up.

We’ll talk later’

You let out a loud sigh, releasing a breath you hadn’t even realised you’d been holding.

We’ll talk later…

Well, it wasn’t perfect, but it  was good enough for now.

Drew some Branch outfit references, still have to color them, but I may never get there, so I’ll post them now :/

Top right is the base, and quite possibly the best drawing of Branch I’ve ever made

Bottom left are some accessories he adds to his outfit as King

Top middle is a nicer vest and shorts he only really wears on nice, formal occasions (he likes his normal clothes a little too much to stop wearing them completely) and they’re based on a miscolored Branch figurine I bought (his vest is pastel blue and his shorts are light green)

Bottom middle is a winter outfit! Perhaps winter is the only time male trolls wear shirts? And the only time trolls in general wear shoes? Also Poppy made him a fleece scarf when he was still grey and he kept it, but never wore it until he got his colors back

Top left are pajamas. Again, the longsleeve shirt is for the cold season, and he sleeps shirtless every other time of the year

I’ll color these someday maybe.

Fic prompt: at one point or another all members of the snack pack had fallen a little bit in love with branch. I mean imagine a recolored branch actually socialising and calling them their or his friends and the snack pack realizing just how amazing he is.

He could be helping DJ Suki with her music by creating new objects and machines for her (he did build his bunker) to DJ to, The twins he could actually discuss clothes making and fabrics with (I imagine he made his own vest and shorts as well plus probably new how and where to collect materials from making his bunker).

He could become a work out partner to smidge and even share the equipment in his gym with her, Cooper and him could come up with new dance moves together and even have the occasional dance off. Now this is kinda a stretch but I remember someone saying that in some concept art and toys branch has a little glowing bug thing, well about if him and biggie bond over this and meet up with their pets regularly together.

And finally guy diamond actually really enjoying branch’s poetry since its all about showing and expressing yourself, something that he regularly strives to do. Then one by one much to poppy’s confusion they walk up to her and simply say “I get it” before walking off :)

Drabble Prompts: Naughty Girl

A/N: alright so I cheated and combined two prompts to make this one.


“Spencer…. Please. You have to, it’s for the case,” you pleaded with your colleague, ready to get on your knees and beg. This had been your idea and the team had gone along with it. Your first big plan and now he was backing out.

“There is no way I’m wearing that!” he frowned and pointed to the tight running shorts and vest that you’d found for him. The unsub was targeting males out a local running track and you needed someone to act as bait.

“I’ll look ridiculous! Why can’t Morgan do it?”

“You know why.” Morgan was too big and bulky. The victims were all slim and lean.

“What so cos I’m the scrawny guy I get the short straw?”

“Spencer no. This is not the time to be having a body confidence crisis,” he pouted as you continued. “You’re not scrawny, you’re slim and toned. And to be honest I personally find that much more attractive…”

A look of surprise crossed his face. “You do?”

“Yes I do. Now will you please get changed?”

“Fine!” he slunk off into the changing room coming out a few minutes later looking extremely uncomfortable and tugging at the lycra.

The shorts were far too tight, displaying almost everything.


Although this was not the time to be sexually objectifying your colleague.

Those shorts really did look obscene though.

As he turned around you realised why. They had Naughty Gurl 69 displayed across the butt. You’d hastily pulled them out of the small cache of clothes that were kept for undercover work. Dammit, now you’d have to send someone out to the store instead.

Reid caught sight of himself in the mirror, craning his neck round to see the writing on his ass.

“Naughty gur…..No. Just no. I’m not going out wearing these. I’m sorry Y/N but no…. ”

“It’s fine… I thought they were guys shorts. I’ll send someone to get some different ones. You can get changed again.”

Relief crossed his face and he started to head back to the changing area, the lycra encasing his buttocks nicely.

“Spencer,” you couldn’t help yourself. He turned around momentarily.

“You know, with a body like that, you got a right to be naughty.”


Cuba Azul by Stéphane
Via Flickr:
Please don’t use this image without my explicit permission. © 2013 [Stéphane L.] - All rights reserved. Thank you, Emeline!