short valentine poems

This day is not only for those who are in a romantic relationship. This day is for everyone who has a heart inside of them. This day is for everyone who feels. For everyone who experienced everything their hearts give. This is for everyone who listens to their hearts and chooses carefully what to believe. This is for the broken hearts that are already starting to move on from what happened in the past. This day is for everyone who chooses to love. For the people who know every kind of love. This day is for you. Please take care of your heart even if it gives you the feelings you didn’t want. Even if it aches for someone you couldn’t have. Even if it makes you confuse sometimes. Acknowledge your heart, and take care of it. Let your surroundings be filled with love on this special day.
—  ma.c.a // Heart’s Day

she makes me
want to dance
to the music
of her words.

she makes me
want to move
to the wisdom
I have heard

she makes me
want to learn
more than I
deserve to know

she makes me
want to seek
further than I
sought to go

- and that is why I love her

For @amethystdaylai and a (lucky!) girl on valentines day! I hope all goes well :) // A.S

It’s sad how the month of love could turn into the month of loneliness, how first day of February gets you thinking about your last lover, how every other day leading up to the 14th makes you consider reaching out to them, eats your mind and chops your heart with thoughts of calling them, but you still hold back for the fear of their response, their rejection, but once that clock turns to 12 and that calendar page flips to 14, you just drop down and feel the paralysis of power, so you hold your phone up and uncontrollably dial that most familiar number and start stuttering, you sense the weakness in your voice and the fragility in your palms, you watch that whole time you were alone right infront of your eyes, you remember the nights you needed them the most but still got up and moved on, you remember how hard you worked on yourself and you remember how you’ve been doing just a tiny bit fine without them, so you hang up and hate yourself for ruining all your efforts, and then you curse yourself for the rest of the second month of that new year
For K.

In this insouciant season
rain shrugs down,
autumnlike, springlike, only half-cold.

Let trees grow sinews of snow
and become your arms.
I want a winter that means it. Lover,

close over me like soil
collecting a dead thing. Take me
back to Source.

9 times out of 10 I wanted to kiss you in the middle of a sentence.
My grandmother always told me to watch out for men who made me want to steal the words right out of their mouth,
She always said to me, “Men like that will allow you to take their words in exchange for your soul”.
Why didn’t I listen.

The last words I told you when you told me you didn’t love me anymore.

- Winifred M. N (wyneebob)