short twintails

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If you dont mind me asking, where did you get your chloe wig from? It's absolutely perfect! Keep up the great work!

my chloe wig was actually given to me by a friend when the one i ordered didn’t come in time for the convention! she was sent it by mistake (and therefore doesn’t recommend the seller) but here’s the link anyway. the wig i ordered sucked in terms of colour anyway so this was a godsend!! here it is:

as you can see the wig is pretty short and came with twintails! i took apart the twintails and sewed the wefts into the wig where it needed them (the front at the sides, mostly, as chloe’s hair is a concave style, and the fringe was already long enough to work with). i cut and styled it after that.

i then dyed the top (purple and pink, then brown the the roots) and the bottom (dark blue) with alcohol-based markers and soaked the wig it in water so the colour would bleed, making the gradient a little more even. the wig is heat-resistant so i then added some messiness to it with a straightener and hairspray (like chloe’s weird little hair flicks, etc).

here’s the final product:

i still think it has some work to go, but i’m pretty happy with it for now! i hope this helped - to make your chloe wig accurate to canon you will probably need to do quite a bit of work, but it’s a lot easier than it sounds (this was my first time adding wefts to a wig - i have next to no sewing experience AT ALL!) let me know if you have any other questions!! :}