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Floof scenario with Todoroki and his smol s/o???? All the sugary, teeth rotting, cotton candy mess you have~~~

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 Insecure Todoroki > everything else. this took forever and it sucked i am so sorry anon~Admin K

  ‘Todoroki Shouto. Todoroki. Shou? Todo. No… Hmm, let’s see… Todoroki. To-do-ro-ki. Roki? Roki. Yeah, that sounds okay. Roki. Roki. Roki—’

    “___,” Todoroki said loudly next to her, bringing ___ out of her thoughts. She blinked, shaking the thoughts from her head like rain off of an umbrella. Finding a cute nickname for Todoroki would have to wait. The noise of the people in the lunch room suddenly seemed much louder than it had before.

   “Yes, Roki?”


    “I said: ‘yes, Todoroki,’” ___ corrected herself quickly.

    “Oh, sorry I must not have heard you. Anyway…” he started talking to her about something as he sat down across from her. She listened intently, focused on the mesmerizing way his mouth worked. ___ liked the way Todoroki’s lips moved when he spoke. They hardly did, and yet his words were always clearly enunciated. ___ felt the just barely controllable urge to run her fingers through his hair. She resisted that temptation.

    Although technically, ___ was allowed to do that now.

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Mask Monday

And we’re back! I’ve figured out a short term solution that will let me upload to tumblr, so I can finally upload what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks.

Some of you guys might recognize where I nabbed the color scheme for this one from.

This one was inspired by the razzle dazzle camouflage some old ships used to use. I don’t know how effective it was, but it looks pretty cool.


All time list of favorite movies

  1. Slumdog Millionaire
  2. Silver Linings Playbook
  3. Never Let Me Go
  4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  5. Meet The Robinsons
  6. Short Term 12
  7. HappyThankYouMorePlease
  8. Juno
  9. The Help
  10. Captain America: The Winter Solider

i already made some quick textposts but here’s a quick list of what i caught during baekhyun’s live ig story thing (let me know if i missed something!!):

  • baekhyun said he ate lots of good food today 💕😭 
  • baekhyun really looked so tired and sleepy and was yawning and in bed and stuff during the whole broadcast and was acting like it was 2 am but it was 2 pm soihfeowijefoiwjefwe
  • his mother changed his sheets/bedspread to pink lmfao (i’m assuming he’s at his parent’s house ant not the dorms)
  • myongryong’s legs hurt bc he’s been running around a lot and welsh corgis’ legs hurt very easily apparently so he has to take him to a hospital soon :(
  • there are baekhyun posters put up all around his room that fans gave him and im crying
  • someone asked him to speak in english in the comments and he got a little embarrassed and said ‘hi my name is baekhyun’ he’s so cute
  • and he also read a comment that said ‘good english’ and laughed (i’m unsure if the comment was in english sounding korean or actual english though)
  • he put his face so close to the camera to read comments and it was so cute im ded also he covered his face a lot w/ the blankets and looked super comfy im 💕💘💗💟💓💖
  • after showing his room really quickly he giggled a little (i d*e) and he was like ‘it’s really clean huh??’ (as in his room) he’s so neat and organized wow

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ay, i was wondering if you could give me a list of "if you haven't watched this who tf are you" movie recs, because i'm that person who hasn't watched anything

my personal list: it follows, stoker, american honey, drop dead gorgeous, donnie darko, snowpiercer, short term 12, let the right one in, death proof, cameraperson, incendies, the double, the duke of burgundy, respire, mommy, synecdoche new york, her, drive, the fits, take shelter, polytechnique, all cheerleaders die, the lobster, ghost world, the fall and across the universe

This really wants a longer post, but: whenever I think about anything SJ related there’s a sort of constant low-level awareness that they’re coming for me one day, and I’ll regret not having fought them earlier when they might have been stopped, but for every small thing it seems easier in the short term to let them get away with it.

Sun on the Deadwight: A high-stakes adventure idea!

By AppelJaxc:

A giant. A horde. A really, really big problem.

Jagguth Icecracker

Is not a nice guy. In fact, he’s a very, very mean guy. And he has very, very mean plans.

Far to the north of wherever your campaign is currently taking place is a frozen wasteland. Decades, even centuries ago, orcs were driven en mass to this land as the other races repelled the last attempt by Grumsh to conquer the area. It was assumed they froze or starve thereafter, or otherwise are no longer a threat. Unfortunately, they’re still very much a threat.

There was a fight for land between the fleeing orcs and the wasteland’s inhabitants, a family of ice giants. The giants fell to the sheer number of orcs except for one who had abandoned Annam and the Ordning and had turned to the powers of the abyss. He was able to cow the orcs, depose of their leader, install himself as chief, and even created a few dozen Tanarukks, demonic orcs sent by Baphomet himself.

If a bitter army of bloodthirsty orcs led by a frost giant, pining for revenge and augmented by demons wasn’t enough, Jagguth Icecracker is also planning to summon the manifestation of cold incarnate, a chaotic evil monster from the quasi plane of Elemental Ice, which will blanket the material plane in eternal winter. Yikes!

Oh, and let’s give Jagguth a white dragon, too. That makes sense.

Alright, but the party is going to stop him, right?

Maybe? I mean, probably in most campaigns. In mine they would probably fail, and then we’d roll up new characters to place Ice Age D&D because that sounds awesome.

In your game, though:

This freezing demon monster needs a name. I can’t think of a good one, so I’m just going to call it Frostbite.

Frostbite the Freezing Demon Monster must enter the Material Plane through a massive portal made of magic ice. If this giant ice portal can be melted or destroyed in time, the summoning can be prevented.

How does the adventure get started?

Well like all good adventures, you should start foreshadowing a few adventures ahead that the world is getting colder. This isn’t as noticeable near your campaign’s equator, but everywhere is an average 5o c colder. (Is that a lot? I’m an American so I don’t really know how Celsius works)

Farming is getting harder, people are getting sick, cold blooded animals are dying, birds are disappearing, and cold-loving animals are migrating south. Everything is in disarray. Druids know some spooky bad shit is going on in nature. Wizards are seeing weird things in their augeries and crystal balls. Everyone has noticed one way or another.

The party could be curious on its own, alerted by a church or wizard, approached by a council of druids, or is otherwise made aware that something in the “Deadwight,” a permafrost-covered frozen wasteland to the north, is the epicenter of the growing freeze spreading over the land. And as adventurers they should go investigate.

It could be even more obvious if the party is close to the Deadwight: The sky is choked by thick, oppressive, stagnant clouds that block all sunlight for a mile around!

They go to investigate.

Alright, then what?

I’m not sure. I have a few ideas. But, basically, for 1 of 3 reasons, there’s a permanent snowstorm covering the Deadwight that keeps it the exact temperature for the ice demon portal to be built. Possible sources:

  1. Icecracker’s pet white dragon maintains the snowstorm
  2. A Storm Giant Quintessent (VoGtM) maintains the storm as a misguided way to contain the orcs, threatening to freeze any that attempt to leave the Deadwight to terrorize the rest of the world
  3. A giant magic machine or circle of cultists magically maintains the snowstorm

The party could (in theory) kill the white dragon, the archpriest, or destroy the machine or the portal itself. All of this would result in having to fight Icecracker, in all likelihood. If you opt to make a storm giant be the source of the storm, the party has to bust out the RP skills.

  1. They have to figure out that the storm is actually a giant
  2. They have to figure out how to talk to the storm (try screaming at a blizzard and see how far it gets you)
  3. Convince the giant that letting out some raiding orcs/tanarukks in the short term is worth letting the portal melt
  4. Deal with the consequences

What level is this?

I guess this adventure premise would be good at pretty much levels 1-20.

For a low-level party, hypothermia, a handful of orcs, and a tanarukk bossfight is a pretty comprehensive experience on the way to blow up the snow machine. Then they can escape just in time from the ice giant on some fudged die rolls.

For a mid-level party, killing a white dragon is pretty cool even when interplanar ice demon invasions aren’t on the line.

For a high-level party, being able to force a storm giant quintessent to do whatever you want is like the whole reason to want to reach high-level.

For a 20th level party at the end of the campaign… fuck it, the party has to fight a giant ice demon from the frozen abyss with an ancient white dragon and a ice giant and an army of orcs. That’s the kind of freeze-frame (if you’ll excuse the pun) that won’t let your party forget reaching deity status.

Superman v. Clark Kent pt. 3 (Derek Luh)

Part 1

Part 2  

Derek’s POV:

 I wake up with a headache and someone next to me. For a minute, I get excited because I think it’s Y/N, but then I remember last night and why my head hurts. Who runs into a fucking door frame? 

 I look over at whoever’s next to me. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep with them, since I just laid on the ground till I fell asleep after hitting my head. The question is how’d I get here and who’s next to me. All I can see is a puff of hair. 

 She starts to stir. I watch as Lucy turns around. What the hell is she doing in my bed? 

 She rolls her eyes, “Calm down, we didn’t sleep together.” 

 “I know,” I say. It’s easy to tell Y/N and Lucy apart. Lucy’s boobs are a little smaller, and Y/N has higher cheeks. Plus, Lucy’s eyes always look kind of defiant, and Y/N always looks at peace. Y/N just gives off this vibe that says that nothing and no one could disturb her, which was why I talked to her in the first place. Lucy just kind of gave off the vibe that she was lost or looking to be.

 I get out of bed and say, “How did you get in here? How did I get in here? And why are you in here?” 

 “I just walked in, sorry. After the whole thing with my sister I got really wasted and I guess I just ended up here. And I think Nate was the one who pulled you off the floor and put you in bed.” 

 I just stared, before realizing I had somewhere to be, “Whatever. Where can I find your sister?” 

 “She’s probably in class now,” she says, checking her phone. 

 “Well, when does she get out?” 

 “I don’t know. Soon. You got any Advil?” 

 “Only if you tell me how I can find Y/N. I have to talk to her about last night.”

 “Get in line. Sisters before misters.” 

 “Not if misters get to her first,” I say. 

 “You don’t even know where she is. And besides she probably wouldn’t even talk to you. I don’t even know if she’ll talk to me. God, she looked so upset last night. She told me it was just a hookup.” 

 “It was not just a hookup! We spent hours talking, I do not deserve this.” 

 “Y/N is great at understanding people, but when it comes to things like this she’s clueless. I’m sure she still thinks we slept together,” she says, looking guilty. 

 “Yah, why did you come on to me like that after I’d just been with your sister. I know I’ve heard you trashing other girls who go in to get ‘sloppy seconds’.” 

 “I don’t know. It’s just that I’d tried to get with you and you turned me down, then came on to her. I don’t even like you like that, I was just frustrated that she could have something I couldn’t.” 

 I sat there for a minute, silent. “You can go talk to her first, I guess,” I can’t believe I just said that. 

 “It’s not like there was ever a doubt, but thank you,” she said. 

 “But could you at least give me her address. If she won’t talk to me I’ll send her a little something,” I say. 

 “Fine,” she writes down the address and heads out. As soon as she leaves I get in my car and drive to the store. Instead of sending something, I’ll just hand deliver it. 


Y/N’s POV: 

 I squint my eyes as I walk outside after my Classic Literature class. Last night I called one of my friends and she let me rant on for half an hour as I tried to sort out my feelings. After a while I felt better, still angry, but I didn’t want to cry anymore and I felt like I could get over it all. Eventually. 

 As soon as I walk in to the cafe I see Lucy. I put my head down but she calls out to me. I try to ignore her as I wait for my order, but she walks up. 

 “Hey, I’ve been texting you the whole morning.” 

 “My phone was off for class,” I say. I grab my drink and thank the barista. 

 “Oh, okay… well I got us a table. You want to come sit?” She suggests. 

 “No, I’m just gonna head home today,” I say. 

 “I’ll come with!” She says with excitement. 

 “No, Lucy, not today,” I say. 


 “Look, I’d appreciate it if you just gave me some space for a while. Some air to breathe. I’d also appreciate it if you never dragged me to one of those dumb parties again, you saw how last night went.” 

 Her face drops, “Okay,” she says. 

 “I’ll call you or something when I want to talk.” I leave the shop and head to my apartment, feeling guilty all the way there. But this is what’s best. As soon as I get to the right hallway I see someone standing at my door. 

 It’s Derek, with a lot of flowers and a big teddy bear. 

 He struggles to adjust everything in his hands so that I can see his face. “I know you said you liked fruity candy too, but I only have so many hands.” 

 I’m finding it hard not to smile at this. I just look at him. 

 “Can we, uh, go inside so I can set this down?” 

 “Sur- wait. How did you figure out where I live?” I’m not letting some stalker in my home. 

 “Your sister told me,” he says, breathless. 

 “Oh,” I roll my eyes. I open the door and he sets all the stuff on the couch. 

 “We need to talk… while we’re both sober.” I finally come to my senses. 

“Nah, I’d rather not.” 

 “Too bad. I really like you, Y/N. And I want to try to be something with you,” he said. 

 “After you slept with my sister?” 

 “I didn’t sleep with your sister. I’d never! It’s you I’m into and I told you that when we first met.” I remember that. 

“Well still, you can’t even tell us apart,” I say. 

 “I was shitfaced drunk, and desperate for you. It won’t happen again I promise.” I still just stare at him warily. He comes forward, and I want to say I was strong and moved away but I can’t because that not what happened. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me behind the ear. “I really like you,” he whispers, “and I’d like to take you out today.” Another kiss. 

 “Well, not now because I’m gonna take a nap, but maybe later.” I open the door and hope he gets the picture. 

 He closes it back, still inside, “Ooh a nap sounds great, and we can cuddle..” he says. 

 “I’m serious about a nap Derek, I’m not having sex with you now.” Even though I want to so bad. I head to the door and begun to tell him to see his way out.

 “Of course not, we won’t have sex until the third date,” he says. 


 “Well last time we had sex after one night, you left me without so much as a good morning kiss. So I figure if we wait, I’ll have a better chance of keeping you in bed with me.” 

 This is just ridiculous now. “You were trying to get with my sister just last night and you still think I’d want to be with you?! You’re sick.” 

 His eyebrows raise. “Woah, I did not sleep with or even try to sleep with your sister. I told you that before we were together and I won’t say it again, I’m into you, not her. She’s not you.”

“Really? Because it sure didn’t seem like it last night.” 

 “Jesus you have a thick skull. I already said this, I thought it was you! I tried to get drunk so I could forget about you, then she showed up and I was too far gone to notice the difference. I’m sorry,” he said. 

 “You aren’t into me, okay? I’m just not the one to be into. She’s taller and skinnier and more graceful and she knows how to keep up a conversation. She’s outgoing and confident and open to anything but I’m not. I’m the total opposite of all of those. She’s like Superman and I’m Clark Kent.”

 Derek tries to interrupt but I stop him. “No, all I do all day is write and eat and sleep and repeat. You’ll get bored of me real fast. So don’t come in here trying to be all sweet and romantic when we both know this,” I gesture between us, “would never last. It hurts.” I open the door, “You can see yourself out.” 

 He comes towards the door, leaving all of the stuff. As soon as I think he’s going to walk out of the door he grabs me and kisses me.

 I don’t think I’ve ever been kissed like this before. His entire body was touching all of mine and his arms were around me so tight it felt like I couldn’t breathe, but at the same time like I had all of the air in the world. A part of me said I should push him away but I ignored it because nothing has ever felt so good.

 After who knows how long, he finally pulled away, he started speaking even though he was out of breath. “You are not boring. I don’t think I could ever get tired of you. Everything about you interests me. Besides, if I’m in your paper I want to read it. And stop comparing yourself to your sister. I don’t care if she’s fucking Beyoncé. I’m here because I want you.

 "I want your cute little laughs, and your fancy words, and your way of looking at things. I want your advice, and I want to hear more stories about your life and I want to tell you more of mine. I want to be with you and I promise it won’t be a short term thing. Please, just let me show you. Let me take you out.”

 I put my arms around him, “Fine. A date.” 

 He smiles and kisses me again, shortly. “And don’t ever doubt that it’s you that I want, ever again.” 

 I just nod. 

 3 hours later, we’re coming back from the date he took me on. We went to his favorite diner, and then saw a movie that he let me pick, which of course was Deadpool. Then we walked around the city until we got back to my building. 

 As I opened my door, I bit my lip. “So, you gonna come in?” 

 He nods and follows me inside. I turn and kiss him as soon as I take my shoes off. Shortly after, it gets heated, and we’re biting each other’s lips, exploring each other’s mouths. Moans are all you can hear. I reach down to rest my hand on his crotch but he groans and grabs it. 

 “Mami, I was serious when I said I wasn’t gonna sleep with you again.. yet,” he whispers, out of breath. 

 “What?” I say, still in a daze from the kiss. 

 “We can’t sleep together tonight. I came in because I wasn’t ready to say bye yet.” 

 “But…” I say, desperate. 

 “No buts,” he says, “especially not that one,” he gestures to my ass, “It turns me on too much.” 

 “Please,” I say, “I’m not leaving this time. I can’t, it’s my apartment,” I say, trying to move my hand back to his crotch. 

 “No, mami. I’m trying to prove a point here. I’m into you for who you are, not anyone else.” 

 “I know that now!” I say, frustrated. “Can’t you prove that some other way then? I want you so bad.” 

 He bites his lip and it just makes me want him more. I kiss him. “I want you so bad too,” he says. 

 “Then come on,” I say dragging him to my room. 

 “I’ll come, but we’re just sleeping, okay?” 

 I roll my eyes, “Fine, but tomorrow, you’re gonna get it.” 

 “And I’m looking forward to it.” 

 I take off my clothes and he takes off his so we’re both in just our underwear. We both get in bed and he pulls me half on top of him. He’s on his back, I’m on my stomach and one of my legs is in between his. 

 He leans down and kisses my forehead, “Goodnight.” 

 “Goodnight,” I say, resting my head on his chest. 

 After a minute, his breathing is still short and uneven and I can feel his hard-on against my thigh. I move it up and down so it rubs against him. 

 “You’re point has been proved.” 

 “I can’t take it anymore,” he says, and flips himself over so he’s on top of me. 

“Oh thank God,” I say, as he kisses up and down my chest. 

 That night we made love too many times to count. And this time I didn’t leave in the morning. Waking up to Derek was better than I could’ve imagined. About a week later, he told me to talk to my sister, which I did. She told me about how she felt and why she did it. Surprisingly, she was jealous of me. She said that I had Derek whipped and I was successful in school and I had my own place and she didn’t have anything like that. We agreed on liking ourselves and loving each other. Now Derek and I were more in love than ever and I couldn’t be happier. He was mine to keep. 



 A/N: Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. This was the last part. I’m sorry it took so long to get out, it’s just been a stressful week with my birthday and my dad’s birthday, and all of my exams. There was also that I mainly upload from my iPad but Tumblr is glitchy so I had to do it from my phone. But now I’m free for the summer. Next week I go in vacation but I’ll have plenty of time to write. 

 Also to anyone who made a request, it’ll hopefully be written by 5/24/16, so hang in there! Peace, Shay.


Airbnb Float  House | Via

The home sharing company is floating a house down the river Thames to celebrate new rules on short term lets in London. 

Airbnb is sailing a full-size floating house along the Thames this week to celebrate new rules to support home sharing in London.

The publicity stunt follows the passing of the Deregulation Act last month, which means Londoners are now free to rent their homes for up to 90 days a year without risk of fines or having to secure planning permission before doing so.

Here We Go Again!
  • You guys are truly ridiculous! So apparently I’m trying to force my opinions on to other people! HA! That’s rich! No really, I think I coughed up a lung! Since it seems like you bafoons have short term memory loss, let me remind you that YOU GUYS are the ones responding to ME. I made an unpopular opinion about harries on an UNPOPULAR OPINIONS BLOG, and then you lot decided to respond to me. If anyone is trying to change opinions on here, it’s you guys. I know it’s hard, since you obviously don’t know how to use your brains, but try to remember what type of blog you’re on. You guys swarm in like rats the second that someone mentions Harry but then cry victim when someone replies back. No ones trying to change your opinion. I’m just making mine clear since so many of you can’t grasp what I’m saying, so I have to constantly repeat myself and explain what I mean.                                                  
  • “so because they’re a disappointment to you that means they’re a disappointment across the board? not everyone sees his performances like you. some people thought they were amazing. you seem to think how you see things is how they are in reality.” Honey I know it was a disappointment. I know you like to think i’m pulling things out of my ass but I’m not. That performance was broadcasted all throughout the U.S. and Canada, and guess what? No one is buying his music, he’s not doing well in streams, and Sign of the Times is nowhere to be seen on the charts. He did not do well in that performance. I’m sorry but he didn’t. He did better with Ever Since New York, so maybe he should have started with that one instead to ease the nerves.           
  • “lmao why am i not surprised you can’t recognize sarcasm.”LMAO! Oh the irony! Please go find your glasses and reread what I said, because you clearly didn’t detect MY sarcasm in response to yours.                                                                            
  • “You’re a hypocrite too only you make assumptions about someone you claimed to be a fan of and piece his life together based on your shitty assumptions.” I don’t try to piece his life together. I don’t give a damn what he does privately. I don’t know shit about his family & friends, I only care about what he presents to the public. I pay attention to the business decisions he makes and the image that he is selling to us. Since there seems to be so much confussion on this topic, let me clear some things up.
  1. I DO NOT think everything he does or has done is PR. I don’t believe Caroline was PR, I don’t think Paige or whatever other unknown model he dated was PR either. Taylor, Kendall and Tess however, I believe were. Why? Because of how played up and in your face they all were in the press! Why do we know that harry gave taylor a paperplane neckless? That new years kiss was the biggest cry for attention of the century! Use your heads! You guys claim that he’s a private guy right? If he didn’t want intimate photos being plastered everywhere in the media, he wouldn’t allow himself to be seen. He’s been in this industry for 7 years now, he knows how to stay hidden.                                                                             
  2. I know that a PR relationship doesn’t make you an evil person. I just don’t respect people who rely on that instead of using their talent to sell their music. I just expected better from him and I’m voicing my disappointment. What’s so awful about that? Please tell me what’s so wrong from expecting good things from him? Why can’t he just make good music and sing his ass off? Why does he always have to cause a fucking spectacle to get attention? I was a fan of him too you know, and I know this will shock you but I don’t wish ill will on him. I hope nothing but the best for him but I will not stay mute when he does something I feel is questionable just because you can’t handle it.

I think I covered everything! Toodles ladies! 💋

Why Brallie needs to be together...

As mothers, all Stef and Lena want is their kids to be happy. And I’m sure I’m sure that figuring out a way (btw we all know like tons of ways) to let Brandon and Callie be together would make them both the happiest people in the world, and not like short term happiness. Letting them be together would save both of their kids so much fucking pain. And letting people know how you really feel, and being honest, especially at that age, is a situation that if not handled correctly could effect them in the future. Bottling up feelings and emotions is mentally unhealthy and can wind up seriously depressing and negatively effecting someone, especially teenagers; look at what happened to Jude. We all know that Callie would most likely choose Brandon over Wyatt if she were given the choice. But, I honestly don’t think that anyone in the family knows how seriously Brandon and Callie feel for each other. I believe that if they did, they would want them to be happy. Because, if they did know the truth and still didn’t let them, that would be very sad and unrealistic for these characters.