short tailed shrew

pansy-sidekick  asked:

Hullo! We seem to have another short tailed shrew living in our house. He's been here for a few weeks and mostly I don't mind but his chewing wakes me up sometimes. We thought about catching him but it's really cold outside (-10 on average). Would he be fine outside if we could catch him? Or should we just keep pretending that we don't know he's there? I refuse to let him die like the last one.

You can set up a humane trap and relocate him! Preferably in an abandoned building he can easily find a place to winter in.

Short tailed shrews actually do have a high winter mortality rate, though, so if you can put up with the chewing he’ll have a much better chance of survival in a warm home. Or you could give him to a wildlife rehabilitation center! Then they can release him in the summer.