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89th Academy Awards Winners

“La La Land”
“Moonlight” - WINNER
“Manchester by the Sea”
“Hidden Figures”
“Hacksaw Ridge”
“Hell or High Water”

Damien Chazelle, “La La Land” - WINNER

Barry Jenkins, “Moonlight”
Denis Villeneuve, “Arrival”
Kenneth Lonergan, “Manchester by the Sea”
Mel Gibson, “Hacksaw Ridge”

Natalie Portman, “Jackie”
Emma Stone, “La La Land” - WINNER
Isabelle Huppert, “Elle”
Meryl Streep, “Florence Foster Jenkins”
Ruth Negga, “Loving”

Ryan Gosling, “La La Land”
Casey Affleck, “Manchester by the Sea” - WINNER
Denzel Washington, “Fences”
Andrew Garfield, “Hacksaw Ridge”
Viggo Mortensen, “Captain Fantastic”

Viola Davis, “Fences” - WINNER

Michelle Williams, “Manchester by the Sea”
Octavia Spencer, “Hidden Figures”
Naomie Harris, “Moonlight”
Nicole Kidman, “Lion”

Mahershala Ali, “Moonlight” - WINNER

Jeff Bridges, “Hell or High Water”
Lucas Hedges, “Manchester by the Sea”
Dev Patel, “Lion”
Michael Shannon, “Nocturnal Animals”

“Moonlight,” Barry Jenkins - WINNER

“Arrival,” Eric Heisserer
“Lion,” Luke Davies
“Fences,” August Wilson
“Hidden Figures,” Allison Schroeder and Theodore Melfi

“La La Land,” Damien Chazelle
“Hell or High Water,” Taylor Sheridan
“Manchester by the Sea,” Kenneth Lonergan - WINNER
“The Lobster,”  Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippou
“20th Century Women,” Mike Mills

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Lena Horne with her dresser on the set of Stormy Weather  (Andrew L. Stone, 1943), one of only 2 films in the 1930′s and 40′s in which Horne had a lead role. Otherwise, though under contract to MGM, she was cast in musical short subjects or, when part of a big MGM musical, she was in isolated numbers that could be easily edited out for films shown in the segregated South. 

How to study a subject you despise

Whether it’s the teacher, the subject itself, the workload…everyone has classes they just can’t like. But (especially at the high school level, where many courses are required) we still have so study them! Here’s some tips on how to study a subject you hate.

1. Make your notes pretty.

Yes, I know the rule of thumb is to never make your notes pretty just for the sake of their being pretty–the point is to learn the information. However, rewriting notes for subjects you don’t like and making sure they’re appealing can make you more likely to want to study them. It will also make you rewrite the material which helps you remember it later!

2. Keep up with your homework–even if it’s painful.

Doing homework for a boring subject sucks. Still, you should do it every night, and here’s why: it makes exams much less torturous. If you’ve been doing your homework, you’ll be up-to-date on what you’re learning and will have already reviewed some of the material. You can also study from homework or use homework problems as practice before an exam. If you don’t do your homework, you’ll have to study more before the exam and maybe even learn new material right before, and that’s never good!

3. Study in chunks.

Schedule ahead of time before an exam to make sure that you don’t have to cram. Study one or two pieces of the subject per day. If you make your study sessions for this subject short and easy, you’ll be more motivated to actually stick to them.

4. Google it.

If it’s your teacher or the over-simplification of the subject that’s the reason you don’t like the course, google it. Find Youtube videos on it. Sometimes a subject that is actually really interesting can seem tedious because of how you learn it! See whether there’s stuff that actually interests you about your subject out there, and you’ll be more likely to get a grasp on what you need to know for class (plus extra, which will help in the long run).

5. Find a study buddy.

Study buddies are always good, but they’re especially good in the case of classes you hate. If you have a study buddy who also takes the subject, they can help you understand it, and perhaps even tell you why they like it. Their enthusiasm could help you get into the subject as well! If it doesn’t, they can still keep you on track and make sure you actually study the subject, when you alone might be tempted to slack off.

I hope these were helpful! Good luck with all your classes <3

89th Academy Awards Winners

Best Picture


Actor in a Leading Role

Actress in a Leading Role

Actress in a Supporting Role

Actor in a Supporting Role

Adapted Screenplay

Original Screenplay

Animated Feature Film

Foreign Language Film

  • The Salesman (Iran) - Winner
  • A Man Called Ove (Sweden)
  • Land of Mine (Denmark)
  • Tanna (Australia)
  • Toni Erdmann (Germany)

Documentary Feature

  • Fire at Sea
  • I Am Not Your Negro
  • Life, Animated
  • O.J.: Made in America - Winner 
  • 13th


Film Editing

Production Design

Costume Design

Makeup and Hairstyling

  • A Man Called Ove, Eva von Bahr and Love Larson
  • Star Trek Beyond, Joel Harlow and Richard Alonzo
  • Suicide Squad, Alessandro Bertolazzi, Giorgio Gregorini, and Christopher Nelson - Winner

Original Score

Original Song

  • “Audition (The Fools who Dream),” La La Land, music by Justin Hurwitz, lyric by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
  • “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Trolls, music and lyric by Justin Timberlake, Max Martin, and Karl Johan Schuster
  • “City of Stars,” La La Land, music by Justin Hurwitz, lyric by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul - Winner
  • “The Empty Chair,” Jim: The James Foley Story, music and lyric by J. Ralph and Sting
  • “How Far I’ll Go,” Moana, music and lyric by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Sound Editing

Sound Mixing

  • Arrival, Bernard Gariépy Strobl and Claude La Haye
  • Hacksaw Ridge, Kevin O’Connell, Andy Wright, Robert Mackenzie, and Peter Grace - Winner
  • La La Land, Andy Nelson, Ai-Ling Lee, and Steve A. Morrow
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, David Parker, Christopher Scarabosio, and Stuart Wilson
  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Greg P. Russell, Gary Summers, Jeffrey J. Haboush, and Mac Ruth

Visual Effects

  • Doctor Strange, Stephane Ceretti, Richard Bluff, Vincent Cirelli, and Paul Corbould
  • The Jungle Book, Robert Legato, Adam Valdez, Andrew R. Jones, and Dan Lemmon - Winner
  • Kubo and the Two Strings, Steve Emerson, Oliver Jones, Brian McLean, and Brad Schiff
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, John Knoll, Mohen Leo, Hal Hickel, and Neil Corbould

Animated Short Film

  • Blind Vaysha
  • Borrowed Time
  • Pear Cider and Cigarettes
  • Pearl
  • Piper - Winner

Live Action Short Film

  • Ennemis Intérieurs
  • La Femme et le TGV
  • Silent Nights
  • Mindenki - Winner
  • Timecode

Documentary Short Subject

  • Extremis
  • 4.1 Miles
  • Joe’s Violin
  • Watani: My Homeland
  • The White Helmets - Winner

gottalovenalu  asked:

Aliens finding out about menstruation. The pain, the blood and how they do it every month and are just like 'meh i've had worse'

I’m pretty sure there are a few other posts out there about that, but it’s definitely a good point that I think would scare the hell out of aliens. As far as I’m aware humans are the only mammals who have actual bleeding because of this, and I’m pretty sure the cramps are from the uterus practically suffocating itself (but I’m not completely sure so please don’t quote me on that)

Unfortunately, I’m not comfortable writing a short about the subject. Due to trauma it’s a subject that’s hard for me to even consider writing about.

But like I said, there are posts about it out there, or if someone would like to write one yourself I’ll be happy to boost it (either by you submitting it to me or tagging me in the post itself)

When Jonathan quietly mentions that he needs to expand his portfolio in order to apply to NYU, Steve eagerly offers to act as a “model,” ignoring, with a playful smirk, Jonathan’s emphasis on the word “subject.“ 

But when the boys drive out to an abandoned lot on the edge of Hawkins, things don’t go exactly according to plan. Steve, so accustomed to playing a role and hiding every vulnerability from his father and his so-called friends, finds it hard to feel comfortable in front of the camera. His shoulders are tense, his posture tight, and he nervously chews his bottom lip as Jonathan tries to give him instructions. 

After twenty minutes of getting nowhere, Jonathan joins Steve, leaning against the hood of his car, and places his camera aside. 

“We can do this another time,” Jonathan offers, feeling slightly guilty about the disappointed look on Steve’s face. 

“No,” Steve insists firmly, “I want to help you.” There’s a momentary hush between them as a large bird soars overhead. “Plus,” Steven continues, his voice light, “NYU would accept you the second they saw my picture. They’d say you found the perfect model.” 

“Subject,” Jonathan grins. 

“Sure,” Steve lets out a short burst of laughter, “Subject.” Another beat of silence follows. Jonathan stares pointedly ahead of him, trying to ignore the fact that this silence is so different from the ones he normally shares with Steve. Rather than comfortable and full, this silence feels empty, as though there has been something left unsaid. And Jonathan feels as though he is the one who needs to say it. 

Just as he opens his mouth, he feels Steve’s hand fall over his own, still pressed on the hood of the car. It lingers there a moment, gently caressing his knuckles before it’s gone. Jonathan looks up and meets Steve’s eyes. 

“You don’t have to feel like I’m judging you,” Jonathan blurts out, “I’m not.” Steve smiles a little and nods, reaching into his pocket to pull out a pack of cigarettes. He’s been smoking less these days—thanks to Nancy and Jonathan—but every so often his nerves get the better of him, usually in the middle of the night, after a vivid dream of gnarled arms stretching through a wall. 

Wordlessly, Steve lights the cigarette and presses it between his lips, taking a long drag as he stares out towards the trees that line the abandoned lot. He doesn’t notice Jonathan slowly reach for his camera and only realizes his picture’s been taken following the click of the shutter, resonating in the empty space around them. 

Eventually, once the photos are printed, that one becomes Steve’s favourite. Jonathan’s too. 


The Fighting Cholitas

In Bolivia, there are a group of female lucha libre-style wrestlers who perform in multi-layered dresses and who wrestle, sometimes in intergender matches, for hundreds of paying fans each Sunday. They’re known as The Fighting Cholitas. The Cholitas are part of a group of wrestlers known as Titans Of The Ring, which are wrestlers of both sexes whom are indigenous to El Alto. When the group takes the show on the road, they guarantee hundreds, but when they’re on their home turf, thousands flock to see the Colitas in action.

Tickets to the shows are roughly $1 (American), and often, the Cholitas are paid $13 per match. Because of this, wrestling is merely a side hustle for the group, who take on other tasks in daily life.

However, come Sunday, the luchadoras gather in El Alto to put on professional wrestling shows, trading punches and flying through the air whilst adorned in petticoats and shawls. The women involved operate through a system founded in 2011 to ensure that everyone be paid fairly and equally, which was created after a promoter who had an idea to put the Cholitas in the ring to attract to public. Once the gimmick was spotted as becoming a monopoly, the Cholitas created their own brand, and it’s found them incredible success!

The Cholitas were highlighted in an award-winning 2006 short-subject documentary, The Fighting Cholitas, available at this link. It’s only 20:00 long, so be sure to check it out!

There was this really annoying shitbag on the bus sitting next to me and he was like shoving me a ton and he looked over my shoulder and went “wHATCHA READIN” and I was anticipating it so long story short I subjected a sweaty pubescent 8th grader to sweet tentacle porn thanks @twink-dan bless

anonymous asked:

Hi hi! So I have an AP Exam that I have to start studying for. I have two concerns: remembering all that information and time. Any advice?

Hi, thanks for asking! Well there’s a lot to say about studying for any exam. I’m likely going to write another post about studying for exams in more detail, but that’s planned for the far future at this point. Since you need the info now, I’ll just do dot points as there are a lot of facets to cover.


  • For general tips on Studying and Exams
  • Work out how much time you have left - schedule your study sessions. 
    • Make a schedule. Study hard stuff first. 
    • Discipline, stick to schedule. 
    • Take breaks. 
    • Don’t forget to eat or any other health related thing - health first!
  • Try and have enough to go over the content twice - once thoroughly, and the second time briefly 1-2 days before the exam. 
  • Work out what type of exam and study accordingly
    • essay (pick topics and practice essay questions) or 
    • MCQ (broad area of subjects tested, can be quite specific, so pay attention to important details, e.g. for diseases, focus on clinically relevant points before focusing on aetiology/pathophysiology)
    • short answer similar to MCQ
  • Work out what you don’t understand (concept wise), email prof/ask friends/read textbook and sort that out before anything else. 
  • Study in blocks of around 3-4 hours before switching subjects, with short 10 minute breaks every hour - enough for you to get stuck into it, but without burning you out. 
    • Everyone is different, so feel free to adjust to your liking. 
    • No distractions. Work in quiet/cafe-volume place, or classical music only when memorising. 
  • Studying itself - TEST YOURSELF
    • Highlight, read aloud or type - whatever works for you. 
    • Blank paper method - just jot down everything you know, before and after studying - helps to track your progress too. 
    • Understand the concepts, don’t just memorise unless unavoidable. 
      • Explain concepts to plastic duck or dog. 
    • That being said, you still need to memorise lots, so use flashcards if possible. 
    • Use mnemonics if possible, but some subjects there are too many mnemonics to memorise e.g. side effects of medication - in this situation, understand the pharmacology and you should be able to eke out the conditions. 
      • Use a story to remember mnemonics. 
    • Use a flowchart of trigger words for essay type exams
      • Why? Because if you memorise a section, you may sometimes need a prompt to regurgitate that info. Ergo, if promptless, you may forget whole sections. 
      • Have a trigger word for each section, and test yourself - write just the triggers on a blank page, and regurgitate sections. 
      • Then memorise the trigger words in a series of flowcharts. 
      • Use a story to remember flowchart/trigger words. 
    • Write trigger words or any other keywords on a “cheat sheet” or “index card”. 
  • Exam itself
    • Get a good night’s rest
    • Drink water, eat breakfast
    • Pack everything the night before
    • Make sure calculator is approved
    • Toilet before exam
    • Don’t get nervous, don’t stand around nervous people
    • Breathe, try not to care about exam (helps with performance anxiety)
    • Easy questions to hard questions
    • Move on if you get stuck
    • Read carefully
    • MCQ - avoid choosing “always” or “never” if you have no idea
    • Plan before answering essay questions
    • Don’t leave early
    • Keep checking answers until the end
    • Check answers by rereading question - sometimes you miss words

This turned out so long despite just being dot points wow. I’m sure this will help :)


Vault 111 

Vault-Tec designed Vault 111 to observe the effects of long-term cryogenic suspended animation on unsuspecting test subjects. Vault 111’s staff consisted of an overseer and a small team of scientists, security guards, and facility maintenance personnel employed on a short-term basis. Test subjects were lured to Vault 111 from the nearby neighborhoods of Sanctuary Hills and Concord and were placed in stasis pods after being told deceitfully that the purpose of the pods was for decontamination. - Fallout Wikia

anonymous asked:

Do you think that Spock (from the original series, not the new movies where he seems to be allo) could be ace. He never put any interest into women or sex (much unlike Kirk) and there was that weird episode where he had to go back home and mate with someone or die and he hated the idea.

Yes actually. But to keep the subject short I think in general Vulcans are coded as asexual. I wish that a writer explored this more in the fast, or that the new series would hire me to write about a society that would be fully accepting if not slightly favoring aces. I think Spock specifically is the most ace coded of all Vulcans because of his reactions to pon farr, and he’s generalized acceptance of himself. (Other Vulcans over the various series struggle a bit more.)


Series - 


Hoseok - Bittersweet Lies / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 - END / Epilogue /

           Used to be Mine / 1 / 2 / 3 -END /

Yoongi - Cracking Glass / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 - END / Epilogue /

Namjoon - Coffee / Oneshot /

                 Bloody Roses / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 /

                 Eyes Never Lie / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4-END /

Taehyung - Fallen Silence / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /

Jungkook - Lost and Found / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 - END /

                  Bloody Roses / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 /

Jimin - Ink Covered Soul / Inspiration Pictures / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - END /

Jin - Chocolate Kisses / 1 /


Jay Park - Player Gets Played / 1 / 2 / 3 /

Short Series - 

Subject to Change / 1 / 2 / 3 / Baekhyun story

Fleeting Moments / one shot / Bobby Story

Exaulted Part Four

Originally posted by cupofeternitea

Parts: Prologue, One, Two, Three (M), Four, Five (Coming soon!)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Violence, drug use, plus more!

Pairing: No ‘romantic interests’ yet. But some ‘Yixing is a sweetheart and should be protected forever’ moments!

Word Count:  7.?K

A/N: People are assholes, the game I watched earlier didn’t end how I wanted it to, and my back is killing me, but fuck it! Y’all are amazing and deserve the part! So I finished it! Hours late, sorry!

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89th Academy Awards - nominees

“Hacksaw Ridge”
“Hell or High Water”
“Hidden Figures”
“La La Land”
“Manchester by the Sea”

Casey Affleck
Andrew Garfield
Ryan Gosling
Viggo Mortensen
Denzel Washington

Isabelle Huppert
Ruth Negga
Natalie Portman
Emma Stone
Meryl Streep

Mahershala Ali
Jeff Bridges
Lucas Hedges
Dev Patel
Michael Shannon

Viola Davis
Naomie Harris
Nicole Kidman
Octavia Spencer
Michelle Williams

Denis Villeneuve
Mel Gibson
Damien Chazelle
Kenneth Lonergan
Barry Jenkins

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Which Japanese dialect does Donnel speak in?

Wow, what a belated post this has become! I’ve been living in the area where Donnel’s speaking style is from for two years now!

As I have noted before, Donnel speaks with the sentence ending べ (be). This is the defining feature of the Tohoku dialect. The Tohoku region is made up of Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures. In simple terms, the area of Japan’s main island that is north of Tokyo.

He also uses…

  • おら (ora) - I/me pronoun
  • おっ父 (ottou) - father
  • おっ母 (okkaa) - mother

…which are specifically characteristic of the more northern parts of Tohoku, as the further from Tokyo and the “standard” dialect you go, the more language differences you encounter.

Note that this is, of course, nowhere near the complete extent of the Tohoko region’s dialects. Characters usually only use very commonly known parts of different dialects so that every person who is fluent in Japanese can still understand them.

The Tohoku dialect has pretty much the same basic stereotype as the US Southerner accent: it means you’re a hick and others will probably see you as dumb and won’t take you as seriously. So fortunately, there was an English equivalent and this aspect of him did not have to suffer in localization.

For those who want to look into it more, TVTropes has a good short article on the subject.