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89th Academy Awards Winners

“La La Land”
“Moonlight” - WINNER
“Manchester by the Sea”
“Hidden Figures”
“Hacksaw Ridge”
“Hell or High Water”

Damien Chazelle, “La La Land” - WINNER

Barry Jenkins, “Moonlight”
Denis Villeneuve, “Arrival”
Kenneth Lonergan, “Manchester by the Sea”
Mel Gibson, “Hacksaw Ridge”

Natalie Portman, “Jackie”
Emma Stone, “La La Land” - WINNER
Isabelle Huppert, “Elle”
Meryl Streep, “Florence Foster Jenkins”
Ruth Negga, “Loving”

Ryan Gosling, “La La Land”
Casey Affleck, “Manchester by the Sea” - WINNER
Denzel Washington, “Fences”
Andrew Garfield, “Hacksaw Ridge”
Viggo Mortensen, “Captain Fantastic”

Viola Davis, “Fences” - WINNER

Michelle Williams, “Manchester by the Sea”
Octavia Spencer, “Hidden Figures”
Naomie Harris, “Moonlight”
Nicole Kidman, “Lion”

Mahershala Ali, “Moonlight” - WINNER

Jeff Bridges, “Hell or High Water”
Lucas Hedges, “Manchester by the Sea”
Dev Patel, “Lion”
Michael Shannon, “Nocturnal Animals”

“Moonlight,” Barry Jenkins - WINNER

“Arrival,” Eric Heisserer
“Lion,” Luke Davies
“Fences,” August Wilson
“Hidden Figures,” Allison Schroeder and Theodore Melfi

“La La Land,” Damien Chazelle
“Hell or High Water,” Taylor Sheridan
“Manchester by the Sea,” Kenneth Lonergan - WINNER
“The Lobster,”  Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippou
“20th Century Women,” Mike Mills

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Saving as JPG vs PNG for tumblr

I have read/watched alot on this subject in order to make up my own mind.

  • JPG: Smaller file size so they load quicker on the blog/dash. When it comes to publishing edits/stills/graphics to tumblr at the small dimensions we use, I think .JPG is perfect.
  • PNG: Bigger file size so it takes longer to load on the blog/dash. .PNG is used for large Hi-Res images, transparent images, printing, HD backgrounds ect.
  • In this video he explains the tech differences between the save settings and this is a good short video on the subject also.

How to Save a High Quality JPG Using Photoshop:

File>save for web>

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Autunno - vocab

Autumn : L’ AUTUNNO
Blanket : LA COPERTA
Leaf : LA FOGLIA - leaves : LE FOGLIE 
Umbrella : L’OMBRELLO
Cold (n.) : IL FREDDO  
Warm (adj.) : TIEPIDO

Whipped cream : LA PANNA MONTATA
Chestnut : LA CASTAGNA
Hazelnut : LA NOCCIOLA
Corn mush : LA POLENTA
Pumpkin : LA ZUCCA - pumpkins : LE ZUCCHE

Halloween : HALLOWEEN
Trick or treat : DOLCETTO O SCHERZETTO (literally: little sweet or little joke)
Horror film / movie : IL FILM DELL’ORRORE / FILM HORROR
Cobweb / spiderweb : LA RAGNATELA
Monster : IL MOSTRO
Zombie : LO ZOMBIE
Lycanthrope : IL LICANTROPO ( Werewolf : IL LUPO MANNARO )
Vampire : IL VAMPIRO
Coffin : LA BARA
Spider : IL RAGNO

To dress up : ADDOBBARE / ORNARE (place); TRAVESTIRSI / MASCHERARSI (person)

Haunted : INFESTATO (place)
Scare / fear (n.) : LO SPAVENTO / LA PAURA
Dark (adj.) : BUIO / SCURO 
Dark (n.) / darkness : : IL BUIO / L’OSCURITA’

[insp. x]

Photo by Jennifer Kerrigan/NPR

Actor Tom Hanks has made us believe he can be anyone and do anything on the big screen.

Now he’s taking us on a journey on the page: Hanks has written a book, Uncommon Type.

It’s a collection of short stories, with varied subjects: a World War II veteran on Christmas Eve in 1953, a California surfer kid who makes an unsettling discovery. There’s time travel. In every story, Hanks sneaks in the machine he’s so obsessed with — the typewriter.

“There’s something about – I don’t know, it’s a hex in my brain – there is something I find reassuring, comforting, dazzling in that here is a very specific apparatus that is meant to do one thing, and it does it perfectly,” he tells NPR’s David Greene. “And that one thing is to translate the thoughts in your head down to paper. Now that means everything from a shopping list to James Joyce’s Ulysses. Short of carving words into stone with a hammer and chisel, not much is more permanent than a paragraph or a sentence or a love letter or a story typed on paper.”

Find their conversation here.

– Petra

Some days, I’d wake up to the sound of my own heart.

Or maybe that was just the monitor. A steady, repetitive beeping. For all I know, that could be what it sounded like. The pace was eery. Too slow for the dreams I’d been having. Sometimes nightmares. Sometimes nothing at all. But never good. Never happy.

Some days I’d wake up like a machine that had been reset. It would take me hours to readjust. Some days I…didn’t wake up.

How to study a subject you despise

Whether it’s the teacher, the subject itself, the workload…everyone has classes they just can’t like. But (especially at the high school level, where many courses are required) we still have so study them! Here’s some tips on how to study a subject you hate.

1. Make your notes pretty.

Yes, I know the rule of thumb is to never make your notes pretty just for the sake of their being pretty–the point is to learn the information. However, rewriting notes for subjects you don’t like and making sure they’re appealing can make you more likely to want to study them. It will also make you rewrite the material which helps you remember it later!

2. Keep up with your homework–even if it’s painful.

Doing homework for a boring subject sucks. Still, you should do it every night, and here’s why: it makes exams much less torturous. If you’ve been doing your homework, you’ll be up-to-date on what you’re learning and will have already reviewed some of the material. You can also study from homework or use homework problems as practice before an exam. If you don’t do your homework, you’ll have to study more before the exam and maybe even learn new material right before, and that’s never good!

3. Study in chunks.

Schedule ahead of time before an exam to make sure that you don’t have to cram. Study one or two pieces of the subject per day. If you make your study sessions for this subject short and easy, you’ll be more motivated to actually stick to them.

4. Google it.

If it’s your teacher or the over-simplification of the subject that’s the reason you don’t like the course, google it. Find Youtube videos on it. Sometimes a subject that is actually really interesting can seem tedious because of how you learn it! See whether there’s stuff that actually interests you about your subject out there, and you’ll be more likely to get a grasp on what you need to know for class (plus extra, which will help in the long run).

5. Find a study buddy.

Study buddies are always good, but they’re especially good in the case of classes you hate. If you have a study buddy who also takes the subject, they can help you understand it, and perhaps even tell you why they like it. Their enthusiasm could help you get into the subject as well! If it doesn’t, they can still keep you on track and make sure you actually study the subject, when you alone might be tempted to slack off.

I hope these were helpful! Good luck with all your classes <3

Calling all fans of Laramie “Lars” Barriga!

Do you love to draw our favorite insecure donut boy? Do ya wanna have a collection of art pieces of our favorite ube roll??? Then do I have a project for YOU!!!

Introducing the Bingo Bongo Zine 2017! A fanzine made to celebrate Lars and his character development throughout the show of Steven Universe. Whether you’ve been a fan since the pilot or just a recent fan, if you love our boy Lars, you are welcome to join!!!

A “Zine” is an art book containing illustrations from a chosen assortment of different artists, usually centered around a specific subject. In short, this will be a book filled with lovely pictures of our good buddy Lars! This is to be printed as a physical, tangible book stuffed full of awesome artwork done by us fans to be enjoyed by adoring eyeballs!

Artist sign ups are officially open, but don’t plan out a big drawing just yet! I know you’re excited, but patience :) Once the group of artists have been hand-picked, I will send you the template and set up of what is needed for the pages to go in the book. We want this baby to be nice and organized so it comes together smoothly.

If this all sounds interesting to ya, then keep reading cuz here is what you need to do: •Send an email to with the subject line “Bingo Bongo Zine Application” and include the following!

-The name you’d like to go by! We wanna let everyone know who made that awesome piece of artwork in their book.

-Your tumblr url/or other websites that you use for posting all your rad art. Show me your best and loved works you have to offer!

*Note, please use an email that you frequently check, as that will be my primary way to keep in touch with you!

Artist sign ups will be open from June 1st to July 1st, 12am Cental. So one whole month to send in those submissions! :)

Now for some rules:

* Please keep it PG. We want all Lars fans of all ages to enjoy the Zine. * Try to keep shipping to a minimum. Lars can be drawn hanging out with anyone canon in-show, just try to avoid things being romantic. * The drawings should be POSITIVE. This is to celebrate Lars’ development, and our boy deserves to be happy. So as much as I myself love some angst now and then, we need to keep this happy. * All varieties of Lars are up for drawing as long as it meets the criteria above. From Pilot Lars to Current Lars, to AUs in between, its fair game! * HAVE FUN!!! I want this thing to be fun for all of us, so make sure you’re gonna have fun with it and let that enjoyment show in your work! :3

If you have any question, send us an ask and we will answer it as fast as we can! Now lets start getting out there and drawing!!!

Lena Horne with her dresser on the set of Stormy Weather  (Andrew L. Stone, 1943), one of only 2 films in the 1930′s and 40′s in which Horne had a lead role. Otherwise, though under contract to MGM, she was cast in musical short subjects or, when part of a big MGM musical, she was in isolated numbers that could be easily edited out for films shown in the segregated South. 


What A Difference A Few Hours Makes

The pictures above were all taken on Tuesday. I was feeling great after recently seeing my girlfriends on Sunday and having a blast at a friend’s going away party. My work was going well and I was also looking forward to spending time in the evening with some friends. We went out to Mod Pizza and I had my favorite gluten free and dairy free pizza. Then, we all saw Ingrid Goes West starring Aubrey Plaza (I freaking love her). I was wearing a dress I had been meaning to wear for a long time and I felt very confident in it. 

Move ahead to much later in the evening and I am unable to sleep and bawling my eyes out into nearly a full box of tissues. What was wrong? Well, it all has to do with stress building up that I had not really had a chance to process. 

I spent part of the same afternoon walking the halls at the office in that wonderful dress while trying to talk with the surgeon’s office regarding my surgery. There were people walking by every now and then and I was trying to be discreet about what they were hearing.. eventually I did find a conference room to sort something out with the Surgeon’s office staff. It is was so stressful. If I wasn’t asking the right questions.. they would have royally screwed something up. Thankfully I cleared up the issue and things are back on track. I just wanted to cry right then and there, but of course it was the middle of the work afternoon so I just put on a brave face and went about my day. The dinner and movie were great and I felt a lot better. I came home though to some paperwork I had to fill out for my surgery date to be set in stone. It was a very detailed list of risks, possible permanent damage and of course possible death that I needed to initial and sign to cover the surgeon’s butt in case of a bad outcome. 

It is terrifying. It is not the first time I have been over this list of risks. This has all been carefully considered and discussed multiple times with professional consultation. It was simply time to let the stress of it all out. I am scared. I am horribly scared. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been in my life and I am in a matter of a few short months going to subject myself to something that could alter my life in horrible ways.. and yet.. there is simply no possible way that I will be turning away from this decision. That is why I was crying so hard.. the fact that for me there really is no choice. Knowing that so definitively and with so much conviction just brought back years upon years of pain as I reminded myself why I KNOW this is what I must do. 

As I was weeping, I was crying for my kids in the unlikely event that I am no longer here in 3 months due to possible complications from the surgery. I was crying for all that my kids had been through as a result of a divorce I did not want. I was crying for all that I had been through in the past 4 years. I was crying for all of you out there that have faced this same thing or actually HOPE to get to this point someday. I was crying because I knew that on Thursday (now tomorrow) that I need to go for yet another 4 hour electrolysis appointment for surgery prep. This is a repeat appointment and the last one subjected me to 22 shots in my groin area, all so that the electrolysis could proceed quickly and painlessly. That alone is amazingly scary and difficult to prepare for, yet I will get in my car tomorrow and drive myself there and then drive myself home to care for myself when it is complete. 

I am tired. My eyes are still puffy a day later and I want to only rest. I want to curl up next to someone that loves me and just makes all of the pain and stress go away, but I am facing this mostly on my own. Friends and family can try to understand and offer sympathy, but only you out there.. my transgender friends know what this truly feels like.. the voluntary walk toward certain pain and certain torture all for the hope of finally being free to be who we are in mind and fully in body(well as near as we can get). 

So.. please forgive me as I take this moment to share my pain, stress, and my fear, as I let the what-ifs take me out of commission for a brief period. However, I plan to continue to show you all how this pain, this battle, is so worth fighting.. and how the fear can be conquered and the pain can be minimized into non-existence.

I will be okay. I am Ariana Danielle Wojcik and soon my body will finally more properly house my soul. 


p.s. please continue to distribute my earlier post about raising money to help cover the cost of my surgery.. here is the link..

anonymous asked:

Since you seem to be one of the only sensible or calm about this whole situation, I thought I might try to ask you. I see people making the claim that horror stories posted to a blog are taking advantage/exploiting of mentally ill people. Maybe I don't think about myself seriously mentally ill enough (I have been officially diagnosed w/clinical depression w/ episodes of psychosis). To a person who doesn't understand it anything can be creepy. But maybe I'm the one in the wrong here I dunno.

to be honest this was the thing that confused me as well. I admit I didn’t see a lot of the stories as necessarily offensive, but there were definitely a few things that stood out to me and over time did start to grate on me.

the main thing, I think, was the posts that weren’t fictional stories, in this specific case. as well as fictional stories, sixpenceee would post real-life accounts of mental illness, drawings done by mentally ill people, and actual pictures of people who were clearly mentally disturbed (and on some occasions, physically disabled). she would tag these #creepy, and talk about how the ~human mind~ was the most terrible thing of all. this really does increase anxiety about mentally ill people, and perpetrates the myth that all mentally ill people are violent and scary. yes, some mentally ill people are violent… but so are a lot of people without mental illness.

things like that definitely exploit mentally ill people because it’s taking their actual, real life stories and/or creations and putting it in the same category as horror. it dehumanises them, reduces their experiences and suffering to cheap scare and entertainment tricks, and encourages myths about what mental illness is, how it manifests, how dangerous it is, etc. and it’s not just one or two posts: it’s very, very often, though as far as I can tell it’s not as often now after people started pointing it out.

which brings me to the other issue, of fictional stories. now, personally, I think ending a horror story with “but it was all the scary mental illness!!” or “he did these horrific crimes because……. he was mentally ill!!” is a cheap trick, bad writing, etc. I’ve been reading/watching horror long enough to spot the trope at fifty paces and it’s boring, cheap, and yes, offensive. a lot of these stories reduce serious and complex disorders to one “marketable”, scary symptom, and they often get it so unbelievably wrong (for example, a story revolving around a schizophrenic person’s multiple personalities, when that’s… not what schizophrenia is at all). in the same way as above, these stories encourage myths about mental illness and alienate people who are mentally ill, because they’re put in the same category as monsters, ghosts, demons, etc. in a horror story it’s a very us vs them mentality – people try to survive the monster stalking them, they try to survive the horrific haunting, etc. so what does that say when the “them” is just… a regular person who happens to suffer from a mental illness? it encourages a very ostracising atmosphere. the mentally ill person is othered, dehumanised… it’s not nice.

don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that media makes all our decisions for us. I’m fully aware that it’s possible to differentiate fiction from reality: I’ve seen enough discourse in fandom to know both sides of the argument inside out. but when it comes to something that is incessantly shoved down your throat all the time, it’s likely that it could start to influence how you think. especially if, like you said, you don’t know much about mental illnesses and they already seem a bit “scary”. what you don’t need is a bunch of horror stories telling you that mentally ill people are going to snap, grab a freaky mask, and start murdering their neighbours at any moment. you need education, and that is not what these stories do – and nor is it what the “factual” posts do. it is just cheap entertainment, and that just doesn’t sit right with me.

The teachers were useful there. Bands of them wandered through the mountains, along with the tinkers, portable blacksmiths, miracle medicine men, cloth peddlers, fortune-tellers, and all the other travelers who sold things the people didn’t need every day but occasionally found useful.
They went from village to village delivering short lessons on many subjects. They kept apart form the other travelers and were quite mysterious in their ragged robes and strange square hats. They used long words, like corrugated iron. They lived rough lives, surviving on what food they could earn from giving lessons to anyone who would listen. When no one would listen, they lived on baked hedgehog. They went to sleep under the stars, which the math teachers would count, the astronomy teachers would measure, and the literature teachers would name. The geography teachers got lost in the woods and fell into bear traps.

– on the teachers | Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men

anonymous asked:

Could someone be sent to a mental asylum for being gay in Victorian era England? And what treatment would they be subjected to?

Short answer: yes! Bad things!

cw involutary hospitalization

[IMAGE: big, scary asylum – the High Royds Old Asylum in West Yorkshire]

Longer answer: 

You can see lists going around about the various things that can get you committed, and some of them look pretty funny: novel reading, masturbation, politics, etc. According to, though, these lists can be misleading:

Although this list was sourced from a contemporaneous hospital log, its entries should not be considered as denoting things that were all considered symptoms of mental instability. Rather, among patients who were treated … for various illnesses such as chronic dementia, acute mania, and melancholia, these entries recorded the reasons or causes why those patients were said to have developed their underlying maladies. That is, people didn’t think that novel reading, asthma, the marriage of one’s child, politics, or falling from a horse were symptoms of mental illness, but rather factors that might have produced or exacerbated such an illness. 

However, perversion, or inversion (as Freud called it, among others), could be seen as illness at the time, and was thought to be harmful if not outright dangerous.

[IMAGE: Patients in ice baths. Note that they are strapped in.]

Asylum patients in general were treated to a variety of things in the name of treatment: solitude, filthy conditions, forced nudity, sexual assault by staff or other patients, ice baths, enemas, restricted diets, and just general neglect. Some asylums just sort of dumped everyone into a room together and forgot them. The goal wasn’t to heal, but to get them out of the way so “normal” people didn’t have to deal with them.

[IMAGE: patient undergoing electrocovulsive “therapy”]

Special cases in some asylums and mental hospitals got more specific attention: aversion therapy where the patient is shocked or otherwise punished for exhibiting signs of the behavior being extinguished, or to sort of mute them for a time while they recover from induced seizures. It all gets a bit Clockwork Orange sometimes. 

As early as the 16th century, agents to induce seizures were used to treat psychiatric conditions. In 1785, the therapeutic use of seizure induction was documented in the London Medical Journal.[1][85][86] As to its earliest antecedents one doctor claims 1744 as the dawn of electricity’s therapeutic use, as documented in the first issue of Electricity and Medicine. Treatment and cure of hysterical blindness was documented eleven years later. Benjamin Franklin wrote that an electrostatic machine cured “a woman of hysterical fits.” In 1801, Giovanni Aldini used galvanism to treat patients suffering from various mental disorders.[87] G.B.C. Duchenne, the mid-19th century “Father of Electrotherapy,” said its use was integral to a neurological practice.[88]

There was also experimentation. Viennese doctor Eugen Steinach transplanted straight men’s testicles into gay men to “cure” them. Of course, it did not work.

A note: most literature is focused on men, for the usual reasons. Women were often treated for being stubborn, unseemly or generally unwilling to perform their expected role in society. 

Conversion “therapy” still exists, by the way, using the same techniques, and as always all it converts is the patient’s desire to pretend in order to get out of the torture. It’s becoming illegal in places, but it is not unheard of for parents to ship their gay kids off to somewhere it’s still allowed. 

It’s later than Victorian era, but in the early 20th century, doctors like Walter Freeman developed and popularized the lobotomy. First, it was brain surgery, but Freeman’s technique was to use an implement like an icepick to drive it through the thin bone behind the eye into the brain to scramble the part that made the patient difficult. This was a kind of psychosurgery, and was considered a miracle of medicine, as the patient could often be sent home out of the asylum, albeit usually unable to care for themselves. 

[IMAGE: Dr. Freeman don’t need no stinkin’ sleeves. Just a silver pick and a small hammer]

On topic, one famous case was the sister of playwright Tennessee Williams, who was rumored to be a lesbian. When Tennessee was traveling in the merchant marines, his parents had his sister lobotomized. She was never the same, and the pain of that moment colored everything he wrote thereafter. 

One of the Kennedy clan got the pick much later, and it went badly, and the lobotomy started to fall out of popularity. Then came lithium, and psychopharmacology replaced psychosurgery almost entirely.

You’re writing fiction of course, so you can pick and choose the parts you want your characters to have to endure, and the longterm effects (which ScriptTorture may have some insight on. Check masterposts that might already cover parts of this).

Sctript family members @scriptmedic, @scriptshrink and Torture may have more to add, but I hope this has been helpful.

~~Mod Scix