short story vol.1

Defying Expectations

The ATLA AU; in which Law and Sabo are waterbenders, Ace is a firebender, and Luffy bucks the world’s expectations and is an unconventional airbender. 

It’s funny how everyone considers earth to be the stubborn element.

As far as Trafalgar D. Water Law is concerned, air is the most persistent son of a bitch to ever exist. And he’s only saying this because he knows Monkey D. Luffy, Airbender and humongous pain in the ass.

In his ass.

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RoseGarden | Wedding | Ruby Rose x Oscar Pine (Featuring Qrow)
  • *Oscar and Ruby fighting a HUGE pack of Grimm, along with Qrow, the rest of Team RWBY, and ORNJ*
  • Oscar: Ruby! *Rushes over to Ruby* Will you marry me?
  • Ruby: *In Shock*
  • *Ruby blocks Grimm's strike*
  • Ruby: I don't think now's the best time!
  • Oscar and Ruby: *Continue to fight Grimm*
  • Oscar: Now may be the ONLY time!
  • Oscar and Ruby: *Strike a couple Grimm*
  • Ruby: *Rushes over to Oscar*
  • Oscar: *Holds her by the waist* I love you.
  • Ruby: *Stares at him, then quickly speeds past him, shooting a Grimm*
  • Ruby: *Returns to Oscar*
  • Oscar: I've made my choice. What's yours?
  • Ruby: *Looks at him, lovingly* UNCLE QROW...!
  • *Ruby and Oscar look up, to see Qrow, on a cliff, fighting off a pack of Beowolves*
  • Ruby: MARRY US!
  • Qrow: *Kills a beowolf* I'M A LITTLE BUSY, AT THE MOMENT!
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Look at each other, before going their opposite directions to fight Grimm*
  • Oscar: QROW, NOW!
  • Jaune: QROOOW!
  • Qrow: *Annoyed* ALRIGHT, FINE! *Continuously fighting the beowolf pack
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Rush over to each other*
  • Oscar: *Holding onto Ruby's waist*
  • Qrow: *Goes near the edge of the cliff* DEARLY, BELOVED WE BE GATHERED HERE, TODAY...!!! *Stabs a beowolf, in the head* TO BRING THIS SILVER-EYED WARRIOR, AND THIS NEXT GENERATION WIZARD, TOGETHER FOR ALL ETERNITY! *Fights some more beowolves*
  • Ruby: *Ducks*
  • Oscar: *Slashes Grimm with his cane*
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Fight some Grimm, on their own*
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Run in a circle, and hold their hands together*
  • Oscar: Ruby Rose! Do you take me to be your husband?
  • Ruby: *Happy* I do!
  • Oscar: *Relieved* Great!
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Quickly move out of the way, as another Grimm comes straight toward them*
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Start battling Grimm with one hand, each. Their other hands being held together*
  • Ruby: Oscar Pine, do you take me-!
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Slash some Grimm*
  • Ruby: -To be your wife?!
  • Oscar: *Twirls them both around, in opposite directions, and shoots with one hand*
  • Ruby: *Shooting* In sickness, and in health! For better, or for worse?!
  • Oscar: *Twirls them both around, once more, with one hand, striking; takes her by the waist, and smiles* I do.
  • Ruby: *Smiles happily*
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Quickly begin striking, and killing Grimm close around*
  • Qrow: *Blocking Beowolf attacks* AS A PROFESSIONAL HUNTSMEN, I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU-
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Both stab Grimm while holding onto each other*
  • Qrow: YOU MAY KISS... *Slices off Beowolf's head* YOU MAY KISS... *Shoots Beowolf*
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Striking Grimm*
  • Oscar: *Twirls, and dips Ruby down, leans in...*
  • *Grimm coming straight toward them*
  • Ruby: *Quickly moves out of Oscar's way, killing the Grimm, while still holding his hand*
  • Oscar: *Does the same*
  • Qrow: *Stabs several Beowolves* JUST KISS!
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Quickly turn around, after killing their set of Grimm, hold onto each other and kiss passionately*
  • Rest of Team RWBY, ORNJ, and Qrow: *Fighting Grimm around Ruby and Oscar, so they wouldn't be disturbed*
First Kiss Story #1

This was the third night in a row that Abbie was awoken by Crane crying out in his sleep. She would hurry down the stairs to make sure that he was still in the house and that no monsters had dragged him off into the night. Just like the last two nights, he was in his bed, tossing and turning and calling out names she didn’t recognize. The look of fear and panic on his face was nothing like she had ever seen before.

Night terrors. She had experienced plenty of those herself. The last two nights, as soon as she had stood next to his bed, his had stopped. Not tonight. He had his blankets twisted around him and soon he was calling out for her.

“Lieutenant!” he now cried out and she sat beside him on his bed. The motion of her sinking into the mattress didn’t wake him so she touched his hands and assured him she was right there.

“Crane, it’s okay. I’m here,” she said over and over. She leaned closer to him, pushing some sweaty strands of hair off his troubled brow. He started shaking his head, as if denying that she was there and she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his forehead. He began to calm down but as soon as she pulled away, he became agitated again.

She brushed her lips against his forehead again, and then kissed each of his eyelids, hoping to erase whatever he was seeing in his sleep. “Shh, shh,” she whispered over and over, her lips lightly touching his flushed skin. Nothing was helping.

Abbie sat up and looked at him and his rosy lips. Well, kissing worked in fairy tales, didn’t it? And didn’t fairy tales usually have some truth behind them?

Leaning close, she placed the softest of kisses on his lips, hoping like hell he wouldn’t mind if this saved him from whatever was going on in his dreams. It wasn’t the romantic first kiss she always imagined they’d have one day, coming together after they had finally saved the world, but it would have to do for now.

After a moment, he returned the kiss, his hands moving to gently hold her face. She was going to assume that he didn’t mind her kissing him at all.

She pulled away and found him blinking at her, as if trying to bring everything into focus.

“You kissed me,” he said. Or maybe it was a question.

“You were having a nightmare. Worse than a nightmare. I couldn’t get you to wake up so I thought I’d try… what were you dreaming about anyway?” she asked, trying to change the direction of the conversation.

“You wouldn’t believe the dream I had. You were dead… you went into the box and you were gone and then there were all these other people… people who needed things from me… but I was so alone without you… I’m so thankful that you’re still here,” he said, clutching onto her hands as if he was afraid she would disappear into the night.

“I’m right here. I’d never leave you like that. We promised each other that,” she said. He pulled her hands to his mouth and kissed each of her fingers.

“You kissed me…” he mumbled against her fingertips.

“Yes, I kissed you,” she said.

“Like saving some sort of Disney Princess?” Crane asked.

“If you’re the princess in this scenario, then yes,” Abbie replied with a sigh. Crane always did have the look of a Disney character about him, especially when he’d bat his eyelashes at her when he wanted something.

“Can I now kiss you in return?” he asked politely, indeed batting his long eyelashes in her direction. “That’s all. One kiss. To ward off any more bad dreams that may come my way.”

She snuggled in beside him, both of them trying to get comfortable with the other in the confined space of his bed. Then he kissed her. Again and again and again. So many times, that if goodnight kisses truly did chase away bad dreams, neither of them would have a nightmare again for the rest of their lives.

The End

RoseGarden | "Eye Color" | Ruby Rose x Oscar

“I’m Ruby. Ruby Rose." 

The girl extended her hand for the farm boy to take. He looked at it for a second before taking it in his own. 

"I’m Oscar,” he said, shaking her hand with his gloved one. He gave her a warm smile as he shook it. He stopped after a few moments once he noticed the color of her eyes. “You… have silver eyes." 

Ruby gave the boy a slightly confused look. "And you have…” she trailed off as she tried to get a better look at the color of his eyes. Ruby found his eyes to be quite interesting. They were mostly green, with hints of yellow, and orange. The more she looked into them, she more she found them to be quite gorgeous. “…You have watermelon eyes." 

Oscar was taken aback a bit, by her response, before letting out a chuckle. "Funny, a lot of people tend to think they look more like avocado." 

Ruby giggled. "What? No, they’re definitely watermelon." 

The two of them laughed. "And as for my… silver eyes, you’re not the first person I’ve met who’s said that to me." 

Oscar raised an eyebrow, in curiosity. "Is that so?" 

The girl in the hood, nodded. "The first person who ever said that to me was my Headmaster, at Beacon Academy. His name was ‘Professor Ozpin.’” Oscar’s eyes widened at the familiar name. 

“In fact, it was the very first thing he said to me the night I met him. You happened to be the very second." 

Oscar laughed nervously. "Well, isn’t that something…” He rubbed the back of his head with his free hand. It wasn’t until this moment when he realized that he was still holding her hand from the when they introduced themselves, earlier. He quickly let go. “I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.” 

"Ah, so I see that it’s about time you’ve met one of my students.” 

The boy shook his head a bit, trying the ignore the elder man’s voice. Oscar looked at Ruby, once again before giving a nervous laugh, a light blush starting to appear on his face. 

“Anyway, watermelon eyes, why don’t you come say hi to the rest of the team?”

LOSS. (pt 1)

You are here.

You are here.

God forbid, you are here.

You didn’t want to be here. You didn’t want to wake up here this morning.

But you did. And it’s done.

That terrible thing you did. The terrible things you always do; isn’t it terrible, the things the mind conjures up for the purpose of innocence and oblivion?

Stop. Look around. Where are you?

The tile is floored. No. The floor is tiled.

There is a ceramic square in front of you. Rounded, carved into a concave shape. The sink. Above the sink is a pane of reflecting glass; glass to reflect the image of a specter with wriggling cicadas and crickets for eyelashes and grassy clumps for hair. Dew drops, round dew drops instead of eyes and two plump larvae just beneath the nose.

You blink. The specter is gone.

It is you now. You are here in the bathroom; it is you. This is you.

But was it not you before?

You have done terrible things.

A shaking hand reaches up to touch the glass. Is it yours? You think so. But then again, you can only throw yourself as far as you can trust yourself.

Yes, it is certainly your hand. You can faintly feel the cool glass coming into contact with the skin. Good. You still feel.

But only a little.

A terribly small fraction compared to before.

Before you is the reflection of your self and your self is touching the glass, or rather your self is touching your self in some kind of impossible reality wherein your self has not done terrible things.

But that is impossible. You know this.

You find that somehow you aren’t in front of the glass anymore. You are in a long corridor, but not long, as now you are in another room.

This one is bigger.

You do not like this. You want to leave.

You cannot leave.

There is a silver box, taller than you, or at least you think it is. A hand opens it. You realize this is the icebox, of course it is the icebox. There are chunks of rotting meat, infested with maggots. There is a bag of hair. Long. Brown. There is a container of milk. It is solid. The icebox is closed.

It is opened again. There are two cartons of eggs, speckled brown. There is a jar of preserves. Fresh. Peach. There is a box of orange juice. It is unopened. The icebox is closed.

Your mind reels. There was meat. There was hair. No.

You are turning away from the icebox.

In the expanse opposite of the icebox, there are two chairs. One is long and tan. One is short and blue. You find yourself in the blue one.

You cannot move.

Suddenly, there is a sound. You know this sound from somewhere. It grates at your mind and you barely notice palms pressing against the sides of your head. You know this. You cannot describe the sound but it makes you hurt from someplace deep. Someplace bad.

You have not hurt in a while.

The sound is terrible.

It repeats. You think it is growing near. Is it?

Yes, it is certainly growing near. You still hear.

Eyes fixed on the corridor you entered from.

Eyes fixed on the corridor you entered from.

Eyes fixed on the corridor you entered from.

You see Its shadow first. The sound repeats.

It is a beast. You know this.

It creeps from the hallway. Its jaws open wide. Rotten teeth and seizing worms. The sound repeats. The jaws close.

You need to stop that terrible noise.

It does not stop.

You cannot leave.

It slowly makes Its way through the room, past the long tan chair. Its jaws open wide. Small teeth and pink tongue. The sound repeats. The jaws close.

You escape.


it’s gaudí time

I Hope

I hope you realize what you lost
The person that loved you the most
The one that listened to all your problems
The one who would do anything for you
I hope you realize not everyone will put up with your shit
That not everyone will listen to your problems
That not everyone was as patient with you as I was
I hope you learn from your mistakes
That you need to treat people better in order to make them stay
To not push them away
By lying to them
By deceiving them
By ignoring them
I hope in the future this will all hit you
Because I know it hasn’t yet
By the way you lie about me
By the way you deceive those around you
By the way you would do anything
To make me look bad
Because I’m the bad guy
I hope you realize what you lost

- D.B.

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“But those eyes… reddish-brown, half amused, half bored with the world in general… did not so much as twitched at the oncoming attack.”

Bungou Stray Dogs, Short Story ‘A Heartless Dog’

The significance of the apple in WINGS Short Film #2 LIE

I’ve just read the first chapter/part of Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth by Hermann Hesse. The first part centers around the main character becoming mentally unstable after telling lies about stealing some apples. And as we all know, there was an apple in WINGS Short Film #2 LIE. So here’s a brief summary of the first chapter, which gives ARMYs an idea of how the storyline might play out.

  • Emil Sinclair comes from a wealthy, religious family, that he describes as living in the real of light. He talks of not belonging, and sometimes ventures to the realm of darkness - although he feels like he doesn’t truly belong to either.
  • Emil makes up a story of stealing apples in order to fit in with a group of boys (who attends public school while Emil goes to a Latin school) that he was unfamiliar with. He also does it to gain approval from Franz Kromer, an older boy who comes from a poor family.
  • Kromer follows Emil home and reveals that apples from an orchid had been stolen, and the farmer was offering two marks (money) if the culprit was brought in. Although Emil’s family has the money, he is too scared to ask his father for the money because he would heave to reveal that he lied, and mingled with people below his family’s status.
  • Emil tries to bribe Franz with toys and his pocket-watch but Kromer insists on getting his two marks. He gives Emil until the next day to bring the money.
  • In the beginning of the novel, Emil described his house being his sanctuary in the realm of light. However, after Franz enters the area where Emil’s house is, Emil states that “the passageway no longer smelled of peace and safety, the world around me began to crumble”.
  • Emil almost tells his father of his situation but backs out, too afraid. He continues to keep his secret but starts to realise that he doesn’t belong in the realm of light.
  • The next day, Emil is sick and is allowed to miss school but he gets up to meet Kromer. Knowing he can’t go without money, he sneaks into his mother’s room to take the piggybank and picks the lock — but there isn’t enough money. He meets Kromer who still wants the rest of the money, and gives Emil until the day after tomorrow. Kromer says he will signal to Emil by whistling (beginning at Short Film #1 BEGIN).
  • Kromer justifies his actions because his family is poor. He states that he has no ill will against Emil, and it’s his situation that drives his actions.
  • Emil becomes increasingly distressed from constantly hearing Kromer’s specific whistle tune, fearing that his mother will confront him about the stolen money (he replaced it with fake money) and doing chores for his father (or be punished). He starts to have nightmares every night and falls sick, and often vomits.
  • Emil describes his condition as a “kind of madness” and has become a hollow version of himself.
  • Emil states that the ‘apple situation’ with Franz Kromer is where his story started (the start of his mental instability and struggles between the realms).

The Apple | The Painting | Abraxas | Frau Eva

The Other Side Pt.1     By: Y.Black

I was 16 when it happened. One day, one instance forever molded me to the man I am today. You see I was on the fast track to either a casket or the penitentiary.  I grew up without a pops and mom worked way too much to keep tabs. I did my own thing since I was about 9, that’s when my Nana went into a home and I began flying solo in a sense. I was introduced to the streets by my cousin Jonathan a.k.a. Jon-Jon. He was a few years older than I so naturally I looked up to him. Jon-Jon was about 13 at this time if I remember he became a part of my everyday life. He was my care taker in the evenings until mom came home from work. Jon- Jon’s mom was a junkie so Nana had custody of him for as long as I could remember. When she went down he came to live with us in our 2 bedroom apartment.

He was the coolest dude I knew in my young 9 years. He had nice clothes and shoes, the way he talked was different than I was accustomed to. He had a gang of friends, and they all talked about having bitches and hoes. At the tender age of 9, I was being molded to see the world through a narrow lens. I was the youngest on the block and had no concept of what was going on originally. By the time I was 11, a year and some change in I was pitching like a minor league player with aspirations of making it to the big league. I was living way too fast pushing Nicks and Dimes, profit was the main focus, and soon after became bitches and hoes. That summer going in to 7th grade I lost my virginity.  I lost my shit running a train on a chick from around the way. The crew pushed me into the room and was like “When you come out you’ll be a man.” I didn’t quite understand, but I did what the crew said and took on the persona as such a man.

Everything changed that summer. The respect for others dropped dramatically. Me and mom dukes we’re clashing left and right, and I spent many nights, hell even a few weeks at Twan’s house. He was a part of the crew as well, we were closer in age though. He was a year older and we went to the same school. We’d stay up playing video games, smoking out back, and killing the fridge in the middle of the night. I became an expert roller fucking with Twan. He was more of brother than Jon-Jon. He spent that whole summer locked up on a petty possession charge. So Twan became a bigger influence on me that summer. His mom died of cancer when he was 8 and he didn’t know his pops either so we hit it off on the strength of that.  He stayed with his aunt who gave less than two shits about him. She just wanted the check that came for him every month. That day we ran the train he was after me. He lost his virginity the same day I did and to the same chick. We were close.

That summer we made it our thing to stack up for the upcoming school year so we could be fresh every damn day. I knew mom’s pockets were going to be tight and Twan’s wasn’t about shit. So we went hard. Even started growing a few plants of our own. We were booming in own right.  We skimmed from the older niggas, they weren’t as smart as us. They made their little profits off of us but we had set it up so we could do our own thing come next summer. We made due this summer and by the time August rolled around we had 1500 a piece to do some school shopping. We hit four malls over that last two weekends before school was set to start. Our business boomed as we walked home from school with more kids, namely high school kids. The older niggas in our crew were either all in alternative school or had dropped out so this market was ours for the taking.  We did just that.

We were the number one suppliers at Pascal Middle shit, and High before we were even enrolled there. Twan left to go to Pascal High the next year while I still had a year left in the middle school. That year my grades slipped some as plenty of days I would have to buck class to meet up with Twan to exchange product mid-day. We had a bit of a reputation, and being young we just thought we were popping. Little did we know we had eyes on us from the upper classmen.  Now on the block we had safety in numbers and here at school it was just us. This one day while we were making a routine drop between each other some niggas ran up on us and got us for our product and about 800 cash.

We met behind the corner store like we always would.  We dapped up and soon as the bags opened up 4 niggas hit the fence on our ass.  The first nigga swung on Twan busting his lip, I tried to grab the bag with the cash and take off, but a nigga clipped the fuck out of me. I hit the deck skinning my calf up.  Crazy thing is, we knew these niggas from passing. They were from another hood, but you know how shit goes. The third dude drew down on us and was like, “Give it up my G.” We had no choice, we took the L. We let the block know and they were like, “Consider this handled.” Jon-Jon gave me a little 25 after he found out what took place. He didn’t take to kindly to that. Plus he had previous issues with these same niggas. It was actually them who were partly to blame while he was locked away that summer.  Jon-Jon felt indebted to me too, on the strength that I had him straight when he came home. His pockets were straight and I shot him a couple OZs to get off to get right. Even as a youngin’ I was big on integrity.

Jon-Jon and the crew had us scoping the niggas hood out in two Box Chevys. We rolled thru maybe five minutes apart. We didn’t want to stirrup too much suspicion Twan was in the first whip and I was in the second.  We rode dark tint most of the time, one because it was Miami, and two we didn’t like niggas in our face. We pointed out the same niggas both times. We didn’t roll with them when they got busy though. We didn’t want them to know where the hit was coming from. Shit was handled and we reaped the benefits of the lick. The crew came up on about 5 racks and beat the fuck out of the four clowns who had hit us over the head a few weeks back. Twan and I got about 250 a piece and we were satisfied. Twan said he saw one of the fools a few days later in the hallway of school. He said that boy was all lumped up and had his arm in a cast and shit. It felt good that the homies went to bat for us.

Time went on, and things were rolling pretty well. We perfected our business.  Niggas got jammed up and went away, a few homies didn’t make it to see 21. We remained as low key as possible and under the radar. We both maintained GPAs above 3.0.  It was the end of my sophomore year when shit hit the fan. First it was Peanut, he got knocked off on the expressway on the way to the beach. That one hit the block really hard.  He was a solid dude. Jon-Jon took that one the hardest he and Peanut grew to be something like brothers over the years.

I went over to Jon-Jon’s apartment to check up on him after I hadn’t heard from him in a few days. Twan was with me as well. I had a key since Jon-Jon was like big bro and I often took lil breezies over there to smash. Come to think of it Miami Lakes had become my second home. I was at moms during the week for school, but mainly on the weekend I was here.  When we got to the spot the vibe clearly changed from the Young Dro that was bumping on the way over. As we walked in, you would have thought it went from day to night. Every shade was drawn shut, no lights were on. I could smell light remanence of incense that was over powered by the weed aroma. Jon-Jon was on the couch in the corner of the room, he was visibly zooted. He had had Glock on the end table, Henny in one hand, and a blunt in the other. He handed Twan the spliff as we sat on the adjacent couch. Silence filled the room for about 20 minutes before he spoke. He reminisced about the time he and Peanut had growing up. He laughed and cried, and we were there for him. After an hour and some change, Twan and I were able to get him out of the crib to grab a bite to eat. We got him out of that funk, but he was hell bent on finding out who did our boy in.

A week later granny took a dive and didn’t recover so she was gone.  That was followed up by Cam and Greg both getting jammed up by the law. They had a trunk full of work, we had just loaded them up for a road trip the night before.  We knew they weren’t going to be home any time soon. I felt like we needed to slow down. Twan felt otherwise.  I stressed that too much was going on and shit as way too hot right now. Reluctantly he complied.  We chilled for a few weeks into the summer, we were still pretty comfortable financially since we’d done so well for so long. Honestly, we still had plenty of loud still stowed away we just weren’t making moves like we used to.

Twan was itching to do something though. He would come to me at least twice a week asking if I was ready to jump back in. I shot him down often. He proposed the idea that we start running in folks spots and snatching what we can. I wasn’t for it initially. He went for it and made out the first two times. I continued to ward him off and tell him that he needed to chill. He stressed how easy it was and how I was missing out.

We were chilling one evening, over by Jon-Jon’s spot.  Trav, Twan, and Jermaine were there as well. We were just kicking back, smoking and shit. Everyone had been moving real low key. We got to reminiscing about Peanut and the wild times we each had with him. It was just a real cool laid back vibe. We ordered some pizza to cure the munchies we knew would be coming. Trav went and answered the door when we heard a quick knock at the door. He was talking shit over his shoulder at me as he opened the door. Two shots rang out and I hit the floor. I didn’t have shit on me, but I knew I kept a few in my room in the back. Twan knew that too. I saw him hit the deck as well as he jumped off the bar stool. I scurried along the floor towards the back. I saw Jermaine bussing back and Jon-Jon was behind the couch clutching, the sawed off 12 gauge.

I made it to my room and ran into my closet. I grabbed two sticks. I chucked one at Twan as he made it back here as well. I knew I had to hurry up and get out to help cuzzo, I knew he only had 5 rounds before he was tapped out; maybe 6 if one was in the hole. I heard a few bullets wiz passed the door way so I dropped down. I heard cuzzo cock the shotty again and that made me go in over drive. I heard him lick a shot and a nigga dropped as I was creeping down the hall way. I hit the nigga a few more times to make sure he was done. Twan was up high ringing out with the K. I had the AR clearing everything out from below. As I came into the opening I saw Jermaine was leaking something serious. I saw Jon-Jon standing to my left, he nodded and I hit the door. I ran out to the parking lot and caught two niggas getting in a candy painted cutlass. Twan and I shot the back window out as we licked at the clowns. They hit the corner and we ran back upstairs. I saw two more niggas stretched out on the other side of the breeze way. They were done for. I ran back into the apartment, I told Twan to check on Jermaine while I went to find Jon-Jon. I went into the back, he was bagging a shit load of cash. He told me to help him get it stowed away. It was only then did I realize he was hit.  I bagged it up as quickly as we could. Twan came in and helped saying Jermaine didn’t make it. We got all of it bagged up and hopped in Jon-Jon’s whip. We took him down to Jackson Memorial to be treated. We scooped Tasha along the way to help his alibi. Story to be told he was at her house in the Pork N Beans (The Beans), when some niggas beefing down the way were getting to and Jon-Jon caught a stray. Bloodied and still running on adrenalin, I headed back to my mom’s. I dropped Twan off and headed around the corner to my crib. I got home and ran the shower and basked in the water until it began to chill. I had watched the blood that stained my skin streak down the white tub into the drain. I was numb; my mind was racing, but no real formulated thoughts.

I got a text from Jon-Jon letting me know that he was cool and that he was about to head up the road for a few and get missing. I didn’t respond, I knew he’d be by to get the cash we bagged, I figured I’d just talk to him then. I wasn’t in the mood for nothing or no one. As I thought, a few hours after that text cuzzo called me and told me he was outside. We met up and he hugged me and for the first time ever he told me he loved me.  I didn’t even know how to say it back. He thanked me for coming through for him, and shot me a little over 10 racks to hold me over. He told me he would get at me every so often to make sure I was good. He dapped me up and hoped in the whip. Tasha mouthed thank you to me and I nodded. I watched him pulled off, the taillights getting smaller the further the car got.

Hide and Seek | Part 1

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Genre: smut  |  Word Count: 1,898

Summary: Loki promises a slave to release her from his rule… will he comply?

Warnings: dubcon, sub!reader, slight bondage, face fucking, unprotected sex, masturbation.

Author’s Note: Since this is the first part, none of the warnings are applied in this chapter. They are in the second part.

Part 1Part 2

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