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Teacher Gilinsky- The Red Notebook.

credits to: 5sos-kinkythoughts for the idea. you rock!

Teacher Gilinsky— The Red Notebook.

“Hey guys, Sorry I was late, my daughter unplugged my alarm last night. Alright, please pull out your Gatsby books and continue reading. Oh and pass up your notebooks so I can grade your short stories from last thursday.” Mr. Gilinsky announced as he shuffled through papers and got situated, his venti starbucks left abandoned on his desk. His soft black hair begging to have fingers run through it as it was styled in a messy quiff, his denim looking button up was buttoned all the way up, his hands plain with his tie, loosening it a bit, his sleeves folded just below the elbows, his black slacks tightened at his bulge, my cheeks heating up as I made eye contact with him before going back to my book.

A text from my best friend Ezra, whom was sitting next to me, caused me to giggle quietly to myself.

Ezra: oh my god look at him he’s totally bangable today hsdhjfe

Me: isn’t he everyday though???



Class ended quickly, our notebooks being passed up to the front, Mr. Gilinsky collecting each stack. During lunch, Ezra and his girlfriend Aria (fight me) and I drove to taco bell, then back to the school. Mrs. Bengston had a scowl on her face. 

“You’re late.” She hissed as I took my seat, all the way across the room from Ezra.

Ezra: no nipple having fat ass bitch

Ezra: 2+2 not knowing what the fuck it is bitch

Ezra: god i hate her

Me: same now do your homework you fuck face ;)

—Jack’s Point Of View—

“How was work, man?” My best friend, Jack asked me as he stirred the brandy in his cup by rotating his cup, a loud Kanye West song playing in the background of the sepia lit bar, three of my other friends sitting at the ground table with us. 

“So stressful. I have this massive sack full of notebooks that I need to grade by tomorrow; I need another drink.” I groaned out as Jack signaled the waitress over so I could order another drink. 

“C’mon buddy, lets go find you a girl to fuck.” Sammy slapped me on the back before getting up. 

“Thanks dude, but some of my students are 18 and I’m terrified of running into them at a club.” I laughed before drinking my whiskey.

“What? Why? That’d be hot as fuck.” Sam laughed as he sat back down, before downing a shot. 

“Yeah, try illegal.” I laughed as I sipped at the water in front of us, as Sam sunk in his seat before whispering,

“Well no one would have to know if you both didn’t tell anyone. I mean, I’m sure there’s at least one student who would get on her knees for you. Kinky as fuck.” Sam laughed as he lit a cigarette.

“Alright, you dirty fucks, I have papers to read, I’m gonna head out. Lates.” I bid them a goodbye as I dropped a 20 on the table to cover my drinks.

On the ride back to my apartment I couldn’t stop thinking about what Sam said. Sex with a student? Why would any of them want to bang a teacher? With me? I mean, I don’t remember being attracted to any of my teachers. Probably because most of them were male or frigid bitches, whom weren’t exactly my type. Would I want to have sex with any of my students? Some of them were pretty attractive, I thought to myself. ‘Pervy professor’ My subconscious sneered at me as I shook my head. I guess I’ll just start grading.

— —

I sighed in relief as I pulled out the last notebook I needed to grade.

*Y/N – XXX* 

Was spelled out with thick worn out sharpie on the front. That’s weird, considering i’ve never seen it before, but it looks pretty well worn. Weird, maybe I just need to pay more attention to the cover art. On the first page it said *Property of Y/F/N-Y/L/N* Strange, seems Y/N turned in the wrong notebook. Curiosity got the best of me as I flipped to the first entry and started reading.

I cannot believe my eyes. The story started pretty harmless and innocent,

“I was sitting in detention, Mr. Gilinsky’s bulge straining against his black pants, his strong tan forearms crossed across as he shook his head in disappointment.” 

As my eyes scanned over the page, my pants started getting tighter. 

“Bend over, Miss Y/L/N, it’s time for your punishment. You know I do not tolerate texting in my class.” Mr. Gilinsky said to me as he guided me to bend over his desk. 

My breathing was getting heavy as the scene started to play out in my head.

“Mr. Gilinsky.” I groaned as his hand came down hard on my ass.

Jesus Christ, I need some water. Y/N had imagined me spanking her? I gulped while reading down the rest of the page, but drew the line when Y/N was begging me to let her give me a blow job. Leaning back against the headboard, I squeezed my eyes shut. I cannot believe one of my students wrote this about me. I cannot fucking believe sweet, shy Y/Full/N had imagined me fucking her in my detention. The girl barely speaks in my class, always has her head down. I let out a groan at the thought of my quietest student on her knees in front of me, looking up through her long eyelashes, a smile on her lips with her dimples showing, a little bit of cum dripping off the side of her lip- fuck.

Shoving the notebooks off my bed, I undid my tight jeans and slid my hand into my boxers, moaning with relief. I cannot believe I’m doing this, touching myself whilst thinking of a student. 

“Shit.” I breathed out heavily as I pushed my jeans off my legs and took my cock out, ashamed of how hard I am. Closing my eyes, I quickly began pumping my hand up and down on my dick. I tried to keep my eyes focused on the red-head I fucked last weekend, Riley, I think, but my thoughts kept returning back to Y/N. 

“Fuck, Y/N.” I cried out as I came to the thought of her on her back on my desk, flushed and sobbing as I fucked her hard. Oh, God. I just moaned my students name. A student I have to see tomorrow. Fuck.

Yeah, I’m screwed. 

hey guys its em1, sorry this is sucky. pt. 2 tomorrow :) send in feedback! 

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Richard II, 23rd January.

I am so overwhelmingly happy. I saw Richard II for the second time, and met David Tennant. My friend and I travelled from Finland to London in the morning and went to queue for returned tickets. We were sure we wouldn’t be lucky enough to get anything, but ended up with having like the best seats in the theatre! It really felt too good to be true.

The play was brilliant again. I’m a big fan of Shakespeare, and watching his plays (especially in English, not Finnish) is always enjoyable. Especially when they are performed as amazingly as this one.

And then the stage door. David was just as nice and friendly as I thought he would be. I told him that I was the Finnish girl who sent him a letter and a present in Stratford-upon-Avon, and he said something like “Oh, thank you so much!”. Then I tried to take a photo with him but my hands were shaking too much. I had to ask him to wait a little so I could get another one, and he offered to take the photo for me! So this photo is basically David taking a selfie with me, and not vice versa (which is cool, I think hahaha).

So, that was a short story of my lovely Thursday evening. Sorry about my embarrassingly bad English, I hope it wasn’t too hard to read!