short story arcs

Cute Problems

Just another random little fluffy Arc V idea I thought of. I actually thought of it after seeing a little comic someone drew, but I can’t remember who drew it! Plus it was re-blogged, so I don’t even know who the original artist is. But it inspired me, so thank-you, Mystery-Comic-Creator!


“We may have a problem,” Yusho stood in the doorway of his and his wife’s bedroom.

“What?” Yoko crinkled her brow as she made her way through the hall.

“A cute problem but still a problem,” he smiled.

Yoko shot her husband a confused glance as she pushed past him, but her face softening once she caught sight of the two children in their bed. Their son, Yuya, and his friend, Yuzu, were having their first sleepover together. The five-year-olds had been running around upstairs all evening, and it appeared the two had finally crashed in Yoko’s and Yusho’s room. 

The mother stood beside the bed and gazed down at the pair. The kids were adorable snuggled under the covers with their heads resting against each other as they slumbered away. 

“What should we do?” whispered Yusho as he stood next to his wife.

“Nothing,” she shrugged.

“You don’t want to move them?” he blinked.

“No. Just let them sleep,” she brushed a stray strand of hair from her son’s face.

“So where will we sleep?”

Yoko turned around and gave her husband a warm smile.

“We’ll figure something out.”

Yoko’s Favorite Valentine

Just some Arc V fluff.


Four-year-old Yuya Sakaki rushed into his parents’ room at the speed of light and jumped onto the bed; he was excited, and he just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Mama! Wake up, Mama! Mama, wake up! Wake up! Wake up, Mama!” he fervently shook her shoulder.

“Yuya?” her eyes fluttered open, her voice still thick with sleep. 

“Good morning, Mommy,” he sat on his knees and grinned.

“Good morning,” she stretched, causing her husband to stir behind her. “What are you –”

“You gotta get up, Mama! Come on! Let’s go! Let’s go downstairs!”

“For what?”

“Come see! Come on!” he grabbed her arm and pulled.

“Yuya, it’s only seven,” she complained.

“Please?” he pouted.

Yoko sighed.

“All right. Let’s go.”


Yuya immediately jumped off the bed and ran to the door where he waited for his mother to make her way over. Once Yoko was there, Yuya grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her through the hall and down the stairs.

“Yuya, what’s going on?” she furrowed her eyebrows.

“It’s a surprise!” he exclaimed as he led her to the kitchen table. “Tada!”

“What’s this?” she blinked.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” Yuya threw his arms up. “Look! I got you candy and breakfast! And a flower! I picked it out at the store!”

Yoko was touched. Her son had woken up early and arranged a line of wrapped candies into the shape of a heart on the table. To fill in the heart, he poured cereal straight onto the table. Above Yuya’s candy-heart was a frosted white vase with a single blue flower in it – Yuya was definitely starting to take after his father.

“You did this all on your own?” Yoko asked.

“Yes! You’re my valentine, Mommy!” Yuya beamed.

“Thank-you, baby,” she scooped him up into a hug. “Don’t tell your daddy, but you’re my favorite valentine.”

Yuya giggled in response as she squeezed him tighter.

“Can we have your candies?” he asked.

Yoko chuckled.

“You know the rules, mister.”

“But it’s Valentine’s Day!” the boy reasoned. “And the candies are good candies. I know ‘cause I picked ‘em!”

The mother rested her forehead against the boy’s as she stole a glance down at the sugary treats.

“Maybe we could each have one.”

Yuya’s face immediately lit up like a Christmas tree.

“But,” she held up her index finger, “it’s just this once. Because it’s Valentine’s Day. Got it?”

“Uh-huh! Yeah!”

Yoko set her son on the floor, and he picked out two pieces of candy for her to unwrap.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mommy,” Yuya chowed down on his caramel-fill chocolate.

Yoko smiled as she felt her heart swell with pride.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Yuya.”

“The Straw Hats encounter an abandoned ship where the crew seem to have killed each other. After the only survivor they find commits suicide, the cola engine is sabotaged and Chopper is attacked, it looks like the same thing might happen on the Thousand Sunny. Can they find out what’s causing this, or are the Straw Hats destined to destroy each other?”

For the opbigbang project, to accompany kyuunonana’s amazing fic Trust Issues

Chapter 3 Theories

So the newest chapter of VnC proved to be another eventful chapter with the introduction of Luca and his faithful servant, Jeanne, the so-called “Hellfire Witch”. While the other characters also interest me, this post will mainly focus of Jeanne and her namesake, Saint Jeanne d'Arc (alternatively known as Joan of Arc).

It is no coincidence that Jeanne shares her name with the said saint. Vanitas even alludes to the fact in Chapter 3. (It should also be noted that despite Vanitas using the term “saint”, Jeanne d'Arc was not officially canonized as a saint until 1925, which is after the given time period of VnC…)

Long story short, Jeanne d'Arc was a French peasant girl turned war hero, and later martyr during the events of the Hundred Years’ War which took place from 1337 to 1453.

Of course, as VnC takes place in the 1800s, its events occur well afterwards. However, Vanitas does refer to another war that took place in the canon of VnC, although not much has been revealed about it yet other than it taking place “long ago” and involving a conflict between humans and vampires. Jeanne is described as a bourreau or executioner who single-handedly took down a thousand vampires with her crimson gauntlet, “Carpe Diem”.

Although there is not enough evidence available yet to suggest such, it is possible that these two wars are actually the very same war, with Vanitas merely referring to the other vampire/supernatural side of it. Given the setting and time period, wouldn’t it be interesting if Mochizuki were to incorporate historical events into the story?

Lastly, Jeanne’s very nickname may be a not so subtle allusion to the saint baring the same name. Jeanne d'Arc was charged with including heresy, cross-dressing, and witchcraft among others and was executed by means of burning at the stake. Ironically enough, Jeanne is referred to as “the Hellfire Witch”…

This is pure speculation on my part and is quite a stretch, but perhaps, Jeanne is the Joan of Arc? With the given location, this wouldn’t be surprising, and her being a vampire would explain how she has lived for over 400 years. We still don’t know how vampires are “born” or whether they are former humans or a species of their own, but wouldn’t it be amazing if we were to have a character who is such a legendary figure? Hopefully, we’ll get some answers next time and let’s all look forward to Chapter 4!

Girl Meets White Boy

The boy Riley that’s supposed to be Riley’s “Lauren” in Ski Lodge is cute or whatever but…why it always gotta be a white boy? This is a side character who is gonna have a short story arc and only one purpose. Why he gotta be a white boy? Why did Charlie Gardner have to be a white boy? Why did even the nameless subway boy from Upstate have to be a white boy? Why couldn’t they be literally ANY RACE BUT WHITE. How is it that they live in NYC, a city know for having a diverse population, and the only boys they meet on the subway are white boys??? Maya lives in a Hispanic neighborhood, why couldn’t there be a cute Hispanic boy? Why where Maya’s “bad” friends POC when side characters in this show usually aren’t?? Why don’t people acknowledge acts of racism that aren’t blatant??? Why do subtle racist actions like this get ignored??? Why?????